Chapter 10: I’m really angry

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Chapter 10: I’m really angry

When I went out of the house, I was soon able to find the debt collectors.

Apparently, they are leaving my house and heading somewhere.
I hurry to chase their back.

The [Hermit’s Robe] seems to be playing a role. Even when I came to 2m behind the debt collectors, I wasn’t noticed at all.

「It hurts, damn it」(Man)

If I get that close, I can hear the voices of the debt collectors.

The number of debt collectors is three.
Perhaps they were injured when they fought my father, one was holding his shoulders and the other two were sitting.

「As expected, that guy is strong.」(Man)

「Ah, we can’t win if we fight him normally」(Man)

The debt collectors seem to be talking about my father, with bitterness in their tongue.
Two people who speak with a regrettable voice.
However, the other one laughed with a disgusting feeling.

「But he was always injured in front of the monsters, right?
Foolish, try to keep his friends unharmed.
Don’t even know that we set him up」(Man)

「That’s right. He was trapped properly」(Man)

「He should have died as he was, but by some disgusting luck, he survived.」(Man)

Those words made me unable to stay calm in my head.
This is because various things fell into my mind hearing the words of debt collectors.

I see.
I thought it was strange.

My father was said to be a good hunter.
Looking at the fight against debt collectors today, he is believed to have considerable combat skills.

Then why did my father get injured and get sick from his usual hunting ground and his usual prey?

It’s not my father’s pride or bad luck.

…It was set up from the beginning.

That’s how it is.

「If he has died. We could have called out to his wife who was in trouble and take over the child as well.」(Man)

「Was the child a girl?
It was a pity.
That daughter child should have sold well, right?」(Man)

「It’s no use even if she said it’s over.
For the time being, just let the wife pays the loan. Now that they are making money, isn’t it fine?
I think we will get the wife soon」(Man)

「Come to think of it, do they also support the family of their dead friends?
He feels responsible because he couldn’t help them myself and he is paying for it.
What’s an idiot.
That friend of his was bought by us and we sold (betray) him in the end」(Man)

「We forced him to take a loan and sold him.」(Man)

「I intended to kill him anyway but we were lucky that he was killed by a monster.
We don’t have to worry about closing his mouth, and even after he dies, it still helps us!」(Man)

「The guys in this village are too sloppy」(Man)

The debt collectors look at each other and laugh.
When I heard those words, my chest became hot like boiling

「Ai team Bokku shu」(Reni)

I chose [Cat’s Hand Gloves] from the item names lined up in a row, muttering and muttering.

「Came out!」(Reni)

What appeared was cute glove-shaped equipment, [cat’s hand glove] with fluffy fur and paws.

It looks cute, but it’s used as a weapon. The type is a twin sword.

[Cat’s Hand Gloves] requires a lot of SS materials and has a strong attack power, which I have always used in the game.

Most of the enemies can be defeat with “One Punch” because I have cultivated it with additional materials and continued to add.
Even the final boss of the main quest was defeated with two punches.

Put it on both hands and move my hands to check the condition.

Yup. I can use it.
I was wondering what to do if I couldn’t get it in the hands of a 3-year-old child, but [Cat’s Hand Gloves] fits nicely in my hands.

「Can I have a minute?」(Reni)

While calling out to the debt collectors, I took off the hood of the [hermit’s robe] that was covered deep in my eyes.

If I do it this way, the debt collectors should be able to see me.

The debt collectors seemed surprised by the sudden voice and froze their bodies on the spot.

「Hand over the loan book」(Reni)

The debt collectors looked back as they heard my words.
Then, as soon as they saw me, they exhaled and relaxed in an easy-to-understand manner.

「Hey, what’s this? A kid.」(Man)

「You, go over there」(Man)

The two debt collectors seemed to lose interest in me immediately, so they shook their hands and made a gesture to drive me away.

However, one person looks at my face seriously–

「Hey, wait. Look, it’s amazing.」(Man)

「「Ah?」」(2 Men)

The eyes of the debt collectors are on me.

After looking at me as if they were stunned for a while, they screamed.

「It’s true. This is something…」(Man)

Debt collectors try to look away.
At that moment, I could easily see the image that they licked their tongue in my heart.

Can it be so easy to understand?

The attitude of the debt collectors makes my hatred stronger.

The debt collectors didn’t know about my heart and gave me an unnaturally gentle smile.

「Where did you come from, young lady?
Won’t you let us, kind uncles guide you?」(Man)

「Poor child, she must be lost」(Man)

He had a happy grin on his face.
When he took it with a straight face, he approached me without hesitation.

「Can I guide you?」(Man)

「We will be gentle, young lady」(Man)

Two debt collectors get my attention.
The other person seems to be unloading his luggage and taking out something. It’s probably–

「Rope and cloth bag, right?」(Reni)


That’s it.
Two debt collectors are keeping their eyes on me.
Then, the other one probably intends to tie me up with a rope and put me in a cloth bag.

「You won’t catch me」(Reni)


I avoided getting caught and countered against the other debt collector.

「NE~KO’s Punch」(Reni)

(T.N: is there the reader names “Kiana ❤ Mei” here? I hope you can hear this line with a correct voice)

Tighten my fingers and pull my right hand firmly.
Step on firmly with my left foot, put my weight on it, and punch!

The punch, which was delivered at the same time as my words, firmly entered the stomach of the man who had prepared the rope and the cloth bag.

Even so, it’s just a punch for a 3-year-old child.

Normally, even if a man takes that hit, he will be able to recover immediately with a little pain.


If I give out the additional command [Neko’s Punch] with [Cat’s Hand Gloves] with many effects,
The punch of a three-year-old child becomes a shock wave!

「Became a star (O-Hoshi-sama ni nare)」(Reni)

At the same time as my words, the air is compressed around the stomach of the debt collector.
And the compressed air is released at once in the direction of the debt collector-


 ――*Kiran* (Spark)

The man who had prepared the rope and the cloth bag blew away into the sky and became a star as he was.

T.N Achievement Unlock: The 3 debt collectors have changed their name to “Team Rocket”.


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