Yuki Novel Chapter 2: Suddenly, I found the ruins

Description: Another Author loves Taru series setting and decides to make a similar Isekai series.

Japanese name: 創成の聖女 – 突然ですが異世界転生したら幼女だったので、ジョブシステムを極めて無双します

Translated name: Suddenly, I was reincarnated in another world as a loli Saintess of Creation, an unrivaled job system.

Source: Ncode.Syosetu

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Chapter 02: Suddenly, I found the ruins

Okay, okay…



Occasionally, I switch between going down the paved road and hiding in the trees like a ninja.

The width of the road gradually increased, and finally, I came out to the open space.

There is something like a mural that collapsed on a pile of rubble and a staircase leading to the basement.
This is… no matter how you look at it, it’s an archaeological site.
It’s a building with only the skeleton left, or a picture like the one I saw on a mystery program.

 「Oh… somehow, it’s amazing」(Loli Protag)

It looks quite old. And unfortunately, there are no people.

Well, at least, I just find out that civilization exists.
If I search in this way, I might find humans soon.

That being said, I’m now exploring all over this ruin.

The only thing that was drawn on the beautifully remaining mural was… human?
It is a picture of a human fighting with a giant creature.
The human side holds a tubular object in his hand and drives out a large number of beasts that look like a giant cow and bear.

This giant cow-like creature is probably the same as the creature walking in the forest a while ago.

This giant creature aside, I don’t think humans can beat the tree-tall bear-like creature earlier as well.

Perhaps this world has magic or similar power of that kind.
Otherwise, humanity wouldn’t be able to survive with those things walking around.

Or they may have been dead because I’m currently at the ruin of civilization.

「Fu~muu. Magic, right?」(Loli Protag)

If I could use magic, it became a little fun.

After all, magic is a man’s romance, the hellish fire that burns everything, and freezing magic that even stops time.
I can give as many chanting words as I like.

“Kuu…… My sealed right eye hurts… calm down my right hand…”

「Haa~…」(Loli Protag)

Even I did it as a little girl, it’s getting more and more empty.

In the first place, magic and magic eyes are different things. And while I was inwardly screaming, I came to the stairs leading to the basement.

It’s almost buried in the rubble but there is a gap that a small child can pass through.
It seems that the air is passing through, so it’s okay to go inside.

The problem is that the gap is small that only a small child can pass through…

「… No, I’m a child right now」(Loli Protag)

I soliloquy to my unfamiliar size and insert my body into the gap.

「Nnn~sho (heave-ho)」(Loli Protag)

After I pass through the rubble without scratching, I saw an abyss that spread beyond that.

It’s natural because it’s underground, but I forgot that there was no light, so I stood silently for a while.
How do I proceed?
Isn’t it better to turn back?

Suddenly, the groove on the ground began to emit light.

「Waa!?」(Loli Protag)

A vague light source extends from the ground, from the wall to the ceiling, to the end of the road, creating a straight line in the darkness.
The light, like a trap light, naturally pushed my feet forward.
While listening to my own footsteps in the cool air echoes on the ground, I walk all the way to the back.

It’s so long that I thought I’d turn back on the way.
However, when I look back, the pitch darkness is spreading, and I feel the pressure as if I would not allow it to return.

Maybe there is no choice but to move forward.

Fortunately, there was no fork in the middle, and there was only a small room at the end of the flat road.

The room is also carved with a groove similar to that on the way, illuminating the entire room lightly and there is no problem with visibility.
There is a pedestal in the center and something spherical.
The groove has also converged there, and there is clearly something in the atmosphere.

「What is that?」(Loli Protag)

The essential sphere has a fringed part that blinks repeatedly as if the heart were beating.

It looked like a fantastic sight to me and I kept staring silently for a while.
There is something that looks like letters engraved on it, and is it a lens?

And then… when I kept staring at the lens,

「――――Perform iris recognition and confirm that it’s a higher-level intelligent life form」(Mechanic Voice)

「Fu~Uoooo!?!?」(Loli Protag)

Suddenly someone’s voice echoed throughout the room.

It wasn’t a taut voice, it was a calm mid-low range…
As expected because it’s sudden I instinctively stepped back and stepped on the hem, the belt of my pants loosened and fell off.

「Fu~gya!」(Loli Protag)

When that happened, I couldn’t control my body anymore, and I managed to avoid falling over by touching the sphere.

The bottom is Pant-less though…

「Confirm all authentication, fingerprint, and pulse authentication. Delegate administrator privileges based on the registration process.
Administrator race fails to identify from sebum cells, please register individual name……」(Mechanic Voice)

「This is bad (Yabai)…」(Loli Protag)

And that also caused me to hear a mysterious voice.

「If you don’t register the individual name, user registration will not be executed.
Please register the individual name…」(Mechanic Voice)

While being impatient with the mysterious voice that constantly telling me to register the individual name, I take our hands off the sphere and take a distance.
Even if I was suddenly told such a thing, I don’t know what to do.

Or rather, what is authentication?! What is user registration?!

「If you do not register the individual name, user registration will not be executed.
Please register the individual name ……
If you do not register the individual name, user registration will not be executed.
Please register the individual name ……」(Mechanic Voice)

「Gu…」(Loli Protag)

「If you do not register the individual name, user registration will not be executed.
Please register the individual name ……
If you do not register the individual name, user registration will not be executed.
Please register the……」(Mechanic Voice)

「Ah, geez, I understand, I understand!
Yukio! My name is Yukio!」(Yukio)

(Noted: the “o” is a small letter, that even google-translate thinks it as Yuki like this Ai in the novel)

I thought I’d just wait for things to settle down, but the mysterious voice keeps saying the same words over and over again.
As expected, this wouldn’t open the door, so I sighed and shouted my name.

「Individual name Yuki… o… “Yuki”, registration has been completed. Completed delegation of administrator privileges.
Reboot the system…
There is a possibility of restarting several times, the scheduled end time of this work is scheduled to be 01:25 (pm?) in the world standard time notation.」(Mechanic Voice)

Immediately after I screamed, the mysterious voice just said so, and after that, it shut up as if nothing had happened.
It said something like restarting, but it seems that it became quiet for the time being.

And now I got the information that it’s about noon.
So what is it?


After a few minutes, the light disappears once from the sphere, starts to emit light again.
Then the whole room was illuminated with a dazzling light.

It seems that it is due to a huge block of crystal that is set in the ceiling.
I looked down to protect my eyes, and when I saw the same thing embedded in the groove, I was somehow confident, I think both of them started to emit light because I stepped into this basement and touched the sphere.

And as my eyes got used to the girl, I look back and found that there was no sphere that should have been on the pedestal.

「……Reboot completed.
System all green, transition to operating mode」(Mechanic Voice)

But I didn’t have to look for it, it was right in front of me … no, it was floating.

「You are my master」(Mechanic Voice)

Moreover, it opened and closed the lens like eye-blink, and spoke to me with the baritone voice I lost …

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