Reni Novel Chapter 6: This is my Scoop

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Reni Novel Chapter 6: This is my Scoop

「Scoop, Scoop……」(Reni)

While checking fast, I murmured and looking for items with my eyes.

Something that seems to be able to scoop up the soil and carry it.
Moreover, it’s something that infants can have.
Even if it falls around here, it’s not so strange.

It was a difficult condition, but there was just the right item in my counter-stopped item box–

「Reni!」(Reni’s mother)

My mother found me, who went around the house, beckoned me to come.

I took it out of the item box and approached my mother.

My mother gives me a relieved look when I come back soon.
And notice what I have in my hand, *Ara*?
She tilts her head.

「Ladle?」(Reni’s mother)

「Ye (Ai)」(Reni)

「Where is this ladle …?」(Reni’s mother)

「It fells」(Reni)

My mother suspiciously frowns at my answer.

「Around the house?」(Reni’s mother)

「Ye (Ai)」(Reni)

「This Ladle」(Reni’s mother)

「Ye (Ai)」(Reni)

「… Why do you find a ladle in our site…?
Moreover, it looks really good ……」(Reni’s mother)

My mother tilts her head.

I applaud my mother in my heart.
That’s because my mother said “very good” is the truth.

This ladle is actually a weapon and is classified as a dagger.
It’s very valuable because it uses several kinds of SS materials and a large amount of S materials for training.

To see through it, my mother has quite aesthetic eyes.

By the way, despite the fact that this ladle is so valuable, its attack power as a weapon is very weak.
The only advantage was that the attack power did not decrease without using a whetstone.

Then why is there such a weapon, you ask?

In the game, the main point was one of the fashion items for cosplaying.

Similarly, I think that there were many people who put on a cook coat and a cook cap, which have low defensive power for the difficulty of training. They also gathered close friends to make a match.

Such a ladle cannot fall around my house.

It’s natural for my mother to be suspicious, but she doesn’t have time to worry about it–

・If the owner appears, return it properly

・Use carefully

・You can touch the soil in the field, but don’t mischief the vegetables

She told me all that and started working in the fields in a hurry.

It’s alright. Leave it to me!

The soil created by [Fertilizer (god)], I will sprinkle this nutrient-rich soil firmly for you!

So, I crouch down on the ground and scoop up the fluffy soil.
Walk carefully so as not to spill, and approach the ridges of potatoes.
Then, avoiding potato leaves and vines, I succeeded in covering the roots with soil …!


I did it (de~ki~ta)…!

I feel like it went well for the first time …!

Ladles are harder to use than shovels.
However, it fulfilled its mission as a tool as I had thought.
Now, let’s put this nutrient-rich soil on the whole field …!

… on the whole field? No way….

「The future… far away…」(Reni)

The future is far away …

I was happy once, but I feel that this work is necessary 200 more times.
No, I feel like I’m sorry 200 times …

… But I have no choice but to do it.

This is a daily occurrence in games.
Even raising the level by repeating simple tasks. And because you notice it, you are getting stronger.
It’s not a big success, it’s all done with one success.
Continue to repeat success.
This is important.


Re-grasp the ladle and stand up.
My mother still seems to continue working in the fields, and I will continue this work too!

And I also want to confirm that I am interested.

–This is the lack of money.

If the fields go steadily, it will soon become a good harvest, and my father and mother will have it easier.
…Or so I thought.

But is that really the case?
My father’s body already healed, won’t it be solved if we can make money in the fields?

It’s strange that my father and mother are working from morning till late at night and don’t have so much money.
I feel like there is something fishy.

――It will be an investigation mission from now on.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’ve been holding back from the previous chapter. I will say it now…
    Why didn’t she use a wooden plank or at least a stick?
    And what about the almighty tool of all time… THE HAND!


    • Ha ha ha.
      She is 2 year olds, you know.
      She must use both hands to hold the bottle cap.
      Here, a picture. A bady’s hand is about 1 fifth or sixth of our hands, and 1 of our hand hold less than a laddle.


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