Mile Novel Chapter 442: Elf Village 8

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Mile Novel Chapter 442: Elf Village 8


After the matchmaking, the Elders came as attendants from each village…
Actually, it should have been only the participants, their purpose is to check the situation and to receive food, drink after the event…

But now they were holding their head…

They have heard the situation of the matchmaking.

Yes, most of the participants are really excited now:
“We don’t need to have the first marriage so soon”,
“When we are still young, it may be good to leave the village and live in a human town to gain various experiences”,
“It might be good to get married to a human once”

The matchmaking for first marriage has been held, the young girls have also returned to the village for this event.
If things go according to the plan, the elves might increase their population and fix the declining birthrate.

However, the plan has backfired.

Even the girls, who have never left the village before, have a strong interest in human cities.

The men are more serious, they are interested in humans themselves and even plan to marry human girls.

It was a fatal mistake.

In the end, their number is still decreasing.
When most of them go to live in human cities, the mixed-blood Elves will increase and the number of pure blood Elves will decrease,
… Elves will disappear in a few generations.
Their lineage, their culture.

The elf lineage and history that their ancestors continued to protect since forever.

「WHY? Where did I go wrong?」(Elder)

「It’s because you try to do something boring…」(Mile)


When the elder was surprised and looked back, Red Oath stood there.

And Mile continued.

「Dr. Kulereia didn’t plan to talk about human cities or invite others. And when they were satisfied, they would go back to the village sooner or later…
…Yeah, Even though they are still young, are children in your eyes, but they wanted to live in a human town.
To get them back to the village quickly, you thought of various conditions and give preaching persistently,
They had to do extra things for explanations, persuasion, excuses, and quota earning,
And the result is this.
Instead of calling back those who left the village, the girls who stayed in the village, are now interested in leaving because they realize the fun and justification they can have.
The boys, who weren’t so interested in human cities before, start to consider leaving the village…
And do you get it now? It’s not strange that young people want that, it’s a natural thing.
This is the end for a small group living away from civilization and closed society like this…

「Shut up!! What a toddler like you think you know?」(Elder)

「「「「Eh…」」」」(Red Oath)

Red Oath was astonished when the Elder yelled at them.

Yes, because the elder didn’t seem to be a man who would be agitated and furious when he received the theories of honor from young people.

More like, he is kind and thoughtful and he can forgive some rants from some young human. That’s why Mile made a great statement to explain out the story.

However, Mile’s group was confused by the unexpected reaction of the Elder.

「Because we only have a small number of people, so we must protect it as a closed society!
If you promote positive interaction with human towns, all the young people will leave the village.
And some will come back when they get older, some will not.
Those who return will bring back their human wives, husbands, and half-children, and will also bring back the human’s minds and culture.
…In that case, our pure-blooded Elf, our culture, and customs that have been passed down from our Ancestors will disappear and be lost in no time.
And once lost, it can never be restored…

「Actually, I don’t think it’s bad to lose it…
Good things will remain, they are just conventions, the rest can be abolished. Isn’t that alright?
Even if it becomes a mixed race, it doesn’t mean your race will be destroyed.
You can think about taking in new blood, becoming a new race, and prosper?
Rather than prolonging the life of a small, closed society, let’s grow together with the humans.
Well, each person has different ideas, but the Elders force their ideas to the younger generation, it’s like binding the youth’s life and refuse them to do what they want…

「No good! That’s no good!
Even if we think it’s good, it’s not allowed. The Maker created the pure superior races Elves, Dwarves, Beastkins, Fairies, Ancient dragons, and Devils…, that’s the Ancient High-people’ will and thoughts…」(Elder)

「「「「Eh」」」」(Red Oath)

(T.N: hint, there are only 6 races here, there must be 1 more race that FUNA has not mentioned yet)

*Opps*, the Elder realized and stopped talking…

The attendants from other villages are just as confused as the Red Oath.

…Does this mean that the story is only known to Elder and top brass…?

「…Ancient High-human?
By the way, I’ve heard of power words such as “Seven Sages”,
“7 in 1 plan”,
and “Super Soldier plan (EN)”…」(Mile)

「YOU(*)! How far did you know?」(Elder)

(T.N: you in a rude way, 貴様, Kisama)

The Elder’s expression changed, he approached Mile.

However, Mile was thinking by herself and ignored the Elder.

「Why are you talking about “God’s created superior races” but doesn’t contain humans?
Beastkins and Devils aside, why are fairies and Ancient Dragon included?
I don’t think you have omitted such things as simply forgetting to add “humans” while saying such an important thing.
Perhaps it’s a phrase that you used to say many times…
That means…
In the first place, do you call the gods as “High-people”?
God is supreme, “Great or High” is below that.
It’s a word that’s used in a way like “humans with great achievements”

While Mile was saying so, the Elder raised his cane, planned to hit Mile. The attendants rushed to hold him down.

Even if he is the Elder, he can’t just hit a guest without any reason.
Moreover, from their sense, Red Oath is equal to their infants, they can’t overlook it.

It’s no wonder. It will be a scandal that can cause serious problems with humans if they do it poorly.

「…My bad. I understand so let go of me.」(Elder)

Apparently, he was just agitated temporarily.
The seized Elder immediately regained his calmness. Perhaps the attendants thought it was okay, they released him.
…However, just in case, they take a position that can hold him again at any time.

「Where did you hear that…」(Elder)

He was calm, but it was something that had to be confirmed.
Yes, Mile as well, she decided to answer sincerely rather than her average answer “The secret of my family”.

「The resource-saving autonomous defense system, management system auxiliary device, a third backup system…」(Mile)

「…Who is that…」(Elder)

Yes, even if they heard it, no-one could understand other than Mile…

「Someone who knows the remnants of the knowledge of prehistoric civilization」(Mile)


Yes, People in this world couldn’t understand that a computer is an artificial intelligence
Therefore, Mile can only explain it as a person who can communicate and he is the person who mentioned those words: Elf, Dwarf, Beastkin, Fairy, Ancient Dragon, Devil, etc. before…
But Mile didn’t like to lie unnecessarily to such an important thing, so she answered in a way that people could understand without becoming a lie.

「And that person is…」(Elder)

「For the same reason you didn’t tell us the content of the legend, I can’t tell anything」(Mile)

「What… ah, I understand…」(Elder)

Those who have a secret that they must protect know the meaning and responsibility of “keeping a secret” and their weight.
Therefore, unless there’s a real emergency in which they can’t choose, they won’t force others to do so.

Then, the elder told the attendants who were present,
“Keep what you just heard a top-secret.
S-rank confidential information with Elder authority”,
And ended with instruction.

Through those instructions, the Elves turned pale.

Mile later asked Kulereia “How big is the Elf’s S-rank confidential information?”

She asked back “Why do you know that?!” after being surprised.

Well, it’s not a secret, so she didn’t mind telling Mile.

According to her explanation,
“If you leak it, you will be executed and your family will be expelled from the village.”
It seemed to correspond to when an Elf leaks the elven secret magic to another race.

As might be expected, in an Elf society with a small population, when it comes to “Expel a family and kill a person”, the village will soon collapse, so it can’t be done so often.
It seems to be used only for a person with a deadly sin…

FUNA sensei’s Note:

Today is the four years anniversary since the serialization of “I said make my ability average!”.

And 8 days 4 years ago, Earth Star Novel offers a book…

Three weeks ago, the TV broadcast of the anime ended, it really feels like a paragraph…

I’m sad that the festival is over,
Let’s do our best and pray for the next “festival”!  (^^)/

And this Thursday, 16th, My favorite work, “I was a man before reincarnation, so I refuse the reverse harem. (転生前は男だったので逆ハーレムはお断りしております)” is on sale.  (^^)/

I’ve been introducing it as a “favorite” before launch,

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Something like that.

Umu, it’s a good hit rate.  (^^ゞ

The distribution inventory was almost exhausted more than expected, and I couldn’t find it at the bookstore at all, the spin-off novel of “Noukin”, the reprint of “Lily no Kiseki” was finally shipped, and now it is lined up in bookstores around the world. It’s about the beginning.
It was late because it was over the New Year holidays…

Sorry to keep you waiting. And thank you!  (^^)/

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  1. And aparently the cat (not you shironeko) got out of the bag
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    Aka, an average high human.

    And more than likely if the races were to mix, eventually high humans would be born again. Which will repeat the history that tuined this world.

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