Mile Chapter 425: Joint Request 4

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Mile Chapter 425: Joint Request 4



The camp had no particular problems.

It was sudden at lunchtime, so Rena was a little confused.
So when she has the time and calm, as someone who has a long history of working as a hunter without Mile, including the time with the “Red Lightning Bold”, Camping due to lack of equipment is not a big deal.

Compared to camping in heavy rain, strong winds, and mid-winter, it’s not as big camping without a tent or cloak.
Meals with hunting are enough for one or two days without worrying about nutritional balance.

So, while Rena and Pauline set up a simple stove with stones and prepare to roast the horn rabbit meat stabbed on a tree branch, Maevis cuts an affordable tree into a wooden soup plate. It was quite easy to make it.

As expected, it was difficult to carve out the cup with a dagger, so she made a little deeper plate, but that didn’t cause any problems.

And, Rena’s Trio ate the baked meat to calm the stomach without lunch.

…Yeah, it’s just meat that hasn’t been seasoned…

Well, the meat has the taste of the meat itself, and the fat-mixed gravy that melts and drips when cooked has sweetness and richness.
There is no problem because it has a traditional taste that even the primitive people had eaten.

And tasteless clear hot water to drink in a handmade wooden soup plate.

On the other hand, Wonder Three accentuated the taste of the meat by rubbing small chunks of rock salt with an ultra-small grater and sprinkling it with finely crushed dried herbs.
Of course, the drink is herbal tea.

There is almost no weight or volume for dried herbs.
It didn’t matter to carry a little more.

Of course, Red Oath always carries a large number of seasonings and herbs.

…In Mile’s storage magic…

As for bedding, normal hunters don’t actually carry a tent.
They only have something like a cloak or tarpaulin and a poncho* (a garment that can be used as a protection against cold, wind, rain gear alternative).
Wonder Three also only prepares a thin waterproof cloth that can be lightly wrapped around the cold part of the body.


…Yes, the usual Red Oath is abnormal, normally it’s enough to lay dry grass in the ground, such as in camping.
Apart from the lack of tents and bedding, it’s no big deal.
Rena also sleeps hundreds of times with such bedding.


「… My back hurts and it’s cold…」(Rena)


Rena was astounded by the words that unconsciously said.

If it was Pauline or Maevis, all she had to do is smile.

However, regardless of rank, the fact that she said those words even before Pauline’s Duo while she had already experienced this was a shock to Rena.

… Corruption. Decline. (spoiled / has been averaged).

When a martial artist or an athlete lives in a self-degrading life for several months, his blunt body and weakened muscles cannot be restored.

And the spirit of the veteran stoic and strong hunter…




Rena was shivering, It wasn’t just because of the cold.

For Maevis and Pauline, although they had the thought that “it would be inconvenient if they don’t have Mile in their life”, they didn’t seem to have much sense of crisis.
Without realizing that it’s a terrible crisis itself…



* * *



「Today we will test Close Quarters Combat skills」(Rena)


Today is a simple breakfast consisting of lightly reboiled meat that was roasted at dinner yesterday and clear warm water…
For Wonder Three is of course having herbal tea, not clear warm water…

After that, Rena announced so.

Yes, Red Oath has Maevis, a vanguard, even without Mile.

And not just Maevis, Rena also has a long history of hunting and Pauline has been well trained in cane art.
It’s natural because it’s a self-defense measure to protect one’s own life.

…But Marcella’s Trio has just graduated from a classy school where nobles and rich children attend.

Just three 13-year-old novice young wizard lolis (girls) without a vanguard.

No matter how young you are, Magic is all about “talent”.

…And Mile’s “Family’s Secret”.

However, hunter world isn’t somewhere a magician can live alone without the ability of close combat.

They need to deal with unexpected encounters against monsters, bandits attacked from the shadows, the betrayal of the party that received the joint order, other escort using you as a bait (MPK) to run away with the merchants…
A surprise attack from a bandit who pretended to be a traveler.
In addition, even you can use searching magic, you may not be able to strike first at close range.

Rena wanted to remind Wonder Three about their lack of power.
It was a strategy to remind them that they would put all the burden on Mile.

Rena might not be a popular girl.
However, Marcella’s Trio is still minors while Rena is 16 years old and is a fine adult…


「I understand (Wakarimashita~wa). Actually, we also think the same…」(Marcella)


In reply to Marcella, Rena and Pauline smiled lightly.

Pauline seems to have a good idea of Rena thought.

Then everyone packed up their luggage and set out for today’s hunt.



* * *



「…First, let’s have close combat.
The opponents should be a group of Kobolds or Goblins to prevent serious damage from the monsters’ blow.
If there are multiple agile enemies, no matter how fast the casting speed will be, it won’t be possible to deal with just magic alone, so we will intervene and help when it becomes dangerous.
If your opponents are Kobolds or Goblins, it won’t be a big deal if you take a few attacks. Besides, Pauline and Mile could heal your light injury easily…
(*Whisper*) And If those lolis (kids) got injured, Mile would fly in to protect them without fail…


In the last part, Rena whispered to Maevis and Pauline in a small voice so that Marcella’s Trio wouldn’t hear.

Yes, no matter how good they are in attack magic if they suddenly come across a monster at a close distance in the forest.
…They will be powerless, such a party with only lolies (small girls) without a vanguard.

Reminding these young ladies of that, they would quickly give up their sweet idea of continuing the hunter life.
…And went back to the social circles of aristocrats or the brides of merchants.
It is true kindness and thoughtfulness…
Rena thought so.

And after several times hunting Orcs, Ogres, horn rabbits, etc.
The group collecting medicinal herbs and tree nuts for dinner, which are a little expensive.
Just before evening, they came across a group of goblins.


「1:30 direction, 7-8 Goblins are approaching fast!
Perhaps they have noticed us and began a raid action!」

「「Roger that!」」


In the report of Monica who was walking at the top, Marcella and Oriana answer in a calm way without surprise.

However, although they replied with “Roger that”, they didn’t seem to prepare a spell, they just continued walking normally.


「Well then, this time we will show you our Close Quarters Combat Skills」(Marcella)

「「「Eh…」」」(Red Oath)


Rena’s Trio can’t hide their surprise when Marcella announces with such a generous expression.

Yes, Rena’s Trio decided for themselves that Marcella’s Trio wasn’t good at Close Quarters Combat.
Although they called it Close Quarters Combat skills, Rena’s Trio thought Marcella’s Trio would hit with magic a little closer then insisting that it’s Close Quarters Combat…

If Marcella’s Trio was in crisis, they would help, and then they would show Marcella’s Trio the true Close Quarters Combat (melee).

…Rena’s Trio thought so, but Wonder Three has a calm attitude without any magic pre-casting.

If Wonder Three has time, they should cast the spell in advance even if they could use non-chant magic.
Although Rena’s Trio was a little dismay seeing Wonder Three didn’t attempt to silent chant any magic.

Rena and Pauline started to cast a simple attack magic spell and held in their brains so that they could help at any time without getting in the way of the Wonder Three’s battle.

Maevis leaves the magical interception to Rena and Pauline while pulling her sword out to prepare for a sword-based interception.

And a few minutes later, the party came into contact with the flock of goblins.

PS: It’s not “Goblin Slayer” so don’t worry. Something is seriously wrong with that series.

I play Lord of the Rings, Monster Hunter, Heroes of Might and Magic, and WarCraft. I understand well the goblins’ true power.

Goblins aren’t OP. It’s not Re: Monster after all.

FUNA sensei’s Note:

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And PV of OP and ED of “Noukin” animation has been released!  (^^)/

The song is the same.
With lyrics.
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In addition, there are links in various places.

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And tomorrow will be four years since I started posting to “Become a Novelist”, November 2nd.

After retiring, I had been reading comics and novels while playing around at home,
Days of watching anime and movies.

Thinking, “Well, how about writing a novel!”, I posted the first work, “I will save 80,000 gold coins in a different world in preparation for my old age” and I posted the first chapter just four years ago.

And the next day, a new work of planning and production for 30 hours,
“I will survive another using potion!” were simultaneous posting.

Of course, a bicycle operation with no storage of notes, days to upload just before the regular update time.
(Both works were updated daily…)

Two and a half months later, I pose the first chapter of “I said make my abilities average!”.

And three days ago, “Noukin” ranked 10th in the ranking…

Right now, everything is nostalgic… (T_T)

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_153

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