Mile Novel Chapter 463: Engraved 2

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Mile Novel Chapter 463: Engraved 2

「…I knew it」(Mile)

Mile sighs as if giving up.
Certainly, it was said that having the symbol engraved will make you popular with female dragons, so other Ancient Dragons might want to have it as well.

However, it was supposed to be a service only for the Warrior Corps at that time.

The setting is only Captain or above can get that kind of engraving. The other Ancient Dragons were just happened to be included in a trial basis.

If Mile didn’t say that, she thought the Captain might lose his dignity.

But then why do the top brass come here?

「…Is it someone from the Warrior Corps… or some else?」(Mile)

『Uu… Umu… that is』(Keragon)

Keragon looks away from Mile.
That was all about it.

「That’s wrong! I chose that setting because I care about the hearts of those warriors and the dignity of the captain.」(Mile)


It seems like he knew it.
Keragon seems to be a fairly intelligent individual with little arrogance as an Ancient Dragon…

However, Keragon seems to be confused by Mile’s reaction, which is far more intense than he had expected.

Yes, she is mild-mannered except during battle. She has a sloppy face like a small herbivore and a relatively talkative lower class… human.
Keragon thought it wouldn’t make much difference to her, no matter who is one she carved the symbol for because they are the same “Ancient Dragon” tie.

No, if they Ancient dragon elders instead of warrior corps, isn’t that more of an honor?
Mile must be willing to accept it. Or so Keragon thought…

Of course, Mile might be afraid to ask for Scales as rewards,
No, she might be able to secretly collect shavings later, so that’s enough as a reward…

In fact, putting it up for sale would have been a huge sum.
…As long as she can prove that it is real Ancient Dragon’s claws and horn shavings.

And Red Oath has that means.

It’s no wonder that a person, who can present 10 or more scales of an Ancient Dragon, has claw and horn fragments or powder.
And even though they have a lot of scales that would make a lot of money if I sell them, they can’t afford to sell fake nails and horns at the risk of being beheaded.

And that fat girl seems to be the guardian… The Ancient Dragon only recognizes that big breasts are “fat and obstacle”
She was overjoyed to get those things before, there’s no doubt that she would take over.

No way, to think “all four of them have unpleasant faces” and Mile refuses.

『HEY, what the hell are you doing?!
Hurry up and do it, inferior…』(1 Ancient Dragon)

『『『『『AWAWAWA……』』』』』(A lof of Ancient Dragons)

One Ancient Dragon was about to talk in a superior tone and those around him hurriedly closed his mouth.

Apparently, everyone has been lectured on how to handle Red Oath and they must take it in consideration.
Or rather just some people…
Because there are those who didn’t try to understand the contents of the lecture and thought from the beginning that “we, Ancient Dragons don’t need to have consideration for lower creatures”

『Anyway, after the Chieftain, Elders, and Members of the council received the report, inspected the claws and horns carved by Mile-dono in all the warriors.
They told me that they would go directly to investigate and confirm…』(Keragon)

((((And to have their claws and horns engraved as well!))))(Red Oath)

All members of Red Oath thought the same thing in their hearts.

「…Mile, you can do whatever you like.
You are the only one who can carve the claws and horns of the Ancient Dragons anyway.
Whether you accept it or not, we’ll all accept the result.
As for we are…」(Rena)

「「「Fantastic Four connected by soul with the name…」」」(Mile’s Trio)

「「「「Red Oath!!」」」」(Red Oath)

Chudo~n! (SFX)

The audience is the world’s strongest Ancient Dragon, eight of which seem to have a high status, plus one.
With no holding back, the explosion and four-color smoke spread.


『『『『『『So cool (Kakkoii)…』』』』』』(Ancient Dragons)

The Ancient Dragons are impressed by the girls’ self-proclaimed pose

Apparently, for the Ancient Dragons, who have little entertainment and don’t know about drama or performing arts, these “spectacle-like poses, deciding lines, big sights, etc.” look novel and attractive.

They are the Elders, they should be quite old, but this kind of thing may not be related to their age.

「…Therefore, I’d like to refuse your request.
I have decided that I will do the next service for the warrior corps. Besides, I have to listen to the reactions, opinions, and impressions of the female Ancient dragons from the captain to improve it.
As for the warriors, they have bent the orders from their leader, they also went through the trouble explaining our circumstances to the Ancient Dragon village.
The engraving was performed as a token of gratitude for the reconciliation.
…On the other hand, you don’t have anything that we feel gratitude for, right?
You didn’t even try to stop the violence of a child who calls himself the leader, even “everyone was in a position to do so” …」(Mile)

『Gu~u……』(Ancient Dragon)

The Ancient Dragons are lost for words, perhaps because they were hit at where it hurts.

However, Mile immediately offered a remedy.

「… even so, I feel sorry for the trouble that all the Ancient Dragons came all the way here given your important role as Elders.
So, instead of demanding a favor from you, I would like to hear various stories.
I think the stories from the wisdom-filled Ancient Dragons, that we humans don’t know, are well worth our gratitude. And I will give you the service of modest technology as a thank you. How is it?」(Mile)

『U… umu, well talk.
Certainly, it would be an honor for you to hear from us, who have accumulated eternal wisdom. And telling you the stories in various places will raise the awe of our Ancient Dragons.
Fumu, for a young human lady, you understand things quite well …』(Ancient Dragon)

The Ancient dragon, who had the worst attitude that was about to call Mile’s group inferior creatures, has a change of his heart and says so in a good mood.

There are no creatures that confront the Ancient Dragons or show a malicious attitude.

And again, there are no creatures that praise the Ancient Dragon.

…In the first place, ordinary creatures won’t dare to approach or talk to Ancient Dragons.

It’s the same as no one trying to approach a Cerberus to feed or stroke its head.

Even the devils and beastkin, who worked for the Ancient Dragons, would still be afraid of the Ancient Dragon and just listen to their orders.
And they have never thought of the idea of praising the Ancient Dragons.

Therefore, no matter how smart the Ancient Dragon are than humans, they aren’t used to hearing such straightforward words of praise, and they easily feel “good”.

『Well then, I’m generous so I will tell you anything.
What kind of story do you want to hear?
Is it the story of the time when this country was founded?
The story of a big battle about 500 years ago, or the story of a mysterious big explosion on another continent where a radius of several hundred kilometers became barren …』(Ancient Dragon)

「Eh? Don’t tell me that is…」(Mile)

Nuclear weapons, reaction bombs, antiproton bombs, super magnetic weapons, earth-destroying bombs …

Various words circulate in her head but Mile shakes them off and asks…

「I would like to ask you why the Ancient Dragons gave commands to the devils and beastkin to investigate the ruins in various places.
How much do you know about the ongoing invasion from another world?
And do you know where the Kemonomimi loli lives around here?」(Mile)

『『『『『『What the hell is that~ttttttttt?!』』』』』』(Ancient Dragons)

The Ancient Dragons retorted to Mile’s question.

「「「Mile……」」」(Rena’s group)

Rena’s Trio is holding their heads because of the ridiculousness of the third question, which was mixed up even in this serious situation.


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  1. Lol. Thanks for the chapters.

    Kinda weird that Ancient Dragons are comic relief in this when they aren’t fighting. So silly. Mile just needs to make a humanoid doll and have female dragon drive it as a new party member

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ya know, even with the weirdness of Mile’s questions, especially the last one, she’s still is better than the ancient dinosa… dragons. I mean, Mile doesn’t ask lolis to do her nails -.-
    Sorry, the dragons here are silly, so silly they sometimes piss me off.
    Thanks for the chapter! May God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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