Arge Chapter 218: The Vampire and the mercenary.

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Arge Chapter 218: The Vampire and the mercenary.

「Tell you what… I’m not a candy maker, you know…?」(Chrome)

While complaining, Chrome-chan gives me freshly baked cookies.

「No, this time too, it wasn’t my intention……」(Arge)

Somehow I got up in the middle of the night and went out for some water a while ago.
When I went to the kitchen, I saw Chrome-chan baking sweets, and thus I accompanied her.

However, I didn’t ask for it, but Chrome-chan was the one who invited me.
When I pointed it out, Chrome-chan somehow became embarrassed with her cheeks reddened,

「… I know that. I will give you some, so don’t tell anyone」(Chrome)

Did Chrome-chan secretly ingest the source of “extravagant meat” in the middle of the night?」(Arge)

「I’m not fat!
Look, there’s no “extravagant meat”!」(Chrome)

「That’s true… it’s flat …」(Arge)

「Why did you look at my chest and not my waist when you said it?!
I knew it! I will kill you! !!」(Chrome)

Oops, I don’t want to be killed so I hold my mouth shut.

Chrome-chan’s face became bright red and she sighed.


It’s interesting to play (tease) with her in a different sense from Felnote-san.
But if I tease her too much, she might get seriously angry, so I have to do it moderately, but I just end up doing it without holding back.

「… It’s not that. I said that people mustn’t know that I was making sweets.」(Chrome)

「Is it bad to be known?
Do they get angry because butter is a valuable item?」(Arge)

「It’s not about ingredients because I bought it personally.
Simply put, it would be troublesome if people know that I could make sweets.」(Chrome)

「Ah, was that so?」(Arge)

In other words, does she hate being known and being asked to do it?

By the way, even when she gave me the cookies she made before, she reminded me that “Don’t tell people that I made it”.

I understand her feelings, so I will keep silent about it.

「Hmm … Ah, it’s delicious」(Arge)

While I enjoyed the crispy texture, Chrome-chan started to brief tea.

When I looked at her face, her cheeks became red and looked moody somehow,

「Hey now, you’re thirsty, right? Drink it」(Chrome)

「Thank you very much」(Arge)

Even she is quick to get angry, Chrome-chan is surprisingly caring.
She occasionally sees people in trouble casually helping out.

When we first met, we only fought each other so I didn’t know this side of her.
It was somewhat fun knowing it.

「After eating properly, remember to brush your teeth.
Don’t sleep with an empty stomach」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan told me more.
It’s strange that we talk normally like this, I think it’s just a little quirky.
As I looked at her amber eyes, Chrome-chan is also biting the cookie.
She seems to like sweets unexpectedly.

「I just have to clean it with recovery magic」(Arge)

「… Usually, people would rather brush their teeth than consuming magical power for something like that.
Just how much magic power you have?」(Chrome)

「Speaking of which, Felnote-san also said something similar.」(Arge)

The high-level recovery magic I use originally consumes a lot of magical power.
It would waste a lot of magic power if you use it instead of taking a bath. Normally, it would take less effort to take a bath instead.

Of course, that’s for normal people. It’s not a big deal for me, who has a huge amount of magic and resilience.

「Oh, this tea is delicous」(Arge)

「It’s a tea leaf with a fruity scent.
I like it.
It’s a little expensive though」(Chrome)

Is it so-called flavored tea?
Lemon tea, etc. also falls under this category, but it seems to be the same in the different world.

The scent was sweet and resembled a peach.
Chrome-chan keeps putting sugar as much as possible.
As expected, she seems to have quite a sweet tooth.

「Wafu ……」(Chrome)

「Chrome-chan, do you like sweets?」(Arge)

「Rather, I eat sweets when I’m tired」(Chrome)

「Tired … well, that’s right.
It seems that your nutrition is low …」(Arge)

「You just look at my chest again!?」(Chrome)

「…… Is it because you were an orphan and you didn’t have enough nutrition?」(Arge)

「Do you have a death wish?! Isn’t that right!?」(Chrome)

Oh no, I went overboard.

It was so fun to mess with her, so I lost the temptation.

Chrome-chan gritted her teeth, stared at me, and then sipped tea to swallow her anger.

Chrome-chan doesn’t sit at the table, she stands, looks down, and talks to me again.

「Actually, I didn’t plan have to develop my chest.
Obviously, it’s heavy and hard to move fast, right?」(Chrome)

「Haa, is that so?」(Arge)

Then why was she glaring so hard when I pointed it out?

「Well, just for a moment, when I look at that knight’s chest, I want to cut it off.」(Chrome)

She absolutely cares about that.

Or so I thought, but I swallowed it down.

「Generally speaking, your body isn’t that much different!?
This… this Tsurupeta (prepubescent)!」(Chrome)

「Oh, wait Chrome-chan, what are you…
Iya~… ~an~」(Arge)

「…W…H…Y (, a little bigger than me ……!!」(Chrome)

「N~ya, I… don’t know… that … hmm, Chrome… Chrome-chan, you are forceful… i~i…」(Arge)

I think it’s unreasonable for her to touch me without asking, but why did Chrome-chan get angry instead.
Even though I’m wearing her clothes, it really hurts when she gropes me so hard.

As I protested, Chrome-chan had a frightening look and let go.

「My… my bad, okay…」(Chrome)

「Ugu, I thought it was about to be pulled off…
You don’t have to be so forceful…」(Arge)

「To think you are better than me!
This is betrayal!!」(Chrome)

「Is this betrayal or something like that…
Pain pain, fly away…」(Arge)

For the time being, I applied recovery magic lightly on my tingling chest.

Chrome-chan seems to think that it’s bad while mumbling something,
Then she silently gave all the rest of the baked cookies to me.

「Uhm, thank you very much」(Arge)


With a sullen face, Chrome-chan went away.
What about cleaning up afterward?

Also, don’t mess around with people’s breasts too much.
Only to the limit that they can put up with it.

「…… Yeah, it’s delicious as expected.」(Arge)

The crisp sound echoed in the kitchen with me alone.

「Chrome? Are you there?」(Ginka)

「Ah, Ginka-san」(Arge)

「Arge? Chrome is… It looks like I just missed her」(Ginka)

Ginka muttered after seeing the two teacups on the table.

「Would you like to have tea with me, Arge?」(Ginka)

「Ah, yes. I don’t mind」(Arge)

I was thinking of going to sleep after finishing the sweets, but I was somewhat less drowsy because Chrome-chan rubbed my chest so hard.

After preparing new tea, *Here you go (Douzo)* I called out to the half-elf woman


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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Is large having midnight snack time twice with two different people?

    While I enjoyed the crispy texture, Chrome-chan started to brief tea
    * brief —> brew


    • Wait what! Did I miss something or does “ Loli o Mamoritai” have some grave illness/injury!? Or as in hearing no news because there were no updates since 2 months. 😦


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