Mile Novel Chapter 467: Wonder Three’s journey

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Mile Novel Chapter 467: Wonder Three’s journey

「Ice bullet!」(Marcella)

Bushu! (SFX)

「This is the last one.
Is there anything we overlooked?」(Marcella)

「Yes, there are no monsters or animals other than the Horn Rabbit nearby」(Monika)

「Then I will store it」(Marcella)

Nodding to Monika’s reply after confirming the surroundings with exploration magic, Marcella stores 4 orcs which were defeated by the three of them in the item box.

The storage is the same no matter who puts it in,
But for the time being, the girls won’t know when and who might see it, so Marcella will be the one who put it in and out of the item box as usual.

As the girls decided the other day about their Item box… storage magic.
The setting is that only Marcella can use it, so it’s a wise idea to do so on a regular basis while being alert and preventing spies from appearing in unexpected places.

Of course, when it’s absolutely safe or when they easily escape, for example, when walking on a highway and there are no people in front or behind. During such cases, Monica and Oriana can take out replacement water bottles and fruits from the item box.
In addition, in emergencies, the ban can be completely lifted depending on the situation.

「Well then, shall we go back?」(Marcella)

「Okay. however, thanks to the item box…
No, thanks to “storage magic”, our earnings have increased dramatically.
In the unlikely event, we don’t have to worry about getting deposits from the guild account of the capital.」(Monika)

Monica called it “item box” and hurriedly rephrased it as “storage magic”

Yes, they have to say that on a regular basis, they don’t know when they will unconsciously talk about extra things.
They decided that the term “item box” would be used only when they were alone and it was necessary to distinguish it from storage magic.

「Yes. thanks to that, we can be flexible about how to do requests.
…Well, the guild won’t reveal the hunter’s secret so easily, but it’s best to take safety precautions.」(Orianna)

Oriana also agreed with Monica.

Yes, for luggage such as 4 adult orcs, to carry them from the forest to the city, we will need 10 or so strong male hunters, that’s unlikely to happen.

Hunting orcs isn’t that difficult but no matter how many orcs you hunt, the rewards for subjugation aren’t so high.
Only if the hunters can bring the meat back for sale, they can make a lot of money, but because they can only carry a small part of it, they can’t gain much.

If they bring a big party to carry it back, they will earn a lot of income, but it’s meaningless if the number of people they need to share the rewards also increases.

Yes, right now, “Wonder Three” has got that cheat just like Red Oath to easily earn more money.

「Adele-san has always helped and given us a lot.
Ever since we were in school…
This time as well, we went to see her thinking that we would be able to return the favor for what she had done so far… but in the end, we gained cleaning magic, other tricks, and even Item Box…no, even storage magic…
We have to do something before we see her next time …」(Marcella)

While Marcella is in the middle of saying it with an embarrassed face… Orianna cut in…

「So, what’s about our magic power…」(Orianna)

「「…………」」(Marcella + Monika)

It was no wonder that Marcella and Monica were silent.

There was no such thing as “increasing the power of magic” in the new magic taught by Mile. Mile doesn’t explain anything about it either.

However, at this late of the game, and they got used to the “phenomenon that went beyond the bounds of common sense”, so Marcella’s Trio just quietly accepted it because It’s Mile they are talking about.

「It’s Adele-san’s work.
But Adele-san isn’t aware of it at all.
That’s right, probably…」(Marcella)

「It must be Adele-san…」(Monkia)

「It’s Adele-san……」(Orianna)

「「「Ha~a……」」」(Wonder Three)

     *     *

Kara~ran (Door bell SFX)

“Wonder Three”, we are in the middle of a training trip.
We look forward to working with you.」(Marcella)


A blow of conscience was released along with the sound of the doorbell!
The room was surrounded by silence.

Three little girls who don’t seem to be a C-rank party.
If for some reason… the hunters wonder if there’s a genius magician girl, a daughter of Kensei (sword saint/ divine blade), someone who has been educated as a genius since she was a child…
Even if they got a skip-register, the girls aren’t old enough to embark on a training journey.

And then, their equipment and appearance… they are cute alright but their physique, muscle attachment, physical condition, etc…
It was obvious that none of them had talents for martial arts.


The silence in the room continued, but Marcella’s Trio walked toward the purchase counter without worrying about it.
…They got used to this kind of reaction. That’s all.

「We want to report for the constant delivery request, please (Onegai Shimasu)」(Marcella)

For the delivery of medicinal herbs, meat, fur, etc., it is usually always requested at any guild branch, and there is no need to order in advance.
Therefore, it’s normal to hunt or collect items on the way to the next destination, but it’s also difficult to carry a lot of luggage during the trip.

Normally, the hunters only bring a small number of expensive herbs and rare ingredients, or small animals hunted in the immediate vicinity of the city.

「…O…Oh…」(Purchase Clerk)

Due to the construction of the building, large items are delivered next to the reception desk in the main building of the guild. There’s also the back door that goes directly to the dismantling site on the back. But of course, for light material like medicinal herbs, it would be easy to purchase at this purchase counter.
So, while paying attention to the personnel composition of “Wonder Three”, the Purchase Clerk urged the girls to take out the collected material.

Don! (SFX)

Don! (SFX)

Don-don! (SFX)


The Purchase Clerk, as well as other guild staff and hunters, shouted out loud at the 4 orcs that emerged from the void.

「「「「「「A Red Oath look-alike party!?」」」」」」(Everyone)

Yes, this is the guild branch in the city, along the main road of the Kingdom of Vanorak, west of the Kingdom of Brandel. One of the guilds which have already been visited by Red Oath…

「If it’s the place Adele-san’s group has passed once, it will easy because all we have to endure is “AGAIN? (Mata-ka)”…」(Marcella)

Yes, in a city where Red Oath hasn’t stopped by, “Sto… storage magic! What a capacity it is!”, and “Join our party!” and, so on.
It’s a hassle, but things go very smoothly in the city where Red Oath would have stayed.
It’s strange but hunters rarely tried to solicit.
The girls wonder why.

…It’s probably because everyone seems to be a little scared…

And, after the Marcella’s Trio left the guild branch …

「… Well, unlike Red Oath, they’re all still underage children, aren’t they all naive little girls?
If we can capture (conquer/seduce) them well, we will get that stupid capacity storage and the girls at our mercy…」(Hunter 1)

There was a man who said that but another person who seemed to be a member of the same party shook his head.

「You know what
In that “Wonder Three” party, there are…
A natural-looking underage girl who uses storage like Mile
A busty woman who looks like a mind and tender girl like Pauline
And there was a small girl who seems to be cheerful and talks well like Rena?」(Hunter 2)

「… Ah, ah… true.
But what’s wrong with that?」(Hunter 1)

「They have a similar structure to Red Oath, but… in “Wonder Three”,
There’s no one in the role equivalent to Maevis of Red Oath, who acts as the conscience of the party to stop other members
That means…」(Hunter 2)

「「「「「「There is no one who can act as a brake when a catastrophe is about to occur!!」」」」」」(Hunters)

Inside the guild, everyone turned pale and stayed quiet.

And this story was passed on to the guild master through the staff, the guild master in a hurry said “Never disturb or anger them at any cost!!”, it was notified to all guild officials and hunters…

「… But what exactly did Adele-san’s group do at the guild branches around the world…?」(Marcella)

「「Who knows (sa~a)…」」(Monika + Orianna)


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