Mile Novel Chapter 445: Elf Village 11

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Mile Novel Chapter 445: Elf Village 11

「No, even if you called it “Operation Elf Village”
This is an elf village. Why would an elf village need to be an Elf Village?
I don’t understand the meaning …」(Elder)

Elders didn’t know the concept of Ninja Village, he couldn’t understand the word “Ninja Village” before that, so he ignored that part and asked for the latter.
So Mile explained the details.

「The Elf village will be transformed into a tourist destination!
And humans will come as tourists. Then, we entertain our customers and offer food, alcohol, accommodation, souvenirs, etc. at high prices to get the money used by humans.
With that money, we buy various things from the city of humans.


The voices of the Elder and the village mayor were overlapped.

「Elven youths can be satisfied with their interest in humans by dealing with tourists
And by purchasing various things from the human city with the money they earned here, they can enjoy a glimpse of human life without leaving the elf village.
In addition, tourists who come from afar will return in just a few days, so even if they enjoy a short “romance on the road”, it’s unlikely that they will have a full-fledged relationship.
In this world where there is no telephone or internet, long-distance relationships are difficult…

There were some words they don’t understand, but missing those words don’t stop them from understanding what Mile was trying to say.

「However, in the case, the village will be swayed by tourists and our calm life to preserve tradition will be…」(Elder)

「That’s why we need to create an “Elf Village”!」(Mile)

Miles cut the Elder’s worried words halfway.

「The true Elf Village or a collection of several Elf Villages around it will remain as the Original Elven Village. Which won’t allow strangers with permission from villagers to visit.
And, in a place a little away from here, we will create an “Elf Village as a tourist destination”!
We will make a village where humans could imagine that “Elves are likely to live like this”.
Create a lifestyle like that and play “the ideal Elves that tourists want”.
It’s just a “workplace for making money” and you can act like you want other races to think of Elves as such of people.
…In other words, you can manipulate information freely.
In other words, it is not a real village of Elves, but a fictitious tourist attraction, a spectacle attraction,
We will make up “Elf Village Modoki Pachimon” like an amusement park theme park!


The elder and the village mayor seem to have roughly understood what Mile is trying to say, and some “Sages” members pretended to understand it, though they didn’t understand it well, screamed in admiration.

「In tourist villages, we prefer to hire people who are as slender and have big ears as possible.
Make your hair look prominent and carry a small bow on your back.
At the cafeteria, the main menu is vegetarian, meat dishes will be pretended to be “reluctantly served for tourists” and are extremely expensive.
If the Elves’ habit was thought to avoid carnivorous foods but they were reluctant to prepare for tourists, no one would complain even if the price was stupid high.

「I see!」(Elder)

「「「「「The wisdom of a human loli (小娘) is terrifying!!」」」」」(Elves)

Of course, Mile’s group has camped with Cléreia, Shararil, and Etoul, they know that elves often eat meat.
However, few people have eaten with Elves, and even if anyone sees Elves eating meat, they will say, “Ah, they are forced to live in a human city. So they adapted to the human diet.”

「No, I understand that we will prepare a separate tourist village because we don’t want to stir the village.
However, shouldn’t we just live a normal elf life there as well?
Why should we make such a fictional elf statue?」(Elf)

A question that no one asked, even though they were wondering, it was finally asked from an elf.
And Mile is grinning when she hears it.

「You have done well noticing it!
In fact, human beings are a race that “wants to see what they want to see”!」(Mile)

「No, isn’t that normal…」(Elf)

Mile shook her right hand with her index finger to the elf who rebuked.

「No, it’s not.
Certainly, humans say, “I want to see the life of the mysterious Elf!”
They might come to sightseeing, but what if what you see a macho old man who eats lumpy meat and hunts with a sword and a spear?
That’s right, it’s a big deal!
After all, human beings seem to want to see what they are like.
In fact, they just want to see what they are expecting.
So they come to see the Elf village, they don’t want to see the Elf village is living just like a human village, they don’t want to see a rugged Elf eating lumpy meat.
Tourists who are shown such things will not want to talk about Elf Village after returning to their city, and they will never come to Elf village again.
…Yes, they expected to see something nice,
So, all you have to do is showing “Any Elf-like Things”!
That way, they will talk to other people and come back as a repeater.
A little bit, if you could give them a little smile from the beautiful elf girls (aged hundreds of years old)…
Oh yeah, let’s do “Elven Tradition Events” on a regular basis!
Festivals, competitions dedicated to the spirits of the forest…

Miles said it like associating with dedication sumo or something.
Being an elf, she’s probably thinking of a votive archery match.

Then, hearing Mile’s explanations, the Elves were dumbfounded and Pauline nodded *Yup Yup*.

「It might be a good idea to divide the tourist village into two, “Young Elf Street” for children and families, and “Adult Elf Street” for adult men…(Mile)

「That’s what in your Japanese Fukashi story,
It’s the name taken from the “Elf Guy Series”, a story of a half-elf that transforms into an immortal elf on a full moon night, right?」(Rena)

「「「「「「What’s with that~ttttttttt?!」」」」」」(Elves)

The elves screamed at Mile and Rena’s conversation, which was beyond their understanding and seemed somewhat disturbing …

Then, Mile explained exactly what the spectacles (attractions) and amusement parks (theme parks) were based on “Ninja Village”.
And the Elf leaders, who didn’t know such things at all, had no choice but swallowed the explanation of Mile.

(((I don’t know it anymore!))) (Rena’s Trio)

And no matter what the Elf village is, they have nothing to do with it and have no responsibility.
With that in mind, Rena’s trio silently looked away …

* * *

「Eeh, Only humans can marry an elf and have children?」(Mile)

After blowing/teaching/giving various appropriate ideas
As a thank-you gift, Mile asked the elder, “Tell me the elf’s legends and old tales that you can talk about”
The Elder accepted it talked about various things while enjoying the fine sake and snacks provided by Mile.

「That’s right.
Not only Elves, but dwarves, beastkins, devils, etc. can all have children with humans. But they can’t all have children with races other than humans.
And even if human blood is mixed in, if the marriage between the near family is repeated, the human blood will almost disappear and it will return to an almost pure-blooded Elf.
So, even if there were very rare people who married humans, there was no such thing as an opposition.
I don’t know why this is happening…
Beastkins can also have children if they are of the same family like dog beastkins and wolf beastkins, but they can’t have children between races that are farther apart.

Mile muttered after hearing that explanation.

「…Certainly, or else, an (Unagi) Eel Beastkin married an (Inu) Dog Beastkin will give birth to an “(Unagi-Inu) Eel-Dog Beastkin”.」(Mile)

「There’s no such “Eel Beastkin”!
In the first place, Eels aren’t beasts!!」(Rena)

And of course, Rena tsukkomi right away.

「So, the remaining two races, the Ancient Dragon and the Fairy can also have children with humans…」

「It’s impossible!
Absolutely, no matter how you think about it, it’s impossible, physically!!」

Maevis desperately shouted at Mile’s comment, imagining such a scene was too reckless …

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