Mile Chapter 432: The return of Wonder Three 2

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Mile Chapter 432: The return of Wonder Three 2

「Well then, Marcella-san, did you three give up on bringing Adel-san back to the country? In that case, from now on you will…」(Morena)

「Yes, even though we followed the Order of Her Highness, we have been absent for a long time and failed the first mission right after we took our job.
We will take responsibility and quit our job as your personal Guards」(Marcella)


Princess Morena screamed at Marcella’s sudden bomb statement.

「Sh~! Please be quiet!」(Marcella)

Marcella rushes to hold Princess Morena’s mouth.
It’s a little disrespectful, but it can’t be helped.
Besides, this is all right because the princess is a pretty friendly person.

After all, if she screams out loud in such an inn, it will echo in the inn.
What’s more, the cry of a young woman…

「「「「「「What’s wrong?!」」」」」」(Young men)

…will tickle the young men around here.

「「「「We are sorry…」」」」(Wonder Three + Morena)

Marcella’s group bowed their heads to the innkeeper and guests.

「Sorry, my bad…」(Morena)

And Princess Morena apologizes to Marcella’s Trio.
Fortunately, it’s not late at night…

「Even though, Marcella-san says that!
That’s the mission I ordered.
…Well, I’ve always been used by you…」(Morena)

It seems that Princess Morena is aware that she was used by Marcella’s Trio.
However, she was actually deceived but their mutual interests and mutual thoughts were the same, they only shared the roles that they could do.

Therefore, there is no problem to call trading partners as “Friends”.
Because they knew each other ‘s “conspiracy”.

…Although Princess Morena still didn’t realize Marcella’s Trio’s “Escape strategy with Adel” was somewhat a betrayal…

「So you don’t have to quit your job as my personal guards.
This time, I have already been scolded by my father, brothers and other departments, received sufficient punishments.
Yes, reducing spending money, limiting time out, increasing study time,
It’s really Really REally REAlly REALly REALLy REALLY severe punishments…

Princess Morena, clenching her teeth and complaining with a face like vomiting blood.
Marcella’s Trio listened to her with an *U~wa* look.

「Well, for some reason, it’s strange that my evaluation has risen instead…」(Morena)

「「「Eh?」」」(Wonder Three)

That’s right, the foresight when establishing a female Royal Guard squad.
And the amazing planning ability and the terrifying talent to carry out the plan without exposing until the end.

As the “conspiracy princess”, the stock of the third princess Morena was sky-rocketed but the said person herself didn’t know such a thing at all.

「Anyway, that’s why, the trials of the Female Royal Guard Squad will continue as planned,
You have no faults, so there’s nothing wrong with returning to your original mission.
Tomorrow, you returned after finishing your mission, so I will have you return to the royal palace…」(Morena)

Apparently, there seemed to be no problems working as Royal Guard.
However, it was a little inconvenient for Marcella’s Trio.

This is the operation from Princess Morena’s order, which was planned by Marcella’s Trio as a legal mean to leave their country without any problems in order to embark on a journey to search for Adel.
Actually, the girls didn’t want to work as soldiers all the time.

In the first place, Marcella’s Trio wasn’t personally suited for such jobs, so they wanted to retire immediately.
But Princess Morena didn’t want to let go of the three “Comrades in crime, real friends”, who came to her side.

And moreover, Princess Morena is planning Marcela to be her brother’s princess. (sister in law)
It’s not a self-indulgent delusion or conspiracy, because both her brothers are strongly interested in Marcella. However, Princess Morena doesn’t take into account Marcella’s will at all…

However, both her big brother Adalbert and her younger brother Vince are attractive, not to mention they are Crown prince and Second prince.
It was outside the common sense of Princess Morena that any girl would dislike marrying them.

Yes, Princess Morena believed that her desires, her brothers’ wishes, and Marcella’s happiness were in perfect agreement.

So, she tried to make Marcella’s Trio notice of it by telling them everything.
Without hiding.

「Both my esteemed brothers want Marcella-san to live in the royal palace…
I think it’s about time for one of them to talk about engagement with Marcella-san.
For Monica-san, your father seemed to have consulted about engagement with a baron family. And there are also aristocrats who want to welcome Oriana-san as their adopted daughter.
Then, as a daughter of an aristocrat, you will get a good marriage partner…

「「「GY…」」」(Wonder Three)


「「「GYA~AAAAA」」」(Wonder Three)

Fortunately, the innkeeper and other guests just
“Move! Move! Move!
OK guy’s False alarm”
So, they didn’t rush up or yell at the girls.

* * *

「「「…………」」」(Wonder Three)

And after Princess Morena returned, the silence continued for a while…

「I don’t want to end my life as a royal mistress yet…」(Marcella)

「Even if I become the adopted daughter of an aristocrat, it doesn’t mean that I am worth it, I’m nothing more than bait for when Adel-san returns.
It’s easy to imagine how a commoner’s daughter would be treated by a nobleman.
No, I may be treated as normal, but it’s not an enjoy life…


Marcella, Oriana, and Monica had the same thought.

「「「Tactical retreat!!」」」(Wonder Three)

* * *

The next day, Wonder Three has never shown up at the royal palace,
After Princess Morena recovered from her shock, she went to the inn to see them.

「Those girls have suddenly departed last night…」(Inn Keeper)


As expected when she revealed herself as the princess, the innkeeper didn’t have the guts to refuse with “Customer personal information is off-limit”

Yes, princess Morena was in a hurry, she came in with her escorts as they were without disguise.

Then in a panic, Princess Morena headed to the Hunter Guild, rushed to the counter.

「Well, Wonder Three party is…」(Receptionist)

A well-educated receptionist treated Princess Morena as an F-rank hunter, despite the princess’ dress and escort presence.
Yes, just like always, as a member of Wonder Three, “Morren”

「They have a letter address to you(Receptionist)

Princess Morena took the letter in a robbed manner, tried to calm her trembling hand with a trembling hand and took out the letter inside.

Then, read the text written there in a hurry…

『With the order “Return to our original mission as we are”, Once again, we will be in charge of searching for the Vicountess Adel von Askham.
No abnormalities.
The mission is ongoing.
Everyone is fine

「I have been had! Those girls!」(Morena)

* * *

「Which way shall we go? Go straight to Adel-chan?」(Oriana)

「I can’t show up to her again so soon, I’m embarrassed!」(Marcella)

「Then, why don’t we go to the opposite direction, west, also as a deception work?
We will hone our experience and skills as hunters and become so strong that Adel-chan can’t refuse us.
Then, after touring around the west, we will secretly pass through our country to the Kingdom of Tyrus.
If we are already full-fledged hunters, and whether or not Adel-chan may be with us, we still continue our hunter life, Adel-chan can’t refuse us with the reason “We become hunters just to be with Adel-chan”, right?

「「…That’s it!」」(Marcella + Monika)

And “Wonder Three” goes west.

To the country of the west, where Red Oath had previously traveled via Adel’s territory, Viscountess Askham land.

And on the return trip from Tyrus Kingdom, they aimed their home country without receiving a request.

They had only practiced and carefully examined support magics taught by Adel so far, they didn’t practice attack magic at all.

The girls didn’t know they would always be accompanied by “a large amount of nanomachines with extremely high tuning suitability” for their exclusive use…

Of course, Mile didn’t even know what she had done…

(T.N: Well she just replaced all your electric cords from bronze or any metal to pure gold, something normal people would only craft in memory chip)

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_153

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. “Princess Morena creamed at Marcella’s sudden bomb statement.”
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