Mile Chapter 433: Power Activated

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Mile Chapter 433: Power Activated

「By the way, this “Item Box”…」(Marcella)

Marcella spoke to Monika and Oriana with a serious look.

「It’s so convenient that everyone can use it reasonably where others haven’t seen it, but I think it’s better for only one of us to use it when we are in public. Just what people might think when all three of us are storage magic users.」(Marcella)

「「Certainly…」」(Monika + Oriana)

As expected, it would be overkill. And if it’s people who know about Wonder Three, they will think “Ah, did they meet the Goddess again and she blessed them with some kind of reward…”. People might not know the details but they might believe it for sure.

After all, the probability that all party members are the magicians with such rare magic like storage magic can’t be thought of as a coincidence.

It’s normal to think that there is some secret there.

There is an epoch-making method of gaining storage magic.

The existence of some kind of artifact, such as a magic bag.

Or inheritance due to bloodlines.

Et cetera.

Yes, in order to obtain that secret, noble families, royal families, merchants, and criminals who think nothing for the life of commoners will come like a flood.

And it is a waste of human resources that three of such rare storage wizards to be in the same party, those three should be utilized separately. There is a possibility that they will be asked to work from the top brass of the guild, the royal palace, the army, and so on.

「If we hide it completely, we will not be able to transport or make use of the prey at all. So, we will tell everyone that it can be used only by one person with a considerably large capacity. So let’s decide who will that be…」(Marcella)

After saying so, Marcella takes a breath and talks in a quiet voice.

「…I think I’ll take over that role」(Marcella)

「「Wha!?」」(Oriana + Monika)

Monica and Oriana are astonished as they heard that.

「No good! You will likely become the target for bandits and illegal slave hunting. For a young lady to be able to use storage, it’s too dangerous! I will undertake it. I’m a merchant’s daughter, it’s more natural to have storage magic than a noble lady…」(Monika)

「No, it should be me. Out of the three of us, I have the lowest status, so it’s my duty to take on the risk」(Oriana)

Monica and Oriana each insisted that it should be their responsibility to the one who could use storage magic, but Marcella argued with a rare, angry, and strong tone.

「It won’t do for a noble to impose danger on commoners! Don’t you know the word “Noblesse Oblige”? Monica-san, are you trying to brand me as a disqualified aristocrat? …And Oriana-san!」(Marcella)

Marcella shifts her gaze from Monica to Oriana.

「Such a thing doesn’t matter between us!」(Oriana)

However, upon hearing it, Monica and Oriana immediately argued.

「It’s “Double standard” (EN)! While you try to take risks with your status as a shield, how can you say to Oriana that “The status doesn’t matter”? It’s too selfish!」(Monika)

「Then let’s talk about logical reasons. Of the three of us, I have the lowest magic power. This can be explained by saying “Since I always use storage magic, I have little room for other magic.” That will improve my most useless external position, which is a great deal for me. On the other hand, if Marcella-san takes over, Marcella-san’s value will skyrocket so much that she will be targeted more and more, by the royal family and senior aristocrats… A young aristocratic daughter who still doesn’t have a fiance can use attack magic, has the Goddess’ grace, and storage magic. You’ll never be able to escape, is that okay?」(Oriana)


Marcella can’t say anything to Monica and Oriana’s counterarguments. Even Marcella isn’t bad at the debate, she still isn’t an opponent against Monica, the daughter of a merchant, and Oriana, a genius of their class at the same time. However, human beings have the time “when they can never give up”. This is that time for Marcella.

「It’s a decision as the party leader!」(Marcella)

「「Uu!」」(Oriana + Monika) 

Finally, Marcella used a trump that she had never used. Party leader authority. Hunter’s party members’ relations aren’t the same as friends.

If they must talk to each other until everyone is satisfied, or by a majority vote every single time, that party will soon be wiped out. So, what the leader decided is absolute. If you just don’t like it, leave the party. That was the iron rule at the hunter party.

「「…………」」(Oriana + Monika) 

Monica and Oriana silenced with an indescribable look. And after worrying for a while…

「……I understand. I don’t want to understand though…」(Monika) 


Apparently, Marcella’s judgment was inevitable… No, they seemed to accept the decision of the party leader.

「…Well then, just in case, I’ll explain the “emergency evacuation magic” that I came up with last night.」(Oriana) 

「「Eh?」」(Marcella + Monika) 

After being silent for a while, Oriana suddenly began to explain something.

「No, because Marcella-sama will be in danger. I had already come up with this idea without any detailed examination or verification work, but I knew a method for when we were kidnapped or had to escape…」(Oriana) 

Then Monika and Marcella urged Oriana to continue, so she continued talking.

「When we are split and acting differently if one of us is in danger or get caught…」(Oriana) 

Monica and Marcella waited for the continuation of Oriana’s story.

「Then just put yourself in the Item Box」(Oriana) 

「「Haaa?」」(Marcella + Monika) 

It looks like Monica and Marcella still don’t understand yet.

「Time is stopped in the item box. Then, you don’t have to worry about water, food, even air, and light. No matter how much time passes, there is no need to worry about boredom or pain while waiting. So when you’re in danger, put yourself in the item box and wait for the other two to pick you up. …Ah, there’s no waiting time for you but… Okay, when we are separated doing something else, everyone has the obliged to check if “there’s no-one in the item box” at least once a day…」(Oriana)

「「Are you a genius?!」」(Marcella + Monika) 

「…Ah, you were already a genius. At least to the extent that you could the very difficult enrollment for scholarship students…」(Monika) 

「Isn’t that right…」(Marcella)

Monika and Marcella are doing “self-tsukkomi (EN)”

「However, there are some things you should be aware of」(Oriana)

「…What is it?」(Marcella)

「If you didn’t notice that others were already in there and everyone inadvertently entered…」(Oriana)

「「What if we enter?」」(Marcella + Monika) 

「There will be no one to take us out and we will remain there forever. Since time is stopped in the item box, we can’t leave it by ourself…」(Oriana)

「「…………」」(Marcella + Monika)

Hearing Oriana’s explanation, Monica and Marcella look a little pale.

「No, as long as you’re not too desperate, be sure to check the inside before you enter…」(Oriana)

Hearing Oriana’s next explanation, they look a little better…


Marcella raised her voice as if remembering something.

「What’s wrong, Marcella-sama?」(Monika)

Monica asked curiously.

「If one of us were to go to another country while the other two stayed in this country, then if one of us went into the Item Box, she would be able to go to the other country in an instant…」(Marcella)

「「Ah…」」(Monika + Oriana)

「Then, after the errand is over, if she enters the item box again, she can return instantly…」(Marcella)

「「……」」(Monika + Oriana)

「「「…………」」」(Wonder Three)

「「「………………」」」(Wonder Three)

「That’s what comes out in the fairy tale, Isn’t it super space-time magic, “space transition magic”?」(Marcella)

「Why did you two keep thinking of new things?! It’s going to be too dangerous!!」(Monika)

「…It’s too good that it’s bad…」(Oriana)

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_153

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  1. ok, now lets take the same idea to the limit, 3 girls, 3 cities, and a really express city delivery service 100% safe% 100% fresh. also they can take goods, animals, and people ( dont say armies please our average story its agains war) however how much can they charge for that ?? also how can they be safe themselves later on still that its a super power

    ahhhh before i forget thanks for the chapter


    • they already discussed this and the MANY problems that would bring with it.
      including but not limited to:
      – Loss of freedom due to monopolisation by the state
      – total collapse of the transportation industry and all surrounding sectors
      – making enemys out of all the people ^^

      aka they will try to keep this on the lowdown (and might be a bit better at it compared to our lovable airhead Mile ^^)


  2. IMO, that plot move with delegating authority over nanomachines can lead to same situation as in Mitsuha novel. At first, Mitsuha had to see teleporting spot in all details. Later, she suddenly can teleport in closed warehouse not knowing what is inside. Not fun.
    If there are rules of universe, then plot should consider them. Good example is Maevis progress in arcs “Strengthening” and “Radiance of life”.

    Thanks for the chapter, again.

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  3. By jundging from items’ state in item box, there is one instan. And for beings in item box there is no difference how much time has passed in Mile’s world. So if someone has been transported to item box, the one would immediately be taken out, from the one’s POV (in case the one would be taken out). It could be used like time machine(but only in future) or teleport. Really average thing.


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  5. If one of us goes out to another country, and one of the remained two in this country goes into the Item Box, she will go to another country in an instant… >>>
    If one of us were to go to another country while the other two stayed in this country, then if one of us went into the Item Box, she would be able to go to the other country in an instant…

    Lol new site format? Cool. Thanks for the chapter!!!


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