Chapter 16: Let’s reform.

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Chapter 16: Let’s reform.

(T.N: reform in EN)

I will follow the suspicious people who are leaving my home.

I arrived at the city closest to the village.

It’s the city where my mother worked when my father was ill and couldn’t move.

There were fences around the city to prevent monsters, and soldiers stood at the gate.

I’ve heard from my mother that this city is basically closed to people at night.

It’s not really a city with strict security, I heard that it’s possible to go in and out for those who have work in an emergency or at night.

But how do these suspicious people plan to enter the city?

Mysteriously, I watch the movements of suspicious people.

Then, to my surprise, the suspicious people tried to enter the city from the main gate without taking any measures. Even though there are gate soldiers there.

Surely, they will get caught.

Or they would be taken to another room for investigation.


「We will enter」(Man)


―Went throughー

Such a suspicious group was allowed to go through?

Suspicious people enter the city from the main gate.

Of course, the gatekeeper couldn’t see me, so if I followed the suspicious people, I could easily enter the city.

The suspicious people walk on the main street without any precautions, although they have taken off the cloth that hides their mouths.
They passed by some people, but it doesn’t seem like anyone cares about them.

Then, they stopped walking, it was a building in the back of the main street.

Many buildings were lined up on the main street, but this one seems to have a bigger appearance

I don’t know because it’s night but I don’t think I can expect much lighting.

Suspicious people entered the building.

Three-story wooden structure.
Among the many buildings of similar construction, the signboard on the door is characteristic.

Slanita Finance

That was written on the signboard.

「As expected, we were set up」(Reni)

Seeing these letters, I’m convinced that those suspicious people being debt collectors.

“Slanita” is the name of this city.
“Finance” means money lending as it is, so it is very easy to understand.

My mother borrowed money here when she needed living expenses and my father’s medical expenses.

Even if it’s one step back from the main street, it’s a building with a beautiful appearance.
I don’t think my mother knew this would happen.


「It’s strange」(Reni)

From the main gate to the city without hiding that they are suspicious people.

And all of them carelessly going straight back to the hideout (as the leader said).

Rather, it seems that the city allows such acts.

「The higher-up, right…?」(Reni)

I’m also worried (thinking) about what the leader said, “The relationship with the higher-up will be strengthened.”

Considering what they have done so far, I feel like it’s too elaborate if they set all this up just to sell my beautiful mother.

Well, but my mother is as beautiful as a goddess.

Well, anyway, what I need to do now.


Kick the ground with all my might, [flying].

My fluffy body wasn’t affected much by gravity and jumped up to the wooden three-story roof at once.

「Cha~ku~chi, alright」(Reni)

Put both my feet firmly on the roof.
I know that this building has at least six debt collectors, but maybe there are more.

I can enter from the front door and defeat them one by one but if there are many opponents they may be able to escape.

They are not aware of my existence and not be on guard, so I’d like to clear all of them once and for all.

Another way is to blow away the entire building, but there is something I want to ask.

So, I want to get rid of only the people inside without getting caught from the outside.

Yes, the strategy I thought of was――

「Ne~ko’s claw!」(Reni)

At the same time as my words, I wave my hand toward the roof.

Then, [Cat’s Claw] was activated, and five Wind Blades cut through the roof.


Garagaragashān (SFX)

The roof of the three-story wooden building loses its support and falls.

Furthermore, the power of [Cat’s Claw] didn’t diminish just by dropping the roof, they reached the ground on the first floor as well.

Yes, this is the strategy I thought of.

「It’s a reform (Ri-fu~ou-mu desu)」(Reni)

What does it mean, you ask?
Reform means making the first floor to see the stars, it’s not daytime so there’s no sun.

By the hands of the strongest three-year-old child, the starry sky looks very beautiful even from the first floor, and it has become a stairwell!


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