Yuki Novel Chapter 1: Suddenly, I became a little girl

Description: Another Author loves Taru series setting and decides to make a similar Isekai series.

Japanese name: 創成の聖女 – 突然ですが異世界転生したら幼女だったので、ジョブシステムを極めて無双します

Translated name: Suddenly, I was reincarnated in another world as a loli Saintess of Creation, an unrivaled job system.

Source: Ncode.Syosetu

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Chapter 01: Suddenly, I became a little girl

 Before I know it, I wake up due to the Bird’s continuous singing.


Reflect in my eyes is an unfamiliar colorful bird. And when I turn my body, it flies away somewhere. When I try to get up, I can feel the soft grass in my hands.

Eh? Why am I in the forest?

Did I get drunk and fall asleep in some park?
Even though I really have a joint party after finishing work yesterday, I don’t remember drinking that much…

Not to mention, my eyes are rather low.
I feel that my arms are rather short. I can’t even get your hands out of the hem.

I’m an adult man, or rather I’m about to be 31-year-olds and be called an uncle.
As I wonder if I’m still half-asleep, I roll up my sleeves and check both my hands… it’s small.

And it’s not just that. When I look toward my pants, I can see that my legs aren’t sticking out from the hem either.
Rather, the clothes are rugged on both the top and bottom. It’s clearly different from the size of my body.
Besides, the collar is loosed and my shoulders are… completely visible!?

「What is this?」(Protag)

When I mutter unintentionally, the voice of a beautiful little girl (Bishoujo), like a bell ringing in my earlobe.


When I look around, no one is there.
Only the dense trees and I pretty much can’t hear anything from a distance.
In that case, maybe I’m the one who made this voice…

「No, no way… my Baritone voice」(Protag)

Even if I raise my voice trying to deny it, the voice is still young…
Rather, this beautiful little girl’s voice clearly shouldn’t come from an adult man.

Then, as I lower my face, I notice that it’s covered by slightly bluish silver hair.

It’s smooth and fluffy cat-like hair. When I lift it up and bring it close to the tip of my nose, it smells a little sweet.

My hair should be short and black. Why could it become silver and long like this?

When I turned my neck back, the silver hair was scattered on the ground because I was sitting down.
It’s probably around waist-long hair.

「What is this?」(Loli Protag)

Even when I ask (scream) that, there’s a cute voice melting into the air.
Why am I in such a forest? And a beautiful little girl’s voice coming out of my mouth?

There are many things that I don’t understand.
No, wait. That’s right.

 ――――Certainly, I must have been dead.

My parents rushed me while saying “why didn’t you marry yet?”
My friends who heard those complaints set up the joint party…
And I, on the way sending a girl who became acquainted during the party, I was attacked by a serial slasher,
So… I was stabbed while protecting that girl…?

In other words, this is the dream I have in a vegetative state or the afterlife?

If it was like that, I can somewhat agree with this strange situation

「Dream,  it’s a dream, right?… yes, it must be a dream」(Loli Protag)

I asked myself with a cute voice that I’m still unfamiliar with, and I stood up.
My pants were slipped down as I stood up, but it’s a dream, so I can’t stop!

「Nnn~sho (Heave-ho)」(Loli-Protag)

After that, I managed to fix my pants to my waist with a belt so that I could walk by rolling the hem to the limit.

The shoes are too big to fit in, so I’m walking barefoot.
The grass wet with morning dew tickles, but I can put up with it this much.
Because I’m an adult.

「Mu~fu」(Loli Protag)

When I realized that it must be a dream, it became more and more fun, and I decided to explore this forest.

My legs are short, so my stride is short, the sound of stepping on the grass is pleasant, and that tree has a strange shape, so I walked around while thinking that it was irresistible.

At the end of the walk over the trees, I arrived at a small quiet lake.

「Fufuhi… hi … so tired …」(Loli Protag)

Maybe because my body is getting smaller, it seems to be easy to get tired, and when I come to the shore of the lake, I collapse on the spot.
The sky I saw on my back was reddish and cloudy, and it was kind of dirty.

Contrary to that, the water filling the lake was very beautiful and reflected the surrounding scenery like a mirror.

「Mu… I wonder if this is」(Loli Protag)

I noticed it as I was watching… it was reflected on the surface of the lake.
I backed down and fell on my butt, it made my clothes a little dirty but it’s a dream so I don’t have to do the laundry.


…Eh? Is my behavior affected by my new body?

「Calm down, I’m a dandy uncle …
I was supposed to be an adult with calm behavior…」(Loli Protag)

However, when I regained my mind and looked into the surface of the lake, what was reflected there was…, as expected, a little girl.

「U~gu…」(Loli Protag)

The face is shaped like Scandinavian, with big eyes that are a little sleepy and a coherent nose bridge.
The beautiful little girl’s light red lips are like small cherry petals.

Her apparent age is about seven to eight years old or so, and of course, she has no breasts.

Overall, the pigments on the skin and body hair were fairly light, the eyelashes were the same color as the hair, and the eyes were jade, similar to the lake.
Every time I blink, the little girl on the surface of the water also snaps her eyes, and when I smile, she smiles cutely and stares at me.

「I knew it, it’s my face」(Loli Protag)

Cute to say the least.

Such a lovely little girl will definitely be loved by the mass.
It’s not my face, that’s the story. Very disappointing.

But why did I become a little girl in my dream?

I wonder if I had such a desire for transformation or something deep inside my heart that I wasn’t aware of it.
Even so, my favorite type of woman is a tall and slender onee-chan.

If it was a dream, I wish I could at least have fulfilled that wish.


Then I was staying there for about two hours.

Weren’t there a lot of things?
However, I didn’t wake up at all. Or rather, I wasn’t sure that this was really a dream.

The sense of smell and hearing are normal as well as the sight. And the feel, the coldness of the grass are transmitted from the soles of the feet.

This is strange, if it’s really a dream, I shouldn’t usually feel cold, right? It hurts when I try to pinch my cheeks. And I shouldn’t get tired of walking in my dreams.

「Maybe this isn’t a dream …」(Loli Protag)

When I mutter with a sloppy voice, the scene in front of me becomes more and more realistic.

What if… if everything were real, I would have been stabbed by a serial slasher then died and reincarnated as a little girl.
As this new body of mine has a memory of 31 years, what do you call it other than “reincarnation”?

Even though I don’t think there is such an unrealistic thing, I’m actually in a strange forest.
It’s hard to believe that I’ve dreamed so far.

But the biggest question is whether this place is the Earth or not.

If it’s somewhere on the Earth, I can ask for help and be protected. But if not… I’ll probably die, especially if I’m reincarnated in a different world like the one in some certain light novels.

Because I’m a little girl now after all.

How does a little girl survive such a dangerous world?
What can I do now that I’m getting tired after just walking a little, and feel that even adult clothes are heavy?!

I don’t know anything about this forest tree,
…As I look afar, I see a bear bigger than a tree walking…
In the first place, I’ve never seen a girl with silver hair like this!

「Absolutely, this must be a different world!」(Loli Protag)

It’s a checkmate, I’m dying in the food chain pyramid in this forest.

I don’t want to die!!!
I don’t want to die the second time!!!」(Loli Protag)

In despair, I lay on my back again and try to escape from reality, but there’s no solution.
Once I’ve experienced the pain of death, it’s no wonder that I don’t like it a second time.

However, when I was turning my body around with grass and soil, I suddenly found something unfamiliar.

「…What is this?」(Loli Protag)

At the east of the lake, the paved ground is hidden between the trees right in front of me.
Forgetting everything that I was worried about, I stood up and started walking toward the apparently unnatural man-made object.

I’m a principal that doesn’t think too much.

And this ground. It’s peeled off here and there but it’s certainly a road made by someone.

The ground made of stone-like material, such as brick, is cold.
As I went along the paved road while making a rattling noise, I gradually found that it was leading somewhere.

Hmmm, this is the smell of civilization …!

Maybe there are humans nearby. Then I should be able to get some help!

… No, wait, wait.

Let’s go here carefully.

It would be dangerous if they are indigenous people who couldn’t understand the language, or if they aren’t even human in the first place…
But I’m curious … So I’ll execute “Plan H”!

“Let’s go”(Rettsu~go)」(Loli Protag)

In other words, “Plan Hide”

I decided to hide in the shadows as much as possible, keep the sound as hard as I could, and proceed to the end of the road.

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  1. Funny this is described as similar to Taru, as I was just thinking about how another novel about which I could say the same was just announced to be dropped by its translator earlier this month (oddly at the same time as uploading several final chapters to pick a less cliffhangery stopping point, and then said it’s being dropped instead of vanishing forever from online.) However what it has in common with Taru is different than this. What it shares is mainly taking place in a VR online game with oddly sophisticated AI with some subtle hints that it may be more than a mere meaningless game, and with something strange involving the main character in real life (though instead of a strange recent transformation, she always had impossible seeming superhuman physical abilities.) It was called “Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming.”


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