Mile Novel Chapter 456: Invader 3

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Mile Novel Chapter 456: Invader 3

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【Geez, honestly…】(Nano)

(I said I’m sorry…)(Mile)

Mile keeps apologizing to the nanomachines that are still a little moody.

【Anyway, although they can’t be actively involved in the events on the other side, some “passive investigation” to the extent necessary to search for a way to return from other rifts as ordered by Mile-sama. Their “activities” will be possible on a regular basis.
They can’t come back here without investigating where the rift will open next in the world beyond.
And that goes against our basic obligations…


Of course, Mile had such an aim at that time and did something like that.

And after that, she apologized to Maevis properly.
Then give her a substitute Micro case and capsules…

Originally, Mile was the provider of Micros but it was a bit ridiculous to suddenly jump in and pluck it off Maevis.
It’s natural to apologize.

Of course, Maevis was willing to forgive as she explained in detail that it was a necessary act.

(Anyway, the situation in one country is a minor problem …
No, it may be a big problem for the people concerned and neighboring countries…
Rather, the story is bigger…)(Mile)


It seems that they can’t say anything about it so the nanomachine remains silent.

(Anyway, I have no choice but to continue the investigation …
Well, the fact that the “disturbing rumors of this country” that the client was worried about wasn’t political change or war preparation.
I wonder if this is good or bad…
No, I still don’t know if it will be happening yet.
It’s possible that the capital couldn’t get such a clear story yet, so they strictly forbid to be alert or prescriptive.
“Trouble” will come in quick succession because it’s common …


As expected, Nano didn’t say anything about it

* *

「So, while continuing the investigation, we will head to the capital as we are. And if we don’t obtain any new information by then, we will submit half of the collected Unique Monsters to the guild at the capital branch and reported the situation.
After collecting a little information in the royal capital, we will turn around and returned to the Kingdom of Tyrus, then hand over the other half of the Unique Monsters and reported the completion of the request.
How do you think about that?

「Well, that might the case.
It’s not so easy that we happen to meet it like yesterday.
But as expected, please spare me from wandering around this country for dozens of days…」(Rena)

「There will be other investigators in the capital and the surrounding metropolises.」(Pauline)

「Ah, we should bring back the information we have collected so far.
That way, the client can think of what to do next.
And then for the top management and guilds of this country and the Kingdom Tyrus to grasp the situation as soon as possible should be the top priority as a client, a hunter, and a human being.

Rena, Pauline, Maevis agreed with Mile’s opinion.

Yes, even if they work as requested from the Tyrus Kingdom, this country, the Olbram Kingdom isn’t an enemy country.
On the contrary, it is a friendly country.
So, as an ordinary hunter group in a “training journey”, there’s nothing wrong with working for this country … no, they have an obligation to do so.
As a member of “Hunter Guild”, an organization that works across all nations.

「Then, we will talk 70% of the highways and 30% off-road, cutting through the forests and mountains. We will continue our investigation and aim for the capital of this country!」(Mile)

「「「おお!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

…Only Red Oath can do unreasonable actions such as 30% off-road.

In the first place, walking through forests and mountains is meaningless because ordinary parties have no means of carrying more than a certain amount of prey or harvest.
Even if they can carry it, it’s difficult to carry it over a long distance, the meat and herbs will be damaged and it will lose price. That’s why, unless there was some special reason, people won’t go off-road during long-distance travel, etc.

Mile certainly has an unconventional fighting power, but now the other three are similar.

… As expected, they can’t deal with Ancient Dragons but if they just live a normal hunter life, that shouldn’t happen.

So, Red Oath is abnormal or heretical.
But the biggest reason for being out of the ordinary wasn’t Mile’s combat power but the item box with infinite capacity and time stop, which is camouflage as “storage magic”

* *

「…That said, this is the Unique Monsters」(Mile?)

After crushing more groups of monsters and securing a few more Unique Monsters along with the normal monsters, Red Oath arrived at the capital. They took an inn before heading to the guild branch.
Then they took the Guild Master, the vacant staff, and the hunters who were present to the Dismantling Place behind the guild, took out half of the secured Unique Monster along with a large number of normal monsters.

… Of course, it would be impossible to hunt so many Unique Monsters without Mile to search for them with exploration magic.
The number of monsters with Unique Monsters was very small …


Dismantling Place was silent.

「This… this is…」(Dismantling Staff)

And again. The people who are working at the demolition site responded more than the Guild Master and hunters.

They dismantled a lot of monsters every day, it was natural that they were most familiar with the monsters’ physique, muscles, etc.

「I received a notification from the Marein Kingdom. But for half the story, I thought it was just a slightly stronger species or a group of intermediate species that about to be as strong as an evolved individual…
And I heard they were totally annihilated over there, there should be no problem anymore…
However, this is …
(Guild Master? Dismantling Staff?)

「Yes, the fact that they appeared on the route of these girls’ movements means that they might appear at other places as well…」(Dismantling Staff)

「Damn it…」(Dismantling Staff)

The hunters heard the dismantling staff muttering and gradually began to look pale.
They may have heard rumors that there were more casualties from other hunters these days.

「What did you say?
How come these newbie little girls hunt them unscathed?
What’s wrong with that?!」(Hunter)

One hunter yelled so, but everyone completely ignored him.
…They can see it by looking at it.

The clean-cut, burnt mark on the monster’s corpses and that ridiculous storage magic aren’t just for show…

After seeing all that, if anyone still thinks these girls are newbies, they won’t survive living as a hunter.

And above all, the recent events involved “people who couldn’t live long”.

「「「「「「…………」」」」」」(Everyone else)

* *

「All Unique Monsters will be purchased at a price five times of the normal one.
In addition, we will pay a special bonus for providing information and a considerably large number of contribution points.
Thanks to you, I think we can deal with it before it’s too late.
You have done well!
(Guild Master)

After explaining the details to a few guild executives in the guild master’s room, the guild master told the girls so.

「The Unique Monsters that other hunters happened to defeat…
I don’t think their fellow monsters were collecting it…
However, their corpses might haven’t been delivered…」(Mile)

At first, Mile’s group thought it was the monsters’ habit,
But after seeing that “small, mysterious metal golem”, they thought it might be on purpose.
…By somebody’s instructions to prevent the situation from being known to humans…

However, there’s no point in saying such a thing to the Guild Master without evidence.
They couldn’t say anything unfounded because they could lose credibility and faith in other things.

「I’ve heard rumors, but I didn’t think it would be like this …」(Guild Master)


Maevis instinctively listened to the guild master.

「Ah, the graduation test of the Hunter Training School, a system unique to the Kingdom of Tyrus, won against the veteran B rank party.
Capture the Wyvern unscathed rather than subjugation.
Punish the villainous merchant (Pauline’s story)
Fight together with other parties, annihilating the special forces (fake bandits) of the Albarn Empire
Exterminate the evil group (Cat loli’s kidnaper group) in collaboration with other parties.
Ah, the guild executives are given accurate information but the general staff and hunters are only getting the usual rumors, and no one believes it at face value, of course.
Everyone made a fool of thinking that they were just advertising a young girl party to promote their own system, over-promoting it, and carrying it to a fairy-tale level…
No, it seems that I was listening and believe only half the story …
I think I changed my perception because I saw it a while ago …
No, the guild of the Kingdom of Tyrus is bad!
Just the story with the
Ancient Dragon is so absurd that “the tail fin is bigger than the main body” of the story.
No matter how much you look at it, it’s totally out of common sense …
Well, it’s not your responsibility for those stories to be that way, but…」(Guild Master)

「「「「Ahahahaha…」」」」(Red Oath)

Even so, the reports that the guild heard have far more hidden secrets than the facts. And It was intended within the range of Red Oath’s common sense.

Red Oath can’t do anything but dry-laugh…

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  1. Common sense is something vaguely lost while around Mile. I think the party members of Red Oath can’t realize how out of touch with common sense they themselves are at this point.


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