Mile Novel Chapter 447: Enemies 1

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Mile Novel Chapter 447: Enemies 1

T.N: So, Guess who are the enemies this time?

1, Some foolish bandits?

2, Some foolish monsters?

3, Some demi-humans?

4, Some foolish soldiers?

5, …others?

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「Red Oath, the Guild Master wants to meet you」(Receptionist)

「「「「Ah…」」」」(Red Oath)

Planning to make some big money, Red Oath dived into an abandoned mine to exterminate monsters. And after they returned to the Guild branch, the receptionist told the girls that and Mile’s group looked tired.

From the past’s pattern, he might force difficult tasks again. It’s not strange for Mile’s group to look like that.

By the way, the reason why the girls dived into the abandoned mine this time wasn’t because of a request but based on Pauline’s proposal
“Can we just use Mile-chan’s exploration magic to easily find the ore left behind?”

… And there was no overlooked sight from professional miners, there was no high-purity ore left in a place that could be easily dug out …

「Well, it can’t be helped.
Even if we aren’t guild staff, we hunters are also members of the guild organization, so we have to listen to the top brass…」(Maevis)

Maevis says it like an honor student.

「Well, of course, we will refuse if he plays dirty again!」(Rena)

To the last, Rena is self-centered.

「It all depends on the reward ……」(Pauline)

And with Pauline focuses on money …

「Everyone, why did you decide that it would be a special request.
There’s a possibility that it would be a complaint and a sermon like the last time …」(Mile)

「「「Uu…」」」(Rena’s Trio)

As Mile pointed it out, Rena’s Trio was taken aback

「Well, we don’t know unless we go.
Let’s go, everyone!」(Mile)

「「「Oooh」」」(Rena’s Trio)

「…So you come.
Actually, I have something to ask」(Guild Master)

Red Oath looks relieved after the guild master says.
Apparently, they had an idea of what the Guild Master could preach them and they were worried.

And, although Red Oath usually hated calling requests, they seemed to be relieved for some reason today,
Guild Master took the chance and kept talking even though he was wondering about it as well.

「Rumors have been circulating for some time that the kingdom of Obram seems to be strange.
Therefore…」(Guild Master)

「Again? Is it an escort request for a camouflaged caravan?」(Mile)

Obviously, after hearing that Mile asked …

「No, this time isn’t that stage …
Or rather, it’s not the situation.
So, as an ordinary “hunter’s training trip”, I want you to act freely by yourself.」(Guild Master)

「「「「…………」」」」(Red Oath)

Again, it’s a story that smells like humor.
The source is “rumors”.

And the country has its own intelligence department, spies, and grass (locally settled intelligence agents).
But why bother to ask private hunters who are amateurs in that direction?

Of course, this request cannot come from the guild.
Of course, it can only be considered a request from the government, to be exact, a request from the military or the royal palace.

「… Before listening to the detailed explanation, let us talk for a moment.」(Maevis)

If the girls listen to the detailed explanation, it’s often troublesome to refuse later.
So at this stage, it’s not strange to have a consultation
“Should we decline immediately without listening any more, or listen a little more?”
Just because they heard the story doesn’t mean they can’t refuse …

And with the consent of the guild master, Red Oath consults in a separate room.

「What do you think?」(Maevis)

「「「It smells fishy!」」」(Mile’s Trio)

Mile, Rena, and Pauline answer Maevis’ questions in unison.

「Of course, I think so too.
But Guild Master won’t deceive us and there are many advantages to this story.
First of all, we work on a commissioned mission but what we need to do is “pretending to be on a training trip”, we can travel normally and receive requests locally.
In other words …

「We can earn double money!」(Pauline)

Pauline bites. (Hook, line, sinker)

Of course, we can get the request fee during the action period, and it’s different from the money we earned from the local request.
…In other words, as Paulin said, earning is doubled.
And, of course, because it’s a training journey, it’s only natural that our knowledge and experience will improve.
Furthermore, because it is an expedition requested by our guild, which is also a request from “that source”,
During this time, the “years of activity in our country” is still counting.
In other words, even during overseas trips, the domestic activity obligation period to repay learning in the hunter training school for free will not stop.
Well, we’re not going to move to another country, and there’s no reason or benefit in doing so, so that’s not a big deal…

While saying that, Maevis glances at Mile.

Yes, it may only be relevant to Mile, the only one with another nation’s titles and territories.

Rena and Pauline noticed Maevis’ gaze, but the mile didn’t seem to notice at all.

「In addition, it’s probably a request from the “top brass”,
We can expect to be rewarded with a lot of achievement points.
And if we refuse, the guild will be in trouble from the standpoint of “top brass”.
If we receive it obediently, we will do them a favor and it may be useful in various ways in the future.」(Maevis)

「… It’s delicious」(Rena)

「It’s too delicious …」(Pauline)

Mile and Maevis nod with Rena and Pauline.

「Why do you think this request came to us?」(Mile)

Maevis answered Mile’s question.

「Of course, it’s the same reason that we got the request in the case for the Empire last time.
Because we are a party with only young girls, the probability of being suspected as spies is extremely low.
Although we look like a newbie party, we are actually quite strong and have a high probability of survival.
…and probably the fake merchants from the last request recommend us…」(Maevis)

「「「Ah, certainly…」」」(Mile’s Trio)

Everyone seemed to think so.

「So maybe this time, it’s not Guild Master who chose us but a nomination request from our country.
…Well, even the Guild Master was the one to make the decision, I think he would still choose us.
As for the details of this request, the content may be playful.
Of course, if the content doesn’t suit us, we will decline.
We, Red Oath, will never accept requests with shameful content.
Anyway, let’s hear the details. And this time …

「「「「We will be determined, we won’t allow anyone leads us by the nose 」」」」(Red Oath)


「For the time being, we decided to listen for details.」(Maevis)

「I see, I was saved!」(Guild master)

The Guildmaster knew Red Oath’s policy, was relieved to hear Maevis’ words, although he expected it to happen.

「Of course, you can still decline after hearing the details.
…But I’d like you to accept it if you can …」(Guild Master)

As expected, it seemed to be a problem for the Guild Master if “Red Oath” refused this request.
However, he couldn’t force the Red Oath, so it may be a difficult position.

「May I ask you one thing before that?」(Mile)

Then Mile asked the Guild Master.

「Ah, what’s that」(Guild Master)

「Where is the Kingdom of Obram?
Is it a country far away?」(Mile)

「「「「…………」」」」(Rena’s Trio + GM)

The silence spread in the room.

「Mile, you…」(Rena)

「Mile, as expected, that is a little…」(Maevis)


And the Guild Master told them in a loud voice.

「It’s a neighboring country of this country!!」(Guild Master)

FUNA sensei’s Note:

The second volume of Blu-ray Disc is on sale today!!

Mile “Everyone, please take care of me in the second phase! (^^) / “

Rena: “Isn’t it the second moon/month 『月』, not the second phase?”

Mile: “Okay. That’s fine!!”

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  4. the enemy is another nanobot from a dimension rift. that keep on trying to attack the nearby villages by summoning strong monsters that will lead the weaker monsters.. its a small robot that can summon etc.. it will be destroyed by flying up high by the nanomachines.. because mile instruct them to do so.. some parts cannot be recovered because it will go to the ocean 🙂 im just guessing.. the country has nothing to do with that it was just the dimensional rift is in the border of their country and the other country


  5. the enemy is another robot from a dimension rift. that keep on trying to attack the nearby villages by summoning strong monsters that will lead the weaker monsters.. its a small robot that can summon etc.. it will be destroyed by the space station. because mile instruct them to do so.. some parts cannot be recovered because it will go to the ocean 🙂 im just guessing.. the country has nothing to do with that it was just the dimensional rift is in the border of their country and the other country..
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