Cathia Chapter 6-11: Aged Veteran

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Cathia Chapter 6-11: Aged Veteran

The training for knights of the kingdom is about to reach its climax.
The last opponent is Aizen-san, the captain of the knight.

He has slightly longer hair mixed with gray hair.
He has a medium physique and a medium back.
His weapon has a thin wooden sword.

From the shape, is it the rapier that he usually uses?

「Ah, this one?
Perhaps because of my age, a normal sword feels rather heavy.
However, this one is a medium」(Aizen)

Did he feel my line of sight?
Rather than that, did he change his weapon after he got older?
It may be rational considering the decline of physical strength.

However, considering the familiarity and skill (mastery) of each weapon, one does not simply change the weapon he has been used so far.

This person is flexible and doesn’t reflect his age.

「Well then, shall we begin? Is that okay, Midir?」(Aizen)

「Yes. Please start」(Midir)

「Best regards」(Cathia)

After my greeting, Aizen-san holds his sword.
The same posture as fencing with the elbows bent and the back of the hand facing up.
This is hard…

Like the spearman I fought earlier, it’s a strong defense as a characteristic of the entire Kingdom Knights.
They make use of weapons that can take a wide range and don’t jump in carelessly.
Rapiers have the longest distance among swords, as they are mainly thrust with one hand.

「Here I go!」(Cathia)

That said, it wouldn’t be good if I was in the defensive.
So, I take a step forward.

「Otto (not so fast)」(Aizen)

However, Aizen-san takes a step back.
Then at the moment when I gave up chasing and raised my upper body slightly.


A thunder-like blow was thrown at me.

My left hand unknowingly lifts and a shock runs over my left arm through the dagger.
It’s not heavy but it’s a sharp blow.
I was completely off guard but my body responded.

「Hmmm, it’s a wonderful reflex that I can’t catch off-guard just now.
It seems that you have been practicing a lot」(Aizen)

「What’s a surprise… I thought I was completely hit」(Cathia)

His reach is longer than I expected.
His deep thrust easily misled me.
I thought there was a gap but it has been adjusted accurately to cover it.

…Well then, what should I do?

「Fu~u. It’s physically hard for me to attack.
It would be great if you could come and attack me from there」(Aizen)

Mixed with a sign, Aizen-san muttered.

Alright, I will take him head-on.

「You won’t regret those words, right?」(Cathia)

「I want you to make me feel regret.
Show me… the power of Tim-san’s disciple」(Aizen)

Tim-san… isn’t it?
If you call him that way, do you know each other?

How to get the timing? His eyesight doesn’t overlook any gap.
I thought he looked just like my Ojii-sama at some parts.
This person is apparently around fifty years old.

It’s possible that my Ojii-sama was instructing him during his active career in terms of age.
Then, let’s use the tactics I used against my Ojii-sama.

First, shoot a flame bullet.

「Ooh, magic, isn’t it? But something this degree」(Aizen)

Blocked by the Aura, the flame disappeared.

Well, this time I the one who uses not Akane (flame magic in charge), I’m just guessing the power.

However, this is what I expected.

Next are a few shots in a row, aiming at the face.
I dash at the same time as the flame hits!


I succeeded in approaching easily due to the obstruction of visibility by flame bullets.
I continue to dash as I am.

「Fufu, this is rather tight」(Aizen)

Right, left, right, left, left, right foot, flame bullet.

Launch attacks one after another.

What I kept in mind when fighting my Ojii-sama was to never fight on the opponent’s ring.

How to measure, reading, interval, and breathing heavily rely on the differences in experience.
They are not something you can learn overnight.
Therefore, I will compete with what I think I can win.

The winner will be the one with superior physical strength, speed, and a lot of attack options.
Be careful not to make a gap while attacking.
Or letting the opponent completely defend without any waste of energy.

Put the magic of fire on the wooden sword to scrape off the opponent’s aura.

「Oh oh-!」(Knights?)

Cheers raised up to the magic sword.

However, since it’s a wooden sword, it cannot be used for a long time.
As it is, I needed to further increase the pressure of attacks.

「Nu~u, not yet… I can still go faster…」(Cathia)

Still, he handles all of the attacks brilliantly.
It’s hard.
It’s about time for my sword to be burned out.

「So overwhelmed. I surrender」(Aizen)

Suddenly Aizen-san abandoned the match.
I hurriedly stopped my sword and my spells.

「Why is it?
You should be able to get a chance to overturn?」(Cathia)

「From my whole-body counter stance?
Or should I endure until your sword burns out?
Fufu. neither is possible.
My Aura os no more…」(Aizen)

As he said that, Aizen-san sat down on his knees.
…It’s not an average mental power.
I didn’t realize it until the end.

His aura didn’t fade to the last minute and his expression was a poker face like having plenty of room to handle things.

When you don’t see the chance of victory, you are likely to be impatient.
I don’t even know what it would have been like if he could be able to endure it longer.

「 Thanks for your hard work (Otsukaresamadesu), Cathia-dono」(Midir)

*Ya~ya*, Midir-san, who was watching at a distance until now, walked up to us and said so.

「Midir-san… Is this really all right?」(Cathia)

Apparently, I don’t really feel that I was able to wipe out their distrust of me.

「Of course. Aizen-dono, I’ll ask for the rest」(Midir)

「Ah, it’s important to be serious.
Cathia-san, sorry for the trouble but can you help me stand up?」(Aizen)

「Ah, yes」(Cathia)

I support Aizen-san and make him stand.
Unexpectedly, he has a rugged body.

It’s the proof of his training.
He is muscular and a little heavy.

「All knights, line up!」(Aizen)

Aizen-san shouts.
What, what’s going on?

The knights who were resting all over the place lined up quickly.
Is this a place like an army?

「Listen well, Young knights of our Kingdom!
None of us could beat her. However, that’s fine.
Did anyone get hurt? Did she use any cowardly move?」(Aizen)

「「「None, Captain!」」」(Knights)

「Then I will ask.
I could feel her strength and honesty in her… Cathia Myer-dono’s sword.
Is there anyone who disagrees with this?」(Aizen)


「Then I shall declare it!
We, the Knights, welcome Cathia-dono!
If you agree, raise your weapon, raise your fist!」(Aizen)


I saw Aizen-san’s leadership as a leader.
The consciousness of the members will be unified by his command.

Certainly, I was able to get the feeling that this was okay.

However, won’t this be too embarrassing for me…

But it’s much better than the mocking eyes every time I meet in the castle.

It should work positively for everything in the future.

「How is it, Cathia-dono? Do you think it works?」(Midir)

「Midir-san… How far did the information department plan?」(Cathia)

「It’s a secret.
However, if Cathia-dono solidifies your position as you are, it will be easier for us to move.」(Midir)

「Is that so?」(Cathia)

I’m a little scared because I feel that the rumors are gradually moving away from my real image.

「You are talking about something black.
Never do it like Tim’s time, Midir」(Aizen)

「What is it, Aizen-san?
Ojii-sama’s time?」(Cathia)

「There was an incident in which Tim-san became an enemy of the aristocrats.
It’s not well known but it’s an oversight of the intelligence department.
I heard that’s why he must go hiding」(Aizen)

「… That incident is the biggest blemish of the intelligence department.
My father will never make such a mistake again.
Of course, I too」(Midir)

I was wondering what kind of incident it was …
It wasn’t an atmosphere that I could ask more.

Midir didn’t have the usual generous look on himself. He shut his mouth tightly and didn’t say anything else.


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