Mile Chapter 419: Rivals’ War 3

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Cathy’s full ARC is about 45% completed. In the meantime let’s have some Mile’s Imouto Arc.

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Mile Chapter 419: Rivals’ War 3



Mile had never thought about working as a hunter party with Marcella’s Trio, Wonder Three.

They all have a family and have a decent basis of living.
Yes, because they are girls who aren’t related to the dangerous bottom jobs such as hunter’s business.

So, she thought, “They can’t be engaged in battle and use magic in a conspicuous place” and taught them various things as “the essence of magic”.
She didn’t want them to lose their life because of something trivial…

Marcella’s Trio, who originally had little magical talent and would live their lives as normal young ladies. They are also banned to spread that knowledge.
Which means, there’s no need to concern that what she has taught will spread to or affect other people.
Marcella’s Trio isn’t someone who breaks the promises they make with their friends.

…She taught them “the essence of magic” because she thought so.

Rena’s Trio, on the other hand, is comrades. But by nature, they are those with excellent qualities, who are always on the battlefield.
If Mile taught such people “the essence of magic”, they will immediately study them and begin to apply them.

They will also use it to protect themselves as well as teaching future companions, and that knowledge and skills will be spread.

That’s why Mile didn’t teach the foundation things like Wonder Three to Red Oath so that it wouldn’t get spread.
She also purposefully omitted important parts and taught them “Part of the magic, distorted teaching methods”

… Nevertheless, Mile was also studying various things herself and began to apply it to some extent, but Mile started to feel a little impatient.


「…I have never thought of doing that hunter with Marcella-san’s group…」(Mile)


Hearing Mile’s words, Rena’s Trio looked happy, and in contrast, Marcella’s Trio looked stunned.


「I met Rena-san’s group at the hunter training school.
In other words, they are people who had no relation to me and were originally aiming to become a hunter.
But Marcella-san’s group didn’t have any intention of becoming a hunter, right?
Marcella-san, the daughter of an aristocrat, Monika-san, the daughter of a merchant, and Oriana-san, who are longing for the future as a talented village…
But if you are going with me, I will twist your life and put you at risk.
…I can’t do that!!


As Mile said that, she looked down and sorry.


「「「…………」」」(Wonder Three)


Marcella’s Trio can’t argue when Mile says so.
They all know it.

Originally they were “Aragoto (荒事) rough style“,
In other words, battle with monsters…
No, even though they are good at interpersonal combat in escort missions, it doesn’t mean they are willing to do that…

Simply, thanks to the “magical essence” that Adel taught them, they could do them gracefully.
…And the reason they choose this job just because they want “to work with Adel”.
It does not mean that they are aiming to be hunters or get a high rank.


「That’s why I don’t think Marcella’s group should overdo it to be hunters」(Mile)

「Eh? No, we have been hunters for almost two years already. And now we are all C ranks, you know?」(Marcella)


「「「「EEEHHHH!!」」」」(Red Oath)


Red Oath screamed with astonishment.

It’s no wonder.
Unlike Red Oath, Wonder Three was living in a country with no training school. 13-year-old girls who just graduated from school and already reached rank C was unthinkable.
Aside from their current appearance (*hunter’ equipment*), Marcella’s Trio seemed to have no connection with hunters until graduation…

Mile Vol 11 6

And it was only two years ago, it was almost the same as when Mile was registered as a hunter.
If Red Oath did it poorly and didn’t enter the hunter training school, Wonder Three would become senior to Red Oath.

Mile was registered as Rank G, then Maevis, Pauline who were registered as Rank F before entering school …As expected Red Oath had reached C Rank much faster thanks the school…


「…Didn’t I tell you that when we met last time?
About us being hunters…」(Marcella)

「「「「We have never heard such a thing~ (Kii~tenai~yo~)」」」」(Red Oath)


But well, that has nothing to do with the decision Mile said earlier, “I can’t go with Marcella’s Trio”  
The situation doesn’t change whether Wonder Three is rank D or rank C.


「Well, I still prefer everyone to go back to your country, have a save and happy life」(Mile)

「May I “say my piece” (express one’s opinions)?
One I got back I would get married off to a political party, like a bird in a cage!
Well, my safety may be ensured but it’s a different matter from my “desire” and my “happiness”!」(Marcella)

「Pretty much the same」(Monica)

「I will be tied up at my workplace and work to dead in order to exempt the scholarship repayment!」(Oriana)



Even the one who always has her eyes closed like Oriana also raised her voice with her eyes opened.

It shouldn’t be an unhappy future, but they will get their hands tied.
They have a dream “to have fun, enjoy their life for a few years and they will have no problem with the marriage!”
The age of 13 was too young to give up on that dream…

No one offered a joint party with Red Oath and Wonder Three together.

That is no wonder.

One swordsman.
One magic swordsman.
5 magicians.

…The balance is way too bad.


3 Aristocrats.
3 Merchant daughters.
One commoner.

…The bias is way too severe.

Two leaders (except Maevis).
Two people who seem to get angry easily.
Two people seem to have a dark mind with money.
Two friendly people.  (Duplicate)

There is a certain degree of overlapping roles.


「「「…………」」」(Rena’s Trio)


Rena’s Trio was aware.

They are too dependent on Mile.

Each of them has their own pride in their fighting power.


In terms of life when working and earning as hunters…

…Yes, Mile’s “special storage magic” was convenient.
Way too convenient…




Marcella’s Trio was wondering.

They wonder if Adel doesn’t need them now.

It’s been two years since that time, even though they were best friends when they were in school.

Adel has new companions, a new life, and a new place to live.

And now, they appear, forcibly interrupting in between and trying to break Mile with her new friends.

Someone who has longer friendship than what they have with Adel.

And for Wonder Three, without Adel, they didn’t even have a reason to keep the hunter work.

They just decided to sneak out of their country, sought Adel on their own and now they demanded her to join them.

……It’s the worst. (Saiteida)

Both of them, Red Oath and Wonder Three thought so.

However, neither of them is confident that they can continue to work as hunters without Mile / Adel.

It’s a shame that someone who can’t do it on their own must depend on Mile / Adel to continue their hunter life.

Then what should they do?

Yes, they must prove to Mile that they can do it without relying on Mile / Adel, and to be proud to continue to be hunters together…

Rena and Marcella reached an agreement with just their eyes and shouted at the same time.


「「We will form a joint-party of 6 people without Mile/Adel」」(Rena + Marcella)



The screaming voice of Mile echoed throughout the inn…

…That is the “punchline” which often uses at the end of a story.

FUNA sensei’s Note:

Vol 12 will be released on Saturday, October 12!

In addition, vol 4 of main comics by Nekominto sensei and spin-off everyday comics by Takayuki Mori sensei “I said make my everyday average!” vol 1 released simultaneously!

Both contain my newly written short story.  (^^)/

And the anime is on air!

It is also being distributed overseas, one after another.

Books, comics, and anime.

Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu. Best regards (^^)/

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_153

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