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Arge Felnote
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Batch Arge release (series ends at chapter 270)

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Arge Chapter 208: The place of people who hate losing.


We got out of the bath,
I was taken to the training ground.

The training ground was outdoors, and there were not many shields, etc., in anticipation of damage caused by magic.


「…Isn’t everyone strangely excited?」(Arge)

「Everyone loves entertainment, just looking Ginka fights will raise their morale.」(Shion)


So that’s it.
In other words, is this enthusiasm a proof that the leader of the rebels is someone people look up to?


「Well then, I will move to Ginka-san’s side.」(Shion)


Softly emerged, Shion-san moved to the side of Ginka-san.
Naturally, she got a princess hug.


「…So what about the rules?
Even if you say that you show your power… is it a simulated battle?」(Felnote)

「I intend to do that.
I’m from the house of Samurai.
Personally, I am also interested in the power of the Oddeye Holy Knight.」(Ginka)

「The FORMER Holy Knight.
I hope you don’t expect too much.
And I’m going to see what the house called Miyama is made of.」(Felnote)


Apparently, they seem to already know each other even without the introduction.
Ginka-san glanced at us and spoke.


「What will those girls do?」(Ginka)

「Just you and I aren’t enough?」(Felnote)


From what Felnote-san said, it was implied that we shouldn’t fight.
I think she cares about this younger person.




After she was told so, Ginka-san was wondering for a while and Shion made a whirring noise there.
Then Ginka-san shook her silver hair and nodded.


「…We will fight together, so I would like to have Alraune lady there join in.」(Ginka)

「…Ah, is that so? Aoba, is it okay?」(Felnote)

「Yes, it doesn’t matter.
Because I wanted a little work-out, too」(Aoba)


In response to Felnote-san, Aoba-san stepped ahead.

I wasn’t asked, so let me relax for now.


「I’d like to end it without fatal injuries so that we can heal it later.」(Felnote)

「Yes. I mean, I wouldn’t accept it without Arge here.
We can’t afford to get severely injured before the big battle.」(Aoba)


As expected of Felnote-san, a calm and wise opinion.


「Then I will be sleeping, please wake me up when you’re done」(Arge)

「If something goes wrong, we will be in trouble, so take a look closerly.」(Felnote)

「Uu, it’s a hassle…」(Arge)


I’m not interested in this kind of development, or to be honest, I don’t think I’m suitable.

From the conversation mentioned earlier, I know that we could eventually cooperate with the rebels. I don’t think this is necessary.


「There’s no killing but there’s no need to hold back either, Aoba」(Felnote)

「Of course, I think I will get along (Compatibility) with you just fine. 」(Aoba)


Certainly, as Aoba-san said, the compatibility of the two is not bad.

Alraune, who has high support power with ivy and magic flowers, and Felnote-san, a “former” Holy Knight who has high offensive power.

It’s an emergency combination, but from my point of view, the fighting seems to be easy.


「What do you do with weapons?
Do you want to use a wooden sword?」(Felnote?)

「You can’t be serious.
I’m just not going for a kill but we are serious… come, Shion」(Ginka)

「Yes. Ginka-san」(Shion)


Upon hearing her name called, Shion snuggled to Ginka-san

An artificial spirit with pure white skin and a brown half-elf.

The two with a vivid contrast held their hands together in a very natural way, as if they were born that way.


「「Connect (Access)」」(Ginka + Shion)


Two voices echo at the same time.

At the same time, a huge amount of light was emitted and swallowed the surroundings.




During the time I narrowed my eyes due to the flash.
The two of them were transforming.

Hard, black, and sharp.
An armored figure that covered the whole body just like a crustacean or an insect.

The silver color melt and became like the mane on the head.

*Hi~in*, with a high-pitched sound, a golden light shined on her head.


「Reinforced clothes……! ?」(Arge? Aoba?)


She looks like a sci-fi hero or a science fiction robot.

The half-elf and the artificial spirit have transformed (fusion) into one figure.

Softly floating on her shoulder was a palm-sized Shion-san, which was deformed to SD size.


「… An artificial spirit that resembles a Magic Artifact created using the remains of a Yggdrasil-class Black dragon.
That’s me. Please call this form Mini Shion.

「The name of this armor is “Obsidian”
And its power is… I will show you now.


「「Now, if you can overcome it, try it!!」」(Ginka+Shion)


Fight together.

It literally meant that the two became one.

As they became one, cheers raised from the surroundings.


「…Which means they aren’t just simply combining their fighting power」(Aoba?)

「It’s so cool (Kakkoii~desu~no~ne!)」(Kuzuha)


That figure is quite eye-catching, Kuzuha-chan’s tension is raising.

I seems like their united form is a symbol of hope for the rebels.

… Is it a fusion of machine and life?

Mixing with the technology of this world, the Magic Artifact, a weapon created by the Kuon engineer.
I can see mechanical parts here and there,
It means that the technology of our world is used as an application there.

Felnote-san pulled out her sword and Aoba-san stood up like they are ready.


「…Shall we go, Aoba」(Felnote)

「it seems to be a bad match for me so I will handle the support.」(Aoba)


The tension is melting into the air and everyone takes a breather.




There’s no signal of start, Felnote-san stepped in first.


Arge Chapter 209: Get Over The Barrier!


「Oh, that’s fast (Hayaidesu ne)…」(Richelle)


Watching the stepping speed, Richelle-san gave admiring praise.

It’s not as difficult to follow as Chrome-chan, but Felnote-san is so fast you can’t even imagine.

I can follow her movement and all.
But if it’s an average opponent, he will be struck down easily.


「I will take your arm, be prepared…!」(Felnote)


I can cure her later but that’s terrible words.

Her sword slashed even faster than her step, you can only hear the wind after that.

She really aimed for the arm like she said, a single shot to score the win without prolonging the battle.



「I don’t mind. Try to get it if you can」(Ginka)


Ginka-san lightly caught the sword.

The Felnote-san slash was stopped by sandwiching with two fingers without using any weapons.





However, without getting surprised Felnote-san stepped forward and kicked.
Even if she was blown away by the front kick, Ginka-san landed lightly without breaking her posture.


「…It’s hard. My toes hurt」(Felnote)

「Instead of making those muddy movements come at me for real, Former Knight」(Ginka)

「My bad.
I was very familiar with organization.」(Felnote)

「By the way, don’t you forget me?」(Aoba)


Aoba-san extended the ivy aiming to restrict Ginka-san’s movement from afar.
The ivy grew quickly and tied the armored Ginka-san.


「Got you…」(Aoba)

「…Too bad, it isn’t」(Shion)


The ivy that binds Ginka-san is burned by the black flame and she is released.

Using her fingers to remove the ashed ivy, Ginka tells her impression with a surprised voice.


「I thought I could get out with my strength, but it’s surprisingly hard」(Ginka)

「Ginka-san, the two are apparently one-man-army class.
Please be serious」(Shion)

「If Shion says so」(Ginka)


Then, as Ginka-san lowers her body, from her back, the flame haze shimmered.
At the moment when I felt the presence of heat on the back, Ginka-san flash-stepped in.


「uu… EEI!!」(Felnote)


Did Felnote-san also sense danger? She was already prepared to intercept.

*Gin* there is a flashy sound, then the sword and armor collide.
The impact was so great that Felnote-san was pushed with dust and smoke, but she took it firmly.


「Impressive, my attack just now is comparable to a dragon charge.」(Ginka)

「Ku~, this…
I would be dead right now if it hit me!!」(Felnote)

「…Since Shion told me to be serious about it」(Ginka)

「EEI, this stupid couple (“Baka couple”)」(Felnote)


Felnote-san finally said what I have thought until now but didn’t say.
At the same time, she probably didn’t think she could win just like that.
Felnote-san leaped back with a stronger will in his two-colored eyes.


「Be prepared to lose one arm for real…!
O holy sword that opens its way of light…」(Felnote)


Chanting words echo.
This is the chant I heard in the Republic when she was serious.

It’s not a physical sword, but a light sword made from the holy magical power.


「Gather around my body and manifest! “Materialization(EN)”!!」(Felnote)

At the moment she spoke her activation word, the sword of light was manifested in Felnote-san’s hand.
A magical sword refined by light magic shining as bright as the sun.
As the rebels saw it, they were all astonished and raised their voice.
It seems like she is the center of attention now.


「…Is this the infamous true sword of the Odd-eyes Holy Knight, which was said to be able to slash mountain?」(Ginka)

「It’s an old story」(Felnote)

「Then, how about try it now?」(Ginka)

「You will have a taste of it soon」(Felnote)


*Bum*, it was a dull sound.
Ginka-san’s hands glow red and black.

It became a sword of light and a jet-black sword just like her armor.

「I also can converge a magical power sword!」(Ginka)

「A magical sword with no casting… !?」(Felnote)

「Because Shion can control all magic!
Ginka-san… Please go as hard as you can!」(Shion)

(T.N: she talks in 3rd POV)

「Roger that. I, Miyama family’s first child, Ginka. I will go with my full power… !!」(Ginka)

As she said that, she flash-stepped in.

Countless sounds intersect.
I can see it all with my eyes, but I don’t understand what kind of technique it is.

…Fast and Furious! (T.N: raw is fast and deadly)

Rather than relentlessly swinging the swords around with power and speed, every shot has no waste.
It’s a deadly move, but each attack will definitely connect to the next attack.
The flashes are innumerable and have no sight of stopping.

It was obvious that Ginka-san who used 2 swords should have the upper hand but Felnote-san was surprisingly calm and parried all attacks with her sword.

The collision of swords is uninterrupted,
The lines of the two-colored swords are intertwined as if two snakes bite each other.


「It’s amazing, isn’t it (Suggoidesu wa ne)…」(Aoba? Kuzuha?)

「So she has the technique to handle two magical swords at the same time.
However, Felnote-san can fight on even ground with one sword…」(Arge? Aoba?)


It was an advanced battle to the extent that Aoba-san was in trouble.

Well, it’s obvious. Aoba-san was originally a cultural person who wasn’t good at fighting.

No matter how much cheat ability we have, it’s not possible to interrupt the technique exchange that not even Kuon Family warriors can reach.


「I will try to support you however I can but not to get in your way…!」(Aoba)


Even so, they still fight together.
As expected of Aoba-san, who is caring and has a strong sense of responsibility.

Aoba-san picked the seed in her finger and threw it.

The seeds scattered on the ground sprout at high speed, and a flock of flowers blooms.

The scent was fluffy and sweet that my brain seemed to melt.


「What’s this… !?」(Ginka)

「It has a sweet scent that can cause concentration problems for races with a strong sense of smell, such as elves and vampires.
However, for human, it’s just a relaxing scent」(Aoba)

「Cheap trick…!」(Ginka)

Ginka-san, concentrates to your front!!」(Shion)

「Here you go… the real battle starts now」(Aoba)


As Aoba-san shook her arm, the petals shone.

In a battlefield that looks like a golden garden, the movement of Felnote-san certainly changes compared to before.



「My body is light… it’s full of power!」(Felnote)

「It is a blessing made by my special magic flower.
It will decrease the movement of the opponent and increase the movement of allies!」(Aoba)


Is this the barrier effect that Elsie-san used before?

When I was pondering, the flow turned to white.

The thickness of Felnote-san’s sword increases, she can easily block the attacks from Ginka-san.

The tide has turned, and this time Ginka-san must take up defense.


「It’s the assistance different from us…」(Ginka)

「But… but…, their teamwork is better than Shion」(Shion’s 3rd POV)

「Ah. Let’s go, Shion!!」(Ginka)


With a full sound, Felnote-san was pushed back.

Ginka-san, after forcibly created the distance, she flew with the Mini-Shion-san on her shoulder.
She flew to the sky with the wings spread from the back of the Obsidian Armor.


「You can fly with that weight…! ?」(Felnote)

「It was made with the material from the top dragon, Yggdrasil class.
Making people fly is an easy task.」(Shion)

「Magical power convergence sword, release (dismiss/cancel).
Magical power convergence gun, activate!」(Ginka)

「U… this is bad, isn’t it (mazuidesu~ne)」(Aoba)


No matter how you look, it was clear that something bad would happen.

The black armor that released the two magical power swords has widened its wings on the back.


「…Black Angel (Kuroi tenshi)…」(Felnote)


A straightforward impression.
With such a presence and some solemn sign, “Obsidian” stands in the sky.

An armored angel with her black wings shines fiercely.
The magical power seems to be increased and shakes the surrounding air.
Even when I’m watching from a distance, I feel appalling pressure.

The cannon was created with both arms joined.
The black light converges as if to swallow the light.


「Wait, aren’t you too serious!?
That’s a dragon’s breath!?」(Felnote)

「It is a set-up armament that converges energy and erases the opponent …!」(Ginka)

「Where did the part “not going for a kill” go…?」(Felnote)

「If you can’t stand this, you can never conquer the empire!」(Ginka)



Felnote-san stops moving in response to those words.


「This magical artifact is “life-growth armor” created by an empire engineer!
Your opponent is a country that deems it unnecessary!
That’s why…

「If you can’t overcome this, you can’t defeat the empire!」(Ginka)

「… Great!
Aoba, please help!!」(Felnote)

「Yes, this is the fight that we can’t run away from」(Aoba)

「「In that case, show us」」(Ginka+Shion)


The energy from the turret has become enormous, it was clearly saturated.
Saying “erase the opponent” isn’t a lie.
If you can’t prevent it, it will be serious.

I was wondering if I should stop, but Aoba-san was looking at me and shook her head.

…”Leave it to us”, was it what she meant?

With my magic, any wound can be cured unless it’s immediate death. If Aoba-san decides so, I’ll quietly watch it.

I calm myself and prepare to use the recovery magic anytime.


「Magical Convergence Gun… Shoot!!」(Ginka)


A black-light fell from the heavens on the ground like judgment.


「Felnote-san, concentrate!」(Aoba)

「I entrust it to you」(Felnote)

「Protect her, Ivy barrier」(Aoba)


In response to Aoba-san’s words, a large amount of ivy popped out of the ground, they knitted themselves and formed 6 barriers.

Perhaps she was preparing from the beginning.
She sowed the seeds of magic flowers on the ground and raised them.

The first, the second then the third thick plant barrier was destroyed by the blacklight.


「Ku~, the momentum…
It doesn’t stop as I expected… I need more and quick!」(Aoba)



Felnote-san exhales deeply, without looking at Aoba-san who is trying to increase ivy with sweat on her forehead.

Perhaps she concentrates her mind and his magic.
That’s also the purpose of Aoba-san.

The barriers of the ivy collapse one after another, like the flowers that are scattered in vain.
The fifth barrier had already been destroyed and there was only the sixth barrier left.

Every time it breaks a barrier, the black magical light is weakened.
However, it is too powerful.
Even if it was weakened by all the barriers, it’s inevitable that the two would still be seriously injured.


「Ku~… 7th Barrier! This is my limit! Not yet?」(Aoba)

「…Okay! I got enough magic! Get back, Aoba!!」(Felnote)


At the moment Felnote-san said so, Aoba-san got away.
The six barrier has been destroyed and the 7th emergency barrier began to collapse.


「Is it harder than a mountain? I’ll give it a try」(Felnote)


Felnote-san, with her light sword resting on his hips, had a calm atmosphere that made it unfit for this situation.

Regardless of the rampage of the breaking barrier, she said in loud voice firmly.


「O Holy Light. Bestowed yourself into the sword in my unworthy hands!
Heed my wish, heed my will!
Respond to my soul.
Let the fools who stand before us be destroyed.

(T.N: Yup, my Chuuni has leveled up, I can translate chuuni’s dialog equivalent to the raw)

The quality of the magical power in her sword of light increases with each chant.

Holy sword.
Felnote-san has an enormous amount of magical power to call it.


「Illuminate!! “HOLY BLAZE”!!」(Felnote)


Felnote-san swung it and unleashed it up to the sky.
The wave of Holy light hit the Blacklight the moment it broke the 7th barrier.


「Ku~… This is…!!」(Ginka)

「 As expected, it’s harder than a mountain…
But… I’m not alone!!」(Felnote)


Aoba-san made the barriers to block and weaken its power and at the same time gaining time for Felnote-san to prepare.

And this is the result.

The black-and-white collision was too great that it was difficult to open your eyes, but everyone was still trying to watch it.


「The white one is…
Felnote-sama is winning」(Richelle)


At the moment Richelle-san said so, the balance of power changed.

The immense white began to push back the immense black.



「…Shion! Full defense!!」(Ginka)


At the moment Ginka-san said that Felnote-san’s Holy light pierced the black light




Ginka-san twisted herself in the air and slammed her fist at the Holy light.

Blacklight and White light collided again. But this time the Blacklight is winning.
Breakthrough the white light, the Black Light is falling.


「~tto (oops)……!」(Felnote)


Felnote-san released her holy and stepped back.

A moment later, the Black Armor landed.

Shocks and dust flew up, and the earth was trembling.

Ginka-san sighs while wiping the soil that dirtied her body.


「It was really dangerous just now」(Ginka)

「Ginka-san, didn’t you say “full-defense”?」(Shion)

「Even if I received it as it was, I would be shot down from the sky.
Rather than that, I thought it would be cool to hit it with full-defense.」(Ginka)

「No way… The brain muscle Ginka-san is also wonderful……」(Shion)

「…I wonder is it okay to flirt like that?」(Felnote)


Felnote-san had a slightly tired face and said that.

Competing with each other, and both are intact.
Ginka-san nodded as she confirmed it.


「It was a good showdown.
Former Holy Knight (Kishi-dono)」(Ginka)

So, do you still want to continue?」(Felnote)

「…No. It’s enough.
Let’s have a serious talk about the operation this time」(Ginka)


Black Armor becomes particles of light and scatters in the sky. It was split into two, and Ginka-san and Shion-san returned to their original form.

People started cheering after the simulated battlefield and I gently sighed.


「For the time being, I’m glad neither of them seemed to be injured.」(Arge)

「…Me too, I have to become stronger ~wa ~ne」(Kuzuha)


「Ah no. It’s nothing (Nan Demo Arimasen ~wa), Arge-san」(Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan was smiling somewhat lonely next to me.


Arge Chapter 210: Place to fight




My stomach hurts.

The crimping pain was so severe that breakfast seemed to come out.

…Ah, I wish Arge-san would be there at this time.

With her magic, this stomach ache can be quickly healed.

More specifically, I am motivated just because she is there.
Because she is such a beautiful girl.

However, it was I myself who decided to break up with her.
Even if I ask for someone who is not there, no salvation will come down.

「Fu~mu. Samaka. This tea is delicious」(Pleiades)

「Your majesty.
It’s a Republic special grade. The highest level of hospitality.」(Samaka)

So, this is tea!
I know these leaves! Because I read it in a book!
Go~ku (gulp*) Nice!!」(Kutira)

「It seems like you liked it.」(Zeno)


Don’t let it show in my face, I put a commercial smile on my face and bowed deeply.

The three people in front of me right now are
Samaka-sama, the lord of Arlesha.
Kutira, the queen of the monster submarine city.
And the ruler of Kingdom, King Pleiades.

To think I, Zeno Kotobuki, as an average merchant would have a meeting with the 3 of top VIPs.


「And then, the merchant over there.
What is the purpose of this meeting?」(Pleiades)


The king, who should have been enjoying the tea for a few seconds, turns his sharp eyes toward me.

… that’s quick!

As expected, the king of one country.
She went straight to the point.

Meanwhile, from a glance at the Ocean Demon Queen, she is still curious about the tea and while the lord of Arlesha explains it to her in a gentle manner.
How carefree.


「About that, I actually have called for 2 more people…」(Zeno)

「In other words, “please wait for more”, you know how to spend the time of a King.」(Pleiades)

「Uu… I’m sorry」(Zeno)

I will allow it.
For the sake of none other than Arge.」(Pleiades)

「Thank you very much」(Zeno)


Before Arge-san departs, the circumstances so far have been explained out.

That is why I was able to invite them here.


「Iyaa, I like this.
Our meeting place.
Outsiders can’t come to this place though.」(Akisame)


One of the people I was waiting for enters the room casually and takes a seat.
One of the chief executives of the Republic of Yotsuba Congress, Akisame Higure. He is accompanied by the demon servant.


「It has a good atmosphere.
I don’t hate the unique atmosphere of the Republic.
But I have some public affairs, so I can’t go there easily.」(Samaka)

「I’m happy too!
The land is interesting!
I have to buy souvenirs for the people of my country!」(Kutira)

That’s good.
I’ll show you a good souvenir shop later, Ocean Demon Queen」(Akisame)


Unlike me, whose stomach is in pain due to pressure, the three people talk casually.
Ah, I envy the carefree people.

After all the greetings, Akisame gazes at me.
Of course, the other three’s eyes are also on me.


「Well then, average merchant young man (shōnin-kun).
I want to hear why you set the stage so far.
You went so far as getting the permission of the Commercial Guild Chief.」(Akisame)

「…Yes, that’s right」(Zeno)


This situation should never happen.

Merchants are not allowed to interfere with any country.
Even if you can do transactions between individuals, it’s illegal to be involved in politics

That’s the basic rule. I have asked over and over until the Chief agreed and arranged this.


「Before that, there’s still another actor (person)」(Zeno)

「Perhaps you talk about me, shōnin-kun」(Exista)


A dignified voice echoed in the hall.

It was a woman with red hair and a strong will in her eyes that appeared to catch the eyes of everyone.


「Thank you for coming, Lord of the Great Vault」(Zeno)


The administrator of Cyril Great Vault, Artificial spirit Exista.

Now all the actors are in place.

When I lower my head and am about to start, Exista-san shakes her head.


「No, no.
It’s been a while since I was out.
It feels good.
I also wanted this child to experience travel.
Hey now, can you come out」(Exista)

「Ah, um…」(Cyril Note / Shirley)


Everyone gasped at the person who came out.




「Ms. goodwill ambassador (Shinzen Taishi-dono)!?」(Pleiades)


Their names are different, but their feelings are pretty much the same.

A girl who resembles our silver-haired vampire, even her yawn.

And I knew who she is.


「Cyril Arcadia …?」(Zeno)


A woman named Cyril, who founded the big safe.

I know that Arge-san was born from her magical power.

Exista-san shook her head, denying all the names which everyone called out.


「No, this kid is neither Arge nor Cyril.
She is I and Arge’s Kawaii Imouto (cute little sister).
Come on, greet everyone will you?」(Exista)

「…I’m Shirley, best regards…」(Cyril Note / Shirley)

「Shirley, your personality has changed a lot…
Before coming, you were so happy thinking you might be able to meet Arge-onee-chan.」(Exista)

「But… onee-chan, there are only people I don’t know here…
Uu, I want to see Arge-onee-chan…」(Cyril Note / Shirley)


Somehow, she has a cat-like attitude.
Certainly, she is was very different from Arge-san.

However, her face is exactly the same.
When I was told that she is Arge-san’s Imouto (little sister), I was very convinced.


「I was surprised that she had an Imouto (little sister)」(Samaka)

「I, Arge, and she were all born from Cyril’s magic.
That’s why we’re sisters」(Exista)


Exista-san briefly explained to the Lord who was surprised.

Of course, that was the first time I heard that, so I was quite surprised as well.
My commercial smile has collapsed a little.


「U, uhm… sorry.
Arge-san is not here」(Zeno)


「No, uhm… can meet!
I think we can meet her!
We are going to do that!
I also keep in touch by letters with her!
That’s why please don’t cry!?」(Zeno)


It’s really hard seeing an acquaintance’s face got sad.
I managed to calm her down and then I looked around at everyone again.


「By the way, I think that there are many people first time meeting, so…
Let’s start by introducing ourselves.
I am Zeno Kotobuki.
I’m a peddler you can find anywhere…
Thank you for coming here today.」(Zeno)

「Akisame Higure. This girl is my servant, Habotan.
One of the four families in charge of the Republic’s political affairs, the Yotsuba Parliament」(Akisame)

「I’m the King of the Kingdom. And that’s it.」(Pleiades)

「The King’s retainer and also the lord of Arlesha, Samaka Suwal.」(Samaka)

「Your truly (Warawa) is the queen of Ocean Demon City, Kutira」(Kutira)

The master of Cyril Great Vault」(Exista)

「…Shirley. Exista-onee-chan and Arge-onee-chan’s imouto…」(Shirley)


What a group of people.
The top brass of countries, manager of the world’s economy.

Yes, for the sake of one person.

Argento Vampyr.

Using her name and sending out invitations.
These VIPs are coming all the way to this place.

These people have their own political position, normally they wouldn’t come here.
It’s all thanks to Arge-san that I was able to have this meeting.

She always said she wasn’t worth it, but I don’t think so.
At least this many great people are here because of her.




I exhale and think about what I should say.
…I’m clumsy, but I don’t want to end there.

The place the Arge-san’s group is traveling to is definitely where the battle will take place.
I am a peddler. I’m not as good at fighting like Felnote-san.

The members of that trip are one-man-army,
No, it’s not an exaggeration to say they are as powerful as one country.

Only I am different.
I’m a merchant forever and can only do self-defense.

But that’s not enough anymore. Things have become so big.

That’s why I didn’t travel with them.
I thought that what we needed from this point onward was pure combat strength, not travel knowledge.


「…Then, let’s go to the main subject.」(Zeno)


So, here it is.
This meeting place is the battlefield for me.

I might be able to do so with the ability to talk with my mouth.
I have lived as a peddler until now.

Here I stand.
Even if I can’t fight I will do what I can do to help Arge-san.
I take a light breath and remembering Arge-san’s face.
Somehow, it calms me down.

These VIPs also gathered after hearing Arge-san’s name.
She connected us all.
So surely, they will hear me out if they know it’s for her.

However, just having them listen is not enough.
After hearing, they will think about the advantages and disadvantages for themselves.
They are the top brass, who move the country, they have their beliefs and positions to consider.
At least, that’s not the case for the Lord of Cyril Great Vault.

…This is the biggest job ever.

That’s why what I need to do is predetermined.
Just like a merchant, I must have their curiosity and then their attention


「Would you like to buy the future?」(Zeno)


That’s how I said my first words.

Let’s start the business talk.


Arge Chapter 211: Each person’s trouble



「…It’s really nice to be able to eat Satsuki-san’s cake at this time.」(Ginka)

「I think Satsuki-san handed me the cakes in anticipation of this.」(Arge)


We are having tea indoor while facing each other.
Ginka-san, Shion-san, and me.


After being invited to the afternoon tea, I decided to use the cake that I had received from Satsuki-san and stored in the Blood Box.


「Hmm… this is delicious!
What is this!」(Shion)

「Shion. It’s a cake
The sweets that my acquaintance makes… someday, I’ll take you there too」(Ginka)

「Ehehe, then after everything is over.
I’m looking forward to it!」(Shion)


What Shion-san was happily eating was the chocolate cake.
I’ve eaten it once, it’s very moist and sweet.

… As expected, she doesn’t know much about that.

An artificial spirit created as a weapon by a reincarnated person from the Kuon family. That is Shion-san.
Pretty much everything she sees is the first experience for her.


「…To be honest, it’s been very helpful to have you girls」(Ginka)

「…Ha~a, thank you」(Arge)


Ginka-san thankfully bowed to me and I felt a little embarrassed.

I felt a little difficult to deal with this silver hair half-elf.

…Well, I know what she meant.

Acting together with the Rebels and taking down the Imperial City at once.

After everything was decided, we had a preparation period.

Of course, it means to readjust your strength and to act moderately in order not to be found by the empire.

The rebels are responsible for the activities at the front (Bait).
Ginka-san’s group will act as a trump card.

Of course, it’s something that I also want.
Since it’s possible to press the most troublesome part to others, I really very welcome it.
However, I also thought my part isn’t enough, so I decided to help a little.


「I never thought you could use such great recovery magic」(Ginka)

「I can heal anyone as long as they aren’t dead.
If everyone can come home properly then it will be great.」(Arge)

「Some of them are ready to die for the great cause, Arge-chan.
Thank you for helping me out there.」(Ginka)

「……It looks like so」(Arge)


At first, I was surprised when they took me to the place where the injured people were gathered.
People were cursed, wounded, ill, etc. It was a terrible situation and they seemed unable to heal properly.

As they were all gathered, I healed them all together. Everyone was surprised.


「And now, many people treat you like an Angel on the battlefield.」(Ginka)

「I’m a bit reluctant though…」(Arge)


Samaka-san once told me about this “becoming a tool of war” thing.
Even though I refused the King, I have gone and done it myself.

But I couldn’t just ignore them.
I couldn’t bear looking at everyone’s face twisted in pain and their moan. I thought I should do something.


「In addition, I think other people are more helpful」(Arge)


Aoba-san is contributing by supplementing food and herbs with her ability.

She products fruits, vegetables, then distribute to those who lost their places due to the war and somewhat satisfy their hunger.
Some people also start to join rebellions. It’s not a complete charity, though.

She can grow both medicinal herbs and poisonous plants.
Aoba-san seems to be useful in many ways.

Felnote-san and Richelle-san are mainly asked for combat tips.

Some people in the Rebels can speak ancient spiritual languages, and it seems that they have no problem communicating with Richelle-san.
Felnote-san is pretty much a celebrity. It seems that there are quite a lot of people who want her to teach them about sword skills.

Kuzuha-chan used her ability to the fullest, such as hunting and carrying goods, etc.


「Meanwhile, I’m only good at getting sleepy」(Arge)


Unlike me, who just want to take a nap after doing something.
Everyone else is trying to help out as much as they can.

Compared to all of them, what I’m doing is insignificant.


「There are no such things.」(Ginka)

「That’s not true」(Shion)


The two shouted a clear denial and I’m confused.

Looking at me with my eyes opened in surprise, the two smiled softly.


「You don’t have to compare with anyone.
You are you. And you are already helping people properly.
Above all… you say you’re getting sleepy, but if something happens, you’ll always wake up」(Ginka)

「That’s just… I can’t sleep if the surroundings are noisy」(Arge)

「And also, you’re worried about others. Arge-chan is a caring child」(Shion)

「Uhm… yes, is that so? I’m not sure」(Arge)


I remember Ryuko-chan who was taking care of me in the place where I used to live on Earth.

Their personalities are completely different, but she and these two always gave me a straightforward and positive answer no matter how much I deny myself.

Satsuki-san and Kuzuha-chan are also the same.
Everybody tells me that I’m a good person and they need me.

I didn’t think about it in the previous life,
but now, receiving positive compliments like this is embarrassing.

As if running away, I talked.


「…It’s about someone else but you two say it quite confidently.」(Arge)

「Because that’s you who I believe.
No matter how you think of yourself, I still consider you a good person.
That’s why… Thank you, Arge」(Ginka)

Thank you, Arge-chan.
Really, I was able to meet people with good color」(Shion)

「U… than… thank you」(Arge)


I don’t think I hate it, but when they are talking like, my pace got disturbed.

If I’m in trouble with how to reply, Ginka-san speaks while looking down at her teacup.


「And because I am the same」(Ginka)


「No matter how beautiful words I say to justify myself, my skills are just for murder after all.
Miyama’s house is an old samurai lineage in the Republic, some of my clan have served in the Yotsuba Parliament」(Ginka)


I thought that she might be from the republic, the place with many similar words to the Earth how her name sounds like a Japanese name. And it seems to be correct.
Ginka-san continues to speak while eating the cheesecake.


「I didn’t regret learning those skills. But I could only see the technique as a killing method.
That’s why I refused to use that power. And then I wandered around… until I met Shion.」(Ginka)

「Me too, I didn’t know how to live.
I was born as a weapon, but I didn’t want to kill anyone…
But my father told me that I was born for that purpose」(Shion)

「Everyone called me either a sword or a murder tool and only Shion called me her prince」(Ginka)

「Everyone called me a weapon but Ginka-san called me her princess」(Shion)



I’m not the only one who hates their own selves.

They told me so as they looking me and nodded.


「I don’t care if I can’t define myself」(Ginka)

「However, she said that my existence is salvation even if I didn’t recognize it myself… I think you will realize it someday」(Shion)

「After all, my skill is a means to that end, the power to stop the Empire.
If I don’t keep the empire quiet, Shion won’t feel relieved.」(Ginka)


Laughing selfishly, Ginka-san cuts the cake and puts it on Shion-san’s plate.
Shion-san also cut half of her cake and handed it to Ginka-san’s plate.


「When we get sick and when we are healthy」(Shion)

「Negative and positive, pain and joy」(Ginka)

「By sharing everything in this way, we are alive」(Shion)

「That’s what we decided that day.
We did everything with the two of us」(Ginka)

「…Is that so」(Arge)


Somehow, I could feel the depth of the connection between the two.
Attract to each other, the two held hands.
They have told me much secret information they couldn’t tell people about.
They may have decided to use everything.

From how they told me, Shion-san and Ginka-san must feel disturbed with their power.
But they don’t care if it’s right or wrong, they are just doing this for each other.


「…Arge-chan too.
If you don’t recognize yourself, first believe in everyone who acknowledges you.」(Shion)

「I was told something similar」(Arge)


Iris, an employee of the coffee shop Satsuki and my senior vampire.

To her advice that I could rely on others, I don’t think I can respond with pride.

Even so, when I watched Ginka-san and Shion-san, I felt I could understand the meaning of relying on someone.


Arge Chapter 212: My Friend (EN)


I caught a lot of birds today!
Let’s eat together!」(Kuzuha)

「Thank you very much, Kuzuha-chan」(Arge)


The Skewers were steaming hot, it was obviously freshly baked.

As I was invited by the good smell of the sauce, I took it in my hand and had a taste, the sweet and spicy sauce matched the taste of the wild bird.

It’s probably Kuzuha-chan’s home-made recipe, considering the baking.
The exquisite grilling condition that the meat juice overflows,
I have eaten it many times before.

…She must be good at cooking, right?

She was probably taught by her mother, but Kuzuha-chan was amazing.

I feel like I can marry her anytime if she feels like it.


「The sauce is delicious」(Arge)

「Ehehe, I was taught by Iris-san」(Kuzuha)

「Is that so… Thank you very much」(Arge)

「No no. Uhm… may I sit next to you?」(Kuzuha)

「Go ahead」(Arge)


There is no reason to refuse to sit down next to a friend.
Kuzuha-chan put a plate of yakitori like a mountain in front of me and sat down beside me.


「I can’t stand not to have a meal after work (Arimasen~wa~ne)…
*Hagu…Hagu* (chomp)
I’m doing a good job (desu no)」(Kuzuha)

「Thank you for your work (Otsukaresama desu), Kuzuha-chan」(Arge)

「No no.
Aoba-san could provide fruits and vegetables,
But as I thought, meat is also important.」(Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan shakes her head with a carefree smile and bites the yakitori in a hurry.

Even though the scale is smaller than the Imperial Army, the Rebellion is still a big group.
Someone like Richelle-san would eat a lot but Kuuha-chan, who can make copies of herself and hunted, was really helpful and appreciated.


「You are kinda used to it 」(Kuzuha)

「I agree.
Even so, it’s a preparation time.
I think it’s just good to be laid back」(Arge)

「…I see」(Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan smiled in reply to my words and put down an empty skewer.


「Arge-san. Speaking of which, I didn’t ask」(Kuzuha)

「What is it?」(Arge)

「Why is Arge-san traveling?」(Kuzuha)

「That is…」(Arge)


I would have been able to answer this question immediately until the other day.
Finding someone to feed me with three meals, snacks, napping anytime, and blood.
There’s no lie that I’m still asking for it.

However, this journey is far from my goal.
Our destination is the Imperial Capital, where we will definitely have the biggest fight.


「……There are things I have to ask」(Arge)

「Something to ask (Desu~no)?」(Kuzuha)

「……Kurogane Kuon is an acquaintance of mine」(Arge)


I couldn’t really say that there is a connection in the previous life.
Still, what I’m revealing to Kuzuha-chan is big enough to make her eyes wide open in surprise.

What’s that emotion with the wide-open fox eyes?
I didn’t want to know that.


「…that’s why I have to ask him straight.」(Arge)


Still, what I said didn’t change.
My previous life in the Kuon family.
There are many things I cannot say.
As if searching for something, I said…


「I have to ask him why.
If I don’t… I can’t sleep at ease.」(Arge)

「…Is that so (Sou~deshita~no)?」(Kuzuha)


My hands started to shiver and I reflexively closed my eyes.
…Why … why am I so scared?

I see. This is horror.
The moment I understand it, the fear becomes cold and runs on my back.

I didn’t feel scared when I was cut off from the world or when I lived in the cage or when I died.
But now, it’s so scary to open my eyes and look at my friend’s face.


「It’s okay (Daijōbu~desu~no」(Kuzuha)

Her touch was gentle and warm.
I was surrounded by soft fluffy cushions and her scent.

When I opened my eyes, Kuzuha-chan’s chest was in front of me.
It seems that she was hugging me.


「…..I’m not angry that you were hiding it (~imasen~wa).
So you don’t have to be afraid (~daijōbu~desu~no)」(Kuzuha)

「…But, I…」(Arge)

「You’re not agreeing with what Kurogane-san is doing, right?」(Kuzuha)

「…Of course not」(Arge)


He might be right if we are living in the Kuon family.
The weak ones will be erased and the strong ones will remain.
And to remain the top is Kuon’s way of living, way of thinking.

That’s why I’m different.

My way of thinking didn’t suit in that world.
I was reincarnated in this world because it was out of alignment.

Kurogane Kuon.
I can’t accept his way of thinking.


「In that case, Arge-san is really the one that I know.」(Kuzuha)


「Gentle, love sleeping, troublesome, cute…
But you were there when I cried.
You are my important friend.」(Kuzuha)


She didn’t move her fingers out of my hair.

Kuzuha-chan was laughing when looking at me.
It was a benevolent smile, as her mother did.


「So when you’re sad, I’ll be by your side.
I have decided so since that day.」(Kuzuha)

「…Thank you very much, Kuzuha-chan.」(Arge)

「…Can we stay like this for a while?」(Kuzuha)

「Yes… just a little more.」(Arge)


I was held by Kuzuha-chan until my body stopped shivering.

It was a little embarrassing to be spoiled by a little girl, but I felt relief when she called me her friend.

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    • [And I’m going to see what the house called Miyama made of.]
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      [But now, receiving positive and complimenting like this is embarrassed.]
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      [No matter how beautiful or justice words I say after all my skills are just for murder.]
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      [Still, what I’m revealing to Kuzuha-chan is big enough to make her eyes wide opened in surprise.]
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      [「…that’s why I have to ask him straight」]
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      [You are my important friend]
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