Arge Chapter 217: Not good at dealing with children

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Arge Chapter 217: Not good at dealing with children

「Ei, How persistent!
Why must I (Boku) go along with you!」(Chrome)

I heard familiar words and woke up from a nap.


When I opened my eyes and looked around, the position of the sun was high.
… It hasn’t been long since I started taking a nap.

I felt comfortable on the grass and just fell asleep.


I get up and yawn while stretching lightly.
I look around, recognizing that my sleep fatigue slowly disappeared and I slowly awakened.


Seeing the face of an acquaintance, I get up.

When approaching her, there seemed to be a little girl clinging to Chrome-chan. And for that matter, that little girl is also someone I know.


「Ara, Arge-san. Thank you for your hard work (Otsukaresama ~desuno)」(Kuzuha)

「No, I was sleeping until a while ago so I didn’t anything else today …」(Arge)

「Vampyr! This girl is persistent! Do something!」(Chrome)

「What’s happened here…」(Arge)

I don’t really get it but Chrome-chan seems to be trying to escape from Kuzuha-chan.

As for Kuzuha-chan, for some reason, she even used her alter ego to firmly hold Chrome-chan’s arms.

「Kuzuha-chan, Do you have something to do with Chrome-chan?」(Arge)

「Actually, I got some sweets from today’s purchase. So I was wondering if Chrome-san…」(Kuzuha)

「I told you already! A tea party doesn’t suit me!」(Chrome)

「Ah, I see ……」(Arge)

For the time being, I can grasp the situation from what these two say.
Kuzuha-chan tried to invite and Chrome-chan tried to escape?

…Chrome-chan seems to be not good at it.

I’ve never seen her with other people in the rebellion.

Does she like to be alone or is she not good at dealing with others, or both?

Either way, Chrome-chan would be awkward with the cheerful type like Kuzuha-chan.

「But but (Demo Demo), It’s better to eat together (~desu wa yo).
And Ginka-san is waiting for Chrome-san to come (orimasu~no)!」(Kuzuha)

As you can see, even if you try to refuse, she won’t give up.

Instead of being depressed, Kuzuha-chan keeps pushing with a smile. Her haunting-ghost-like stubbornness is enough to make me give up a nap.

「…… I’ll go if it’s an order」(Chrome)

「She also told me to reply just in case you are saying something like this (orimasu~no)
“It’s not good if it’s an order, I will be happy if you agree to come”(Kuzuha)

「Gu~… that woman (Ano Onna)…」(Chrome)

It’s probably because she (Ginka) knows Chrome-chan’s personality.
Also, she chooses a difficult to refuse messenger (Kuzuha).
That girl (Kuzuha) won’t take no for an answer…


It doesn’t even take more than a moment for her (Chrome) to break out of the restraint.


When both girls (Kuzuha+Bushiha) are surprised, Chrome-chan instantly separated from them.

Kuzuha-chan and her alter ego Bushiha-chan are dumbfounded looking at Chrome-chan.

「It’s amazing (Sugoi desu~wa~ne)……!」(Kuzuha)

「…It’s hard to keep up when I’m really surprised.」(Bushiha)

「Kuzuha-chan is pure after all」(Arge)

「…Anyway, I don’t want to participate in that kind of party. Just tell Ginka so」(Chrome)

After briefly expressing her opinion, Chrome-chan turns around.
Before Kuzuha-chan called out, she dashed through a gap in the warehouse and disappeared.


「Kuzuha-chan. Chrome-chan also has her circumstances」(Arge)

「Uh … I understand (wakarimashita~wa).
And, Arge-san, I’m sorry for the bother but can I ask you for a favor?」(Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan handed me a bag with her tails and ears waving in anticipation.
When I checked the contents, it looked like an assortment of sweets.

「Shion-san asked me to give this to her in case she doesn’t feel like coming.」(Kuzuha)

「How well prepared…」(Arge)

I can understand in many ways.
Both Ginka and Zion care about Chrome-chan.

「Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I can catch her…」(Kuzuha)

「Well, that’s right. Chrome-chan is fast」(Arge)

She’s so quick that even Kuzuha-chan can’t keep up.

She was caught before because Chrome-chan was caught by surprise (puns intended).

If she was serious, she wouldn’t be caught that easily.

「Okay, I’ll give it to her for you」(Arge)

「Thank you very much.
Please come when you’re done (~desu no)
I will be waiting for you in the tea party」(Kuzuha)

After dispelling Bushiha-chan, Kuzuha-chan moves away.
Holding the bag of sweets, I looked around lightly and…

「…… Chrome-chan, it’s already okay to come out.」(Arge)

「…You got me well」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan popped out of the roof of the warehouse.
It’s the smell of her blood telling me where she is.

Kuzuha-chan probably knew that too, but she might have thought she couldn’t be able to catch Chrome-chan.

「Here goes (Yoi~sho~o)」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan comes to me after landing without a sound.

「… Is it the bracelet that doesn’t make any sound?」(Arge)

「…Ah, that’s right.
This is “Sound-Blurred death child”.
It will erase any sound made by the wearer and its curse can cause deaf.
It’s a type of magical artifact.」(Chrome)

With Chrome-chan’s quickness and the sound-eraser “Sound-Blurred death child”.
The silent and high-speed movement will be useful for toying with her opponent and surely killing them slowly.

「…Uhm, please take this for the time being」(Arge)


I give the bag of sweets.
Despite her blunt attitude, Chrome-chan doesn’t refuse.

「Honestly, what’s with that child?」(Chrome)

「Uhmm, she is my friend. She is energetic though, a bit too energetic」(Arge)

「How can you get along with her… No, rather isn’t she just “right” for you?」(Chrome)

I didn’t understand what she meant by “just right”, but Chrome-chan seems to be convinced.

Fixing her black hair, she sits on the grasslands.
She somehow sat down next to me and gave me a candy ball.


「Ah, thank you」(Arge)

It will be rude to refuse so I take it and put it in my mouth. I can taste the sweetness and aroma.

As I enjoyed the taste similar to the tortoiseshell candy in my previous world, Chrome-chan also chewed the same thing,

「That child, she called for you, right? Don’t you need to go now?」(Chrome)

「No, I just woke up, I still need my fill of napping before going」(Arge)

「…ain’t that right?」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan lays down in the open as if convinced with my reply.

「I’m not good at dealing with children ……」(Chrome)

「Chrome-chan seems to be the same age though」(Arge)

「Haa!? I’m already 18!
Don’t lump with such a child!」(Chrome)

「Eh, you are 18 with that body…!?」(Arge)

「Where did you look at me when you said that? I will kill you, you hear me?」(Chrome)

I didn’t want to be killed, so I kept silent without saying that I was looking at her breasts.

Chrome-chan clicked her tongue, shook her hand, and started leaving.

I just messed with her for fun but she seemed to be angry so I decided to leave her alone.

I slowly swallow the sweetness in my mouth as it melts



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