Chapter 15: Don’t know when to quit is bad

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Chapter 15: Don’t know when to quit is bad

After checking the equipment and placing the letter, I climbed from the bed to the window sill.

If I press one side of the double-glazed window, I will hear the sound of a tree rubbing, and then… open to the outside.

The bedroom is on the second floor, so when I look down, it’s quite tall, but if I have [Rabbit boots], it’s okay.
Without any particular fear, I jumped off by kicking the window sill.

「Jum~pu (Jump)!」(Reni)

I have a feeling of floating for a moment.

The body, which should fall immediately due to gravity, descended slowly and fluffy thanks to the effect of [Flying Jump].

「Cha~ku~chi, alright」(Reni)

Make sure that the hood of the [Hermit’s Robe] didn’t fall off and start walking.
The windows on the second floor remained a little open, but it can’t be helped.

My father and mother seem to have a habit of talking slowly at night, It will be rather late for them to aware that I’m not there.
Even if they notice it, there’s no problem because there is a letter.

[Sensing bell] is still clinking. There should be at least an enemy nearby–

「…Here they are」(Reni)

Relying on the stars, I walked around the house and found some men wandering around.

All are dressed in black and have black cloth around their mouths.

Yup. They look very noisy. Overwhelming suspicious feeling.

「Hey……How is it?」(Man)

「I don’t understand this at all …
There should have been a house in this place in the village…?」(Man)

「What’s going on…?」(Man)

Those suspicious people seem to be confused.
There were a total of six people.

It’s about twice as many as the people who come before, but apparently, they can’t find my home.

After observing for a while, I found out that [Amulet of Avoidance (Special)] may have caused mental interference.

・Suspicious people walk to our house.

・However, he suddenly stopped around the place I buried the amulet.

・For some reason they turn their foot to another place.

This is another repeat of what happened earlier.

They seem to be desperately looking for it, their figure is like… a maniac.
Even though my house is right in front of them, there are 6 adults in total but they haven’t got any clues.

As expected of [Amulet of avoidance (special)].
It’s doing a good job.

When I giggled unintentionally, one of the suspicious people responded to my laughter and looked around.

「Uu…! Hey, who was it just now?」(Man)

「No……Eh,…… How?」(Man)

「I can’t see anything other than us ……」(Man)

The house, that these suspicious people are looking for, is right in front of their.
As for my laughter, I’m standing right behind them.
However, nothing was seen in the eyes of these suspicious people–

「Damn it, it’s no use staying here any longer.
We are going back」(Man)

Among the suspicious people, the one with the largest body gave a hand signal and gathered all of them.
Is this person the leader?
He is different from the one who came to our house before.

It seems that the leader gives instructions to the other five people and pulls them back.

Well, it would be a problem if the villagers found them wandering around like this and informed the soldiers.

「…… Hey… I’m getting a little scared……」(Man)

One of the six people murmured.

And with that as a trigger, the other guys started talking.

「It’s really strange ……」(Man)

「Ah… is there something like that?」(Man)

「…I have heard laughter…」(Man)

The suspicious people seemed to have suppressed their fears, but it seems that one of them just muttered and leaked it.

From my point of view, it’s just funny.

But for the people in question, it feels like they’re encountering a mysterious phenomenon right now.

Their mouth was covered with black cloth, so I could hardly understand their expression, but they seemed to be pale.

「… Isn’t it possible to withdraw?」(Man)

「That’s right … It’s just a woman」(Man)

「We have earned more than enough so far, isn’t it okay…?」(Man)

「… Isn’t it better not to get involved?」(Man)

「Hey, say no more――」(Man)

Five suspicious people talk to the leader.

However, the leader yells “…Shut up” to the five.

「It’s not just our problem.
If you want to continue working in this city, you have to do it, you can’t withdraw now」(Man)

The other five are silent after hearing those words.

Seeing these five people are down, the leader talked in a brighter voice than before.

「And if we succeed in this, our relationship with the above will be strengthened.
We will never have a problem with money for the rest of our life」(Man)

The mouth, which was hidden, behind the cloth of the leader.
I couldn’t see it, but in this atmosphere, I felt it rising.

Those words seemed to be appealing to the five people who were silent and they looked at each other.

And they nodded “that’s right”.

「We should come again at noon」(Man)

「Ah. I don’t know why this is happening, but it will repeat somehow」(Man)

「Even if we don’t know the house, the woman will sometimes go out.
I’m sure she’s in this village, so we just have to catch her」(Man)

「We have seen the man many times.
If we catch the man, the woman can’t help but come out.」(Man)

「Now matter how strong that man is, if we take the guys in this village hostage, we should be able to catch him」(Man)

Suspicious people who were afraid of my home said their vulgar thoughts one after another.

「We will continue after returning to the hideout. Let’s go」(Man)

Once the leader put the stop to the talk, he left my home.
The other five also stopped talking and followed the man.


I sigh involuntarily.

Then, the suspicious person, who was walking behind, quivered his shoulder and looked back.

「…WA… did you hear anything just now?」(Man)


「I see… no, it’s nothing」(Man)

The effect of [Hermit’s Robe] is outstanding.

The suspicious person in the back must have been looking for me, but no matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t see me.

If I don’t speak out, he shouldn’t feel any sign.

I kick the ground to chase the suspicious people who are leaving in a hurry,
My body has become lighter thanks to [Rabbit boots]
No matter how much I walked, I didn’t feel tired.

I will follow them to the hideout as it is


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