Chapter 08: I understand why we are poor

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Chapter 08: I understand why we are poor

It’s been a year since I first sprinkled fertilizer on the fields and spread the absorbed soil throughout the fields.

I’m already three years old.

Up until now, I had a strong feeling of being a baby, but now I’m a good toddler.
The word “child” has come to suit me better.

As for the fields, it gives a pretty good feeling.

Until now, the yields of potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. have not been high.

But now, if we plant potatoes, we can get 20 of them from one seedling. and if we plant seeds, we can get plenty of sweet and mellow carrots.
The onions are also nicely fat and big.
Nowadays, the vegetables of the Guora family are very popular with neighbors.

In addition, S material is also seldom appeared.

At first, when the S material [Medicinal herbs (special)] began to grow from the field, my mother screamed.
My father set up a fence in a field of herbs so that it could not be seen from the surroundings.

It seems that it wasn’t good to know that S material grows in the fields of ordinary households.

My father and mother hid the fact that S material was harvested from the field and decided to tell that my father, a hunter have collected it in the forest.
It seems that my father wholesales it to his mentor, a tool shop owner.

Many S materials such as [Medicinal herbs (special)], [Sleeping grass (special)], and [Explosive flowers (special)] grow in the field.
My mother collects and dries then my father sells.
We got a lot of money.

I think I’ve done everything I originally planned.

 ・Make my father healthy again

 ・Fertilize the fields and secure a source of income

So my family should have been able to escape from poverty …

「As expected, we remain Poverty-stricken…」(Reni)

The scary thing is that we don’t get rich at all.
Poverty doesn’t stop.

I have been investigating as much as I can to find out why my family is poor.
What I found there was–

「I feel like we are in debt」(Reni)

Yes. Apparently, my father and mother borrowed money from someone. And the repayment or something else made me sick.

But is there such a thing?

My healthy young father and mother work endlessly while I sleep, we sell S ingredients that grow in the fields, and eat a good harvest of vegetables.
Even so, we still can’t pay back our debt …

I think my parents probably borrowed money after my father got sick.
It’s unlikely that the two serious workers broke down and borrowed money before I was born.

After all, my father got sick and my mother couldn’t go to work yet while I’m still one month old. That area is suspicious.

It’s reasonable to assume that my father or mother borrowed money and the repayment continues to this day because my house ran out of money at that time.

「…We have been fooled/tricked」(Reni)

I have a great feeling that my father and mother are being deceived

Therefore, when the door of my house was slammed roughly, I thought that they were finally here.

「Hey! Open the door! I know you are there!」(Rough voice)

「Return the loaned money as soon as possible!」(Rough voice)

…Here comes the debt collectors, I still didn’t see their appearance though.


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