Taru Novel Chapter 60: Beautiful girl coming out (2)

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Taru Novel Chapter 60: Beautiful girl coming out (2)

Author’s Note:

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挿絵(By みてみん)

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Translator’s Note: I count wrong, this chapter is long. Author stops at the cliff in the last chapter, that’s why it’s un-usual short.


My source of the fear that I have been keeping in my chest, becoming a girl, is the change in values.

An example.

If I was dating a girl and then that girl would change into a little boy around 10 years old after a certain day.
Can I continue to see the child as a love interest?
In the first place, even looking at young boys like that may be illegal.

The sweet kiss, which was supposed to be a great achievement of our youth. And as for impatient boys, you might have the desire to make children with your loved one.
Is it possible to embrace all of that with someone who suddenly becomes a young child of the same sex?

The feelings towards the girl I like, various ethics, and concepts may be overturned from the ground up.

I couldn’t tell my sister and friends about my current situation because of the suspicion and fear that the relationships I had built up with them would easily collapse.

But right now.

I showed the truth to my sister, the closest member of my family, the one who has taken care of me from an early age.


「According to my memory …
Taru must have been a boy but was that memory of mine a mistake?」(Shin)


The eyes of my sister accompanied by her glittering jet black just like polished obsidian. There was a very serious light in her eyes.
For a moment, I had the illusion that my sister was confused by the strange expression of misremembering. But it may be a misunderstanding.


「…Uu~, gu~」(Taru)


When she immediately recognized and believed it was me, the joyful tears were just dripping and there was no sign of stopping at all.

Even so, I can tell that my sister in front of me is seriously seeking an answer, so, I wipe the drops that flow down from my eyes, trying to calm my head.


「Memory… mistake…?」(Shin)


My sister is talking quietly as if pondering.

My sister shouldn’t be the one who said she wasn’t confident in her memory.

So why does she ask such a thing?

She is about to ask questions,
First of all, I will honestly talk about what happened to me.


「It’s not a mistake in my memory.
I’m my sister’s younger brother…
But about 10 days ago, my body suddenly changed …」(Taru)


Slowly but surely.
From the closing ceremony to the past, I told her everything.

After becoming a girl, I was running to escape from reality with Clan-Clan.
For the time being, I also reported on physical changes at the city hall.
The so-called gender-change symptom, which was reported in the news.

During that time, my sister didn’t say anything, she just listened silently.
She sometimes frowns, sometimes distorts her eyes, and sometimes bites her lips.
Unlike her usual cool expressions, every single facial expression on her face during that time had a warmth showing her worry about me.

The feeling of guilt for keeping it a secret from my sister naturally grows.

In this quiet room, my report is similar to my atonement


「Aneki, I couldn’t tell you easily, so… I’m sorry.」(Taru)


After hearing everything, my sister exhaled as if she was relieved.


「So it wasn’t a bug ……」(Shin)


「Are you stupid, my little brother (Otouto)」(Shin)


*Yare Yare* (well well), my sister hugs me。


「Taru, Shintaru…
Did you think that becoming a girl would change my treatment of you?」(Shin)



It’s a lie.
Actually, I was afraid that I would be treated completely differently than before, so I couldn’t help it.
That’s how it looks like.
Moreover, I even change gender…


「Certainly, it may change a little.
There are always parts that need to be changed according to changes in the body.
As a pioneer who learns of Taru’s body-changing today, I have an obligation to give appropriate guidance and education.」(Shin)


My big sister looked at me and said that as clear and pure as a priest devoting herself to the gods and Buddha.


「Right? For example…」(Shin)


My sister, after stopping for a moment, begins to speak again in a tone that reminds me of hiccups.


「Michelle who was brought by our father.
She is now our little sister, Michelle,
Do you think our attitude would change if she was our younger brother instead?
Do you think our feelings towards our little sister, that is our family important member after all those years, will change?」(Shin)


My sister’s question stabs my heart.

Michelle, our younger sister, lost her parents and was adopted by our family after various circumstances.
Even if she is our younger brother instead, the childhood days and memories that we had spent with her will not be lost, and there will be no change in our feeling that she is an important member of our family.


「It won’t change…
Michelle is our important family member no matter what」(Taru)


I couldn’t trust my big sister,
I was ashamed that I was only worried about myself.
I was keenly aware that my big sister was a big person in many ways.


「Ain’t that right?
It’s the same for me」(Shin)


With that said, my sister stared at me with a keen eye and clenched her fist with her right hand.


「This foolish little brother of mine!」(Shin)


Then she knocked her fist on my head.

A dull pain pierced the top of my head and ran from his back to my feet to every corner of my body.


「Tell me sooner from now on, you hear?」(Shin)


Mysteriously, the pain was filled with a certain warmth.
In my chest, which was closed due to my anxiety, I could feel a pleasantly warm and cheerful feeling.
Involuntarily, I looked up at my sister and my face become loosen.


「Don’t show that loose smile to anyone other than your family」(Shin)


My sister muttered something I didn’t understand and turned away while shaking her straight long black hair.





When my sister asks “Did I tell this to father and mother?”
When I answered that it should have been transmitted through the city hall, she got a big sigh.


「You know, no matter how free spirit they are, if they know Taru becomes like this, they will fly home.
I’ll call them now」(Shin)


Soon my sister started calling father on her smartphone.

Moreover, in speaker mode so that my father’s voice can be heard by me.

When my sister called, she got answered immediately.
She quickly confirms if they have received the doctor’s letter of introduction or documents from the city hall.


『Ah~ I got a lot of incoming calls from numbers I didn’t know …』(Father)


Somehow, behind his dialog, I hear a continuous sound that resembles a gunshot *Tatata*, someone’s screaming, and noise that encourages anxiety.

But father’s voice seems to be calm driving as he answers.


『Did Shintaru get any illness?』(Father)


The city hall staff may have called them many times.

The fact that he didn’t contact me at all, I thought that my father knows my current situation and is annoyed with the children.
Well, I was expecting it in the middle, but I guess he wasn’t told.

As for the city hall employee, they might believe that I have a guardian, my big sister, to keep watching me so they didn’t rush.

It was also convenient for me, who wanted to extend the timing of my changes being known to my family.

That’s why I take the problem as vague.


「Father, do you realize how carefree you are?」(Shin)


I regret (I take that back after) seeing my sister’s face like a Noh mask.

My sister was quietly angry at our father over the phone. She has a sharp air that seems to tear everything apart just by touching it.

… I’m sorry, father.

I should have called you from my cell phone sooner.


『Isn’t that okay~~
I can answer the phone of my beloved daughter ~~』(Father)

「Your beloved son is in trouble.
This phone call is about that matter」(Shin)

『Dear, I was informed that the mail arrived from Japan from the International Bureau of Turkey.』(Mother)


Amidst someone screaming in the background, my mother’s voice calls over. Was she in the backseat?


『Ah! that’s it. It seems to reach here soon』(Father)

「Over here?
Where are you now?
How is Michelle?」(Shin)


My sister rapid-attacks with questions.


『Ah~~, now we are in Pakistan.
We can’t bring Michelle together to this place where the situation is uncertain, so I left her with someone I can trust.
I’ll let her go back to Japan when summer is over~~』(Father)

Why are you in such a noisy place again…
Oh well, that’s fine.
Taro has a bigger problem (Taihen) than that」(Shin)


Then, briefly, my sister explained the situation to our parents, what she would do for the future, and hung up.
My father and mother, who knew my current situation, screamed as much as the hustle and bustle that I heard from the background.
Like: am I safe or am I feeling sick?

No, it’s not strange to worry about my health when my gender is reversed.
No, they were so rushed that I couldn’t tell if they were asking about me. Or if they were discussing with each other.

And when I get to answer a few questions over the phone (the parents call back, I guess)
“Your voice has really changed like a girl!” (This part is from Father)
I was impressed by the slightly different impression from my father. (You can see how carefree he is, this might be the first time he is surprised)


「Okay then, after we have a light lunch, we will go to the hospital.」(Shin)


My big sister finished the call in a demon mode like Han’nya, I couldn’t say anything.





My parents grasped my gender-change situation, they changed their schedule in a hurry and would return to Japan three weeks later.
At that time, Michelle will accompany them.
In fact, Michelle originally was supposed to be here for a while for the summer vacation period at her Japanese school.

After finishing the quick family meeting, my sister got ready. We went to the city hall, received a letter of introduction to the doctor on behalf of our parents, and accompanied me to the hospital.


「Taru should wear this」(Shin)


Of course, when we went out, my big sister forced me to wear Michelle’s clothes.
It might have been my imagination or my big sister’s eyes looking at me were shining mysteriously for a moment.

At the hospital, I underwent various tests such as CT scans, blood, and some sebum, but it seems that there are no abnormalities at this stage.

Yes, I was diagnosed as a healthy young girl with no abnormalities.

I was depressed by the result, but now that I have my big sister by my side, I was less anxious than I expected.

After all the inspections, by the time we got home, the sun was starting to set.

On the veranda where the sun shines, I take in my laundry with my big sister.


「…actually, I was scared」(Taru)


Once I was scientifically proved to be a girl, I honestly expressed my feelings without hiding anything.
My big sister, after hearing my opinion, stops collecting dry clothes.
And she nodded a little without looking.


「Me too…」(Shin)


My sister touches her long black hair with her right hand, she seems to be looking somewhere far away to calm herself.
Her line of sight is toward the setting crimson sun.
Somehow, her shadow looks dignified.


「Just like Taru, I thought there was something strange with me as well」(Shin)


I think she mentioned the mysterious phenomenon of becoming a girl but I wait without saying anything so as not to interrupt my big sister.


「Those two… Tom and Jerry」(Shin)


The duo of old-man (Oji-san) mercenary players, who are often on both sides of my big sister in Clan-Clan.


「Actually, they are my friends from the same department. But they said something strange about eight days ago …」(Shin)


In the game, they are middle-aged mercenaries but I heard that they are actually in their twenties. However, it was unexpected that they are the same age as my big sister and in the same university.


「I had never seen it before but then a strange building was built on the university campus before I knew it …
It was very similar to the church in Clan-Clan. However, those two said it had always been there.」(Shin)


To summarize my big sister’s story.

The university that she attends has several sister schools (branches) abroad. Maybe it’s a Catholic university.
That’s why there are Christian churches and chapels on the campus ground of some schools.
But then one day it was completely replaced by a church-like building like Clan-Clan.


「When I first noticed, Tom and Jerry were still in doubt but,
The next day, they insisted that “this sect has existed for a long time” and, on the contrary, they doubted my sanity.
Furthermore, they don’t even know what kind of religion is Christianity?」(Shin)


(T.N: I wonder the Author change the BC Before Christ to what now. Christianity was replaced with rainbow goddess religion)


That’s why, when I, her younger brother became like a young girl, she was worried about her eyes and memory. My sister was alone on this matter.

I see. That’s why she asked me if she had remembered it wrong.

She acted like nothing, but she was actually worried about it.
Therefore, I consciously speak out a strong voice to reassure her.


「There is Christianity.
I wonder if Tom-san and Jerry-san have studied history at all. I thought that the famous religion of Christianity was common sense.」(Taru)

「I see. That’s right. I’m glad that Taru knows it.
But everyone at the university takes it for granted that the building had always been there from the start, so it makes me wonder if I’m crazy.」(Shin)


Although she was relieved, there were small wrinkles between my big sister’s eyebrows.

If a building that existed in the game suddenly appeared at the school I attended, I might doubt my sanity as well.
The game would be so overwhelming that it became impossible to distinguish between reality and fiction.

What’s more, two of her university friends, who were playing the same game, Tom-san and Jerry-san, have long claimed that the building had always been there as well as other students and the majority of schools who didn’t play that game.

When everyone but you was certain of something, you might start to question yourself instead.


「That’s right. I will check with my friends, Kouya and Yuuki about Christianity.」(Taru)


My sister smiles lightly, saying that’s helpful.


「By the way, did you talk to those friend about what happened, Taru?」(Shin)


Hearing that question, I involuntarily look down.


「No… not yet …」(Taru)


Talking it out to Yuuki and Kouya.
Just like my big sister, they are important to me.
They even went as far as helping me during the disaster of my confession.

But my sister is a girl.
On the other hand, they are boys.

I was worried about what that difference would make.
Can we get along with each other like we used to?


「For me, it doesn’t matter if you are a younger brother or a younger sister. You are my important sibling.
Isn’t that enough?」(Shin)


So my big sister says.


「Taru is Taru」(Shin)


Then, she gently put her hands on my shoulder.


「Silly Jintaru, let me spoil you.」(Shin)


She hugged me tightly.
That warmth of my big sister is transmitted to me.
Somehow, it melts my anxiety.


「Mm… good girl, good girl」(Shin)


While saying that, my sister stroking my head.


「Hey, Aneki」(Taru)

「What is it, Taru」(Shin)

「Is your treatment a little different?」(Taru)

「My feeling that Taro is cute hasn’t changed at all.」(Shin)


*Pon pon* with a gentle hand, she put her hand on my head this time.


「However, at this age, if you’re stroking my head like in the game… is it okay?」(Taru)


My sister replies with a decisive tone to me who is mumbling.


「As your big sister, I won’t allow any objection」(Shin)


This brute force hasn’t changed at all.
Even if there are different feelings, there are things that don’t change.

Enduring the embarrassment of being hugged by my sister on the balcony, I vaguely thought about it.


「I’m going to buy Taru new clothes tomorrow. Of course, it’s girl’s clothes」(Shin)




「No way, Taru.
Don’t tell me you are going to do the hentai act of continuing to borrow and wearing the clothes of your little sister Michelle?」(Shin)


「This is an important matter, I need to take action quickly」(Shin)


My big sister smiles *Nikkori*




The dark veil starts to cover the madder red sky, the stars begin to blink.
The upset voice I made was sucked into such a quiet dusk sky.

(T.N: Something like this)


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