Cathia Chapter 6-9: Training seen by the soldiers

Cathia Imouto

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Cathia Chapter 6-9: Training seen by the soldiers

Author’s Note (not me, translator)

This time there is a viewpoint change.
Please be careful not to mistake.

The monetary rate is 1 Ruci = about 10 yen = about 9.1 cent / 0.091 US dollar/bucks = 0.76 norwegian krone

Notice of large-scale training …?

I was taught by my seniors (senpai) and saw the notice in the castle the day before the scheduled date of the event.

――As expected, all the soldiers in the castle participated except for the personnel required for guarding.

If you defeat the red-haired female swordfighter Cathia Myers, who will be our training partner, you will receive a special bonus of 500,000 Ruci.


Speaking of 500,000, I think it’s more than my one year’s salary.

「Did you see it?
As expected, the amount of bonus is enormous.
Everyone is enthusiastic about overthrowing the said “redhead swordswoman”(Soldier/Knight)

「No, even if it doesn’t match the prize money of the fighting party.
It’s a pretty luxurious amount」(Soldier/Knight)

500,000, isn’t it?

That would make it much easier for me to send money to my parents.
By the way, I wonder if I should buy a new spear.
Fortunately, I will be able to participate in the training tomorrow because I will have free time.

I don’t know if she’s really as strong as the rumor, and I might as well try to fight her as a bonus.

「You, don’t you find it’s strange? Compare it with the fighting tournament champion.
That’s 20 million, isn’t it?」(Soldier)

「Kingdom soldiers can also participate, but basically, you might have watched it but you will not be able to participate.
Desperate because it’s an individual battle」(Solider)

Most of the fighting parties are colored by the fierce men who have been trained in Tobal (town name).
Then there are only some wizards of Cyrus (town name).

Even in the past tournaments, other than those, everyone has lost by the time the main battle begins.
Therefore, we have no chance of winning in the individual competition.

「We won’t lose in a group battle」(Senpai Soldier)

「Again, Senpai’s habit」(Kouhai Soldier)

「You fool (Ahou).
Do you wonder why we train every day to the point our hands feel like crushed?
If you give it away, you will lose our existence value」(Senpai Soldier)

Not limited to the Knights, Guards, there are many human races in the Kingdom Army.

It’s said that the former Empire, Garcia’s territory was the mother of the country in the past or a remnant of it.

When it comes to humans, they lose to beastkins with their physical abilities, lose to the elves with magic, and lose to the dwarves with their dexterity and weapons …
As a result, the soldiers of the Kingdom Army were forced to hone their group battle skills.

Occasionally, there are strong people in the half and quarters who are close to the human race, but only a few.

There’s no much difference for a purebred human race.

「Well, only the leader is strong for a human race, but it has been age anyway.」(Kouhai Soldier)

「That’s right.
It has been a long time since our Divine Blade / Sword Saint (Kensei-sama) disappeared, even though he is the only human who gets such a title.
This is a good opportunity, let’s see with our eyes.
Whether his disciple has the appropriate power」(Senpai Soldier)

「Uwa… Senpai sounds really great.
Even though your results of individual battles are almost the same as me」(Kouhai Soldier)

「…… Do you have any intention of respecting your Senpai at all?」(Senpai)

However, what does this training mean?」(Kouhai)

The fighting tournament is near and the castle is really busy with everything.

The higher-ups don’t tell me anything but there may be something that isn’t known because there are so many scholars from Cyrus going back and forth in the castle.

Even if I still have doubt about this situation, I will still carry out the training.

「Umu, isn’t this one out of “gas (EN)”? Like our…」(Kouhai?)

(T.N: Gas is in EN, I don’t know if Author means it literally or a slang)

「Ah… damn it, I’m so busy, here and there」(Senpai)

The guards are busy because of the scholar corps.

Since there are many people coming and going, there is heavy traffic every day at the entrance and exit of the castle due to identity inquiries and other reasons.

However, it doesn’t mean that a suspicious person can invade the castle by any chance.

「The last one is “That”, right?
That swordswoman is the strange one from rumor.
She is “That”, right?」(Senpai?)

「That amazing one, right?」(Kouhai)

It was said that she danced high in the sky and split the Wyvern in half with a sword.

At one time, she burned a horde of worms with magic that didn’t seem like a swordfighter or that the flames were still burning in that mine till these days.

She beats Lior the Divine Fist and makes him a subordinate.

Those three battles are circulating in the imperial capital in the paintings of the famous portrait painter Fina Raza.

Somehow, the duplicates are selling like crazy, albeit at a high price.
I’ve only seen paintings for sale.

… Somehow, there were many things that were totally unrealistic.

「Right Right.
All of those rumors have gone too far and are full of suspicion, right?
And the appearance of that lady, have you ever seen anything other than the pictures?」(Senpai)

「No, I haven’t seen it.
Anyway, those pictures are exaggerated and they are so beautiful, right?」(Kouhai)

Won’t it make a disappointing pattern when you meet the real thing?
I know it, I know it.

「No, that’s true.
She is really a beautiful girl.
A level that isn’t inferior to Princess Lily」(Senpai)

「No way.
Isn’t Princess Lily so beautiful that appears once in history?
How could a rugged swordfighter have that kind of beauty?」(Kouhai)

When I first saw her, I mistakenly thought that a delicate doll was walking.
Her mysterious appearance is very popular both inside and outside.
She often stays with Spike-sama, people have high expectations of her being the next successor.

「He~e. Oh well.
You can see her tomorrow anyway.
The one I actually saw is all about being too beautiful and much more than the rumor.
I felt that way」(Senpai)

「Does it mean that we should be warier when she looks too good?
No, the scammer who was caught the other day looked pretty normal, didn’t she?」(Kouhai)

I wonder what kind of feeling I should have besides wary.
Anything that is overkill, except the real one, looks like a lie.

Even in the case of human beings, I feel that it’s not right to easily trust others.
Well, we would be told that we’re too loose and full of holes!

It’s best if everything is average.

(T.N: Mile, you have a comrade)

「Oh, that scammer woman? She certainly was normal.
But well, we are soldiers and warriors.
If you actually pick up your weapon and face her, you can tell if the other person is a liar, right?」(Senpai)

「You can tell by actually picking up your weapon and facing it!
Kiri~! (T.N: admired/dumbfounded/excited scream)
… No, my senpai is too cool, I will follow you forever」(Kouhai)

I can’t say such a line.
How embarrassed.

「Hey, you will do fine!
Get out and carve the 51st defeat on your body!」(Senpai)

「What are you talking about, senpai, I must lose this time to be the 50th defeat!
You’re senpai, you’re the first one who reaches the 51st defeat!」(Kouhai)

There was an unbeatable low-level battle there.

Then the day of training.

Many soldiers were gathered at the training ground.
Is it about 200 people excluding security?

Everyone wants those 500,000 Ruci…
The number of people is everyone besides few people who have duty today.

Of course, I also want money.
Carrying a wooden spear for training and readying myself.

Next to me is my senpai, who I grow tired of seeing.

「Senpai, it’s not starting yet?」(Kouhai)

「I heard that Midir-sama would explain the training.」(Senpai)

「Ah, Midir-sama?
That person also smells big trouble (Taihen), isn’t it?」(Kouhai)

Midir-sama is a person who became a member of the information department immediately after leaving the knight academy.
He is good-looking, sarcastic, young, and well-positioned.
He might seem to be disliked when we hear such rumors but he isn’t.

At the behest of Spike-sama and his father, The Dagza-sama, the information manager, he’s running around every day, which seems to be busier than us, so there isn’t much repulsion.

Many people call him “the hardest worker in the castle”, and although I don’t know him, he is popular not only with women but also with men.

And that person came out.
Apparently, the leader is also with him.

Midir-sama raises his voice.

「The rules for this training are simple.
Everyone here will play a simulated battle with Cathia-dono in turn.
That’s it.
The order is decided by lottery, and the prize money is given to the person who first defeated her.」(Midir)

Does she have that much physical strength?

However, it’s a lottery.
There are a lot of participants and I wonder if it will go to the end?

No matter how strong she is, she will get tired on the way.

「Since the numbers are written on the lottery, the ones drawn are arranged in order.
Don’t be afraid, you are still a knight, regardless!」(Leader?)

「Senpai, let’s go!」(Kouhai)

「OOH… Eh? Isn’t the leader also drawing lots?」(Senpai)

「Oh, that’s true. Does he want to participate as well?」(Kouhai)

Looking at it, Captain Eisen is also drawing lots.

His hair has begun to mix between gray hair and brown hair, but his strength has not diminished yet.
He is still a model knight, spearhead, and commander of the battlefield.

It’s a nice man who is usually mistaken as weak.
And finally, it’s our turn to win the lottery.
When I open the paper and look at the number–
Is this too far behind?

「How are you, Senpai?」(Kouhai)

「Me?… 207」(Senpai)

Is it a serial number?
And when I actually line up …

「Is this “Booby”?」(Senpai)

「We are unlucky with the lottery, both of us. Can we even have a turn?」(Kouhai)

The first one looks happy.
He acts as if he already gets 500,000 Ruci in his pocket.

Damn it.

「Hah, young people are too hasty.
Didn’t I tell you that you can’t look big or small unless you are looking at the enemy?」(Captain?)

「No, instead of that, Captain」(Soldier?)

By the way, the last one was Captain Eisen.
I don’t know if he remembers our name, but we’ve been taught several times.

He just calmly stands quietly on the spot.

「Hey, here she came!」(Senpai?)

listening to Senpai, I’m looking ahead.
A young woman with long hair walks in from the entrance of the training ground.

The line is divided into several parts, so it’s good to see even from this distance…

I think my eyes probably wide open now (dumbfounded).


「Hey, your eyes and mouth are open.
Close it, close it」(Senpai)

It was the finest beauty who appeared with long red hair swaying.
Her hair is tied together at her back of the head and hangs down.
She shines mysteriously with her eyes burning red, more than anything else…

「Amazing “style(EN)”……」(Kouhai)

「Right?… Rather, I don’t think even our princess has it.
Because…. hi~i (*scared scream*――」(Senpai)

「It’s no good (Deme desuyo), Senpai!
You will be killed by the followers of the princess!」(Kouhai)

It would be better to say it as “slender”.

But it’s really amazing.
Those curves…
The limbs are also long.

Her height is high for a woman, the sharp style is very powerful and stunning.
She has a brilliant appearance in her standing.

Midir-sama controls the noisy place by hand and calms everyone down, then he speaks again.

「This is Cathia-dono!
She will help you all with today’s training!
Well, Cathia-dono, please say something」(Midir)

「Ah, uhm… well, thank you very much for your precious time today.
I will do my best, so best regards.」(Cathia)

… Humble!

My Senpai looked at me as if telling “Fufu, surprised?”

「Contrary to how she looks like, she is really mild, that lady… What?」(Senpai)

「No, that’s surprising.
I just imagined she was like a high-pressure dominating queen」(Kouhai)

Like “I will give you the honor to entertain me”

I mean, her eyes are sharp and her outer corners are really powerful…
It seems that other participants are also taken aback by her unexpected remarks.

「Oh, it’s about to start」(Senpai)

The first man’s specialty is… swordsmanship?
I don’t know how good he is because I don’t know him well.

The red-haired swordfighter, Cathia-san, has two swords, a long sword and a short sword.

However, since it is training, both are made of wood.

Since it’s a simulated battle, the basic rule is to disarm the weapon, hit the weapon in an unfavorable position, or get a blow.

「…… Hmm, no good at all.
There’s too much difference in the quality of the aura.
This is even terrifier when you are completely off guard」(Captain)

「Eh? What do you mean, Captain?」(Kouhai?)

The match begins before I get the answer to my question.
First of all, the moment when both parties lightly hit with their wooden swords.

「What the hell is that?!」(Soldier)

The man shouts.
The wooden sword in his hand was shattered into pieces.

Cathia-san’s swords, on the other hand, are completely intact.
…It’s still intact.


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I finished it before going to sleep.

I will translate Arge next

Estimated time: 15-17 hours (8 hours in it is for sleeping)


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