Arge Novel Chapter 213: Curse Wind (呪い風)

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Arge Novel Chapter 213: Curse Wind (呪い風)

「Fuwa~a…」(Arge’s yawn)

I’m not a member of the rebellion… but it’s been a while since I became their collaborator.

Thanks to all the things I’m doing, everyone in the rebellion remembered me.
When I walk, I get a greeting, and especially the people, that I saved, are exaggeratedly treating me every time.

「Oh, ain’t that Tenshi-sama? Have you finished your work yet?」(Someone)

「I don’t really like that name though…」(Arge)

It’s not bad but I’m somewhat reluctant because it can be used for teasing.
When I complained, the other person laughed and gave me a cookie.

I still have a stock of Satsuki-san’s cakes, but sweets are still valuable.
Aoba-san can make flour and nectar, etc., but it’s difficult to make or obtain butter.

「… Hmm, it can’t be helped. I will forgive you」(Arge)

「Surprisingly easy…!」(Someone)

「It’s not easy, because it’s for eating with my friend.
Also, please stop calling me Tenshi.」(Arge)

After nailing that down, I started walking with the cookie I got.
It’s not a lot, but let’s eat it with Kuzuha-chan.

「…Somehow, compared to the old days, I like this kind of thing」(Arge)

To be honest, when I was in the Kuon family, I felt that it would be fine if I can eat tasty things to some extent.

The only thing I like is a mysterious drink that has a strangely chemical taste, but I liked it because it tasted interesting, not because it was sweet.
I feel like I’ve become a girl, or my eyes have preferred something sweeter than before.
Let’s eat Satsuki-san’s cake thoughtfully.

「I’m sure Kuzuha-chan said that she will help carry luggage today.」(Arge)

Her Alter Ego will consume magical power and it’s labor work, so she will get tired.
She might be done now, so let’s have a snack and take a nap together.

If I walk around the base leisurely, I will be able to call out again and again.
I don’t hate it but it’s a little uncomfortable to be called that way.

I try to hide from people as much as possible and pass through the gaps in the warehouse.



As I approached the corner, I just bumped into someone.

「Ita~ta (it hurts)…」(Chrome)

「Uhm, I’m sorry. Are you okay… Ah, Chrome-chan」(Arge)


I bumped into someone I knew.
Chrome-chan, someone I have found before.

Apparently she has an illegal mercenary family business and she seems to be in the rebel army for various reasons.

I haven’t heard what those various reasons are.
Ginka didn’t talk much about it.
Even if I talk to Chrome-chan, she always runs away.

「Ah… that…」(Chrome)

「Eh? Ah…」(Arge)

Chrome-chan pointed to the bag I had.

When I opened the bad to look inside, the cookies I received were crushed.
It probably crushed when I bumped into her.

「Ah …please don’t worry. Because I was careless.」(Arge)


「Did you get hurt, Chrome-chan?
It sounded rather loud, we didn’t cushion each other because we all have small breasts.」(Arge)

「Did you try to make me hate you more?」(Chrome)

No, because we both have small breasts.
When we bump into each other, it’s not “elastic and soft” but it’s hard.
Because of our flat-chests, it’s unavoidable that our damage is great.

But I think it’s unreasonable to demand someone as big as Satsuki-san.

「…Are those sweets?」(Chrome)

「This is the cookies I got earlier.
I was thinking of eating with my friends later …
… Well, you can eat it even if it breaks」(Arge)

A little powder spills, which is still acceptable.

「Well then, Chrome-chan. Good luck with your work.」(Arge)

I’m not in a fight with Chrome-chan, but I had a bit of a quarrel before.
As the one that hurt her pride, she might hate me.

In fact, when I met her again, she had an atmosphere like she would pull her weapon out at any time. And now, when I don’t talk to her but just passing by, she still glares at me occasionally.

It seems that she implicitly told me not to approach, so I also avoided getting involved with her.

There’s no reason to get involved if the other person hates you, so let’s go straight away.

「Hey, wait!」(Chrome)

「…Something wrong?」(Arge)

I was surprised because I didn’t expect to be detained.
Perhaps my eyes are wide-opened now.

Grabbing my wrist, Chrome keeps me from leaving.
Meanwhile, she doesn’t look directly at me, I wonder what she wants with me.

「Uhm… what is it?」(Arge)

「…over here.」(Chrome)


「It’s fine already! Just come over here with me.」(Chrome)


Chrome-chan rushed me too much that I almost fell.
Or more like, I was pulled.

For some reason, Chrome-chan is trying to take me somewhere. She turns her back at me, the back of her neck and ears are bright red, I wonder if she feels uncomfortable somewhere.

「Uhm, Chrome-chan. Do you have a fever…」(Arge)

「I’M NOT (Nai~yo)!
It’s fine already, just follow as I said! Or I’ll kill you!」(Chrome)

「Uhm, I don’t want to be killed, so I obediently follow」(Arge)

She might not be able to kill me upfront but if she really wanted to kill me, she could do it when I went to sleep and I wouldn’t be able to resist. So I nodded obediently.

So far, the fact that she hasn’t done it yet means even if she hates me, but she doesn’t plan to kill me.
Or maybe it’s because of the rebels, I’m convinced with this reason.

I don’t want to be hated anymore, so let’s follow her without saying anything.

「We are going here」(Chrome)


She brought me to the kitchen, the place to prepare meals for the rebels.

It’s past noon right now and it seems the kitchen has been cleaned up after lunch. There was no one in the kitchen.

「Honestly… just wait for a moment」(Chrome)

With a moody brow, Chrome wears an apron.

No matter how I look at her, she is planning to cook.
Chrome-chan quickly begins to prepare ingredients and cooking utensils.

「Chrome-chan … Can you make sweets?」(Arge)

「…you have a problem?
It’s impossible to make something like a cake, but I can make cookies.」(Chrome)

「I don’t have any problem… Rather I’m surprised……You don’t seem like being able to cook……」(Arge)

「Are you trying to pick a fight with me?」(Chrome)

No, it’s just as I see it.

When I meet her, she proudly talks about herself with a doya (smug) face.
It’s unthinkable when she wears a daily outfit like an apron.

「Geez! Honestly! You are really…」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan is angry, but she skillfully makes cookie dough.

The flour seems to fly around, but her hands move skillfully. She may be surprisingly homely.

「… Good. After this, let the dough lie down and then cut it out.」(Chrome)

When she puts the finished dough on, Chrome-chan quickly puts away the cooking utensils that she no longer needs.

I didn’t help because her atmosphere was scary, so I just watched it.

「Fu~uuu … a little break」(Chrome)

「Thank you for your hard work, Chrome-chan」(Arge)

「…… As expected, broken cookies wouldn’t taste good to eat with friends. I didn’t know it back then…」(Chrome)

「You are surprisingly serious ……」(Arge)

「From a while ago till now, did you try to pick a fight with me?」(Chrome)

「No, I don’t.
I didn’t understand you before as well」(Arge)

「…Of course. We tried to kill each other」(Chrome)

For me, I just stopped the hassle, but for Chrome, that was a serious fight.

「…Is it difficult to talk to someone who you have tried to kill before?」(Arge)

「Actually. It’s not unusual for mercenary business」(Chrome)

「Uhm … then, were you purely angry when we met before?」(Arge)

「Well, that kind of thing… Isn’t that obvious」(Chrome)

For some reason, she raises her voice, but I don’t think she is angry.

Chrome-chan’s face became bright red and she stared at me as if she was about to step on the ground.

「Curse-wind Chrome, I might get that name in this road!
To think  I would lose…
It was a humiliation to lose so quickly!!」(Chrome)

「Uhm… I’m sorry」(Arge)

「Don’t apologize!
You will make me more miserable!!」(Chrome)

I wonder if Chrome is angry and tired all the time.
When I pointed out, she became angrier, so I decided to keep silent.

「… I’m an orphan」(Chrome)

「Is that so?」(Arge)

「Ahh. It’s not unusual in this world, though …」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan begins to talk as if her anger has subsided, she seems to have calmed down a little.
If I’m getting sleepy (yawn) now, she will be really angry, so let’s listen honestly.

「Orphans have no choice but to sell their bodies, rob from someone, or have your things taken away…
That’s why I chose to take it away.」(Chrome)

「That’s for mercenary business?」(Arge)

「… That’s right. But, as you can see, my body was small, and I couldn’t compete with other women, let alone a man.」(Chrome)

「…I see. That’s why you chose speed」(Arge)

For her petite body, it must have been the path she chose to succeed.

「That’s right. That’s why I couldn’t forgive you for overthrowing me.」(Chrome)

「That is…」(Arge)

「Don’t apologize. You will make me more miserable!」 (Chrome)
But now it’s a little different.」

「Yes, why is that?」(Arge)

When I asked her, Chrome-chan looked at me with a surprisingly refreshing look.

The brilliance in her amber eyes isn’t the ferocious color that I once met, but it looks like having fun.

「You’ve seen it too.
The power of “Obsidian”.
If she gets that strong, I can’t catch up to her just by speed.」(Chrome)

「…Indeed, that was amazing.
Not just her armor, Ginka’s skill in handling it is also great.」

「Something like that.
I followed you to the Empire and met Ginka …
Speed is still important to me, but I stopped sticking to it.」(Chrome)

There is no lie in her refreshing words.
Chrome-chan followed me to the empire.
Deceived by Oswald-kun, the guardian of the forest.

Like I’ve learned a lot on that long trip, Chrome-chan must have been through various things in the empire, too.
What she just told me is one of them.

「Well, I still have a grudge against you, you know?
That’s why when I met you, I kind of react like that.」(Chrome)

「Uhm … I’m sorry …」(Arge)

「As I said, stop apologizing.
Rather than that, what happened here?」(Chrome)

「For my life, perhaps?」(Arge)

「I’m free until the dough settles down, you can talk if you want.
Before I knew it, your comrades increased,
You are taking that Odd-eyed (Heterochromia) Knight.
Did you make an interesting trip together?」(Chrome)

「Well, that’s right …
For now, it was a lie that I went to the empire, I was actually in the republic」(Arge)

「… Actually, I’ve noticed that I was deceived for a while.」(Chrome)

In other words, she believed it until a while ago.

I have learned one new side of her.
I thought this was a little fun time, including her surprisingly homely skills.

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    • [「Did you get hurt, Chrome-chan?
It sounded rather loud, we didn’t cushion each other because we all have small breasts.」(Arge)

      「Did you try to make me hate you more?」(Chrome)]

      No, it’s a status symbol!
      Lolis with small chests are perfect as they are!!!

      I thought Chrome-chan was just dead weight as a recurring supporting character, but surprisingly, she’s actually useful.

      [I’m not in a fight with Krom-chan, but I had a bit of a quarrel before.]
      * Krom-chan —> Chrome-chan

      [And now, when when I don’t talk to her but just passing by, she still glares at me occasionally.]
      * when when —> when

      [Meanwhile, she doesn’t look directly at me, I wonder what she wants with me]
      * me —> me.

      [The flour seems to fly around, but she hands move skillfully.]
      * she —> her

      [「…Of course. We killed each other」(Chrome)]
      * killed —> tried to kill

      [To think I lose…]
      * I lose —> I would lose

      [「Orphans have no choice but to sell their bodies, rob from someone, or take them in …
That’s why I chose to take it away.」(Chrome)]
      * or take —> or have someone take
      * Take what away?

      [I followed you to the Empire and meet Ginka …]
      * meet —> met


  1. I love Arge, she is quite the entertaining character

    “If I don’t sleep for 30 hours a day, I don’t really have any momentum”


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