Cathia Chapter 6-8: Training

Cathia Imouto


After the Lunar new year, there are more works at my company.

I still don’t have free time like normal yet so I will release weekly (each series) instead of daily.

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Cathia Chapter 6-8: Training

(T.N: I will use the word Pyro for enhanced flame)

「Here I go, Lior-san」(Cathia)

「OH. Should I do my best to defend it?」(Lior)

It’s been a week since Akane’s spiritualization.

And the tournament will be held a week later.

I asked Lior-san for light training.

This place is the training center attached to the royal castle, indoor.

Because I concern about the decline in training due to rest for a while.

And there is one thing that I want to try.

Lior-san was willing to accept it.

「Gathering information for the next fight」(Unclear who say)

So it seems.

I hold out the black sword, “Landini”.

(Akane, are you ready?)(Cathia)

(Anytime (Deki~teru~yo))(Akane)

Akane joined in the fight because she insisted.
I refused at first.
However, when she objected by saying, “Onii-chan’s previous life is just special, no one lives in this world without fighting”

I couldn’t say anything back.

…But when I think about it, what I need to do isn’t that much different.
However, I planned to give the body back to Akane and ask Grandpa (Ojji-sama) to protect her.

As the subject to be protected can now communicate with me, I feel more enthusiastic.

…First of all, concentrate Aura on Landini.

And entrust the magical power to Akane.

「Are you serious……」(Lior)

Lior-san muttered…

Pyro Swirl over Landini.

As you can see from a first glance, it has a power that is world-apart from the flame magic sword that I have been used so far.

The qualities of Akane’s magic control when using this body make it different.

Furthermore, it overlaps with her spiritual power. Her power is incomparable to when I was activating magic by myself.

It’s even above the temperature that I charged overtime to slash the Earth Dragon before.

Lior-san crosses his arms block with 2 iron gauntlets


I swung the magical blade down.


The Pyro magic sword (enhanced) instantly scraped off Lior-san’s Aura and ignited his arm.
Not good

「Wait wait wait, Akane Stop Stop (Sutoppu)!」(Cathia)


(Ah! I’m sorry!
But you can also erase it, right, Onii-chan?)(Akane)

Ah, that’s right!
I somehow felt like she was in control but it’s different.

The Pyro went out when I thought about it just like when I used my flame magic sword.

「Fina-san, treat him please!」(Cathia)

Water magic recovery works well for trauma such as cuts and burns.

Since I extinguish the Pyro immediately, no burns were seen on Lior-san, but I want to check just in case.

「Yes, leave it to me.
But does Cathia-chan plan to become stronger than now?」(Fina)

「I don’t think I need to increase the power any longer.
Nothing is more dangerous than unfamiliar power」(Cathia)

「HEY, no-one cares for me…?」(Lior)

「Ah, I’m sorry.
Did you get burned?」(Cathia? Fina?)

「It doesn’t matter, my arm fur has slightly burned.
But Isn’t this an instant death if it hits properly?」(Lior)


Lior-san’s Aura was extinguished in an instant and his defenseless body was ignited.

So I conclude.

「…I must not use it against humans」(Cathia)

「Hey, don’t let that happen」(Lior)

However, I couldn’t reach this point when practicing.

I wonder if the control on the Akane side is not stable, just like waves in the output.

It feels like I just used the higher output now.

「Ah, you become harder and harder to defeat」(Lior)

「But you look rather happy for that instead, Lior-san」(Cathia)

「Of course.
The next time you fight me, use it properly.
Isn’t it the best to finish if you hit even one blow?
I’m thirsty for it」(Lior)

It’s actually like two-on-one, is it okay?

(I don’t know what Lior-kun is saying, Onii-chan)(Akane)

(It’s okay, sometimes I don’t even understand)(Cathia)

It was as if he would be happy to fight a dragon, even if it might be over in 1 hit.

「Okay, the treatment is over.
Cathia-chan, Midir said he wants you to contact him it’s over」(Fina)

「Midir-san? I wonder what is it?
Did he say where to meet?」(Cathia)

「Who knows? I just happened to meet.
If it’s troublesome, why not just ignore him?」(Fina)

He is a bad friend.

However, I can’t leave it alone because it’s probably something from the intelligence department.

「No, I will go.
Both of you, thank you very much」(Cathia)

I left the training ground.
And walk in the castle looking for Midir-san.

Ah, there’s a guard.
Should I ask him for direction?

「Do you know where Midir-san is?」(Cathia)

「…No, I don’t know」(Guard)

What is this?
It’s a strange sense of distance …

In a nutshell, he is very unfriendly.

After that, I asked other people, but I got a similar reaction.


「――Ah, Cathia-dono. I have been waiting」(Midir)

In the end, I found Midir-san on my own.
This room is assigned to the office of the information department.
I rely on my memory when I was lightly guided around the castle before.

Apparently, Midir-san was doing office work at his desk.
Even he looks like this, he is the son of the information manager.
He is assisting his father if he is in the royal capital.

I was surprised when I was told.
Although I have never met the essential information manager.

「Tea for 2 people」(Midir)

Midir-san orders the butler for tea.
The tall butler in his forties gracefully bows and goes to the back of the room.

We were offered a face-to-face sofa, so we sat down together.

「Well then, Cathia-dono.
Did you notice anything about the attitude of the soldiers in the castle towards you?」(Midir)

Somehow, it’s aloof…
Ah, Midir-san.
You called me on purpose without telling me where you were」(Cathia)

In the first place, the way of calling me was unnatural and unfriendly.

(What do you mean?)(Akane)

(In order to show the attitude of the soldiers in the castle, he hid his whereabouts to make us searching around.
If we know, we come straight here from training ground without asking, right?)(Cathia)

(Um. But why did he do that?)(Akane)

(I think he will explain that soon)(Cathia)

「Let’s be frank.
The soldiers in the castle are distrustful toward Cathia-dono」(Midir)


Even if you are strong, it’s still just a rumor.
The tournament is still under preparation, the soldiers haven’t actually seen your abilities yet.
A mysterious woman relies on the fame of her predecessor and is close to the King and Her Highness.
She’s kind of uninteresting. It’s no wonder some soldiers have some sense of distrust, right?」(Midir)

「That’s right.
After coming to the royal capital, I just slept in my room and chatted with Spike-sama and Hime-sama (the princess)…」(Cathia)

Come to think of it, I have not done anything to earn their trust.
It’s no wonder that they would believe anything in this state.

「So, Cathia-dono…
Let’s beat everyone up.」(Midir)


I feel like I’ve been told a very barbaric solution now.

「Beat everyone up…」(Midir)

「You don’t have to say it twice. I can hear you」(Cathia)

「Is that so?
After all, our country is meritocracy.
Especially for soldiers who rely on power to work, being strong is worthy of trust in itself.
If you are strong then they will “Ah, the rumors are true” and they will trust everything, including the parts other than your strength.」(Midir)

「Does it work like that?」(Cathia)

「That’s right.
If nothing is done, it will affect the command of the soldiers before the tournament.
It’s better to take action early.」(Midir)

「……I understand.
Is the setup done by the Information Department?

We will gather as many soldiers as we can, calling it large-scale training.
We might be ready the day after tomorrow, so with that intention」(Midir)

How strange.
Will it work so well?

(It’s like a 100-man Kumite in karate)(Akane)


(…That’s right. But you are still picking up all the weird knowledge, Akane)(Cathia)

「That sounds exciting.
I definitely want to see it」(Butler)

The butler, who brought the tea, talks after quietly placing the cup.
Is this butler an experienced martial artist that he wants to see training?

「You will still have talks with Spike-sama… Esteemed Father (Chichiue).
Why don’t you stop playing pranks?」(Midir)


Midir-san clearly looked at the butler and said that line.

Then, this butler is the director of the information department …?!

Can humans in the information department appear normally?

「Why do you want to wear butler clothes …?」(Cathia)

「A hobby, perhaps?」(Butler)



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