Mile Novel Chapter 452: Enemies 6

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Mile Novel Chapter 452: Enemies 6

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T.N: Another Storm, flood, and power cut again. I’m bored to hell.


「What’s wrong?」()

「Ah no, nothing ……」()

Mile carelessly raised her voice and hurriedly tried to distract Rena’s Trio.

(By the way, Nano-chan said that they would report to me when a dimensional rift was created.
They said that they needed instructions from me to repair the rift because they couldn’t do anything outside their authority without my orders.
I could give an advanced order to repair it without reporting to me nor getting instructions, but then I wouldn’t grasp the situation. Besides, I felt that Nano-chan is likely to hide something. So I refused to give instructions in advance and told them to report every time to ask for my instructions.
…But the fact that they didn’t report…

Mile thought about checking with the nanomachine but then she thought that life would not be fun if she asked the nanomachine for anything, so she reconsidered.

She won’t say that when it involves her life and people close to her, but that’s not the case now.
Besides, nanomachines never lie nor never betray.
… They might refuse to provide information, or provide insufficient information, but…

The nanomachine was so impatient about it, they wouldn’t leave “The dimensional rift open” for long, so they would go and report to Mile and asking for permission to repair it right away.

(Must have been my imagination…)(Mile)

Mile shrugged her shoulder as she thought so.

* *

(…By the way, we went on a Jun Sanders‘s journey to the Imperial Capital…)(Mile)

「There’s nothing happened…」(Rena)

「Yes, nothing happened…」(Pauline?)

As Rena’s group said, nothing happened

For the time being, they received some requests at the nearest guild branch, but it was normal.

… And now, Red Oath moved through the woods to do flexible requests at the same time with their investigation, that is, regular requests without fixed target and date.

Their main prey is Orcs.
The Orcs were the best prey for Red Oath because they could carry as many hunted prey as they wanted with Mile’s Storage (Item Box).
Orc subjugation rewards are normal, but their meat sells at a reasonably good price.

…Of course, there are no dragon-species or rare monster, there’s no way that those monster are so close to a city.

An ordinary party, no even if it’s a talented party that can defeat Orcs easily, the amount of prey they can bring back to the city is limited.
After defeating a few Orcs which weight 200-300 kg each, they can only carry the most valueable parts that they could afford to bring back along with their weapons, armor, food, nightwear, and other equipment.

But for Red Oath, they can do Orc subjugation quest and meat delivery request at the same time, which make them profit more than other parties.
It’s better than a normal request (ordinary, individual request, general request).

In addition, they don’t have to worry about the deadline and the minimum amount like normal request.
But even though they could easily find or discover rare targets with Mile’s exploration magic, it is impossible to “find something that isn’t there”

(5 goblins…)(Mile)

Mile detects goblins up ahead with exploration magic but doesn’t tell everyone.

Everyone won’t grow if Mile detects and reports everything in advance.

Rena’s group understands Mile’s idea, they also think that it’s not good to rely on Mile too much.
Mile is necessary due to the characteristics of the request this time, but unless it’s an emergency Mile won’t tell everyone her explorer information.
Like some small fries or a medicinal herb…

Everyone understands and appropriates it.

And that’s why, Maevis was always the first one who visual-spotted the enemy

4 … No, 5 of them?

For Red Oath, Goblins are just some small fries that they can easily deal with without caution

But, the fact that Maevis reports everything and warns everyone…

「Target, 30 meters in the 1 o’clock direction, 5 goblins. Maybe include unique species!」(Maevis)

It’s not that Maevis didn’t expect the existence of a peculiar species, but she couldn’t hide her surprise.

However, unless it’s a Mutant Ogre, some mutant species such as a goblin isn’t a big deal.

It’s maybe dangerous if a big animal got doubled strength, but if a coarse fish got doubled strength, that coarse fish is still a coarse fish.
Although Maevis pays more attention than usual, she approaches normally, fights the goblins and kills them instantly.

「…This is…」(Mile)

The girls examined the goblins that fell to the ground and found out that one is a Unique species and the other four are normal goblins.

「Maevis, you noticed that it’s a Unique species even though there’s only one. It’s amazing!」(Mile)

「Ahaha, I got good eyes…」(Maevis)

Maevis shyly laughs when Mile praises her.

Certainly, because she is the tallest of the whole party, she has the longest line-of-sight distance.
As an vanguard, she always takes the lead. Except for Mile’s exploration magic, Maevis is always the first one who notices the enemies.

「So the problem is ……」(Rena)

「Yes. The movement of the goblins earlier.
Obviously, the Unique species acts as a superior and leader…」(Pauline)

As Rena and Pauline say, the goblins had some disciplined movements.

…That’s still not a problem.

A flock of wolves and a flock of stray dogs also take group actions under the command of the leader (Alpha Wolf).
It’s not strange that goblins, who appear to be more human-like, take such actions. In fact, it’s common cases.
But why do everyone think it’s a problem …

「Why was “A stranger who got lost in this world from the other side of the rift”, the Unique species could command the ordinary local goblins?(Mile)

Yes, as Mile says, that was a mystery …


Mile quietly mutters in her heart.

But there was no one in this world could understand to reply with “That was Nazou, right” (T.N: Villain in “Golden Bat” series)

* *

(…So, what does this mean?)(Mile)

Mile asks the nanomachine why did this happen.

No, Mile thought that it wouldn’t be good to ask nanomachines for anything, but that wouldn’t be the case if they did something behind her back.

So, Mile held an in-brain inquiry committee at bedtime…

【It’s a misunderstanding!
We don’t lie to our users!
In the first place, there’s no reason or need to do that …


Certainly, it’s really convinced when Nano said so, .
Nanomachines have no merits or desire to make money. They are nothing more than “a little advanced tool” that only carries out the missions commanded by the Creator… god-like being…
There is no reason to bother to deceive or betray Mile, who currently has the highest level of authority on the planet.

HAL 9000.
Kyron 5.
Braiking Boss…
No, no no no no!)(Mile)

(T.N: I only know 4 of them, there might be mistake in name, please tell me to fix)

Mile shakes her head to get rid of the ominous names that come to mind one after another.

(…Give me an overview of the situation)(Mile)

It’s not an emergency, so Mile didn’t say the word “emergency”.

However, the nanomachine, who didn’t know those names nor their stories behind, didn’t understand what Mile was saying, so they judged that Mile was quite angry because of her hard tone, and how impatient she was.

【We had been following the instructions from Mile-sama!
But since the dimensional rift appears and disappears in a short time in various places so we don’t need to repair it, we don’t have time to do it, and therefore we don’t need to obtain Mile-sama’s permission nor reporting to Mile-sama because the rift no longer exists…


Indeed, Mile said at that time: “Nano-chan, please report to me if there is a rift. I will give you instructions for repair it each time.”

And then, before Nano could report, the rift was disappeared…

If the rift had already closed when they tried to report …

It doesn’t meet the condition “if there is a rift”.
By that time, there are no rifts already.

And before that, “Well, I don’t think it will happen soon but if there’s a rift here again, please report it immediately.”
“Here” is that place near the dwarven village, Other places weren’t subject to the instruction “If a rift is created, report it immediately”.


Mile shouts so in her heart, but it can’t be helped.
Humans can’t handle everything so well …

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  1. Thanks for he chapter! Silly Mike, Skynet is the machines you reactivated, not the Nanos.

    Not sure how it does the “related” chapters but the AI did a great job this time.


  2. (…Skynet. –> Chiron 5.

    If the author is referring to the 1989 Japanese science-fiction movie Gunhed, then it is spelled Kyron 5.

    Quoted from the movie prologue:
    “In the year 2005, on a tiny volcanic island designated simply 8JO, located 1000 MILES from the Asian coast, the Cybortech Company built the world’s first fully self-contained industrial complex. It’s purpose – to manufacture the most advanced robots that were ever known. At the heart of this complex. A computer. More advanced. More powerful than any that came before it. The Kyron-5.

    “Kyron-5 controlled every aspect of its world. For 20 years everything appeared to run smoothly. A handful of technicians and their families were stationed on the island as custodians. But the cruel fact was that human beings were unnecessary. On July 4th, in the year 2025, Kyron-5 declared war on the world.

    “The Allies dispatched a Gunhed battalion to 8JO. The great robot war began.

    “The 373rd day of the battle.

    “The beleaguered [sic] Gunhed battalion pushed ahead for one final attack.”

    The movie had occasional moments of humor. One was when the Robo-Cola Vending Machine provided some product placement humor for Pepsi.


  3. One can say that machines are better in math, chemistry, physics, etc. but they also insanely good lawyers once they can understand organic languages, case in point this chapter


  4. This is case of bad command or file name 😆

    Mile: “Here” is that place near the dwarven village, Other places weren’t subject to the instruction “If a rift is created, report it immediately”.
    Nanomachine: command accepted
    Rift : Appeared “there”
    Nanomachine: determine parameter from command…. (bad command or file name)….
    could not process
    Rift : Disappeared


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