Chapter 11: [Cat’s Hand Gloves] is strong

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Chapter 11: [Cat’s Hand Gloves] is strong

「For now, one up (down)」(Reni)

I was wondering what to do if the reaction of the shock wave came back to me, but as expected of [cat’s hand glove].
There is no reaction and the impact on myself is zero.

「What … what is this …?」(Man)

「What’s going on …?」(Man)

The remaining two followed the whereabouts of the debt collector who became a star with their mouths wide-opened.

While turning to those two people, I put my hands together and put power into it.

Cute pink paws make a squeaky sound according to my strength.

「Hey, what did you do?」(Man)

「It’s a Punch」(Reni)


「Please give me the loan book」(Man)

「Damn it! Don’t look down on an adult!!」(Man)

I answered the question properly and spoke politely, but the debt collector had a blue line on his forehead.

And one of the two screamed and ran towards me.

Looking at him, I calmly put out the claw of the left [cat’s hand glove].

You see, cats can pull out and retract their claws, right?
This [Cat’s Hand Gloves] also has such a function, and I can freely put out my claws at my will.

That means…

「NE~KO’s claw」(Reni)

Raise my left hand while watching the debt collector, who may take some time to reach me.
And even though the debt collector didn’t come yet, I slashed into the lower right corner and cut through space.

Immediately after that, space split into five and headed straight for debt collection.

「Became a star (O-Hoshi-sama ni nāre)!」(Reni)


 ――*Kiran* (spark)

The debt collector, who was running towards me…, was swallowed by the torn wind and blew away into the sky.

「With this, two up (down)」(Reni)

I looked up at the sky and nodded.

[Neko’s Claw] is a melee technique that approaches and attacks the object.
However, thanks to the additions, it can also cause wind as a medium-range attack. It worked well here as well.

「Yo… you…」(Man)

The last one.
I stare at the remaining debt collector and put my hands together.
Then, the pink paws squeaked again.

「Hand over the loan book」(Reni)

For the time being, I left the one who seems to be the leader the most out of the three.
I hope this person has the loan book and he will give it out obediently …

Did he lose his hips? I approach the debt collector who fell down on his butt.
Then, the debt collector’s face turned blue in an easy-to-understand manner.

「I… I understand, wait, pull out… I will pull out!!」(Man)

He kept screaming “stop, stop”, while turning his palm toward me.

For me, it would be fine if I could get the loan book, so I stopped quietly on the spot.

The man exhaled and hurriedly searched around his chest.
He put his hand in the inner pocket of the vest.
There must have been a loan book there.

「Hey, look, is it this one? Or this one?」(Man)

With that said, the man showed me two loan books.

I’m not sure about the details, but it seems that the long sentences and the name and blood stamp are stamped at the bottom.
One is my mother’s name. The other one… who is it?

…is this one “that”?
The debt collectors were saying about one man in debt who sold my father?

Father doesn’t just care for our life…
He was said to feed the family of the man who sold my father as well (it looks like he’s dead),
I should get this too.

「Is this all of the loan books that you have?」(Reni)

「Eh… loan books from this village…?
No, not yet…」(Man)

The debt collector answers my question.
Apparently, there’s more than just this.
But first of all, if he only had these two, I would have done my work here.

「Hey look, I will put them here」(Man)

The debt collector said that and put two loan books from his chest on the ground and weighted them with a stone.

I see, he wanted to make me come and pick it up.

As I stepped closer, the debt collector stood up in a hurry.
His waist that was giving out may have been healed.
The debt collector took some distance and stopped about 1.5m from the loan book.

–It’s a trap.

By putting the loan books on the ground, I have to bend down when I try to take it.
And, bending over makes it difficult to use both [Neko’s Punch] and [Neko’s Claw].

Will this debt collector run away in the meantime?
No, stopping at a distance of 1.5m may be a calculation that he can catch me if he jumps from there.

Should I say “pick it up from the ground and bring it here”

「Come and get it」(Man)

No. Let’s stick to his trap.

After all, I’m only three years old.
If he tries to escape with the loan books as he is, it will be difficult to chase.

The [Neko’s Claw] would hit well, but if it hits, the loan book will fly away somewhere.
I want the loan book itself at hand.

「Ah, come on…」(Man)

The debt collector rushed me by pointing his hand to the loan books.
I nodded to him and approached it.
As soon as I bent over to pick up the loan book–

「Hihi!! You are just a brat after all!!」(Man)

The debt collector laughed and kicking the ground.
Maybe he is jumping at me.

Without a glance at it, I shook what was around the coccyx.

「Neko’s tail」(Reni)

A slender, smooth-moving, fluffy fur blocks the man’s hands.

「Became a star (O-Hoshi-sama ni nāre!)」(Reni)


 ――*Kiran* (spark)

Lightning fast, the man was hit by the tail, which moved like a whip and was blew away into the sky.

「Okay. Last one up (down)」(Reni)

As expected of me. The strongest 3-year-old child.

When I was in a good mood, my chest fluttered and the triangular ears on my head fluttered.


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