Mile Novel Chapter 441: Elf Village 7

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Mile Novel Chapter 441: Elf Village 7

After the instructions of the elders, free time began.

After this, it seems that various events are prepared, but most of the participants are already familiar with each other.

This face-to-face meeting (matchmaking) is held on a regular basis, and there are many people in the same village as well as those in the neighboring village.

Even if an elf is considered “young”, they have lived here for decades, they may have some chances to get acquainted with other villagers. There
are festivals, joint hunting competitions, various exchanges for assistance in times of poor harvest, and events to help children get along for the future…

It might be the Elders’ aim to create an atmosphere that “youngsters will know and are close to each other” so that they can easily chat while drinking or eating.

And then, after drinking a little, they will hold some events to further boost it and to create a chance for people to meet each other for the first time.

This kind of thing is quite advanced for such an era in this world.
Was it because they are troubled by the declining birthrate so they thought about various things?

「As expected of the Elves, maybe due to their knowledge of age, so they think about it…」(Mile)

「Do you mean they aren’t old in vain…」(Pauline)

Mile and Pauline made some criticisms, but others didn’t hear it, so there’s no problem.

「Kuu-chan, it’s been a long time! Since the last “face to face” meeting?」(Elf boy)

「Uoo, Ikemen ~Kita~a (appeared)」(Mile)

The three elf girls stood next to Red Oath, then a boy in his late teens… Perhaps, his actual age is several dozens of years old… came and talked to Kulereia.

And Mile reflexively shouted so.

Yes, the elves are a collection of beautiful men and women (Bishounen Bishoujo).

The elder-looking Elves Red Oath met so far were also good looking, but since they were middle-aged and elder people from the viewpoint of Mile, they had no impact even if they were beautiful.
For some reason, all four of Red Oath prefer the middle-aged man to be strong rather than beautiful.

No, it’s just that their ideal male figure is their father because none of them have dated a man of the same age before…

And the young elf who just arrived… well, he might be a middle-aged man by the human’s standard of age but he is the type “that need protection”.
Therefore, unless Red Oath wanted to show off, this young elf didn’t have the value as a “male they want to date”.

「Ge~… Liberk (rīberuku)…」(Kulereia)

And Kulereia’s face distorted like seeing something she hates.

Yes. Kulereia has a heavy father complex. It’s not mildly like Red Oath, who still knows a limit. Her father is her ideal so she doesn’t like this kind of elf boy no matter how attractive he is.

「Why don’t you just stop living in a human town and come back to the village…」(Elf boy)

While saying so, Liberk poses, smiles with white teeth shining brightly.

「Village is boring, NO (ya~da)」(Kulereia)

But Kulereia (Kuu-chan) refused.


Apparently, Liberk seems to be confident in his current technique and is stunned.

「Kulereia hates him because he kept bothering her for a long time…」(Shararil)

Shararil whispers to the Red Oath.

「「「「Ah~…」」」」(Red Oath)

It was too easy to understand.

Elves have many beautiful shapes, so “beauty” is not a weapon.

And like Liberk, there are many slim and tall elves. Only some elderly Elves have a solid body from training.
As an extremely Father Complex, Kulereia can’t be attracted to some boys…

「Reia, aren’t you coming back yet?」(Elf Boy 2)

「Kulereia, aren’t you getting tired of human cities?」(Elf Boy 3)

And boys came one after another.

「OOOh, Dr. Kulereia is popular」(Mile)

Mile screams as she saw the Flat-chest (胸が皆無) child-like Dr. Kulereia’s popular.

「…Idiots, because of those traits that she is popular with the Elves…」()

However, Rena, who seems to understand the situation, dumbed cold water over Mile’s excitement.

Then, Etoul explained in detail by a whisper.

Yes, most elves are flat-chest, so that’s not a negative factor.

And, as an elf, they grow relatively fast in their early childhood, they will have the looks of teenage, 12-16 years old for several decades.
After that, their appearance will grow to late-teens (17 to 18 years old) to middle-age (around 40 years old) for several centuries.
Therefore, there are not many chances to associate with an Elf girl with a child’s appearance like Kulereia, who has just reached the marriage age.

This is because the similar Elf girls usually accompany their first marriage partner for more than 50 years, and by the time they can remarry, they will look like humans aged 17-18 years.
And there are many people who have their first marriage late and their appearance is already matured.
Like Etoul and Shalaril…

So, in order to marry a Legal Loli like Kulereia, the Elf Boys must marry the Elf Girls who just coming of age for the first time.


Mile, after hearing the explanation from Etoul, scratched her theory about the Elves being Sis-con and Father-con.

Because Rena is Father-con, Maevis is suffering from her Esteemed Brothers’ Sis-con, Pauline is also somewhat a brother-con so Mile thinks Rena’ trio as abnormal but is still acceptable. However, Mile thinks everyone will hate Loli-con for sure.

…But Mile didn’t realize at all that Rena’s Trio thinks of Mile as Lolicon. She thinks herself as a child-lover.

Then, Kulereia grabbed Mile’s arm and pulled her out in front of the Elf Boys.

「Allow me to introduce.
The hunter children who take care of us in the human city.
They are all pure-blood humans but they are really amazing!」(Kulereia)

((((Ah, it’s our turn here…)))) (Red Oath)

Apparently, it’s time for Red Oath to come into play.

And without breaking any rule of hunters’ private information, Kulereia’s group funnily explains the success of the Red Oath and various things they have been doing in the human world.

「And, even though they have already lived about one-fourth of their average life expectancy of human beings, other human children of the same age including they still aren’t married nor have no shadow of a man!
But neither they themselves nor the people around them seemed to care at all!!」(Kulereia)

((((Annoyed!! Urusai~wa!!)))) (Red Oath)

Red Oath knew that the Elf Girls would bring it to such a story, but it was unpleasant to say that in front of a large number of men.

「「「「「「Eh…」」」」」」(Elf Boys)

Before we knew it, the participants and the caretakers gathered around the enthusiastic Kulereia’s group.

「I see. Because she’s a human, she’s still unmarried…」(Elf Boy)

「Moreover, while she is an infant in our sense but for a human, she is actually teenage,
It’s a legal marriageable age with human’s law…」(Elf Boy)

「And, without switching to another man, she will dedicate her whole life to one man, leaving only the memory of that man in her heart…」(Elf Boy)

「For us, devoting 40 to 50 years of life to a woman is a normal thing…」(Elf Boy)

「And, from her young age to maturity and to the end, she will devote everything of a woman’s life for us…」(Elf Boy)

「Moreover, elves seem to be favored in the human city, so it seems that they can live a comfortable and enjoyable life…」(Elf Boy)

「It’s okay to leave the village for a life experience for a few hundred years while youth…」(Elf Boy)

((((((This is bad)))))) (Elves Elders)

The Elf elders and the elderly women have turned pale, but it’s too late.

The Elf boys are coming closer to Red Oath, other Elf girls are looking at them with a cold look. But both boys and girls have one thing in common, they are interested in Red Oath’s story.

Yes, for young girls, rather than staying at the village for the rest of their life, it might be better to live for a while in the gorgeous and civilized human cities.

Of course, the same goes for the boys. They are excited with the thought “It might be a good idea to marry a human girl…”

The face to face meeting this time seems to face a difficult road ahead.

FUNA sensei’s Note:

Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter], one month later, Held at Makuhari Messe on Sunday, February 9th!

This time again, Komi no Kobo will participate with our “3 small girls” + α.

Mile, Mitsuha, Kaoru, 10 Figures each

… What is “+α”?

Yes, It’s a reference exhibition only for sample display for Fia of “The reincarnated Great Saintess is concealing that she is a Saintess”!  (^^)/

In addition, many special effects mechanics!

Please drop in when you go to Wonder Festival.  (^^)/

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