Chapter 07: My child is a genius

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Chapter 07: My child is a genius

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The night after Reni sprinkled the soil.
The couple, who are always busy working, had a rare meeting time.

Three chairs on a four-seater dining table.
The couple sat face-to-face and exhaled while drinking plain hot water poured into glasses.

「Reni is a mysterious child」(Mama)

「That’s right」(Papa)

「She was crying only when she was born.
Then she almost never cried again.
When she’s hungry or her diapers get wet, she just says “Ah” with a voice that doesn’t get in the way…」(Mama)

「Ah. She told me exactly three hours each time as if she could read the clock for milk time.」(Papa)

The two were talking about their beloved daughter, Reni, who is now sleeping in bed.

The first child for them.
Pregnancy and childbirth are the couple’s happiness.
That is–

「I just got injured and got sick …」(Papa)

「Hunter is a dangerous job.
It’s not that it’s bad.
I’m really glad that you’re doing well now」(Mama)

「…It might be nothing worth mention.
While you were out to work, she just lays down in bed together.
Reni always told me on time, so I just gave her the goat’s milk that the bakery shared at that time.」(Papa)

「Now that you say that, I couldn’t do anything for Reni…」(Mama)

The couple talks about the past and is laid back.

And such a time, they always thought.

「I’m really glad that Reni was born」(Papa)

「Ah, that’s right」(Mama)

「I’m sure I couldn’t get over it without Reni」(Papa)

「Reni is the best daughter」(Mama)

The two talk so and laugh at each other.
And then the wife, “Ah!”, remembered something.

「Today, Reni asked for something that she wanted for the first time」(Mama)

「I see. What does Reni want?」(Papa)

「Something digs the soil … maybe a scoop?
I think she wanted it」(Mama)

「A scoop, isn’t it… but we …」(Papa)

So, I apologized to Reni and thought I could give her a present someday.
But then Reni started running in the middle of talking」(Mama)

「…Maybe she said what she wanted for the first time, and felt sad because we couldn’t make it happen.」(Papa)

Perhaps, the husband imagined Reni might feel sad or the like.
But the wife shook her head *no*.

「I thought so at first.
But Reni got a ladle in her hand when she came back」(Mama)


She said it was fallen around the house.
…But I don’t think the ladle will fall on our premises and the ladle that Reni had looked very good.」(Mama)

「Is that… magic?」(Papa)


The wife also replied with a serious face to her husband’s serious face.

「I thought Reni was a water wizard, but …
More, she may have much greater power」(Mama)

「That’s right」(Papa)

「I don’t know how to explain it,
I wondered if Reni could use the magic to take things out …」(Mama)

「The magic of taking things out…」(Papa)

The couple doesn’t know that Reni is a reincarnated former high school girl and can use Status and Item Box.
Reni thinks that she isn’t exposed at all.

However, while living with Reni, the couple got quite close to the truth about Reni’s abilities.

「Reni is a genius」(Mama)

「That’s right, a genius」(Papa)

They took it honestly and praised her frankly.
There is no confusion in calling their own child a “genius”.
Because that’s true for the couple.

「We have to hide Reni …」(Mama)

「That’s right … at least until she becomes a little bigger …」(Papa)

The couple said so and nodded.


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