Chapter 17: It’s a ghost (Obake desu yo)

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Chapter 17: It’s a ghost (Obake desu yo)

Being a stairwell means that the roof has fallen.
So, I, who used it as a foothold, also fell into the house at the same time.

Thanks to [Rabbit boots], I got off slowly and fluffy and I got my feet on the floor on the first floor.

「Cha~ku~chi, alright」(Reni)


The moment I put my foot down, I heard a frog-like voice from the floor.

Maybe there was a person.

「Uu… Ugu…」(Man)


When I listen carefully, I will hear a lot of such voices.
There were surely at least six people in the house, but maybe there were a few more.
I’m not sure because I knocked everyone down with a single blow.

I “reform” it so that I could easier finish them all at once. It worked perfectly.
As expected of me.
The strongest 3-year-old child.

Fufu, I’m proud.
But I still have something I want to do, so I start the next work!


Next work.

It’s excavation work.

「Human, not, human, human, not」(Reni)

I scoop some kind of wood or broken furniture piled up on the first floor with the claws of [Cat’s Hand Gloves] and sort.

People are on the left and rubbles are on the right.

Roughly separate people and rubble, and dig up until I can see the floor on the first floor.
While doing so, I found what I was looking for–

「Here he is, the leader」(Reni)

When I remove the heavy furniture, there is a big man.
Yes. This is the leader among the six who came to our house.

The other five didn’t seem to want to continue involving with my home anymore,
But this person stopped them and was guiding the conversation.

Because of that, no one gave up, and my home continued to be targeted.

Without this person, the problem of my home could have been solved relatively peacefully.

「Now talk」(Reni)

So I thought it was necessary to talk with the leader.
I hook the leader that I found with my claws and pull him.

Although the roof is gone, the walls are present in all four directions.
So put him down on the north wall.

「Wake up」(Reni)

I called out but there was no sign that the leader would respond.
By the time I found the leader, I had sorted out a lot of wood, furniture, and people.

Even though they seem to be heavy, but I guess he has just fainted because I couldn’t see blood.

Hmm. It’s a hassle to wait for him to wake up …

When I was worried, I heard “hi~i” from my left side–

「What’s this… what’s going on… Damn it」(Man)

Apparently, the first person woke up.

This man seems to have screamed at the ruined hideout and his casually piled-up friends.

The impatient man couldn’t stand up and was crawling on all fours to the door.

He’s trying to escape.

「No escape」(Reni)

I leave the leader alone for now and stand in front of the man who tries to escape.

「Neko’s claws」(Reni)

Zashu~ (SFX)

When the man was about to move away, I slashed the [cat’s claws] toward the floor.

Then, five lines were firmly carved on the floor.


Looking at the carved floor, the man crawls back on all fours.

It seemed that he was desperately trying to hide, using his piled-up friends as a shield.

「No more…
I knew it, that house is strange…
I should have withdrawn,
Not like this, not like this …」(Man)

He was frightened muttering.

When I saw that, I picked up the rubble nearby with my claws and threw it.

Ga~tsun! (SFX)


The sound of rubble hitting the wall.
At that moment, that man’s body was shaken hard and he screamed.

「Help me … Help me …」(Man)

Perhaps, he lost his heart, the man finally put his hands together in front of his face and began to pray.

The appearance of praying with all one’s heart while trembling against really scary things…

He doesn’t want any more creepy things to happen, and that is transmitted to me.

「I see (Naruhodo)」(Reni)


He overreacted to the voice I muttered.

Judging from the reaction of this man so far, everything I do seems to be a mysterious phenomenon.

That may be unavoidable.

He can’t see me, as I’m wearing the [hermit’s robe] and covering my head with the hood.

Suddenly the roof fell, things move freely, and people are piled up.
And the claw marks are carved on the floor, rubble hits the wall–

… Certainly, it’s scary, right?

「It’s a curse … we were cursed … Hi~ii」(Man)


I clap my hands, the paws hit each other and make a squeaky sound.

The man screamed “Hi~ii!” and made such a cute sound.

――Apparently, I seem to have become an evil spirit.


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  1. Thanks for the Phantom Kitty!

    As expected of a family friendly story. No one died after the entire roof fell to the ground.
    Not even bleeding.


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