Mile Novel Chapter464: Engraved 3

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Mile Novel Chapter464: Engraved 3

『(Ki-sama, low way calling you) You, Why is that…?』(Elder Ancient Dragon, E.A.D for short)

Apparently, it’s no longer about engraving the claws and horns,
An Ancient dragon, who seems to be an elder, rages, and yells.

Apparently, he seems to be the true Elder, not the Chieftain/Leader.

『It’s a backdoor biography that only a few of us Ancient dragons know.
Humans shouldn’t be able to know…』(E.A.D)

Of course, many people should know about archaeological surveys.
The consensus of the old dragon is that the devils and beastkin are subcontracting …

So what the E.A.D saying is probably the subsequent part, “invasion from another world”

No, maybe the researcher explained it to everyone and there might be a reason that it has been keeping as a secret …

「No, it’s just an observational fact.
I witnessed what seemed to be a space-time rift three times, during the ritual of Another-World-Evil-God, the village of Dwarves, and the investigation of the Kingdom of Obram.
And a particular species that I met many times and defeated.
What the prehistoric civilization, which should have been a peaceful and mature civilization, tried to leave for the future generations, isn’t a machine for defense warfare nor a beam weapon but golems that are only sturdy for human bullet battles…
Oh, there were many other things, but the only ones that survived many years were the ones that were rugged, simple in structure, and sturdy …」(Mile)

Yes, the golem seems to have a sphere in the center of the body controlling all its functions, the other parts have a very simple structure, and it seems that repairs do not require much skill or materials. ..
… especially rock golems …

And because scavengers are logistical, they are quick and rarely be destroyed all at once in battle.
If it’s just an occasional failure, they can easily repair themselves or their friends without the need for a lot of materials.

Those that require special materials for repair are outside of scavengers’ limited range of action,
If they try to procure materials forcibly within the limits of the restrictions, they will come into contact with the human eye and be destroyed.
The utilization rate of defense equipment that requires rare materials for repair gradually declines, it’s unavoidable that they will stop the function in the end.

Now that the restrictions have been lifted by Mile, that worry is gone. …


The E.A.D is astonished.

It’s no wonder.
For generations, it was an exclusive knowledge for those who become Elder that they received from the last Elder… in the unlikely event that they needed to next one to take over the Elder job…
The knowledge is said to be a “backdoor tradition” and a “secret tradition” even among the Ancient dragons.

And it was easily told by a human being who was short-lived and who should have forgotten everything from ancient times.

And the E.A.D answered Mile’s question after groaning.

『…There are a lot of Kemomimi little girls in the Beastkin’s village, but I don’t see them around here…』(E.A.D)

「「「That’s it!?」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Rena’s group retorted (tsukkomi) and Mile felt disappointed…

     *     *

The folklore of the Ancient Dragons is secret to the general Ancient dragons and, of course, to other races, except for a selected few.
To keep the secret not leaking and spreading, you can dictate or kill the person in question.
But it seems that he doesn’t think about that.
Well, there must have been some people who knew quite a long time ago.

…… Hearing that, Mile’s group feels at ease…….

In other words, “Even if you already know the outline, it’s okay to provide some complementary knowledge.
On the contrary, the spread of slightly wrong knowledge, which is close to the correct answer, becomes a big obstacle “at a certain time”. ”
It seems to be a better idea to teach it properly.

Moreover, if the ruling class of human beings has been already informed a part of that fact, it could be a catastrophe, that is a recurrence of “Humans and Demi-Humans War”.
It was no wonder that the Elder decided to disclose some information.

『Once upon a time, people with excellent civilization lived in this world …』(E.A.D)

「Why does your talk suddenly become an old-fashioned story-telling!」(Mile)

『No, it’s an old tale/folklore after all…』(E.A.D)

「Ah, that’s right…」(Mile)

Mile’s thought was easily dismissed.

And the E.A.D continued to speak …

There used to be people with excellent civilization.

Then, they received a big blow in a certain event.
They managed to overcome it but they suffered big damage.
And they don’t know when it will happen again.

So those people left this land on a heavenly floating boat.
Leaving some people…

Among those who were left behind, there were seven wise men, the charitable people worked hard for the sake of the rest.



A New power.
A new companion.

『I give thee wisdom and power』(Wiseman)

『Pero-chan, protect those children』(Wiseman)

An ancient contract.

The meaning to exist.

Lost knowledge.
Perished civilization.
Disappearing people.

And a disaster that will reappear here someday.


『Pero-chan, protect those children』(E.A.D quotes Wiseman)

『Pero-chan, protect those children』(E.A.D quotes Wiseman)

『Pero-chan, protect those children』(E.A.D quotes Wiseman)

「So who is Pero-chan…」(Mile)

『Probably one of the “12 founders”, Pero-sama… Our ancestor』(E.A.D)

The Elder answered Mile’s question.

「「「「…………」」」」(Red Oath)

If it was a fact, not just a legend.
A crisis that could cause the world to collapse.

And the Ancient Dragons (mature ones) don’t really try to kill humans unless they are harmed, large-scale destruction of nature, mass murder of other races, etc.

「The founder means, “there was anyone before that” …」(Mile)


「Well, you don’t know, right? You weren’t there either.
It’s just that they have passed down the tradition …」(Mile)


Even if Rena’s group didn’t understand it, Mile somehow understood it.

In addition, it’s almost the same as the information obtained from that “resource-saving autonomous simple defense mechanism management system auxiliary device, the third backup system”.

「Do you know the “7 in 1 plan” or the “Super Soldier plan”?」(Mile)

『No, I don’t know』(E.A.D)

「Is that so?
Well, I might have a clue though…」(Mile)

Yes, Mile has a clue about 7 in 1 plan and those who have the excellent fighting ability.

「…Is that okay?」(Mile)

『What is it?』(E.A.D)

「No, aside from some of us, those who originally knew most of it,
It was a story that was kept secret from other Ancient Dragons…」(Mile)

Yes, there are 8 Ancient Dragons here besides the Elder.

But after hearing Mile’s words, the Elder shook his head.

『That’s what it is in a peaceful time when nothing happened.
When the time comes for us to show our raison d’etre, I must tell everyone.
If you tell it in peacetime, it’s possible that there will be some fools who are upset or willing to harm humans.
As expected, we, the Ancient Dragons…』(E.A.D)

Beyond that was an unspoken part for the Elder, but Mile knew what would follow.

(…are created by humans …)(Mile)


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