Reni Novel Chapter 05: I sprinkled fertilizer on the field

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Reni Chapter 05: I sprinkled fertilizer on the field

I move to the field and see what is currently being planted.
Various vegetables are planted, but it seems that they are cultivated mainly for eating.

When I was playing games, the field was a place to collect ingredients, so it’s strange to see only vegetables planted in this way.

Right now, potatoes and some leaves are planted. And the area around the right corner is a little empty.
For the time being, it would be better to put fertilizer here and sprinkle it.

「Ai team bokku shu」(Reni)

Item box!

Many item names appear in front of me at the same time as my words.
From that, I chose [Fertilizer (god)]

「Come out!」(Reni)

As soon as the command is made, the Item Box disappears and I feel a heavyweight in my hand.
It is proof that the fertilizer has come out properly.
I’m trying to catch it–

「Hea… so heavy…」(Reni)

Zushā~! (SFX)

It was too heavy to carry and fell to the ground with the bag.

――t all the contents of the bag fell out in the ground.


Was there any worse despair?
The fertilizer that seemed to be too much to sprinkle on this whole small field was used up in a small corner.

And, as expected of [Fertilizer (God)].
It was absorbed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, everything melted on the soil and disappeared.
There is no trace.
All that remains is a fluffy 30 cm x 30 cm land with a strangely good soil color and good dampness.

「…I won’t give up」(Reni)

I’m not disappointed.
This is… Because this is a daily occurrence in games.
The main story doesn’t move forward if you simply give up after failing once.
If you have a boss that you can’t beat, you can raise the level and try again.

And from this result, I can also plan the next strategy.

「Just sprinkle」(Reni)

All I have to do is sprinkle the soil.

There is no doubt that this soil is in the best condition.
Then, if I sprinkle the soil here over the entire field, it may have the same effect as sprinkling fertilizer.
When I think about it, I don’t have much time to plant the fields alone. And if I sprinkle fertilizer, I feel like my mother will find out.

However, if I just dig up the soil in one corner of the field and sprinkle it all over, she will only see it as a toddler playing in the sand.

「It works」(Reni)

This can be used.

It was a failure to misunderstand my endurance, body weight, and the weight of fertilizer. But it’s a success if a nutritious field is finally created.
Failure is not a failure, it’s just a step on the road to success.

「I want a shukopp」(Reni)

Or shovel.
There are different names depending on where you live, and there are big ones that you mainly hold with both hands and one for one hand, but I want one for one hand.
I call it a shovel, I want that.
I want to dig up the soil with a shovel and sprinkle it all over.

However, there was no such item in the game.
Sometimes there is…
There are things in this world that aren’t in the game world.
In the game… what do you use in the game again…
There were pickaxes and hoes, but no shovels.

So, even though I take over the items from the game and have a counter stop for almost everything, I still don’t have a shovel.
When I was wondering what to do, my mother who seemed to have finished the housework came over.

「Reni, what’s wrong?」(Reni’s mother)

「Mama, Reni… want something to dig soil.」(Reni)

「Something to dig soil?」(Reni’s mother)

「Ye (Ai)」(Reni)

*Please (Onegai Shimasu)*, I look up at my mother.

Speaking of toddlers, it’s sandbox play.
It wouldn’t be strange for a two-year-old baby to want a shovel.
If they are playing in the fields like this, they probably want a shovel …
I thought so…

「…… I’m sorry, Reni」(Reni’s mother)

Mother’s beautiful face–
She’s been too busy lately–
Her face distorted as she felt sorry.

「We don’t have the money to buy it」(Reni’s mother)

「…We do not have money?」(Reni)

I open my mouth to the unexpected reply.
Then my mother bent over in front of me and she looked straight at my face.

「Papa and mama are doing their best, but we are sorry」(Reni’s mother)

「It’s alright. I understand」(Reni)

I nodded back with a serious face.

No, I knew we don’t have the money.
But to think we can’t even buy a shovel–
Or rather, I didn’t think we don’t have it in the first place.
It seems that the current situation is that my home manages to live with only the minimum necessary items.

「Reni… will look around the house…
Something might be there」(Reni)

I told my mother that and used the “dash move” I finally get when I reach two years old.

It’s a little faster than walking, and it’s still quite slow.
I heard my mother trying to bring me in the back, “Reni!”
I pretended to be inaudible for the time being and went around the house.

I told my mother, “Look around the house. Something might be there” but the point is just to earn time and make evidence.
What I really want to do is–

「Ai team Bokku shu」(Reni)

Item Box!

I shouldn’t ask from my home in the first place. I should have searched for something that could be as a shovel from the items I had.

Leave it to me!


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