Arge Chapter 219: Ms. Hero’s story

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Arge Chapter 219: Ms. Hero’s story

(T.N: I don’t like using “-san” for anything besides the name so I use “Ms.”)

「Chrome thought she can go unnoticed but, in fact, some people are aware of her hobbies.」(Ginka)

「Well, that’s true」(Arge)

People can spot the sweet smell in the kitchen.
They can also notice that the kitchen has been cleaned up, and the number of rebels is rather low in the first place.
As long as they shared the kitchen, it couldn’t remain unknown forever.

「As expected, is Chrome-chan still unstable?」(Arge)

「Well, a little.
Speaking of “Cursed Chrome”, it was originally well-known… as a person in a bad way.」(Ginka)

「As a back-office business?」(Arge)

So a little far-off… No, it’s not」(Ginka)

Ginka denied my words by shaking her head.

The emotions in her golden eyes are complex, but I can only tell that she cares for Chrome-chan.

In fact, she often talks to Chrome-chan casually and invites her to a tea party.
She was always treated bluntly by Chrome-chan but she still talks to Chrome-chan many times because she cares.

「Everyone already accepts her.
For whatever reason she came, everyone understands her role in this rebel place and the magnitude of her achievements.」(Ginka)

「……It looks like so」(Arge)

There is no doubt about the power of Chrome-chan, and if she has been wielding that power, she will surely get a lot of achievements.

She followed me to the empire, but her history of moving into the rebels has nothing to do with me.
In other words, Chrome-chan thought and chose it for herself.
Whatever the reason, what Chrome-chan has done is Chrome-chan’s track record.

「But… she still doesn’t step in, so I don’t know when will she step in.」(Ginka)

「Well, she seems to be difficult to get along with… she gets angry soon.」(Arge)

「No, she is usually quieter …
You’re the only one who makes Chrome so emotional」(Ginka)

「Eh, is that so?」(Arge)

「Didn’t you notice …
Chrome is the type of person who takes a step back when she tries to associate with others.
She is the type that you won’t get closer than she need because she is pulling back too much.」(Ginka)

For me, Chrome-chan is expressive and good at sharp art, but it seems that she isn’t like that around others.

I thought people keeping a distance because she threatened the surroundings too much.
Like seeing a scary beast.

When I was still surprised, Ginka laughed and said

「So I’m a little happy.
I’ve never seen Chrome explodes so many emotions since I met her.
She showed me a little before but … she became more prominent after you came.」(Ginka)


「She doesn’t seem to be a mess these days either… so if you don’t mind」(Ginka)

「Well, talking to Chrome-chan is fun, so I don’t mind」(Arge)

Perhaps, she is satisfied with this answer, Ginka-san picks up a cookie and throws it into the air casually.

As a matter of course, a particular artificial spirit appeared from an empty space and scooped it up.

When she put the cookie in her mouth in a flowing motion, Shion-san’s eyes are wide-opened.

You’re really good at cooking, Chrome-chan」(Shion)

「You as well, Shion-san?」(Arge)

「Obviously, Shion is one with Ginka-san.
I can’t stay more than a certain distance away from her and we’re always aware of each other’s situation.」(Shion)

Shion-san emerges fluffy, sits on Ginka-san’s lap as a matter of course while Ginka-san accepts her as a matter of course.
The entanglement of jade hair and silver hair became a dazzling picture.

「Guardian spirit ……」(Ginka)

「Oh, that’s right, that’s right. It’s like that.
From morning to night, from changing clothes to eating meals!」(Shion)

「… I’m honestly embarrassed when she looks at me changing clothes」(Ginka)

Shion-san had a big smile on Ginka-san blushed.

「It’s just Shion’s hobby」(Ginka)

「In other words, I have no intention of stopping…!?」(Shion)

They are still good friends, so I thought it was a good thing.
Ginka-san cleared her throat as if she had regained her mind, and looked at me again.

Her golden eyes are serious and not lacking gentle.
Her words were also the same.

「Apparently Chrome likes you.
She might look like she hates you but… it’s complicated.」(Ginka)

「Is it something like that?」(Arge)

「Ah. That child is a little complicated…
Because she is a troublesome kind.
She seems cold and gentle, but when you get closer to her, she runs away.
It feels like a cat that sometimes comes home」(Ginka)

Somehow, I understand what she means.
She gets angry easily, complaining a lot but Chrome-chan is kind.

Otherwise, she won’t remake the broken cookies, she will get them for herself or she won’t share what she makes.

「Is it okay to do something that she hates?」(Arge)

「That’s true…
Umm. Let’s do it like this」(Ginka)

Somehow, Ginka-san’s action of clapping her hands gives me a bad premonition.

「It’s better to fight each other seriously once.」(Ginka)

As I expected, the seem-to-be obviously annoying thing came.



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