Mile Novel Chapter 457: Invader 4

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Mile Novel Chapter 457: Invader 4

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「Well then, it’s time for us to…」(Maevis)

Red Oath intends to stay here in the capital of the Obram Kingdom for a few days to gather information.
They have already booked inn in advance today
They were thinking of having a little extravagant dinner and taking a rest.

Since they earned a lot today, Pauline won’t complain about some luxury… or rather, if Pauline can fully benefit from it …
Delicious food, baths… meaning, no one will object it.

Thus Maevis said so and the girls tried to leave the Guild Master Room …

「Please wait」(Guild Master)

The guild master stopped them.

「No, I know you might be tired, so you can take a rest for a couple of days.
But after that, could you accept a nomination request?
The content of the request was a joint-investigation with our B-rank party to see if there’s any Unique Monster around the capital.
If you find a Unique Monster, please “assist” our B-rank party to hunt them.」(Guild Master)

「…”Assist”, isn’t it?」(Maevis)

Maevis asks back.
That is an important point to check.

I want to check with the people who belong to our branch…
Or rather, let them experience it.
No, I’m not suspicious of your report.
There are also many corpses of evidence.
… But you know, we need that kind of thing, right?
(Guild Master)

「「「「Ah~……」」」」(Red Oath)

It’s understandable.
That’s what it is.

Suddenly, the cause of their greatest problem was pointed out by some stranger little girl, meanwhile, they didn’t notice anything no matter how hard they have investigated.
There will be a lot of people who feel like refusing to accept such things.

Thus the guild is going to give that role to those who won’t be refused, that is, local hunter party of B-rank or higher, who are well-known and everyone is looking up to.
Red Oath just provided the information …

It’s the physical condition of the guild branch and the feelings of the hunters who belong to it.
As a guild master, who is in a position to control them well, it’s a very reasonable decision.
Mile’s group has no objection.

As for Mile’s group, they aren’t worried about who will get acknowledged.
Since they have already received plenty of rewards and achievement points and it doesn’t mean that their credit will be stolen.
Besides, reporting here is just a by-product of their country’s investigation mission, which was the original request in the first place.

After making eye contact with other girls quickly, and everyone seemed to say “Can’t be helped” and “We can’t refuse this”, so Mavis replied.

「…I understand,
We will consider in the direction of accepting …」(Maevis)

Of course, they aren’t stupid enough to accept the request before asking for detailed conditions.

Even the negotiating party is the guild master, if he shows the attitude “I will use these youngsters cheaply”, the girls will stand up on the spot without even negotiating.

The girls won’t negotiate or talk with someone who makes a fool out of them.
Negotiations will break down in one shot, goodbye.

They will say that “you should ask someone who is willing to accept even under such conditions”.

Red Oath responds to “common-sense bargaining” but doesn’t deal with anyone who clearly presents the unfavored initial conditions.
Even if the negotiating party might say things such as “I will lower the conditions for suitable later”

Well, it’s the guild master so they shouldn’t have to worry about it though…

That is why Maevis’ reply is “We will consider it in the direction of acceptance.”
Normally, she would give a slightly more muddy reply.

Anyway, they will listen to the details at a later date, so for today, Red Oath goes back to the inn.

* *

「Well, we were originally planning to collect information for a few days in the capital, so this was just right.
In that situation, I don’t think we will get strange conditions and I don’t think they will use strange people for such an important project. So, maybe B-rank parties and other decent people.
It doesn’t seem to be a problem」(Rena)

Besides, they are a B-rank party, they will be familiar with the situation around here.
If we listen to various stories from them while we are on the move, we might get much better information than doing a poor investigation on our own.」(Maevis)

The girls have a meeting while having dinner at the inn they booked in advance.

They would get back to my room if they felt troubled by other guests, but if it’s just this level, it’s okay to talk in the dining room.
It’s just a story of a joint order with another party mediated by the guild master. It’s a positive story that there will be no problem with the other party.
It’s normal for people from other countries to try to gather information first.

Just as Rena and Maevis say, the request Guild Master was reasonable and was welcome to Red Oath.

* *

「We are C-rank party from the Tyrus Kingdom in the middle of our training journey, Red Oath.」(Maevis)

「B-rank party, “Shining Holy Sword”, please take care of us」(SHW Party leader)

One day after that, the girls went to the guild again and had a detailed meeting with the guild master. Since there were no particular problems, they decided to do it two days after, and it was today.

It was a party of five men.

It is a well-balanced and typical occupational party with a heavy warrior, a swordsman, a spearman, a ranger archer, and a magician.
Just like “Mithril Roar”, it’s a B-rank party. It’s not a big clan but a small number of elites.
The heavy warrior seems to be the party leader.

Even though he is a heavy warrior, he is a hunter who goes out and enters forests and mountains, so he doesn’t wear heavy and rugged plate armor or helmets with poor visibility.
It’s just his body is big and he equips with heavy weapons.

For a party leader, the ranger archer, who is in a position to grasp the whole in battle, seems to be suitable. But well, there may be various reasons such as ability, personality, and so on.
If we need to determine if the vanguards can withstand, it’s certainly not strange that the heavy warrior is the leader.

…The magician won’t be able to give instructions during battle because chanting is his life.
Don’t think based on the Red Oath Magicians.

Besides, except Maevis, everyone in Red Oath is magicians, so it’s unavoidable to leave command in the battle to Rena or Mile.
It’s a bit unreasonable to let Maevis, who can’t use magic, command a magical battle with three magicians …

It’s like a task force for a commander from the artillery field sitting on a battleship and commanding three aircraft carriers.

Then, the B rank party said, “Please take care of us”, Maevis looks a little confused.

Normally, it should be Red Oath who bows down saying “Please take care of us”, but these men probably have received a detailed explanation from the Guild Master.

Since Red Oath is good at hunting Unique Monsters, this request was like a “live practice/teaching” setting for them.

As expected of a B-rank party, they are rather mature and the girls have a deep nostalgia.
It seemed that the request could be fulfilled without any problems.
Rena and the others also look relieved.

No matter how many Unique Monsters currently are, Red Oath has hunted too many.
And Until now, no other hunters could bring back the Unique Monsters…

No, the hunters might have killed some of them.
However, their corpse was taken away by the remaining monsters or the hunter side was annihilated after that or the hunters didn’t have any power left to chase and bring back the prey.
As a result, the hunters were only able to bring back a few ordinary monsters, not Unique Monsters …

But perhaps the Guildmaster thinks Red Oath has somehow got the “trick” of finding a Unique Monster.
And he told the “Holy Sword of Shine” so…

Well, that’s not a mistake.

Mile has exploration magic and Mile can now distinguish some of the magical reflected waves between Unique Monsters and ordinary Monsters.

And somehow, there were Unique Monsters of Red Oath on the way to the capital. That how they were able to hunt Unique Monsters.

After a brief self-introduction in the guild, both parties left as they were.

* *

「Fortune-reading, the secret of my parents’ house!
…They are here」(Mile)

「…Oh… Ohh…」(SHW leader)

When they arrived at the forest near the capital, Mile immediately found using exploration magic.

To avoid trouble in a strange way, with the first strike.
“The special skill of a hunter, also the secret of their parents’ house”
By emphasizing that, there was no room for snooping and unnecessary questions.

Now, no hunter can ask her any questions.
Even If they are cute… (T.N: the word Kawaii is really there)

The Guild Master has told the “Shining Holy Sword” that:
“Hunt the Unique Monster and bring their corpses home.
You guys will fight but it’s up to the young ladies to find their prey.
The ladies have a track record... and maybe there’s a secret way to find Unique Monsters”

And even more:
“A young hunter on a training trip from another country and a magical storage magician with a ridiculous capacity.
Moreover, they are promising girls in the future. …I don’t want to scratch hair as much as you do, do you understand?”
It was whispered in a low-pitched voice, even though they are a B-rank party, they could only shake their head… vertically.

It’s no wonder the Guild Master said that.

There’s no doubt that the Capital Branch of the Tyrus Kingdom would cherish these people as treasured children and be looking forward to their future.
To think if any harm coming to them while doing a nominated joint-request with a B-rank party from another country…

If it’s about protest and curse, it’s still better.
If they don’t do well at it, it may become a great political problem…

Moreover, according to the information, the party leader is the daughter of an Earl family,
In addition, there are rumors that they are so doting on her that people said to be out of the ordinary.

Normally, the Guild Master shouldn’t ask the girls for such a dangerous request.

… But He had to do so.
The circumstances are, of course, explained in detail.

Anyways, the girls are “The only people who recognize the Unique Monster, hunt, and bring it back”
In order to break through the current situation, he let local parties build up their achievements, and hopefully, they will learn the tips for discovering Unique Monsters.

Since the men were entrusted with the important role, they bowed down and thanked the young girls.
They have no choice but to learn.
Even if the girls make a mistake, they must not show a rude attitude or making the other person angry or offensive …

(… But how can we learn by watching “Fortune-reading”…)(SHW leader)

All members of “Shining Holy Sword” shrugged their shoulders.

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