Cathia Chapter 6-6: Reunion

Cathia Imouto

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Cathia Chapter 6-6: Reunion

「Onii-chan!」(Loli Cathia)

*Guriguri* She gave me a hot hug while rubbing her face against my abdomen.
From what I heard from Fina-san, I expected her to be able to speak.

It seems that we shared our knowledge.
Her mental age is also younger than I expected, but it’s almost as expected.

However, only this physical contact was unexpected.
I’m glad she is happy, but I already reach the limit…

「Eh, Onii-chan!?」(Loli Cathia)

I got stuck on the floor because of fatigue and relief.
I don’t think I can stand on my own for a while …

「Mmm, that’s right.
…Well, how should we call this girl?」(Rumia)

「Don’t ask too much」(Spike)

Rumia-san and Spike-san looked at each other.

This girl’s name?
She must have a name given by her parents, but she died when she was about to be one year old.

She shouldn’t be able to remember.

Ojii-sama also said that he didn’t find anything to tell her name.

「Ah, Chibi Cathia」(Rumia)

「Fue? Is it about me? Ru-chan」(Loli Cathia)


Rumia-san becomes speechless
Perhaps it was the first time that she was called by such a nickname.

「Ahem. We have to let Cathia rest, so we should bring her…」(Rumia)

「No (Iya)!」(Loli Cathia)

「No but, you are standing out even just by moving from room to room――」(Rumia)

「NO (Iya-da)!」(Loli Cathia)

Rumia-san makes a bewildered at the little girl’s childish and frank refusal.
There are only solid chairs and tables in this room.

「……Spike, Lily, What to do」(Rumia?)

「Hmmm, the room we carry her to is the one we originally prepared for her to stay in…
However, not everyone in the castle knows about spirits.
It’s awkward to move her as she is」(Spike)

This girl, she is transparent.
Those who see her will find her suspicious.

「…Great flame spirit…」(Lily)

Princess Lily called out to the Great Spirit asking for a clue or solution.
The Great Spirit talks with a broken voice while drifting.

「That… person… is already a spirit… and not a spirit. But it’s still… manageable(Great Flame Spirit)


The princess tilts her head.

But “still manageable” is …
Ah, no good.
I’m so tired that I can’t even think straight anymore.

Rumia-san probably understands it.

「Our role… is over. Let me… return」(Great Flame Spirit)

The Great Spirit of Fire is disappearing in the void.
He seems to have returned to the princess.

「……Thank you very much」(Cathia)

He may not hear it anymore, but thanks to the Great Spirits, I could share my power with her.
But it will be hard to know without being able to talk to them.

「In other words, it means that the person herself might somehow understand what she can and cannot do. Chibiya」(Rumia)

As expected, Rumia-san seems to understand, she calls out to the little girl.

「What is it (Na~ni)?」(Loli Cathia)

「Can you disappear like that great spirit?」(Rumia)

If I go inside Onii-chan… no, Onee-chan, you may not be able to see me.」(Loli Cathia)

「Like Princess’ Great Spirits, You possesses Cathia.
Well, considering you are the origin, it makes sense.
And everyone here knows the situation.
You can call her Onii-chan」(Rumia)

But you are the one who screamed loudly In the first place…
Even if there are people who don’t know about it, it’s a little late to deceive (hide it) them now.

「Mu~ (Pout?)
I see.
Anyway, you just need me to disappear, right?」(Loli Cathia)

「Um, let Cathia rest.
Isn’t it pitiful to let her stay on the floor as she is?」(Rumia)

「Uu, um. I will try」(Loli Cathia)

Her figure becomes a palm-sized flame and drifts fluffy.
She suddenly accelerates and enters around my chest.

Is this okay?
Returning to the state of the soul…

(Onii-chan seems tired so I will be quiet!)(Loli Cathia)

Uwa! Don’t scare me like that!

「What’s wrong? Cathia」(Rumia)

Rumia-san is pondering when she sees me suddenly shaking my body.

「…Ah, no. There’s a voice in my head!」(Cathia)

…Ah, I see. The Chibi’s voice, right?」(Rumia)

「That’s right」(Cathia)

「Is it the same phenomenon as the princess?
However, isn’t she rather quiet?」(Rumia)

She is alone, unlike the mix of many Great Spirits’ thoughts.
Her mind won’t be so lively.

I’m relieved that she doesn’t return to a soul when she enters my (her) body.

「…Uuuu, I’m so jealous (Urayamashii)…」(Princess)

I look at the princess, who is supposed to be jealous.
She is still expressionless.

However, for the princess to remain calm is a little strange because she hears multiple voices of spirits and noises.
What kind of mental structure does she have?

…But can I call her (Loli Cathia) from my side just like the Princess as well?

Let’s try it.


(Ye~es?)(Loli Cathia)

(T.N: Loli Cathia replies with (Na~a~ni), but wha~at seems strange so I use yes)

It seems like I can do it.

(Sorry, just try calling you)(Cathia)

「Okay now. Cathia. I will help (lend you a hand). Let’s stand up first(Spike)

Spike-san tries to support me and make me stand.
But I panic.

「No, I can’t bother Spike-sama like this.
If you can tell me the location of the room, I can move on your own …」(Cathia)

「Don’t be stupid, can you stand alone like that?
Lily, Rumia, open the door」(Spike)

A candidate to be a guard making the predecessor King shoulder-carry her…
This is beyond thinking, it is bad both in terms of status and looking.

When we left the door in that condition, Kyouka, who was also standing as an escort, showed a surprised expression.

「What are you doing? Spike-sama!」(Kyouka)

「Kyoka. What’s with that?
I’m just lending my shoulders to my best friend’s grandkid」(Spike)

「What if someone sees you in such a state?
…ha~a (sigh)
Spike-sama, where will you carry her?」(Kyouka)

「The guest room.
It’s for one person, just over there.
It should be ready by now」(Spike)

「Let me at least chase people away first!
Please wait a moment!」(Kyouka)

After saying that and looking at me scornfully for a few moments, she ran in a hurry.
…I’m really sorry.

Kyoka-san, it seems like she knows how to deal with Spike-san.
She knows this person probably wouldn’t allow her to lend a shoulder instead.

(……)(Loli Cathia)

While I was on the move, I could feel that she (Loli Cathia) was desperately enduring even though she wanted to talk.

Isn’t she cute?

I don’t remember well when my cousin was still small.

But she wasn’t so obedient like this–

(I am cute?)(Loli Cathia)

Hey, did she hear all my thoughts?!
How embarrassing!

Even if I don’t consciously call her out, everything seems to be leaking.

(?)(Loli Cathia)

…It would be best to move silently without thinking about anything.
Then, I arrived at the guest room without seeing anyone, probably because of Kyouka’s work.

「Well then, we will leave you alone for now. You must have a lot of things to talk」(Rumia)

Cathia, I have planned (arranged) a small dinner beforehand.
You don’t have to overdo it, but if you can go out, you are welcome to join」(Spike)

「…See you… later…」(Lily)

The three of them leave and I’m alone with her (Loli Cathia).
This guest room isn’t too gorgeous, but a well-built room that emphasizes quality and has a national character.

One sofa, one small table, and one bed for one person.
I stood up on the bed, with the wall as the backrest.
I want to talk to her before you go to sleep.

(Isn’t it about time for you to come out?)(Cathia)

(Yes) (Loli Cathia)

I heard a lively reply in return and a fireball popped out of my chest.
Eventually, the little girl appeared as before.

「I have a lot to talk about …」(Cathia)

「Yes yes! Me too…!」(Loli Cathia)

「But before that」(Cathia)

「?」(Loli Cathia)

There is a problem that needs to be resolved before talking.

「Let’s get you some clothes…」(Cathia)

She didn’t wear anything since she became a spirit.


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  1. “It’s a little to deceive (hide it) them now.” – “It’s a little to late to deceive (hide it) them now.” you missed out a late

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