Taru Novel Chapter 58: The Rebellion who defeats the King

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T.N: I was busy with Lunar New Year preparation (Clean the house, visit the ancestor’s grave, purchase new things, etc)

And this chapter was also too long.


Taru Novel Chapter 58: The Rebellion who defeats the King

「Ha~a……, AH… Ho~e……」(Taru)

When I’m in the middle of heaving a sigh, I see a mercenary player being sent flying by the King and it becomes a startling scream instead.

『Ashen Dust King Kaguya Morpheus』

At the moment the mercenary player who was embodied with Ashen Dust hit the ground, he was shattering without a trace.

After throwing his ritual sword, people thought that the king had no weapon left but that was a big mistake.

The Ashen Dust in his right hand is like a mixture of fire grains and ashes, it shapes like a large sword.
At first glance, this sword looks like it was created by some kind of energy body. I don’t know how far it can reach (length)
The length is unknown.

At first, from what I looked from a distance, I thought the reach was less than 2 meters long. But now the sword of Ashes and Fire has reached over 7 meters long.

In other words, the king has overwhelmed the mercenary players with his telescopic two-handed sword.

「This is bad」(Player)

「1 hit!
If we got hit it even just a single blow, we will be killed immediately!」(Player)


The king swung his long sword around and killed a number of mercenaries as if sweeping time.

Yes, normally no one can swing such a big sword like that.
Because even if you can swing it, the recoil from hit each mercenary player will slow down the movement of the sword.
But that isn’t the case now.

The Ashen Dust King swung his sword without a single disturbing moment.

The shimmering blade scrapes HP over a wide range all at once as it passes through the bodies of mercenary players while sprinkling ashes and sparks around.

「Hey! The durability value of my weapon becomes zero in an instant!」(Player)

「The shield, my shield was destroyed~ddddd!」(Player)

「Equipment destruction!」(Player)

「No, the durability of our equipment can’t hold a candle against the performance of his weapon!」(Player)

「They were all destroyed!」(Player)

It seems that the mercenary player, who survive the king’s attack, having their weapon and shield destroyed with a small amount of HP left.

(T.N: Guess he can’t achieve “Must be spotless”)

「We have no choice but to avoid it」(Player)

The dozens of vanguard mercenary players who were close to the king were killed in seconds.


「Ha ha ha…」(Yuuki)

Kouya and Yuuki next to me also have a dry laugh.

All that left, at where the mercenaries were, are just ashes.

Ashen dust… It was just like his name, Ashen Dust King crushes the enemy like sweeping with his big sword.

The mercenaries, who were there, were killed and disappeared, leaving a gaping space around the king.

*It will be us who will fall next*
The mercenaries in the middle guard, those who are in front of us, shout out in a desperate manner.

「Attack him from long distance!」()

「That’s right, using magic!」()

「If we can hit him even one with a long-range attack, the quest will be cleared!」()

Our voice, of course, must have reached the king.

However, he still acts relaxed while holding the shimmering big sword in his right hand. And the king approached us quietly without showing even a tiny bit of impatience.

On the contrary, it arouses the anxiety of mercenary players even more.

「『King’s Realm』……」(King)

Then, at the moment the king shouted so, a semi-circular blue area with a circumference of about 10 meters spread around Ashen Dust King.

The range is about to reach the position where we are.

Of course, the mercenary players in the affected area are terrifying about the mysterious abilities that the king suddenly activated.

「Hi~hiii」(Scared Player)

「What, what’s this?」(Player)

「What’s wrong?」(Player)

The King looks at the scared mercenary players and then points his finger.

「You, you, you and you as well……」(King)

For some reason, the powerful voice of the king reached all of us.

「There is no need to remember your name. If you become ashes, everyone will look the same …」(King)

The king raised his right hand and formed several new swords from the swirling ashes.
And as soon as he swings his arm down, four swords fly to the mercenary players.



「Innocent wind dancer… Wait, Aaaahh」(Magician Player)

「Oh Eternal small… Miya~aaaa」(Magician Player)

Four people’s screams echo on the battlefield.

The mercenary players who were pierced with King’s swords were all magicians, who could use long-range attacks.
It is sympathetic that some of them were pierced by the king’s sword while they were chanting and had a pitiful voice.

「I wonder if he has identified the magicians accurately」(George)

「Did he judge from the equipment and clothes?」(Glen)

George and Glen told their impressions from guessing just like two old friends.

「He is a good man for knowing every person deeply~♪」(George)

「Is it an analytical ability?」(Glen)

In particular, Glen, whose main weapon is magic, is very cautious.
He is backing up so that he isn’t within the range of abilities activated by the King.

On the contrary, Mina is silently staring at me.
I’m sure she is waiting for my instructions to decide when to use the final “Blue Amber Seed”.


But this isn’t the time to keep observing the King.

As the number of victims slaughtered by the King is increasing, it will be our turn soon.

In that case, we’d better make an all-out-attack with all the remaining players, so that someone’s attack is more likely to hit by chance.

My sister approaches me as if she has reached the same opinion.

「Taru, we will go now」(Shin)

My sister has a refreshing smile like she has prepared for the outcome.
But there’s a shadow in her eyes.
She makes me feel as if a candle is about to be extinguished and will burn violently for the last moment.

Tom and Jerry ask her doubtfully from behind.

「Ane-san, did you see any weakness?」(Tom?)

「Well, he is a boss with resistance to sleep, confusion, illusion, paralysis, and abnormal conditions…
It seems that our current abnormal state attacks and abilities will not work.」(Jerry)

「I can’t see it at all. There seems to be no weakness」(Shin)

My sister replies calmly, staring at the King with a stern look.

「Then, Ane-san won’t get any benefit from your title」(Tom)

「We don’t seem to have a way to beat him」(Jerry)

I’m surprised that the “Neck Hunting Drunk” tried to defeat him instead of giving a blow.

As expected from the mercenary clan that is said to be the worst nightmare for PvP.

The flow of conversation piques my curiosity.

「Aneki’s title?」(Taru)

I asked involuntarily.

「Ah… Ah, well, I guess it’s okay to tell Imouto-chan.」(Tom)

「Ane-san’s title is “Strategic Lanchester for the Weak”.」(Jerry)

This title isn’t suitable for my strong sister.

「It seems that she can see the weak points of monsters and mercenary players」(Tom)

「And, if she attacks there, she will 100% do critical damage.」(Jerry)

「Moreover, if we are in the same PT, we will get the benefit as well.」(Tom)

(T.N: Is this “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception”?)

*Ni~shi~shi* Tom and Jerry reveal my sister’s secret while smiling like mischievous children.

「We can’t see the weaknesses. But that’s what I hear from Ane-san」(Tom)

「If we attack that said weak point, we will have 30% chance to land a critical hit.」(Jerry)

「It’s a lot inferior to Ane-san, but we can be quite strong」(Tom)

「It seems that Ane-san can see many weaknesses from mercenary players.」(Jerry)

「That’s why I will always ready for any surprise attack with my excellent search and analysis skills. (scout role)」(Tom)

「I, who specializes in abnormal condition skills, will keep the enemy in check. (crown control role)」(Jerry)

「After that, we all aim at their neck at once. Like this.」(Tom)

Seeing the two of them make a gesture to cut their necks with their thumbs, I remember.

Certainly, when they helped us from the “Lone Wolf”, the mercenary players who surrounded me and Mina collapsed instantly. That may have been an abnormal sleep condition.

And at the fairy ball, it seemed like other mercenaries’ movements had gone crazy for a moment when they were helping George.
Anyway, combine their abnormal condition and one deadly blow from the title of my sister, this seems to be the main weapon of “Neck Hunting Drunk” to make a big blow.

「Tom, Jerry.
Stop wasting time…
Taru, come with your friends to attack the King all at once after we fell」(Shin)

「Wait, Aneki.
Aneki’s group has stronger cooperation and individual strength than us.
Wouldn’t the quest achievement rate increase if we went in first and became a wall against the King?」(Taru)

To my plausible opinion, my sister, who has a tense atmosphere from beginning to end, suddenly smiles softly.
Her loose expression is unmistakable warm enough to be sure that it comes from her true heart.

「As a sister, it’s my job to protect my cute little brother* from harm」(Shin)

(T.N: she uses Kawaii Otouto here)

My sister’s spirit is conveyed in words, saying that she will not tolerate any objections.

「What’s why」(Tom)

「You can go over our corpses and give a big blow to the enemy King.」(Jerry)

With the support of Tom and Jerry in addition to my sister’s words, they seem to have decided.

Then, in that case.

I, Kouya, Yuuki, George, Mina, and Glen-kun faced each other and immediately devised a tactic.

Discuss what each of us can do in a short time, and plan a strategy that emphasizes giving a blow to the king as much as possible.

「This side is OK ♪」(George)

In response to George’s words, my sister slowly crossed her arms.

Her hands grab the handle of her swords and pull both swords out of the scabbards.

「Then, let’s go. You guys」(Shin)

My sister pulled out her two swords, gave out a fearless smile.

「I’ll leave the rest to you, Alchemist Brother (Renkin-jutsu-shi na Otouto-dono)」(Shin)

Her jet-black ponytail waved and my sister’s back was instantly disappeared to the distance.

「Leave it to me, Aneki…」(Taru)

And then we rushed to chase after my sister’s small back.



「I can read it, I can read you like a book!
Human thinking is such a simple thing!」(King)

(T.N: and when you couldn’t read Misora’s mind before, you got cold feet)

The king is ridiculing the mercenaries who are desperately trying.

「What a shame…
I pick up a lot of the foolishness from your desperation.
What a thoughtless thing …
It’s a shame that I know everything」(King)

There is nothing but wonderful.
The king dodges all the attacks of the mercenary player and crushes them like child play.

「Poor long thought, it’s like nothing.
Even with wisdom, it’s equivalent to the fact that you’re not thinking at all」(King)

The soliloquy of Ashen King echoes the battlefield.

「I will remove such impurities,
I will give you a pure struggle …」(King)

Immediately after my sister’s ground entered the “King’s realm”, they were lying on the ground ungracefully.
The king might have grasped the position of the “Neck Hunting Drunk” from picking their thought, he shot a few swords made of ashes and fire at them and blocked their progress.

Even if they don’t die in a single blow, the King stopped the onslaught against “Neck Hunting Drunk” because they all fell down.

And it’s when Yuuki and Kouya started running in that gap, the three of us were able to close the distance to the king.

Mercenary players from other groups are also launching various attacks on Ashen Dust King, their aim is to keep the king occupied with them.

Everyone here was comrades who challenged the same absolute strong man.

As the mercenary players fought a fierce battle, the Ashen Dust King continued to swing his sword in a manner similar to sweep out the swarming insects.

I feel that his sharp line of sight turned to me for a moment.


In response to my alert voice, Yuuki immediately activates his ability.


The shield, that Yuuki holds, swells more than three times.
The ability that the weight increases rapidly in proportion to the protected area.

It can be said that its weight is cons that limited this ability must be placed on the spot.

However, in response to the activation of Yuuki’s ability, I quickly apply “direct coating (painting)” with the “shooting brush” to the shield of Yuuki.

The smeared color is “Fluffy Leaf Green” collected from Mofuusa.

The effect is to reduce the weight by half by applying it to the equipment.

「Wow, awesome …
I’m trying my best to carry it, but …」(Yuuki)

Yuuki says out loud his impression with heavy breathing and sweat on his forehead.
I nod to the knight and slowed down a little.

「Please protect us, Knight-sama」(Kouya)

(T.N: Knight in EN)

His tone is light but his expression is serious. Kouya hits Yuuki’s shoulder.
Yuuki continues to charge with the shield in front as if to protect Kouya and me.

Many of the penetrating attacks that the king used were monotonous.
Then, as the shortest person, if I lower myself and approach while hiding in the big shield from Yuuki, it might be possible to dodge.
It is a close-up strategy that was set up in order for me to hit the King once.

Koya and Yuuki will be able to withstand an attack through the shield, up to a single blow.

In other words, I’m not a walking potion, but a running potion.

As long as I support the two of them, I might reach the king’s feet.
Low level as I am, from here, I’m on a par with my old friend.

「Shall us give the king a blow…」(Taru)

The moment when I tried to convey my enthusiasm to my best friends with a smile.
When I thought that a strong impact ran on my back, it was blown diagonally downward to the right and forward, as if aiming to be out of the protection of Yuuki’s shield.


My field of vision changes rapidly along with a startling voice.
The answer was.

「Taru, it’s dangerous (Abunakatta)」(Fairy)

「Taru ~ were you surprised (Oddoro Ita)~?」(Fairy)

「Taru-rin, sorry」(Fairy)

Apparently, it seemed like the Wind Fairies have pushed me without any warning.

I thrust my Kodachi at the ground to stop the momentum of the wind and looked around to grasp what had happened.

And then, I saw Yuuki and Kouya who were supposed to run with me just now.
They staggered and there was a dissonance in their legs that kept moving.

As I checked their HP bar.

Yuu (Yuuki) Lv 9 HP260/450
Kou (Kouya) Lv 10 HP 10/270

And there was ash residue around their legs.

They were hit by Ashen Dust King.

Then the Wind fairies must have helped me to dodge that before.

Yuuki and Kouya then tried hard to stand up and moving again with their entangled feet.
There’s no time for Yuuki and Kouya to change their moving direction to pick me up to hide behind the shield.

Yuuki rushes in with a stern look and nods to me.

Kouya also looked at me for a moment, fixed his glasses, and looked only at the front.

The feelings of my friends are transmitted through silent look-exchanges, encourage me to take a step forward.

I immediately use 2 “Emerald’s Tear” and recover their health almost full, and then I use “Dead’s Fragrance Ball” around them.

In a blink of an eye, the translucent gray smoke spread out the area.

Then I wrap the “Ash transparent shawl” that I received from Anon-san around my body to hide myself.

I should be almost invisible with this.

It should work according to the plan.

Now I must wait for the right time to move while the two keep running.

Ashen Dust King’s attack was totally undetectable.

His attack is too fast.
Moreover, it’s not possible to see his movements when moving forward while hiding behind the shield.

I would have been killed without the fairies’ help.

However, I had one question (wonder about something)

Ashen Dust King wasn’t supposed to see behind the shield because we didn’t see anything.
Despite this, the remnants of the king’s attack remained at their feet.

In other words, he must have aimed at me who hid behind the shield. Because I was short and I also crouched before, he attacked at a low position, also tried to slash Kouya and Yuuki together.

「Ho~o. Interesting. But I can read you」(King)

The cold, bottom-of-the-earth voice of Ashen Dust King dominates the field.

It seems like he knows everything about my tactic, position, status, and ability.
I tremble as I think about it.

「「The hot flames that symbolize life, become my spearhead」」(Mina + Glen)

The King’s eerie voice is drowned out by a chant emanating from outside the “King’s Realm”.
Mina and Glen’s chantings overlapped.

「「Flame Granblue!”」」(Mina + Glen)

Mina shoots 2 fireballs about the size of a soccer ball and Glen released 4 bigger fireballs toward the Ashen Dust King.

In order to raise the hit rate even a little, they tried to use quantity over quality with the hope of landing at least a single blow. The fireballs flew to the king like red comets.

However, just like dealing with other mercenaries, he swung his sword and crush the red comets along the way.
The explosions occur when his sword and magic collide and our attacks are nowhere near the king.

The two behind me immediately recover their MP with the “Forest Medicine” I gave them and start preparing for the next magic.
All MP recovery items are entrusted to them to provide support magic-attacks.

We have no choice but to keep releasing magic in a row.

Next to them, the Okama Afro man was observing the battlefield in detail, he made a wrinkle with his thumb and forefinger while his hand was in an upright and immovable posture.

At first glance, he seems to be enlightened like a Buddha, but that seems to be George’s serious style.

I check the state of the rear guards and throw the “scent of the dead Bomb” further forward.

In order to proceed with transparency, it’s necessary to diffuse gray smoke around the direction I will move to.

On the way to the king. I saw my sister, Tom, and Jerry are fallen prey to the Ashen Dust King’s sword, exploding due to the kill effect and disappearing into the void.


Frustration and anger shake my brain, but I keep moving quietly, holding back the whirlpool of emotions.

Yuuki and Kouya are still running through the mercenaries toward the Ashen Dust King. (as Decoy)

Mina and Glen are still chanting.

George is still standing.

I can’t give up now.

Flame Granblue”(Mina + Glen)

Mina’s magic is activated again.
Glenn shouts at a timing that is a little late.

“Fallen Flare”(Glen)

If our pointed attacks were blocked, how about an area magical attack?
Glen’s powerful flame was aiming at the king with such a purpose.
The red shimmering flame swells rapidly like a pillar of flame that wants to swallow the King from above.

And at this decisive moment, I use the last “Aiming Fireworks (Small)”.
Mina and I are attacking from both sides when Glen is attacking from above.

It is a long-distance simultaneous attack.

Glen’s flower blooms with a flash of light, then the scorching heat becomes petals and blows.
The scene is the scale of flames that I have never seen before.

This power makes me forget to breathe for a moment.

This is our power.

Mina was abandoned before because she couldn’t use good magic but she is now splendidly firing magic.

My alchemy, which was called trash by people before, now works well with the top magician mercenary player, the so-called non-sleeping magician.

In addition, I could feel the shaking of the earth.
I’m afraid and look down to the ground.

This is… proof that George has started to move.
After checking, I look back to the group magical attack we created…

「I told you “I can read it”!」(King)

Dust, ash, and fire, which was used as a sword in the King’s hand until just now, started to change their form,
Before I knew it, it became a huge shield with a diameter of 8 meters.
All of our attacks were nullified.

「No way, he can prevent the attacks just like that……」(Player)

In addition, swords grow from the shield one after another and pierce the mercenary players near the King.

Is it just like a rain of swords?

In the meantime, Yuuki desperately lifted his shield to protect Kouya and got pierced with several swords and then disappeared with the glittering green effect.

I bite my teeth and throw another “scent of the dead Bomb” in my path to get closer to the king.

Then quickly use “Emerald Tear” on Kouya…

Kouya was flying.
He probably used the ability “Flying/Leaping Legs”.
Thanks to the march with Yuuki, it seemed that his leap could reduce the distance to the king to zero at once.
But in the end, before he could land an attack, he got hit by the King’s swing and followed the same fate as his friend and disappeared with the glittering green effect.

Everything was ended in an instant.

But not yet.

I still have one more hand.

Even my feet are shivering, I won’t be discouraged.

「Overwhelming~on♪ That majestic Man~☆」(George)

The earth is trembling along with the delight screams of the Okama.
No, the shaking is intermittent, and the intervals are getting faster soon.

Along with the phenomenon similar to an earthquake, I continue to run toward the king with my transparent shawl and the fairies.

「Well then, I wonder~ if you can deal~ with a big woman ?」(George)

(T.N: he uses Onna here)

The Okama, our maximum firepower is approaching the king.

And with all his strength, he launched an attack with the Nunchaku.

Yes, George succeeded in diminishing at once while the king was busy dealing with the onslaught.

Aim for the moment when the King was busy attacking elsewhere.

He closed all the distance with just five dash steps.

The Titan Okama with a height of over 5 meters.

The dark-skinned body that has been trained and tightened raises the creak.
His Punch perm Afro trembles.
A Titan with shocking pink eyeshadow.

George laughed a big attack on the king and as well as his conscience when he realized a scene that seems to appear in a nightmare.

Yes, this was our aim.

An item I created by synthesizing the “Titan’s bone” + “Titan’s Crest” + “Fairy Powder” that I got at the Titan graveyard when I party with Anon-san.

Titan Extract』was handed over to George.

Due to the rarity of the material, I entrusted Okama with my trump card, which was the only one.
That’s because George is arguably the strongest of our PTs and a reliable companion.

Due to the effect of the item, the size of his body is doubled or tripled, his HP, power, and defense are also tripled.

However, the effect time is only 30 seconds.
Moreover, the price (toll) is his attack will be reduced to two-thirds.

So we had to get the King’s attention on us before George approached.
What’s more, if the effect is ended, he will not be able to move at all for 30 seconds.

It’s just right for the last blow.

However, the Ashen Dust King received George’s heavy blow head-on with his sword of ashes.
And then he threw his sword at George in return.


The Titan Okama raises a strange voice and avoids it by backflip while his Afro is shaking violently.
At that time, his nunchaku gets caught in the king’s sword and is blown away somewhere.

Then the Titan Okama moves anomalous, trying to attack again…
At the time he crouched due to the king’s second flash on the ground, he raises his leg to do a handstand and tries to kick.


Is it Muay Thai moves?
No, Capoeira, Taekwondo?

I’m not sure, but it’s definitely powerful.
It’s also bad because his voice is disgusting.

You can avoid this~sssss! You’re a real~ honorable man~nnnnn!?」(George)

George’s eccentric counter was also brilliantly avoided by the king, jumping sideways.
Then, in the third flash, he twisted his body and swung a long sword vertically with a reach of 8 meters.

「A~FUN. As expected~ of a~ King♪」(George)

The giant’s dark-skinned okama was cut off from his hips to his head and scattered with a glittering effect while squirming himself.

「It was quite a movement for the like of humans.
You deserve praise from me」(King)

After slaughtering George, the king turned his sword toward Glen and Mina in the distance.
There are only me and those two survivors on this battlefield.

The King is just a little distance in front of me and has his back turned.

The king stood proudly without noticing my existence in the ash-transparent smoke where the “scent of the dead Bomb” occurred.

「『Flame Granblue』!」(Mina)

Mina tries hard to cast the last magic name and launches an attack against the king.
At the same time that two fireballs were released from Mina, Glen-kun also started running with his own cane.

There are two reasons why Glen-kun ran.

The first is that even though my appearance is transparent, I can’t move to prevent the king to realize where I am.

And the second is a surprise attack by pretending to be out of MP.

「Hou… You are a magician but you challenge me in close combat?
Is your magical power (MP) exhausted…
It doesn’t seem to be the case.」(King)

The second reason was easily detected for some reason.
However, Glen-kun’s legs don’t stop.
And I also slowly and quietly sneak up on the King’s back.

Fortunately, the king didn’t move from where he was. Perhaps because he could ascertain his victory.

He seems to be looking forward to what Glen-kun will do, and he is calm.

Naturally, the fireball activated by Mina is quickly erased by the King’s sword.
At the same time, Glen-kun jumped lightly, spread his hands, and shouted.

「Super Charge, Release」(Glen)

For a moment, a line of light with a geometric pattern runs on his cane.

「Mark the Flame Karma to the criminal.
Writhe in the heat, redeem your sins with suffering.」(Glen)

The non-sleeping magician points the tip of his wand toward the King without showing any pretense to solve the problem (question) from the chanting.

「『Flame Road』!」(Glen)

A swirling flame flew straight to the king.
At the same time, I ran to the king’s back.

This is my chance.

This is our real attack.

I scattered gray smoke around with the “scent of the dead Bomb” and the effect of the shawl made me transparent when I approached.
Our true aim is to hit with various attacks as bluffs.

Just a few more steps, my Kodachi will hit the King’s back.

As if the King ridiculed Glen-kun’s magic, he formed the shield with ash dust to prevent it.

And he didn’t seem to notice my approach at all.

But then the king suddenly turned around and looked at me without any warning.

No, he should be able to see me.
Yet, the king is firmly capturing me with his eyes.

「I’ve said many times that I can read human thoughts like a book.」(King)

That idea really gives a strong sense of fear in the movement that he can read.
I can’t help but be stunned to see the King’s fist rushes my head with an agile Tekken that is several times faster than my attack.

It can no longer be avoided.

My HP will be totally lost sooner than my attack hits.
There is no way to avoid the king’s attack, which far surpasses my status.

「Taro-rin, ~Ei」(Fairy)

However, in that instant, the wind fairy muttered something, a small wind suddenly tangled my feet.
Thanks to that, my legs got tangled and I leaned forward.

I didn’t expect it either.
An event that I didn’t think about because I didn’t have it in my head.

I was tumbled.

And the king’s fist was passing just a hairbreadth above my head.

Instead, a certain response comes from my hand holding the Kodachi.


With the momentum of falling, my Kodachi was thrust at the toe of the King.

Oya? (Eh?)

Quest Completed
The mercenary Taru was given the title “The Rebellion who defeats the King”
150,000 Eso was given to all mercenaries who join this quest as a reward

Oya Oya? (Eh Eh?)

The log flowed to me as I was dumbfounded and rolled on the ground.
This is exactly what it means to “be pinched by a fox”. (unbelievable)

(T.N: seems to be a proverb, sorry I don’t understand to translate to a similar English proverb)

At the very end, something completely unexpected happened and I completed the quest with benefit.
So to speak, “mochi drops from the shelf” (unexpected luck rolls in)

With an indescribable feeling, I looked up at Ash King, the owner of the foot that my Kodachi pierced.

The Ash King also had an ambiguous expression as if something was caught in his throat.

「……I see.
Misora-dono said she wouldn’t do anything, but the fairies weren’t included. (well played)
Up to that point, I can’t read even with my “Mind’s eye”…」(King)

The king, who muttered, soliloquy, narrowed his thick eyebrows into a letter “へ”

He turned his heels back without ever trying to look at me.
He quickly raised his hand to Duke Theary, who was waiting beside him, and quietly disappeared into the door of the royal castle.

「Quest Clear (EN)…」(Taru)

Michelangelo’s ruler is leaving,
The thread of tension finally breaks here and I lose the power of my whole body.

「My princess!
Ahh! My beloved princess!
And above all, that body (身) is still safe!」(Glen)

Glen-kun’s voice, which is a little noisy, is calling out to me from behind as I sit down.
In retrospect, he spreads his arms with a big smile and walks with his usual loud gestures.

「I and you are safe in this battle, Yes!
As proof that the two destined persons have survived, please make a bond between me and my princess as fr――」(Glen)

Glen-kun tells me something, but when he was ramped by an innocent girl who running hard from behind him and his line was interrupted.

「friends… OFU~a (Glen)「Tenshin-sama! We did it! As expected of Tenshi-sama (Sasuga Tenshi-sama desu)!」」(Mina)

Mina hugged me with all her joy.

「Wa~a, Wait, Mina」(Taru)

「With this, No one will make a fool of Tenshi-sama’s alchemy again!
You also clear the quest as well!
It’s all thanks to Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)

She has a carefree smile and is flirting like a child telling a dream story.
To be honest, I want to be as happy as Mina.

However, the mood was very complicated.

No, I know.

It is unquestionably the achievement of our struggle that we were able to achieve the results so far.

「It’s not just me.
Mina did her best, and the mercenary players at this place also joined forces.」(Taru)

But, the most important…
I smile back at the fairies, who smile at me with an innocent smile, with an indescribable feeling.

「Tenshi-sama is humble!
But I’m glad to be praised by Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)

Mina still wraps her hand around my neck and is happy with that.

「It may be awkward for me to say something like this. But Tenshi-sama is my best friend」(Mina)

「A, ah… I feel the same as well!」(Taru)

Of all the female friends, Mina is probably the best (closest).
The time we have been playing with is also the longest among female friends.

「I’m happy … but, Tenshi-sama…」(Mina)

Mina’s cheeks become red, and her moisturized eyes stare into my eyes at a close distance.

「I want to be Tenshi-sama’s best friend as well」(Mina)

For some reason, Mina glances at Glen-kun while emphasizing the part of being my best friend.

「In this case, I mean the fairies, Misora-san, and the title you got, you know?
For example, there may be some profane people who will approach Tenshi-sama.」(Mina)

Anyway, is she bother about what to do from now?
I vaguely nod to a topic that I couldn’t imagine.

「You have to be careful when you make friends with someone.
Let’s talk with Onee-sama about that, including the future.」(Mina)

What Mina says is plausible.
It may be better to consult with my sister.

I have never been wary in this world because it’s Clan-Clan.

「If Mina says so, I will do it」(Taru)

In the corner of my field of vision, I was slightly worried that Glen-kun was standing a little away and fluttering his cloak with his right hand, but I will reply to Mina for now…

This is how our “Fairy Ball” ended.

Somehow, there were a lot of trouble things, but it was a lot of fun.

My alchemy-created items were almost exhausted. My sister, Yuuki, Kouya, and even George were killed.

But I got more rewards than my effort.
This result is thanks to the power of the fairy but I have a vague desire to capture (defeat) the Ash King with my own power.

While I was thinking about such a thing and looking at Mina with a melty smile, I suddenly received a Friend message from my sister.

『Taru, you did it well.
The log of quest clear has also appeared here as well.
After checking, it seems that all the mercenary players who were there are being rewarded.』(Shin’s message)

『I’m so glad.
It’s all thanks to Aneki and everyone, I managed to hit the Ash King one blow』(Taru’s message)

『As expected of my younger brother.
Well then, I’m almost done with the university report, so I’m almost free now.
I’m going home tomorrow, so I wonder if you can tell me the story of the detailed battle with Ash King event at that time.』(Shin’s message)

That’s right…
Another battle is coming.

The encounter battle with my sister was about to begin…

While being hugged by Mina, I was reading the explanation of the newly obtained title “The Rebellion who defeats the King” while escaping from reality.

“The Rebellion who defeats the King”
The person who successfully rebels against an absolute ruler.
This is the title suitable for the mercenary who counterattacked an opponent with a huge difference in power.
Upon using this title, the brave incarnation will give you the power to shake the foundations of the world with a single blow.
Acquisition conditions:
Special reward for the quest “Compromise between the Sage and the King”.
At the beginning of the battle, if the first attack hits, there is a 50% chance of dealing critical damage.
Also, the total damage to opponents whose level is higher than you is increased by 20%.


Author’s Note:

Mina: “Stay away from Tenshi-sama, monster Lorigon-san”

Glenn “She is my Princess’ best friend… I can’t stimulate her badly… if she’s in a bad mood, my image in Princess’ mind will get worse … ku~uuu”

The war between the two broke out under the surface (lols)



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