First of all: Sorry for the wait. I’m finally back.


1st: I’m an F2 in contact with a Covid patient, I was quarantine for 21 days. Well, no big deal, everything is negative, I’m still healthy.

2nd: I’m getting too old, my mother rushed me to marry. She finally set up an arranged meeting with a daughter of her friend.

The girl is question is really cute.

In the last months I tried to ask her out as much as possible (I spent to much time trying what to message her) but we couldn’t really go anywhere due to Covid.

I can only ask her out for breakfast together in the weekends.

A favor to ask:

No that I’m back, I have a favor to ask. Can anyone tell me what novels have been taken over, I dont know where to start and there are a mountain of message in my inbox to check.


  1. First of all, I’m glad to hear that you’re fine.

    Secondly, I’m very happy to hear that you’re achieving one of the huge milestone in life. I myself have been very busy with life and wasn’t able to read as much as before. But I have manage to secure myself a future house, which have been my dream since I was little. I know it’s a bit of a weird dream. But it’s the one that stuck all the way until now 😂. Though I’m still trying to find myself my soulmate so that the house will become a home 😆

    As said before, I don’t have much free time anymore. But I’ll try to drop by from time to time.

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  2. What is this ott enthusiast translator that translated mile 462,463,464 all of a sudden just now


  3. Heya, am Ott Enthusiast, the one who did the Average Abilities chapters 462, 463, and 464. Only saw this just now. Never would have thought you’d come back the same day I put up my own translations. What do you think of working together instead?

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      • Oh wow, thats fast. Alright, I’ll be honest. I actually wanted to translate this myself and take over in the first place. Now that you’re back though, I still kinda wanna do it, but I have NO intention of stealing from an active translator.

        I don’t think we can do the draft then recheck thing. You release so fast I wouldn’t be able to keep up lol. If we did that then I’ll be holding back your releases since I planned on releasing every 2-3 days.

        I said at the bottom of chapter 464 that this was to be my pet project over the summer. So how about I take over just until my classes start? It will start around August, then I’ll give it back. You can also put up my translations in this site.

        How about it? It’s fine if you don’t want to though, I understand. I’ll just find something else to to xD.

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        • Yes, we will do that then.
          Sorry to make you waiting for so long.
          Well, real life took more time to settle things up than I thought.
          I promise I will update as fast as possible for you to enjoy.

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        • Is that a NO to “letting me take over for the summer”? I’ll find something else to do then lol.

          But still, you’re translating a whole lot of series. I’m *very* willing to take Average Abilities off your hands. Just let me know if you wanna hand it off 😉

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        • PS. I’ll release c465 too if that’s fine with you. I just wanna complete the whole Engraved arc lol


  4. Welcome back, be careful not to over-extend yourself with novels, in all honesty I would just stick with what you have atm (Mile, Yuki, Cathia, Arge) and then once you finish a couple (Arge, Cathia) then consider getting Taru back


  5. I honestly think it would be a good idea if you made a Discord server so that you could more easily tell us about these important updates, both relating to certain novels and generally important stuff relating to you


  6. Hey there, I’m currently the guy doing the TLing at Pomello’d, who has picked up Taru. By all means, please come back and pick up Taru. If you’d like, I can finish up part 2 of chapter 74 first, or you can just start from there. Let me know how you’d like to arrange things. And welcome back, it’s great to see you active again.

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    • Yes, please.
      I’m translating from where before I hiatus, I will start from there, you don’t need to take down your translation or something because it’s totally my fault.
      I promise I will work hard to release as fast as you can for you to catch up and for you to enjoy as well.


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