Reni Novel Chapter 01: I love games.

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Reni Novel Chapter 01: I love games.

I was a normal high school girl.

Reni Chapter 1 Part 001

…or so I want to say, but I’m actually a hikikomori.

Reni Chapter 1 Part 002

Ever since I was little, whenever I was with other people I felt a little suffocating for some reason.

Reni Chapter 1 Part 003
It’s hard to live. Such thoughts accumulated as I got older and I couldn’t go to school until I became a junior high school student.

As for now, I already took the high school exam, but I still couldn’t get used to it.
In that case, there is no point in going to school.

Reni Chapter 1 Part 004

Because I wasn’t going to school, I got absorbed in games instead.

I was addicted to online RPGs.

My favorite character’s race was an elf with silver hair and golden eyes.

I started at the same time as the game started, and I spent a lot of time on the game.
There might be other games that I wanted to do but I really enjoyed this game, Orbit Fantasy Online.

I don’t belong to any particular team and I rarely chat.
I liked the so-called solo play.

Defeat monsters, collect materials, make equipment, raise stats, and clear the main quest.

As I play all the time besides sleeping time, my level easily reached the counter stop, my equipment is also the strongest, and the item box is full.

Still, I never got tired of the game.

The game has a lot of events, and the events weren’t just time-consuming, they were always entertaining with some ingenuity.

That day, when I logged in to the game, as usual,

I was digging a hole in the map “Cave of inspiration”.

On a cave map, you can dig minerals if you have a pickaxe.

Collecting such mineral-based materials is called “digging”.
What you can get in the “Cave of inspiration” is useful in the middle of the game,
The materials I can get here have already been reached the counter-stop.

Then why did I come here, you ask?

――Because there was information on the internet that we can get rare items here.

However, I don’t think ordinary people could understand the meaning of the information.
Only those who know the secret codes can understand it.
That was the information.

While watching the intermediate person digging a hole at the material point of the cave
I go deeper and deeper.
Defeat the cave boss quickly and go further.

「Defeat the boss and follow the wall on the right without taking the material…」(FMC)

At first glance, it’s just a cave wall.
However, the character’s appearance sank into the wall–

「There is a secret passage, right?」(FMC)

Maybe only a few people know this.

When the whole body of my character sank into the wall, all I can see is a dark screen continued for a while.
During that time, I don’t know how the character is moving. I’m worried, but for the time being, I’ll move forward.

Then, the light returns to the screen–


“Cave of inspiration”
A small room at the back of a secret passage.

In the map of the cave, only here this room shows up.
A white wall on a wooden floor, a lamp with magical light.

I don’t know why the cave map suddenly looks like this, but it’s too solid to be a bug, and I think it’s intentionally created by the management.

But there is nothing here.

When I first discovered it, I was excited and wondered if there was a strong boss, a treasure chest, or a way to a different map, but I looked it up and found nothing.

I’ve been in this small room all day, thinking that time might be the key, in the end, I visited every day.

It’s been another year since then.

In the end, there was nothing and I gave up. But it seems that there was something here as well.

There was only a little information on the net.

“Digging a hole during Christmas in a small room in a cave (God)”

No one responded to that random information and it was forgotten.

However, if you know that the “small room in the cave” is here, the credibility will increase at once.

「Dig a hole with a pickaxe during Christmas ……」(FMC)

I’ve tried coming to Christmas and digging with a pickaxe, but maybe I’ve never done both of them at the same time.
What I did was missing.

By the way, the pickaxe is not an ordinary pickaxe. It must be a pickaxe (God).

Work tools are also made by collecting materials and refining items. And there’s a rank.

There are five ranks: (Rag), (Medium), (Top), (Special), and (God).

Each has its own characteristics, but the pickaxe (God) always guarantees SS rank materials or more.
However, it breaks in one go.

Since a lot of S materials are needed to cultivate a pickaxe (god), most people don’t use it if it’s not worth it.

I don’t have to worry about S rank material, so I use it a lot.

「Alright. Let’s try it」(FMC)

*gulp down the saliva*

December 25th.
Digging in a small room in a cave!

Even though it is a small room, there are many points to dig a hole.
Or rather, the whole floor is a digging point, so if I want to check everything, I will need 100 times.
The pickaxe (God) breaks at once, so I need 100 pickaxes, but I’m okay.

So, first of all, swing up the pickaxe (god) in the center of the small room.
And it pierced the wooden floor.


「…Nothing happens」(FMC)

I don’t think it will work with 1 pickaxe. But I’m still a little disappointed.

The status was: “Pickaxe (God) was broken.”
As usual.
I should have SS materials at the least, but no matter how much I try here, no items will come out, only the pickaxe will break.


However, this case sometimes happens when playing games.

I immediately regain my mind, this time moving from the upper right little by little, shaking the pickaxe.
100 or 200, I can enough to spare for anything.

And the time for the pickaxe to break went on.

Half of the small room has already been completed and I continued on the second half.
At the right part slightly below the center.
It happened when I swung the pickaxe down there, which had no particular landmark.

「Hm…!!? It’s an “Original Effect(EN)”!!」(FMC)

It appears (Kita)!
The information was true–!

「Amazing! I’ve never seen such an effect!」(FMC)

Even after playing this game all the time like this.
Still, there is a world I don’t know yet.

――That’s why I can’t stop.

――That’s why I always love to play more.

The wooden floor with a pickaxe cracked from there, and light overflowed from the cracks.
When the light spread throughout the small room, the screen became a pure white space.

There is an Elf with silver hair and golden eyes that I made.
And in her hand–


Something like a round crystal.
I wonder if there was such an item …?

When I was wondering, the screen changed. And when I realized it, I was back at the map of the boss of the “Cave of inspiration”.

And a sentence of status has been added–

『You got “Treasure Ball (God)”(System)

Yatta (Hooray)…!
I was really happy.

However, the item wasn’t in the item box and it seemed to be different from the equipment and accessories.
Looking at the status doesn’t change, and I don’t have any title.

It doesn’t exist anywhere.

But there was an original effect and it was displayed in the system status.

So there is no doubt that I got it.

――What kind of effect does it have?

――Maybe there are still other jewels hidden in this world.

I’m excited to think so …

I decided to sleep in bed for the first time in a while, convinced that I could still enjoy this game.


――I seemed to have died as I was.

That’s too disappointing……!

Dying on Chrismas.


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    • Yes.
      FMC will remain as a baby, then child, toddler for the whole series.
      She helped her family sort everything out at age of 2
      She went on a journey with her parents blessing at age of 4


  1. Thanks for the Novel/Manga!

    So it’s another wonder baby story?
    It wouldn’t be as absurd as the others, right?


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