Mile Novel Chapter 468: Ambition

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Mile Novel Chapter 468: Ambition

「We haven’t been to the Devil and Beastkin Village yet …」(Mile)

In the inn room, Mile sat on the bed and said that.

「Again, what’s that? So suddenly…」(Rena)

Rena retorts with a tired face. Yes, it’s the usual pattern.

「No, we went to the dwarven village and the elf village, didn’t we?
Also, I might be the only one who went to the village but I’ve met all the inhabitants of one fairy village …」(Mile)

「We also met a lot of Beastkin people.
At that old ruin site …」(Rena)

「Oh no
Isn’t that just a worksite, not a “place of residence”?
That’s “no good”, “no good” I say!」(Mile)

Mile completely denies Rena’s words.

「What is “no good” about it?」(Rena)

Maevis and Pauline answered in unison to Rena’s question before Mile answered.

「「Because there is no Kemonomimi little girl!」」(Maevis + Pauline)

And Mile, with her arms crossed, nodding.

「I don’t know, “boke”!!」(Rena)

(T.N: Boke from Tsukkomi and Boke, reminder Mile has corrupted Red Oath with Japanese knowledge)

「…Speaking of which (To Iu Wake de),
I’m interested in visiting one of them…」(Mile)

「「「…………」」」(Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

Well, as always.

「So, I’m the type who “keep delicious side dishes until the end”
Since Rena and Maevis have been invited, so I would like to put the devil village first …」(Mile)

「「We don’t accept the invitation!!」」(Rena + Maevis)

Rena and Maevis argued in unison.

「Eh? But that Devil little girl invited you two, didn’t she?」(Mile)

「「…………」」(Rena + Maevis)

Certainly, that girl was saying something like that.
For Rena, the girl just said it one-sidedly without permission. And for Maevis, the invitation was officially requested by the man who was her opponent.

「I won’t go!」(Rena)

「I won’t go!」(Maevis)

Rena and Maevis deny altogether.


Mile raised a dissatisfied voice, but …

「Do you generally know where the devil village is?」(Rena)

「Eh? Somewhere nearby, appropriately for a village…」(Mile)

「「「I knew it…」」」(Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

Rena’s Trio sighed loudly in response to Mile’s reply.

「You know what?
Humanoid species like humans, elves, and dwarves, live in quite a few places, but not so close to beastkins and devils …
Well, now that they have the same rights, they are supposed to be friendly races, so they might come to the city of humans for business.
Those people might settle in for some reason but only a few of them.
Most people live in their own village, away from humans.
On the human side, the victims of the Ancient Battles were mainly soldiers, mercenaries, and merchants who went out of the city knowing the danger.
It was a very short period of time during the war but the girls and children on the devil side and the beastkin side were enslaved and killed…
So, their grudge against humans may last for hundreds, thousands of years, all the time…
It’s incomparable to the grudges and hatred that you might think.
…You, your ancestors killed each other terribly, do you want to live on your own among those who you bear grudge and hate?
Do you want to raise a child in such a place?」(Rena)

Rena said so, and Mile shook her head.

Only genuine M would want such a thing. (T.N: Raw is M as well)

「Mile, the reason, we haven’t been attacked with such bad feelings so far, was just those people weren’t that old.
Besides, we are all young women and really strong」(Maevis)

Maevis gave a supplementary explanation.

「Elderly devils and beastkins have a particularly strong negative feeling for humans, but younger ones are a little better.
They didn’t directly experience the dark ages…. even if they heard it, it’s still rather lighter, isn’t it?
And most animals, including humans, somehow feel that the little ones are cute and try to protect them, regardless of race.
For example, even if it’s a monster like the horned rabbit and the child Kobold, Mile still feels it’s cute and hard to kill, right?
Beastkins and devils seem to have a stronger tendency about that than humans.
And they also have a strong tendency to respect the strong.
…So, we, who look young to them, are women, and defeat them, are less likely to make them harbor bad feelings because of their instinct of asylum and respect for the strong.
It’s a contradiction but it really means like this, “Because we fought from the beginning then we showed a friendly attitude that they didn’t show hostile”
Therefore, if we approach with a friendly attitude from the beginning without fighting, their attitude will be different.
That’s why when we go and meet the elders and old people without fighting, we might be hit by strong malice.
In particular, the beastkin still has a relatively simple personality, the devils on the other hand…」(Rena)

「「「Ah~…」」」(Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

「in addition……」(Pauline)

This time, it’s Pauline.

「Beastkins live in small villages in the woods where humans aren’t close, that is, in places like elf villages.
Well, it’s not that far from where humans live.
They don’t make our own country, they just live in a part of human country.
…They haven’t paid taxes …
On the other hand, the devils live around the northern end of this continent, far away from this area. And that area is separated by a large mountain range that runs between human settlements.
It’s not like we can’t go over it but it’s a lot of work for a carriage to go over. So, no one would try to go over it unless they have a good reason.
Not even young merchants with an adventurous spirit…
Besides, they have a strong defense in preparation for illegal slave-hunting and devil annihilation attacks.
Those who are armed and approach will be immediately captured and disarmed.」(Pauline)

「Normal people can’t cross the mountains without arming!
Far from strong monsters like Orc or Ogre, even weak monsters like kobolds, goblins, or even a flock of horned rabbits can be fatal if you’re not good at it!」(Rena)

Pauline nods to Rena’s words.

「…That’s why no one goes there」(Rena)

「「「I see (Naruhodo)…」」」(Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

The devils may not want the weapons, tools, ingredients, etc. made by humans at all.
However, in such a case, it seems that they would go to the human city to buy it directly.

They aren’t so rejecting the idea of meeting humans. And because they also look like humans, they just need to hide the horn with their hair or hat, you can do shopping without any problems…

「… Then, is the Beastkin’s Village first?
Look over a suitable village somewhere …」(Mile)

「Why did you decide to go to the Beastkin’s Village?!」(Rena)

「「Tahaha…」」(Maevis + Pauline)

Rena yells while Maevis and Pauline look amazed.

It was usual. Yes, as usual …

「…and I looked up the location of the Beastkin’s village…」(Mile)

「You are persistent!!」(Rena)

The next day, Mile, who rehashed the story with something that looked like a map,
Rena is angry…

     *     *

「Let’s receive this!」(Mile)

Two days later.

Mile takes one request form from the guild branch request board and presents it to everyone.
She usually peels it off gently and carefully …
Her expression is calm, but her attitude is a little strange.

… Her eyes and her nose aren’t calming.
She was a little suspicious, but when Rena’s Trio looked at it,

Subjugation request
Targets of subjugation: Illegal slave-hunting gang
Client: Turrican Village (Beastkin Village)】(Quest notice)

「「「I know that would be the case ……」」」(Rena + Maevis + Pauline)


FUNA’s note:

It will be GW vacation next so we will have a two-week vacation.

Therefore, the next update will be on Tuesday, May 12th, at midnight.

My sincere apologies (Mōshiwake Arimasenga) and best regards (yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu) (^^)/

And the Seiyuu who played the role of Rena in the “Noukin” anime, Tokui Aozora-san also draws a four-frame manga, “Don’t miss it!! Akunogundan!” E-book version released! (2 volumes in total)

Goodness Gracious, Tokui-san isn’t only a Seiyuu but also a manga and picture book writer, and her work is animated.

…In addition, she also participated in NHK’s Kōhaku.

Superhuman! (^^) /

Rena「You supposed say she is a cheat reincarnated person, right?」

Mile「Ah, as expected…」


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