Taru Novel Chapter 61: Shopping★

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T.N: I got vol 4 cover

Taru: Oh readers, your Taru has returned even stronger.

Taru: Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu.

Taru: Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu.


Taru Novel Chapter 61: Shopping★

Author’s Note:

I received an illustration of Taru from the reader “Poyocha”.
Thank you very much.

I want to share this joy together, and I’m too happy to post it.
Please forgive me, readers.


My voice was somewhat sloppy.
However, it sounds strangely cute, so I yawned to get rid of my drowsiness, despite how unnatural it was.

The summer sunshine is strong and the white glow of the lace curtain is dazzling.

Recalling last night, I stopped leaning on the wooden chair in my room and stretched out to fix my tiredness.

Last night, after confessing everything to my big sister, there were a lot of events that put a lot of mental stress on me.

I was overwhelmed by the words that my sister and brother didn’t need to hold back and I was at the mercy of my big sister.

So, what is the event that made me realize my powerlessness?

It was mainly bathing with my big sister, which would be the first time in years.

「Taru, let’s take a bath」(Shin)

「Please go ahead」(Taru)

「What are you saying? Taru will join me」(Shin)


I was astonished when my big sister said these words without any warning.

Needless to say, I doubted my sister’s sanity for a moment.
What kind of brother complex she is to have a 16-year-old little brother and a 19-year-old big sister taking a bath together?

But my big sister looked seriously and said:

「Do you know how to wash such long hair properly and evenly? The inappropriate mean is no good.
Also, as for the way of care, even the rinse should be lightly grasped in the part…
And that’s right, the brand you should be using is…
Besides, the treatment should be done after a while…
Ah, the most important thing is how to dry.
And yeah, how to wash your body, especially, a young girl has delicate parts so don’t wash with soap」(Shin)

My sister chanted beauty spells, asked questions with a solemn expression after she had finished saying how to do it in the bath.

「Do you understand just by listening?
Can you do it?
First, you hid something this serious from your big sister, it bothered me greatly. However, Taru isn’t a foolish brother who plans to bother me twice or three times, right?」(Shin)


There was no room for me to argue against my big sister.

「……Can’t do」(Taru)

I wasn’t confident that I could get my sister’s passing score just by listening.

Then my big sister says.

「Taru… You’re around the age, so I think it was around the time when you realized how important it was to get dressed.」(Shin)

Hearing it from my big sister, I remember Akane-chan, who had failed with the human waste confession.

I listened to her tastes, made short hair and waxed it, and arranged it to match my mediocre face.
I understand how important it is to have a safe hairstyle that brings out the best in you.

「For example.
If you, too, were to neglect your appearance when our little sister Michelle was around, would you be able to teach her as a big brother in her life?」(Shin)

My big sister emphasizes with her index.

「That’s what it is for me now」(Shin)

Somehow I understood what she wanted to say.

「Taru, you have longer hair than before」(Shin)

「Then, I will cut――」(Taru)

My big sister puts words on my remarks.

「Your hair is closer to me than before,
So, you will have your hair taken care of according to my instructions」(Shin)

There are a number of things that don’t make sense.
But my big sister decided on something and chose her words.
From a while ago, she never mentioned the word “girl”.

Girl’s hair, hair quality, constitution.

This may be an implicit indication that I’m her younger brother.
She shows her consideration for things that are similar to sentiment to me who still cannot accept reality.

「Then, it’s decided」(Shin)

However, when I saw my big sister’s face at that time, I thought…
Is it just me or she seem strangely happy?

That’s how I decided to take a bath with my big sister for the first time in about eight years.

Of course, my big sister wrapped a towel to hide her body, but as a man in the middle of adolescence, I can’t help but be nervous.
What’s more, my big sister has outstanding proportions.
Even I, her family member, can’t help but find her attractive.

Moreover. Moreover.

My big sister even ordered me to show her everything while she was hiding her body.
Just think about it.
I’m a 16-year-old high school boy, show my own body to my real sister?
Are there any emotions other than embarrassment to death?
No, no.

「The doctors may say so but I’m not convinced if I don’t make sure there’s something wrong with your body.」(Shin)

I couldn’t voice my opinion and I couldn’t refuse because she was worried about me.


I actually touched it, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
Geez, how strange」(Shin)

Where did you touch, What I did was thrown away in oblivion?

Ah, that’s right!
Siblings are like a kind of fantasy!

Since then, my big sister’s cheeks are always loosened with joy
She was happy to take care of me even though I didn’t ask.

Was it worth it?

I wondered,
She’s a strict big sister on the outside,
But she sometimes has a sweet attitude with Michelle, I was convinced that she might be like this.
I fell asleep last night.

「The breakfast was delicious …
My big sister’s cooking skills are very high」(Taru)

And the breakfast was my sister’s scrambled eggs and cheese toast.

At first glance, it’s not like cooking but my sister’s scrambled eggs are exquisitely seasoned.
It’s even more fluffy to the level that she can be proud of whenever she married.

Even the cheese toast was devised.
First, mix milk and corn soup, add melted cheese, and lightly put black pepper as a spice to finish.
Then, make a thin notch in the bread, lift the lid, pour the cheese into that space, and toast it.
The so-called cheese fondue toast.

You can also eat cheese with various vegetables attached to a plate of scrambled eggs.
It’s also good to sprinkle the melty cheese trapped in the crispy bread.

I wonder if that’s the reason why I feel sleepy after the meal,… but I need to go shopping.

Since the room is equipped with a cooler, the temperature should be just right but it’s not.
Perhaps because of the high outside temperature, it makes me feel warm and drowsy.

It may be better to lower the temperature of the cooler a little more.

With that in mind, I reached out for the remote control, but then my arm stopped moving…
The reason is that I noticed my own thin arm, which is pure white with no stains like snow.

「Why is my shoulder so short…」(Taru)

That’s right, right now, I’m…

As my big sister told me, I was dressed in the sleeping clothes that my sister Michelle used to wear.

A thin one-piece type with a short length based on white.

Let’s say it again.
It is a thin one-piece type with a short length.
In other words, a skirt.

This is also the compassion of my older sister, It’s the result of me being grateful to her.
I was dressed by saying that it will be enough for a reward.

As expected, I still feel uncomfortable wearing women’s clothes.

Well, I’ve been wearing it since last night, and I don’t feel that strange.
Rather, when I’m lying down, the lower half of my body is fluttering because it makes me easier to sleep…
I’m definitely not familiar with it!

Which big brother is wearing his little sister’s pajamas one-piece swimsuit? No, not.

However, I think the reason why I don’t feel strange may be due to the experience of wearing a women’s dress in the virtual world of Clan-Clan.

It’s unexpected that wearing the dress given by Misora-san and seeing that Okama-san help me prepare my mind.

In many ways, the game helps me mentally ready.


Nevertheless, as I realize the difference between the men’s design and the details that I was used to wearing until now, I suddenly feel sick.

「The side is soothing」(Taru)

It’s fine because it’s cool (temperature).

As I was wondering myself such meaningless things, my big sister’s voice calling me echoed from the dining room.



「It’s hot」(Taru)

「It sure is hot」(Shin)

My big sister and I took a bus to the nearest station and walked for a few minutes.
I arrived at the entrance of a large shopping mall near the station.
As my big sister declared yesterday, we came to buy my “girls’ clothes”.

Even though it was reluctant to go shopping at first,
Thanks to the steaming heat and the shining sunlight, my will was melting.

「Hey now, Taru, let’s go」(Shin)

Not knowing the feelings of her little brother, my big sister grabbed my right hand and walked through the automatic door.
For a moment, the cold air generated by the cooler in the mall blows on my cheeks and relieved my tiredness a little.

「First is underwear.
It’s not good to wear sloppy trunks forever」(Shin)


「What!? Did you plan to wear Michelle’s underwear?」(Shin)

No, this isn’t hentai where the big brother wears his little sister’s panty.

「Aneki, I’m okay with trunks.
Isn’t it fine because it’s rarely seen by other people?」(Taru)

There’s a reason that I and Michelle are wearing those.
It’s a delicate part」(Shin)

My sister didn’t ask for yes or no, she dragged me to the underwear corner halfway.



「By the way, how old is Taru’s body right now?」(Shin)

Didn’t she just touch me in the bath yesterday…
Somehow, my big sister is sloppy and crazy about bear panty for kids.
Hearing those words makes me embarrassed and move quickly to the corner.

「This, this is…」(Taru)

However, it was a bad decision on the contrary.

After I got lost from my big sister, in front of my eyes is a paradise of underwear with various colors of light silk comes in.

「It’s too stimulating, dazzling ……」(Taru)

For young people, this scene is bad.

Light pink, sky blue, emerald green, pure white.
A space that high school boys should never look at up close.

Unknowingly, I swallow my spit.

Before I noticed it, I was looking at the pure white pants in my hand.

But my heart is rather upset, not excited like I expected.

No, it may be suspicious.

…Even with such a small area and thin fabric, it seems to fit perfectly, I can’t be more embarrassed!

Too much for my heart! If you want to cover the delicate parts, you should make it more solid!

Women in the world wear such unreliable pieces of cloth, and if they are not good at it, it might be slip through and the inside might be seen.

「Are you Customer? I wonder if this size is better?」(Clerk)

「Wa~ hi ~i~」(Taru)

When I suddenly heard the voice of the clerk from behind, I unintendedly scream.
My big sister noticed it, walked up to me with a funny smile on her face.

「What’s wrong? Does Taru prefer that mature design?」(Shin)

「Stop (Yamero)…」(Taru)



In the end, two bear panties recommended by my big sister and two spats-shaped underwear set with a sports bra.
She bought one adult pair of underwear as well, a total of five.

The memory of trying the bras is embarrassing, I feel like dying, I want to erase it from my memory.

「Well, it’s finally time for your favorite clothes」(Shin)

My sister’s eyes were shining strangely and she was motivated after coming to the mall.
My tension goes down steadily in inverse proportion to it.

Or rather, being with this big sister of mine makes me feel more tired than usual.

One of the reasons is other shoppers keep glancing at us.

It’s probably because of my appearance as a silver-haired girl, which is rare in Japan, but I thought it was more due to my big sister.

Her slender legs have a beautiful curvaceous beauty and her hips are very high, her body looks slim probably due to her tall stature, etc.
And it gives a refreshing impression to the viewer, and the most amazing should be her outstanding twin hills.

And jet-black hair that spread out glossily, the beauty that more than eight out of ten people would want to see twice.

If such a beautiful big sister and I, who look unusual in Japan, were holding hands, there was no reason why we wouldn’t stand out.

What’s more, I was surprised that sometimes high school girls went *Kya Kya* and gathered around my big sister, begged for autographs.

「Is this Shinki-san’s friend?」(High school girl)

「This child is so cute!」(High school girl)

「Foreigner perhaps?」(High school girl)

As they stroke my head, there are many girls asking questions like a machine gun while raising their excited voice to my big sister.
My sister responded to all of them with a refreshing smile and brilliantly.

「It’s my relative.
I hope you don’t snoop too much」(Shin)

Ever since she was in high school, my sister had been doing some modeling work under the name of “Shinki” because of her cool beauty look.
Her sister’s favorite four-letter idiom was “up-and-coming”, and she answered something appropriate in handling her fans.

I hadn’t heard much about my big sister’s work because she wasn’t very interested in talking about it.
But I think she was the kind of person she would occasionally feature on the cover of a local fashion magazine.

Or rather, since she appeared in some commercials recently, is she somehow an entertainer?

I’m not sure but I felt somewhat uncomfortable because I didn’t know much about my big sister.

I mean, uhm… I’m sorry.

After that, not only women but also men, middle-aged people, and grandmothers (oba-san) called out to her.


Big sister, let’s go.

I could only mutter a few words and I stopped.

Seeing my big sister smiling and treating everyone equally and dignifiedly.
When I saw my sister in work mode, I knew it wasn’t good to get in the way.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had such feelings about my big sister and I’m surprised at myself.

However, I get the feeling that my sister is getting farther away.

Perhaps because of that, there was a lump-like lead smoldering in the back of my chest.

「Taru. Before buying clothes, do you eat anything?
Like ice cream, perhaps」(Shin)

To care for me like that, my big sister suggested so when the people who approached her started to scatter and finally settled down.


I wasn’t hungry yet, but I agreed because I wanted to sit somewhere and relax a little.
Let’s flush this subtle feeling that feels like sticking in my throat with some refreshing ice creams.

Then we went to the food court, lining up at the ice cream shop together.

It’s not hot because there are air conditions. But my throat was a little dry so when I think of the moment I could have some ice creams, my saliva naturally moistens my tongue.

「Aneki, what do you want (order)?」(Taru)

I point to the menu table above the counter and ask my big sister.

「I will get (order) another of Taru’s favorite ones.
We can eat, compare, and share them together」(Shin)


I’m obediently spoiled by my big sister’s handsome lines.

Can I choose whichever I like?

Strawberry milk tastes good, but
Uji matcha orange is also hard to skip away.
Hmm, I don’t have to worry about the taste of Apple Ala Mode.
Mmm, what’s about chocolate chip cheesecake?!

Anxious. I’m wondering what to do.

To tell the truth, I liked sweet things.

However, before this, as a man, I didn’t have the courage to buy such a cute thing but now I can choose it naturally.
I mean, even though I hesitated to line up at such an ice cream shop, it’s nothing unnatural for me now.
In that respect, moments like this are the first time I’m grateful for being in this form.

And I noticed it there.

Isn’t this just a little girl who shares ice cream with her big sister?

I don’t need to be afraid.

No, the desire to taste two types of ice cream mercilessly crushes my pride.
But I can’t lose heart here.

「Aneki, you choose your favorite ice cream after all.
It’s kind of embarrassing to share」(Taru)

I won.

I am the victor.

I chose pride over desire.

But I wonder why?

I’m full of vain feelings.
It was as if I could finally find my favorite food in front of me but I couldn’t move because I was stuck with a collar and I felt lonely like a pitiful puppy that couldn’t find food.

「Taru. Which is better, double or triple?」(Shin)

「Double …? Triple …?」(Taru)

「That’s it.
Double means you can choose two ice creams, Triple means you can choose three ice creams」(Shin)

Goodness gracious, is my big sister a goddess (Megami)?

At this timing, I could only speak out the words I wanted.

「It’s Triple」(Taru)

I was so excited that I answered in a loud voice.
The girls lined up in the front look back and glance at me, then look at me twice and three times, but then I stop worrying about it and dig into the menu.

I knew it, I knew it.

First of all, the top is simply a sweet and rich strawberry cheesecake.

From there, let’s roll the orange sour taste that is decided by the refreshing citrus with a big gap in the mouth.

And lastly, a great favorite as a natural choice for a Japanese boy who has mastered enduring wabi-sabi.
Yes, the Uji matcha milk, which will bring out a deep flavor.

「I knew it… Taru-chan?」(Girl)

A satisfying ice cream perfect plan is completed, as I was planning about it, I closed my eyes.
But then, the girl who was waiting in the front suddenly called my name, no, the character name in Clan-Clan.


I open my eyes and look forward.

「No way (Uso)… it’s a real Taru-chan」(Girl)

「I knew she uses the real module but…」(Girl)

There were two high school girls.
They stare at me seriously.

Well, I probably have a (Pokan) dumbfounded face right now but I stare back at them.

There is one healthy girl with a slight sunburn mark, bob cut, and cheerful cat eyes.
The other girl has semi-long fluffy hair.

One of them was strangely familiar. That’s it (Are~datta).

This girl seems to be active.

She’s Glenn’s real sister.
At first, she made fun of me because I could only use alchemy skills. And now, she often interacts with friends in Friend chat as Yurachi.

「If my stupid Aniki sees her, he might faint.」(Yurachi)

「In reality… If you look at her here, she is even more…」(Girl 2)

The two sighed and their cheeks flushed.


「Yup, Cute」(Girl 2)

And they close the distance.

「Taru-chan! It’s me, Yurachi!」(Yurachi)

「I look different from the characters in the game, but I’m Shizuku」(Shizuku)

The girls in front of me pointed to themselves and introduced themselves.

「「We meet offline and go shopping」」(Yurachi+Shizuku)

(T.N: Yurachi uses “Watashi” when Shizuku uses “Atashi” to call herself)

The girls in front of me belong to the same Clan as Yuuki and Kouya, “Hundreds of Knights of the Night”, they are also my friends.


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        • I’m sorry for the confuse.
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          “To Estellion’s Secret Imouto:
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          If you ever plan on continuing this series, let me know and I’ll gladly take these releases down.”


    • Uhm… there was someone else took over the series during the time I went missing.
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