Arge Chapter 216: Service Cut Time

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T.N: Im back yesterday but I will have another one this afternoon until Sunday afternoon.

Thankfully, I can finish translating Arge chapter.

Mile chapter should be ready on Monday.


Arge Chapter 216: Service Cut Time

(T.N: Sa-bisu and Taimu is JP katakana of Service and Time, I don’t understand the “Katto” in the title as well)

My sensation of consciousness is light as I’m slumbering, but it is kind (Yasashi) to me, and it makes me feel relieved (Anshin Suru).

…Ah, as expected, a nap during this time is the best…♪
I’m wandering between consciousness and non-consciousness.
Such a pleasant time.
It’s as if I’m floating above the clouds. It’s fluffy and comfortable.

Just 12 more hours, please…♪」(Arge)

「Uhm, Arge-san.
It’s really oversleeping …
Please get up」(Kuzuha)

「Fumi~yu… Nu~u~u…?」(Arge)

My light consciousness during my slumber suddenly returns as my body is shaken.
I still feel a little sleepy, after shaking my head, I bury my face in a fluffy one in front of me.
This fluffy feeling is a little tickling, but it feels so good to the touch.
I rub my face on it as I’m drowsy.

「Nu~fu~u… Mofumofu (Fluffy) Pillow…♪」(Arge)

Ah, Arge-san!
That’s my tail (desu~no)!」(Kuzuha)

「mm, Eh… Ah, Kuzuha-chan……?」(Arge)

After hearing the scream in a familiar voice, I wake up from my slumber.
Kuzuha-chan is looking down at me with somewhat teary eyes.
And I finally confirm the true nature of Mofumofu’s feel, it’s her tail.

「Uhm, sorry.
I was half-asleep.」(Arge)

「I don’t mind but you’re really oversleeping, you know?
And you aren’t careful enough to lock your private room.」(Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan sighs while trimming her tail that I let go of.
She looks like a mom.

「By the way, Kuzuha-chan, do you need something?」(Arge)

「I’ve been making clothes for the first time in a long time!」(Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan seems to be in a good mood, she takes out clothes that seem to be new.
At first glance, it has a deep color, but I also can’t tell what it is like.

「I learned from Satsuki-san, now could be able to create more elaborate designs than before.」(Kuzuha)

「I think the first one was also quite elaborate…」(Arge)

Until now, Kuzuha-chan has created maid clothes and kimono for me.
Both are well made and designed, it was so good that could compare with professional.

Right now, I’m wearing the usual robe given by Zeno-kun,
But these are the clothes I got from my friend, so I’d like to wear them once in a while.

「Uhm… Then, should I wear this?」(Arge)

「Yes, by all means!
Ah, would you like me to help you wear it?」(Kuzuha)

「Oh no, uhm…
I can understand by looking at it」(Arge)

If it was before, I would have no problem.
However, recently, I’m a little reluctant to let people see me naked.
For some reason, Kuzuha-chan her tail and ears dropped.

「Is that so (Soudesu no)…
Well then, I will be waiting outside, so please call me when you’re done.」(Kuzuha)

After seeing Kuzuha-chan get out of the room, I take off my clothes.

「… I get used to wearing underwear」(Arge)

Before I knew it, I didn’t feel the hassle of wearing something girlish.
Rather, this seems to be skirt-like, so I try to wear the pants firmly.

「Um-sho (ready-set)… Uwa, it’s a perfect fit…」(Arge)

Kuzuha-chan has measured when she first made clothes for me,
Vampires don’t grow or deteriorate, so if these clothes are made according to that measurement, it should be fit.

Put both my hands through sleeves, wear a skirt, and tights on the toes.
The boots are thick and it feels good to put my feet in.

Finally, put on the hat, and I’m done.

「This is … uhm, military uniform?」(Arge)

(T.N: 47Agdragon-sama, I demand the picture of Arge, not another girl)

Arge 47Agdragon

That was the impression when I looked at myself.
It has a neat design and a little exposure.

While I’m still pondering, the door of the room is knocked.

「Ah, come in」(Arge)

Now that I’ve changed my clothes, I don’t mind people coming in.
After hearing my reply, Kuzuha-chan comes in happily and approaches me.

「Ah, as expected, it looks great on you (~imasu~wa~ne)!
Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?」(Kuzuha)

「No, it’s okay.
It fits well.
Kuzuha-chan, this outfit …」(Arge)

「It’s the clothes worn by Imperial soldiers.
Regardless of what they are doing, the clothes are somewhat cute, so I stole the design.」(Kuzuha)

「Ha~a. Is that so?」(Arge)

It’s different from what the hunting dog corps wore. It’s probably more like a guard than an official one, so, this is the Imperial uniform.

It seems to cover the whole body firmly, yet it is relatively easy to move.

I’m not a soldier, but it was comfortable to wear.

「…… But wearing this will make me stand out at the base of the Rebel Army.」(Arge)

Actually, I somewhat excited when making it, but it should be okay.
I wonder what’s so bad about it…」(Kuzuha)

「There are…」(Arge)

I’m glad she did it for me, but It’s not practical,
I can’t wear something like this.

It’s a shame because it’s done well, it seems that there aren’t many opportunities to use it.

「Uhm… Ah, that’s right (Sou~desuno)!
Wear this and infiltrate!」(Kuzuha)

「…… I think they would be suspicious if someone with a child-like figure like me wears it.」(Arge)

「U~uu, that’s true (Sou~desu~wa~yo~ne)……」(Kuzuha)

「Well, I’m glad that you made it for me.
Thank you very much, Kuzuha-chan」(Arge)

I don’t think it’s useful, but it’s true that she works so hard to make it.
Then I should receive it properly.
My clothes don’t have to be burned like before and I don’t have to be naked until my clothes were done.

「No, I’m happy that Arge-san was pleased with it (~desuno)…
I have to leave it to the “Tension” (EN)」(Kuzuha)

(T.N: I think she means like “feel like doing it”, have the EN word really LOCKED the way I can translate it)

「For the time being, I have no plans to go out today, so I’ll wear it as I am.」(Arge)

「Then can you turn around while wearing it?
I want to see from every direction!」(Kuzuha)

「…… well, if Kuzuha-chan wants it」(Arge)

It feels a little embarrassing, but if the creator, Kuzuha-chan says so, I should do it with her a little.
While serving lightly, I spent time with Kuzuha-chan as friends would do.

I like taking naps, but this isn’t too bad.
Somehow, I think so these days.


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    • Who’s the woman from the illustration?
      That ain’t Arge-chan?

      Also, the hormones or something must’ve turned Arge into a real girl!


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