Chapter 03: Leave it to me.

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Chapter 03: Leave it to me.

When my father saw me, he probably tried to smile as much as he could, raising his mouth a little and then closing his eyes immediately.

I was concerned about my father’s appearance and stared at his face.
――My father’s condition has been getting worse and worse since I was born.

My dad was still fine when I was born. My mother and I, who still wasn’t able to move yet, noticed how hard he was working.
He was a good hunter and hunted big monsters, saying he got good meat.

Mother smiled back at him *Ara Ara*

However, it seems that he failed to hunt monsters about a month after I was born.

My father, who was working fine until then, can now only lie down on the bed and my mother often goes to work instead.

I was still a baby but I was a hikikomori high school girl in my previous life.
Perhaps, it would be easier to raise/took care of me than raising a normal child. My sick father was in charge of it.

And I’m getting another year old.

It can be seen that my father’s condition did not improve, but rather worsened.

My mother has to work from morning till night to buy medicine for my father and to support the whole family.
She got up early in the morning, went to help the village bakery.
Then she came back, cooked breakfast, fed father and me, and then washed clothes.
After grooming the vineyards, she prepares an early lunch, walks to a slightly distant city, works until late at night at the inn there, and returns.

To be honest, if she continues this kind of life, I think my mother will fall down next time.

In that case.

「Pre…pare… our… life…」(Reni)

Prepare your life!
I wanted to say “prepare our life”!

Before embarking on a trip, I want to create an environment where my father and mother can live in harmony and peace.

And I go on a journey with peace of mind.

If that’s the case, how to prepare a better environment?

But if it’s the strongest me at the age of one, there’s nothing I can’t do.

 ・Have my father secretly drink [Recovery Medicine (God)]

 ・Secretly sprinkle [Fertilizer (god)] on the field

It’s perfect.

Until now, I couldn’t get the status and spent my days on walking training, speaking, and vocal practice.
I have no enemies when I have my status and can use the item box.

[Recovery medicine (God)] can cure any abnormal condition, and even if the health value becomes 1, it can fully recover.
The icon of the healing medicine in the game is a bottle, and the motion used was to carry it to the mouth and drink it, so if I ask your father to take this healing medicine, he will be better soon.

The only problem is that I don’t want to show this power to others too much.

I’ve lived with my parents since birth but I’ve never seen my father or mother say “status”.
Of course, maybe they just don’t want to use it at home. But I feel like I’m the only one who can use status and item box.
I can only say it as intuition.

In that case, just secretly.
Secretly cure my father.

And the reason for sprinkling fertilizer on the fields is for future life.

If my dad wants to be a hunter again, that’s fine, but I think my mother needs to be able to support him in case he gets injured again.

Working at a bakery is a short time, and going to work in the city isn’t efficient because it’s far away.
That’s why I think it’s best to use this house and land (field).

If I sprinkle [Fertilizer (god)] on the field, she will be able to collect S materials from there.
SS materials might also come out with a high probability.
C materials such as potatoes and carrots also increase production efficiency, so it would be good for self-sufficiency.

The fertilizer icon in the game was a cloth bag with something earth-like in it. And the motion used was to sprinkle something earth-like from that bag.
Therefore, if I sprinkle fertilizer, there’s no doubt that the field will have a good harvest.

Just sprinkle it secretly as well.

After thinking so much, I look at my father’s face again.

His chest is moving up and down with weak breathing.
Shallow and fast breathing. I’m sure it must be really tough.

It’s alright.

Leave it to me!

「Yu~p, go」(Reni)

I put a lot of effort into my legs and tried hard to get up to bed.
Grasp the comforter sheets firmly with my hands!

Focus power on my whole body!

Then, I managed to crawl up to the bed and exhale.

「Ai~ team~ bokku~chu」(Reni)

Item box!

From the items that appear, I select [Recovery Medicine (God)]
The number is one.

「Come out!」(Reni)

At the same time as that word, a bottle of [Recovery Medicine (God)] appeared between my hands.
I grabbed it in a hurry.


It may be a little heavy for a one-year-old baby…
There was also a lid that could be opened by turning it, but it might be a little hard at the age of one …

But I won’t back down.
For this day, in addition to walking training, speech and vocal training, I also did grip training…!

Sit on the bed and secure the bottle between my knees.
Then hold the lid firmly with both hands and turn it tightly to the right.



Open!  it’s opened! Involuntarily, I raise my voice happily *Fu~wa~a*

But at that moment–


The bottle that should have been fixed between my knees tilts diagonally forward.
I hurriedly reached out my hands but couldn’t support the heavy bottle

Bashā~! (SFX)

A hikikomori high school girl, who has reincarnated in her favorite game world.
In this world, her name is Reni Schlum Guora.
The first attempt in a different world by the strongest one-year-old child who has counter stop level-

–It ended as flooding her father’s bed.


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