Mile Novel Chapter 460: Invisible enemy 1

Mile Novel Chapter 460: Invisible enemy 1

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Cathy next, estimated time of arrival: 2 days

Taru after that, estimated time of arrival: 6-9 days (too long, too many words)

Arge after that, estimated time of arrival: 7-14 days?

Mile turn again, estimated time of arrival: 8-15 days?

【Mile-sama, we have returned】(Nano)

Three days after leaving the capital of the Obram Kingdom, Nanomachine reported to Mile, who was sleeping at a cot in the tent.

Eh? But isn’t the border with the Tyrus Kingdom a little further away?) (Mile)

Don’t you dare to say that you FORGET~TTTTTTTTT!!】(Nano)


Yes, when nanomachines say that “we have returned”, it should be obvious.

Mile-sama forcibly threw us “to the other side”, it’s about my friends! !!(Nano)

Nanomachines are really angry.

No, they aren’t really angry, maybe “they just behave like that”

(But it was faster than I expected.
It’s only been a few days since then …)(Mile)

【… Because we have an obligation to return as soon as possible …】(Nano)



It’s very unusual, even Mile noticed it.

Yes, at first glance it sounds like her eardrum is vibrating normally, but maybe Nano-chan is a little angry…

Yes, Mile is accustomed to “her eyes aren’t laughing, even though her tone is the same as usual…” from Pauline.

This time, Mile noticed it even though she couldn’t see the other person’s eyes and facial expressions. She seemed to grow a little.

(I’m sorry)(Mile)

Yes, their remark earlier “Don’t you dare say that…”. It’s normal to be yelled at. Mile seems to have noticed.

【No, we don’t really mind it.
On the contrary, we are grateful that we could enjoy the unusual experience!
But it was like a breach of contract.
We’d like to get informed before interrupting the order we get from the first recruitment!】(Nano)

… It’s a natural right. I will arrange something about that(Nano)

【Oh, thank you (sankyu)】(Nano)

The nanomachine, who speaks (vibrates Mile’s eardrum) as a representative of the different dimension contingent, seems to be an individual who speaks a little in a traditional way.

There are a huge number of nanomachines, and each nanomachine is given a fluctuation in its individuality and thinking routine or something like “individual difference”.

Is it mercy by the Creator?
To prevent them from being wiped out by the same event,
It’s unknown if it’s just a safety measure…

【Well then, let’s report】(Nano)

【Roger that (Ryōkai-da)】(Nano)

The individual then reported to Mile.
Of course, his report to central centers and other individuals via Nano-Net is instantly done by data transfer.

     *     *

(EEH, there was no dimensional jumping engine, space-time piercing system, dimensional navigation ship over there?)(Mile)

We haven’t investigated a wide area, but the area around the exit of the rift is just a wasteland. The only thing that reminds me of the existence of a mechanical civilization is “That thing” and several similar things.】(Nano)

For some reason, at the time of the report, the representative of the different dimension contingent uses a normal way of speaking instead of the individual way from before. Is it for the sake of smooth progress, or is it such a specification?

【And we couldn’t confirm the existence of intelligent life forms corresponding to the human species in this world.】(Nano)


Astonishingly, Mile’s eyes are wide-opened (metaphor) while being closed in bed.

(…Does this mean that the monkeys are making up the corps or is it the big bird people, the dolphins, and other intelligent life forms other than human species…)(Mile)

【There weren’t such animals either】(Nano)

(Ah, is that so…?)(Mile)

Apparently, it wasn’t really there.

(Then that metal golem …
Or rather, it’s a robot, isn’t it?
What the hell is that?
…And, how many percentages of the entire planet did you investigate?)(Mile)

【It’s about 500 squares…】(Nano)

(500 miles square?
But from the perspective of the entire planet, it’s only a small part …)(Mile)

Yes, it’s a common story that “even if it happened to be a barren wasteland that was abandoned, the intelligent lifeforms are building shelter cities underground”

There are many places on Earth, such as the middle of the Sahara Desert, the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and places where there are no humans around. When Mile was thinking about such things…

【It’s meter】(Nano)


【As I said, it was 500 meters square that we have investigated】(Nano)

(What in the world is that~ttttt?!)(Mile)

It’s no wonder that Mile screams in her heart.
Of course, there won’t be any enemy if it’s just 500 meters square.
That’s useless information unless they are engaged with an enemy.

The survey range is narrow!!
Why is the search range so narrow?!)(Mile)

【No, we are programmed to operate only on this planet in this dimensional world.
Therefore, in other dimensional worlds, we aren’t allowed to take positive actions without permission.
Therefore, we, who were suddenly thrown into a different dimensional world, couldn’t interfere with that world.
So we acted according to the order from Mile-sama, “You are forbidden to return immediately from this rift”
And except for trying to return to this dimensional world as soon as possible, the only action we could take is self-defense…】(Nano)

Mile has already heard about that from Nano-chan.

(But won’t you need to move around in order to search for a way to return?
At that time, you may happen to see and hear something…
Why is it within 500 meters?!)(Mile)

The information-gathering unit that she had been expecting has “no results”.
Mile feels disappointed and shrugs her shoulders (metaphor) in her heart.

Even on the earth, when conducting a nuclear test, there couldn’t be any human being within a radius of 500 meters.

So, of course, it’s no wonder that there are no intelligent life forms around the dangerous dimensional transition site.

…No, that would be natural.

(…But now that I think about it, at the junction of a super dimensional system, normally, aren’t there some scientists, who checking the result in person…)(Mile)

【No, there’s no need to investigate in order to return,
The place where we appeared is the place where the dimensional puncture occurred. That is a place where the adhesion/perforation phenomenon of the dimensional space occurs.
The fastest way for us to return was to “waiting for another rift at that location”
And since we can’t interfere with anything other than what is necessary for returning, we can’t actively conduct any investigating…】(Nano)

Ga~an! (SFX)

Mile can’t think of any other psychological expression for this.

This is completely off (different from her expectation?)

No way… Then, if you happen to find a rift again…(Mile)

【Yes, we are prohibited to tamper with other dimensional worlds, it’s the basic command given by the Creator. So, a command from Mile-sama, who has authority level 5, won’t help.
We can only do it in a special way that doesn’t affect the development of other dimensional worlds, such as using other dimensional worlds as an item box space…】(Nano)

Ku~u… Ah, but what if I send a human to the investigation …(Mile)

【He will die.】(Mile)


Miles got a ridiculous reply from her supposed-to-be-good idea.

【Compared to the climate around here, the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime is quite high and low.
There are less water and food.
Monsters over there are far stronger and more ferocious than this world.
…I think the probability of living the first night safely is less than 30%…】(Nano)


So, the results of reporting:

After crossing the first rift, it was a world where even monsters, let alone humans, would die instantly, the nanomachines and the metal golem (robot) immediately turned back after confirming that.

The second rift was a vacuum space and the third time was connected to this world, but the exit was far above.

The metal golem (robot) that tried to confirm the connected location fell head-on, probably masquerading as its own mission, but it’s okay for the nanomachines.
Although it’s far above, it was said that everyone returned to the original dimensional world.

In addition, even if there’s a pressure difference with the connected destination, it seems that strong air blowing doesn’t occur.

Without a prevention mechanism, it would be a catastrophe if it were connected to an atmosphere-filled world, outer space, or the deep sea, which is extremely toxic to the creatures of that world.

     *     *

Miles indulges in thought after the conversation with the nanomachines.

(This world is too similar to the Earth.
Humans, animals, and plants …
Well, there are things that aren’t from Earth such as Elves and Dwarves, Beastkin and Devils, Ancient dragons and fairies.
But that’s an “addition”. What we have in common is too similar.
…No, it’s exactly the same.
And the same is true here and for the monsters on the other side of the rift. Why…?
Will it evolve in the same way in a similar environment?
Is it parallel evolution?
Or is it a cross-dimensional sowing act by a transcendental race overload that goes far beyond humanity?
Or was there an event in which a large number of creatures crossed dimensions?
By the way, there are legends of Elves, Dwarves, Ancient Dragon, and Devils all over the world that are very similar to this world on Earth.
In the old days, it’s possible that such beings also lived on the Earth…
No, or rather “the one who knows the existence of such creatures” …)(Mile)

It wouldn’t be possible to get an answer by asking nanomachines who don’t know about the Earth or the other world beyond the rift.
And even if they knew it, they might answer with “It’s prohibited matters.”


While indulging in such thoughts, Mile’s consciousness is fading and she falls in a deep sleep …

FUNA sensei’s note:

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Anyway, the interviews are substantial.

There are many gravure shots taken by voice actors, and the newly written novel is the story of the encounter of three people in “Wonder Three”.

It’s great for both fun and material value!

Please continue to support me from now on (Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu). (^^) /

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  1. Mile interactions with the nanomachines make me think about a Camp Monitor organizing activities for kids. No matter what season you are in, you need to use imagination to allow the kids to have some fun. Sometime what you did is a hit, while at time, well the kids are angry just as the nanomachines are with Mile.

    P.S. Hello cats!

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  2. Miles’ math is bad. Five hundred meters radius is much greater than five hundred square meters.In fact it’s greater than five hundred thousand square meters.


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