Mile Novel Chapter 439: Elf Village 5

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(Deleted this part by translator due to mistake)

「「Can you at least show us something about that…」」
(Elder + Chief)

The Elder and the village chief bow down and beg but Mile can’t show them her magic so easily.

「It’s a “secret” because you aren’t my family!
Then, what’s about the secret of the elf, would you like to publish all of them to all human beings?」(Mile)

「No, that is…」(Elder)

In response to Mile’s argument, the elder and the village chief became silent.

The Elf Trio didn’t bother to talk anything on this matter.
Perhaps they thought Mile wouldn’t agree, or they just planned to secretly ask her later on?

For the Elves, maybe “they can’t stand that humans know the magic that they don’t know about when they should be far superior to humans”?
Or they are just interested in “interesting time-killing stories”,
Anyway, Mile is annoyed by the elder and the village chief’s demand.

Well, since Dr. Kulereia, Etoul, and Shararil were also like that before,
It may be unavoidable, however, there’s no reason to do so.

Even if Mile told it’s a “secret of her family”, it’s more dangerous than that, it’s probably a “secret (of knowledge) of the Earth”

Mile thought it would be bad to be surrounded by all of the Sage Society suddenly. Just like the elder and the village chief that Mile had just met for the first time, it would be annoying to face every one of them at the same time…

(I don’t know…) (Mile)

Yes, that’s just for the convenience of the other side, which Mile didn’t know about.

… Mile wasn’t too angry with the Elf trio anymore. (T.N: more like you need to say sorry to them first)

It’s a misunderstanding. Even though the trio wrote in the report letters such as “There is a child who feels like an elf”, “Use unknown magic”, “Amazing magical power”.
In other words, they didn’t mention exploration magic or phase-ray at all.

Yes, they didn’t break the hunter’s contraindications of telling others the secrets and feats of the hired hunter.
It was a bare gray zone but they didn’t mention anything in detail…

Mile wouldn’t have forgiven the Elf Trio if they had broken it.

So, all that was left was how to treat the elders, but Mile didn’t have to think deeply.

「You didn’t tell me about your secret but you wanted me to tell you about mine?
You can’t talk about it, right? Okay, see you later.」(Mile)

Yes, Mile just had to leave here.

Actually, the Elder, the village Chief and the meeting in the village chief’s house have nothing to do with this request.
The girls just have to leave here and stay overnight in the woods until they return.

Even of the Elf Trio tricked Mile, there’s no place to add a complaint to the request itself.
For the time being, Mile also intended to work as the return-trip escorts.

Even if Red Oath cancels the order request from their side and doesn’t escort the Elves on the way back, they just need to add a claim to the guild, the request won’t be a request failure as the client’s fault.
The full amount of money should be paid, still, it’s kind of annoying to let the elf trio return without escorts, so, Mile decided to do the work to the end.

Regardless of their actual age, the three Elves look like young women. And because they are also beautiful, the probability that they can be attacked and kidnaped by bandits is much higher than usual.
If something happens because Red Oath threw their escort mission, they would have a bad aftertaste.

…Yes, if the bandit men who messed up got half-killed or unable to recover…

Ignoring the Elder and the village Chief, Red Oath quickly exits the village mayor’s house, followed by the Elf trio.

Yes, of course, there’s a place to go after this, so Dr. Kulereia’s group can’t part with Red Oath yet.
…Red Oath had to give each of the Elf Trio’s families the souvenirs in the Mile’s item box.

* * *

「I’m home!」(Etoul)

Probably because this is her own house, Etoul opened the door vigorously without knocking.

The other side of the door seems to be a living room,
Three people are looking at Red Oath with a surprised look, parents who look around 30 years old and brothers who look like 14 to 15 years old.

「Ah, Etoul, you are back!
Are those girl “that”?」(Elf boy)

「Ah, um…」(Etoul)

Apparently, Etoul’s letter to her family also had “Red Oath” written on it…

But Mile’s group doesn’t want to get close to another family of three.
So, in order to get the job done quickly, Mile takes out the deposit that was put in the item box.

「Uhm, that’s all for Etoul-san, right?」(Mile)

「Ah, um, thank you」(Etoul)

「「「Eh…」」」(Etoul’s family)

Suddenly the wooden boxes, pots, knives, piles of food that can be preserved, and various other supplies suddenly appeared in front of the Etoul’s family.

「Th-this is…」(Etoul’s family)

Of course, they know those things are souvenirs from Etoul.
What’s surprising is Mile’s storage magic stupid capacity that carried it.

And souvenirs can’t be just for their daughter alone.

Yes, it was normal to think that there should be the same amount of souvenirs for Shararil and Kulereia’s families.

But that’s not related to Mile’s group.

Then they lightly raise their right hand and leave Etoul’s house to the next house.

The same thing was repeated at Shararil’s parents’ house, and they all came to the last place, Dr. Kulereia’s parents’ house.

「I’m home~!」(Kulereia)

Open the door and jump in, Dr. Kulereia sticks her head on her father’s stomach and “purr, head-butt or curl up” with him.

(T.N: sorry I don’t know the right word to translate so I copy-paste the cat’s behavior)

*Guri Guri*

*Guri Guri*

*Guri Guri Guri Guri Guri* …

Don~ don~!

*Guri Guri* seems to continue forever, so Red Oath gives away souvenirs and leaves.

Her father bowed his head with a look like sorry.
Probably the usual thing…

「…So, what shall we do?」(Rena)

「What shall we do?」(Pauline)

「What to do?」(Maevis)


According to the original plan, Red Oath will tour the village of the Elves, see how they live, and listen to old people’s stories until the day of their return.
Opportunities to hear things hundreds of years ago directly from the involved parties would make anyone drool other than Mile…
It seems that the upper part of the village seems to be thinking about getting information from Mile about “magic unknown to them”.
It seemed bad to get involved and make requests.

Yes, not only the elder and the village chief but a suspicious name such as “Sage society”.
It was safe to say that the others who had a voice in the village were thinking about the same thing.

「…But I wonder if they are looking down on humans.
Even though they are completely unrelated, but when they meet Mile for the first time they already ask her about the secret of her parents’ house…
What’s more, they aren’t willing to offer what they pay for?」(Rena)

「They are probably looking down on us, young people rather than humans.
For them, we’re probably young children.
Like people who see some toddlers holding a jewel in their hand?
I wonder if it’s like that…

「「「Ah~…」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Maevis replied to Rena’s complaint and Rena’s Trio agreed.

Yes, at that stage, they don’t know if anything goes wrong.

Of course, after that, there’s a possibility that the jewel will be taken away, or the toddlers get tortured to spill the picked up place.

「Maybe they weren’t really offensive…」(Mile)

「Yeah, it seems that older elves don’t have much ambition or desire.
The young Elf Trio is kind of getting excited like a child finding a new toy…」(Pauline)

Paulin agrees with Mile’s opinion.

And the evaluation of Dr. kulereIa is terrible. Even though they can’t say the same for other people…

Red Oath walks around the village for the time being.

People may be wary that it’s unusual for humans to come to the village, but if it’s just walking around, it does not mean that the girls need a permit.

In other words, because they are friendly races that form an alliance, the Elves shouldn’t be so alarmed.
Moreover, from the viewpoint of them, Red Oath is just young girls.

Perhaps the population is small, there aren’t many people out there, and there are no children.

「…So, given the age distribution, there aren’t many elves whose actual age is 14 or younger…」(Mile)

As Mile says.

The number of children under the age of 14 in 100 humans with an average life-span expectancy of 50 years.
The number of children under the age of 14 in 100 Elves with an average life-span expectancy of 800 years.
Consider there is a difference of 10 times or more, it’s not strange.

「A young elf…」(Mile)

「Ah, here they are! What do they want?」()

When Mile tried to speak something, Dr. Kulereia, Etoul, and Shararil have arrived.

「Well, We will start a meeting for tomorrow’s “face to face meeting”!」(Kulereia)

「「「「Eh?」」」」(Red Oath)

Somehow, with Dr. Kulereia started talking about things that Red Oath didn’t understand like a default matter, Etoul’s Duo nodded.

「Face to face meeting, right?」(Mile)

Speaking of which, the Elf Trio was talking about this in the carriage as well.

「Ah, the guild master has talked about this…」(Mile)

「「「「Matchmaking?」」」」(Red Oath)

“Why is it relevant to us?”, Red Oath group doesn’t understand at all.

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  1. They probably plan to match make mile, if she gets married, then they will learn the familiy secrets by becoming family.

    That said, since mile has the smell of an elf and dwarf, that means her lifespan is the average of a human and an ancient dragon. Which means her whole life plan of adventuring then marrying is ruined. A human spouse lifespan is too short, an elf would be more suited but I would guess ancient dragons live thousands of years. Well, unless she can do rejuvination magic as stated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not exactly, there is kind of two sets of “averages” in play. There is the general average of everything that decids most things, but there is also the average oh humanoid races, which decids things like her hight, build and and whatnot. Age is a weird one that could be based on ether. That said if its average of all she is just flatout immortal, there are real life animals that simply will not die of old age. Also god is in play for the average as thats why she has authority 5, so yeah they probably don’t die of age ether. All it takes is one critter that can age infinitely and she becomes immortal do to infinity divined by anything is still infinity. That said if her lifespan is based on humanoid ones she actually would only get to live to around mid 300s, less if there is more humanoid races than human, dwarf, beastkin, elf.
      So depending on how she ages she may actually age closer to humans than elves.


  2. I still think the elf trio are at fault for not being completely honest to Red Oath about the escort mission to the elf village. Mile still got ambushed by the elders wanting to know her secrets without equal information trade they just wanted it one-way, give me give me give me. Maybe the next chapters or clarify thing and/or clear up any more misunderstandings.


  3. I still think the elf trio are at fault for not being completely honest to Red Oath about the escort mission to the elf village. Mile still got ambushed by the elders wanting to know her secrets without equal information trade they just wanted it one-way, give me, give me, give me. Maybe the next chapters or clarify things and/or clear up any more misunderstandings.


    • But the thing here is Red Oath tried to bring an interracial war over their misunderstanding.

      Imaging your customer sues you for breaching the contract and spreading their personal information while all you do is calling them a “great customer”.

      Asking Red Oath to meet the Elders is just personal favor. It has nothing to do with the request.

      And in case you forgot, all FUNA’s main characters used the same tactic all the time.
      Omitting some parts of the story to make misunderstandings without telling lies.

      Elf Trio asked Red Oath to escort them. There was no lie here.
      Elf Trio didn’t break the Guild’s rule. There was no lie here as well.

      Elf Trio might plan to ask Mile to meet up with the Elf Elder but Elf Trio still didn’t do anything yet.

      As you can see, Rena’s Trio desperately tried to apologize.

      The Elders made Mile feel annoyed but that had nothing to do with the Elf Trio or their request.


      • Actually, they didn’t try to bring (or rather, start) an interracial war over it. They hinted at it, since they weren’t aware of what exactly about them had been told the elven elders.You can’t expect people to be mind readers (well, Mile could probably do it with her authority, but her personality makes it practically impossible to ask for it), so when some random passerby, who hasn’t met Red Oath members before, calls them “that”, it’s a pretty good indicator that something has been told, but does not give any clue as to what that “something” is. It would be foolish to not be alerted and prepared for the worst. Of course, after the misunderstanding has been solved, Rena’s Trio did apologize like they should for jumping to conclusions (not really necessary to dogeza though). Mile doesn’t need to apologize, though, since they are indeed “plotting against” (not really, but you should be able to get what I mean) Mile, specifically and Mile is fully aware of it (well, at least should be at this point, since she’s actually one of the sharpest individuals there is, as long as it’s not something related to ‘common sense of the world’ or ‘average’).


        • I also think the elves are to blame for this one. The elves recruited red oath with an ulterior motive beyond the scope of the request, which is a breach of contract with the guild and red oath. Imagine someone made a request to subdue a goblin camp, and when the adventurers arrived they found that the goblins were hiding behind a wyvern (and the requestor’s aim was to have the wyvern taken care of on-the-cheap) or behind a blocked road (so the adventurer’s party would have to clear the road beforehand). It would be a breach of contract and the guild would be wary of, or may even refuse, accepting requests from that requestor again.

          I may have interpreted it wrong, but what red oath were saying to the three elves sounded like a warning, a set of possible consequences to their actions, rather than a genuine accusation. Also, whether those three elves like it or not, they are ambassadors of their race purely by virtue of being some of the few members outside their home ‘country’. If they aren’t responsible enough to carry that burden, then they should stay inside the village or have a more mature elf accompany them. Red oath have every right to be angry at the elves (and shouldn’t be apologising, IMHO).


  4. No, even if Red Oath may have overreacted, the elfs still are the ones that acted extremely suspicious and they did fool them to meet these guys, even if for not a reason as bad as they supposed. I don’t see at all why they should apologize. If I knock someone down because he was running through me with a knife, I don’t have to apologize because actually he really wanted to give this knife to his friend behind me.


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