Mile Novel Chapter 451: Enemies 5

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Mile Novel Chapter 451: Enemies 5

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T.N: My Hue city got affected by Nangka Storm, we got flood and power cut for days. I’m bored to hell.

「… So, it’s been four days since we heard from that peddler…」(Mile?)

「There’s no progressing…」(Rena?)

「No way, to think our only clue is the first story we heard when entering this country…」(Pauline?)

「It was the best information so far…」(Maevis?)

Red Oath members looked disappointed and tired while eating at the night camp.

Yes, it has been four days after that, the girls have been gathering information while pretending to be a training trip…
They talked with a traveler in a vacant lot for night use on the highway, the aunty owner and other guests of the restaurant in the town,
inn receptionist, overnight guests, hunter Guild staff, other hunters, etc.

They were able to hear various stories.
There aren’t many people who dislike talking with young and cute girls …

And even if they keep talking to people from their side, it doesn’t look so strange because they change places each time.
Therefore, the investigation went smoothly.
This must be the reason why the clients made a nomination request for Red Oath…
They expected that people will talk to the girls without any doubt… and it went smoothly.

Yes, the only problem is that there was “no useful information” in those stories.

「This is because we can ask about almost anything without being suspected…」(Rena? Mile?)

「Ordinary spies are often old men, they can’t easily get useful information …」(Maevis)

However, Pauline argued against Maevis.

「No, if a handsome spy asks women…」(Pauline)

「Why do you look at me, Pauline…」(Maevis)

Even mild-mannered Maevis can feel unpleasant. Mile and Rena reaffirmed it …

「Anyway, the first story we heard from that peddler, “The hunter’s death and injury rate is high” is generally out of the question.」(Mile?)

「Ah. Guild staff didn’t want to spread the story too much.
But according to what we heard from local hunters when we treated them alcohol at the Tavern, ah, “We went there as a survey job”, they didn’t get accurate statistics.」(Maevis)

「We tried to get them drunk by recommending alcohol to find out the truth, but no one said something like “Orc is stronger than expected”…」(Rena?)

Is the hunter’s pride moving things to the wrong side?

And, Maevis emphasizes the part, “We went there as a survey job”, is she guilty to eat free meals as an expense?
Rena and Mile didn’t mind it as an expense, even though they accompanied the hunters and eating together…

「That’s right!
In the next city, why don’t we check out the Guild Dismantling Site?
No matter how strong those unique monsters are, the hunters must at least defeat a few of those monsters, so if we check the monsters they bring in to sell as materials…」(Mile)

「We can tell at a glance if it’s a unique species.
Alright, let’s do it!」(Rena)

「「「おお!」」」(Other Three)

* * *

「…Average Orc…」(Rena)

「…Average Ogre, …Average Kobold, …Average Orc Horn Rabbit…」(Pauline)

As Rena and Pauline say, they are all familiar and average monsters, none of them seems to be mutants.

「What do you want to check …
Did you understand anything?」(Clerk)

A young guild employee, who agreed with Red Oath’s request to let them see the monsters at the Dismantling Site asked.

「Ah, yes, we couldn’t confirm the occurrence of what we were worried about, but we could be sure that “there was no such thing”.
It’s a big achievement. Thank you very much!」(Mile)

Everyone bowed down and said thank-you together as Mile answered.

Even though he was busy, he took the trouble to guide them when he heard a request from young girl hunters.
It was natural for the girls to say thanks to him.
…even if they couldn’t tell him the reason.

Well, if it wasn’t for the young and cute girls, this male employee might not take the trouble to guild them to the storage (Need to maintain the magic freezing room and refrigerating room)…

* * *

「There was no unique species …」(Rena?)

「Was we wrong?」(Pauline)


Everyone thinks about Mile’s speculation, but no matter how much they think about it, they can’t find the answer.
They lack a lot of information to draw a conclusion.

「Well, I don’t think our request will end so quickly, and there isn’t a deadline, so let’s take it easy.
Meanwhile, we will take other requests, save money and achievement points so that we can take the promotion test as soon as we reach the minimum required number of years in C rank…」(Mile)

Mile tells everyone so…

I’m more a fan of saving money,
We have more than enough achievement points required to take the B rank promotion test.」(Pauline)


「Isn’t it obvious?
Capture Wyvern, rescue investigation team, exterminate bandits, prevent damaging the relationship diplomacy with the beastkins and Ancient Dragons, and much more.
What kind of request do you think the guild will give an ordinary C-rank hunter in order to become B-rank?
If we haven’t been qualified to take the B-rank promotion exam based on what we’ve done so far, there won’t be any hunter who can reach B-rank!

「…Ah, it’s true…」(Mile)

When Rena said that, Mile could only accept it.

After all, it’s not the “qualification to become B rank” but the “qualification to take a promotion test”.

Consider many of the difficult requests that Red Oath has fone so far, or rather, there were many requests with outstanding achievement points, there was no doubt that they have more than sufficient points.

「That’s why, until now, Rena and Maevis have said, “In order to reach A rank quickly, I’d like to do requests with a lot of achievement points…”
Now that we have accumulated points quite ahead of time, all we have to do is wait until we reach the minimum years required in C rank.
So, from now on, let’s choose a request that emphasizes the amount of reward!」(Pauline)

「Did you get into this topic because you wanted to say it?」(Rena)

Rena retorts against Pauline, but it certainly doesn’t make much sense to save points now.
In order to change from B rank to A rank, it’s necessary to “play an active role as rank B hunters” instead of rank C, so it doesn’t make much sense to save extra points because they are just rank C now.

No, of course, the total number of points they earned is taken into consideration during the promotion test to rank B, but Rena and Maevis don’t want to be promoted by earning points for such things.
They want to pass the promotion test only by the ability at the time of the test.
That was at least the desire of Rena and Maevis.

Pauline doesn’t care about that, and Mile doesn’t think about anything.

… or rather, Mile doesn’t want to be promoted in the first place.
She thought that it would be enough to earn a decent amount of money as an ordinary C-rank hunter without being noticed and that she should be able to find a good man to marry in that state.

「Well, I’m fine with that anyway…」(Rena)

「No, I want to train myself!
Not money, I want strength suitable for an A-rank swordsman,
And in the end, it doesn’t make any sense if I don’t have the power to be picked up by the knight!」(Maevis)

Maevis interrupts Rena’s words and insists so.

Certainly, this isn’t a request to earn money, but rather a request to fight strong monsters or strong enemies.

Requests for collecting rare items, requests for decoration escorts are unlikely needed to fight (apart from the real escorts, a good-looking person is placed on the side as a bait).
If the girls were only receiving “requests that have big rewards but they aren’t a good experience or a strong experience for swordsmen”, then Maevis wouldn’t be happy.

Pauline wants to save money, Rena wants to be A rank so that doesn’t matter.
On the contrary, there is no problem for Mile who thinks that it’s better to stay in C rank.

「Well, that part can be flexible…
Besides, money and points aren’t the only criteria for the jobs we choose.
The most important thing is …」(Mile)

Everyone’s voice was aligned with Mile.

「「「「…Whether it looks interesting or not!!」」」」(Red Oath)

Ah, the storm. The power cut. The pain.

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  1. Yay finally some more Mile to enjoy

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  2. Quick notification, the link for the new site leads to chapter 450, not 451.
    Well, considering there may be more problems overall, I apologize if I bother.
    Thanks for the chapter! May God bless you!


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