Yuki Novel Chapter 6: Suddenly, I won the title

Description: Another Author loves Taru series and decides to make a similar Isekai series.

Japanese name: 創成の聖女 – 突然ですが異世界転生したら幼女だったので、ジョブシステムを極めて無双します

Translated name: Suddenly, I was reincarnated in another world as a loli Saintess of Creation, an unrivaled job system.

Source: Ncode.Syosetu


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Yuki Novel Chapter 6: Suddenly, I won the title

Calm heart.

–Poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopo yopoyopoyopoyopoyo (Tapping on slime SFX)

My heart is still calm.

–Poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo (Tapping on slime SFX)

Calmly, keep hitting calmly.

――Poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo (Tapping on slime SFX)

Yes, against the slime.

Poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo poyopoyopoyopoyopo (Tapping on slime SFX)


It’s been three days since I started hitting slime that I can’t beat and I’ve been spending time hitting slime all the time today as well.
They just crawl around the lakeside little by little and don’t seem to go far.
Thanks to that, they play the role of my punching bag.

By the way, I haven’t defeated even 1 slime yet. They are repeatedly recovering from the side I hit.
Isn’t there a pain sensation?
Although if there is, I will feel a little guilty even it’s a monster…

But this is also a necessary sacrifice for me to level up.

「…… I wonder if this will be delicious if baked」(Yuki)

While biting the fruit of Rico, I keep hitting the slime in the other hand *poyopoyo*
Now it’s like a simple line worker’s work.
I’m getting tired of it a little, so should I try adding rhythm?

「Tan~ Tan~, tatatan~, tantatan~」(Yuki)

The movement of swinging a wooden stick is slowed down, and the rhythm is taken as if hitting with a percussion instrument.

「Tan, tan, Tan Tan, tatatan, tantan~♪」(Yuki)

The slime body bounces nicely according to the timing of my hits.
With that, I also start taking steps to make a leap.

「Tattatta, tatata~, rantatta~♪」(Yuki)

Oh, not good, it’s getting more and more fun.

As usual, I was crazy about the beat.
Perhaps because my mind is being pulled by my body, I never got such high tension in my previous life.


When I think the rhythm was too loose, I could shake the stick in small steps.

「Tatan~, tatan~, tatan~♪」(Yuki)

By dividing it into short pieces and hitting them, I feel like I’m at a climax while making various changes.
In my brain, I started to sweat like at “Budokan-live” from my previous life. And when I noticed it, I started to sweat for real.

「Dadadadan, dan, dansha~an, dandandan……ddan! Iyaffū~!!」(Yuki)

(T.N: Like drummer)

And finally, the moment I climbed to the climax and struck a wooden stick as if to leave a lingering finish with a strong force――――

『Obtained the title “First Class Leisure Person”(Notice)

『Obtained the title “Fang of the Weaking“』(Notice)


An inorganic announcement flowed in my head.

I Involuntarily stop hitting slime and stand on the spot.
And wherever the tension up to that point was, I stared at EX floating sideways with a suspicious face.

「Is it your voice just now?」(Yuki)

「No, I’m not the one who said it」(EX)

Then what was it now?

While I’m tilting my head wondering, a translucent window is displayed in front of me.
This is the same as displaying the status and seeing the analysis result of EX.


《First Class Leisure Person》

☆★★★★ (1/5 star)

Acquisition conditions:
Inflicts less than 3% of maximum health on monsters of the same individual for a total of 10 hours.

Stats gradually increases as the battle time elapses (up to 150% Stats)

The title was given to a leisure person who continued to attack endlessly without killing the same monster.
Time is money but life is a waste of everything except biological metabolism.
Then, even at that moment, spending time on meaningless actions is also life.


What is this title?

No, I’m indeed a “first-class leisure person”, and I’m sure I’ve been hitting slime for about 10 hours …
I never thought there was such a title.
The explanation is also quite philosophical.

However, contrary to the ridiculous name, the effect is amazing.
The fact that my STR is 3 will become 4.5 if the buff reaches the maximum value… It will be 5 in the notation.
Even though it only changes two numbers, the effect will be obvious with other higher stats.

And it seems that the stars indicate the progress of the title. But now that there is only one white star, it seems that there are still four higher titles left.

In that case, I should take a look at the other title.


《Fang of the Weak》

☆★★ (1/3 star)

Acquisition conditions:
Inflict 1 damage on monsters higher level than you 30,000 times in total

Increases 10% damage to opponents with a higher level than you
Normal attacks tend to be critical 30% of the times

Proof of a person who has continued to challenge the stronger opponent despite everything.
This is by no means barbaric courage but a sign of firm determination.
Now she will continue to sharpen her small and dull fangs, hoping to overcome the strong.


Hmm …?

I understand that the acquisition conditions are similar to “First-class leisure people”, but I wonder if the effect is inferior.
Well, for me now, I’m happy that the damage to the monsters will increase.
The critical rate should probably be a nuance like a blow of conscience.
Considering that, the 30% increase may be quite strong.

This title has three levels of maximum, but what’s the difference?


When I was thinking about that, the slime went far away.

Even though I’m not away from the lake, it’s a hassle to chase and hit again, so I’ll give it up today!
I have a lot of other things to do.

Author TIPS


It is a medal given to those who have achieved something, and its possession rate is less than about 10% of humankind.
Therefore, those with titles are given special attention and are sometimes worshiped as heroes.


  1. Not going to lie… that’s bad writing. She didn’t earn those at all. Why not just have her build her strength over time. That’s how she was doing it in the first place and would feel better. Also “critical”? How does that even work in a setting like this? Are you serious? Seeing something like this so early on is making me fear that it’s going to do stuff like this pretty often. At the very least I hope she ages a little.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Didn’t earn those at all”.. You must run or work for a very, very “black” company, if you think employees working for 10 solid hours without a break is not worthy of a salary because they did not “earn it.” Our little girl MC did not just beat on that slime once or twice and get a title for nothing. She pounded on that thing for 10 solid hours without giving up for even a moment, only stopping when she got that notification, so yes, she did earn that title.


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