Reni Novel Chapter 13: My child is a genius part 2

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Reni Novel Chapter 13: My child is a genius part 2

The night after Reni hid her house with the amulet.

The couple decided to give them time to talk about the loan book they got back from Reni.

Three chairs on a four-seater dining table.
As usual, the couple sits face-to-face and drinks plain hot water in glasses.

Then they sighed.

「… What do you think this is?」(Papa)

「I … I think Reni did something」(Mama)

「That’s right」(Papa)

The wife replies with a serious look to her husband’s question.

Not to mention the topic of conversation between the two, about the loan books that they got back.
The two loan books on the dining table have plagued the couple for many years.

But then they got back so easy.

… By the hands of their daughter who is only three years old.

「When one of the villages ran to my hunting ground and shouted that a stranger had entered our house, I was shivered/scared/worried.
I was relieved that I had driven them away in time. But when I found out that Reni wasn’t there, I didn’t feel comfortable living …」(Papa)

「me too.
I’m sure she was hidden in the closet, but this paper is the only thing in the closet」(Mama)

The couple remembered the moment they opened the closet where Reni was supposed to be.
No matter how they look for her, call out for her, she didn’t come out.

They wondered if she changed to hide in a safer place than the closet because it was Reni, but they couldn’t find Reni anywhere.

When they searched the closet again, they found a fine piece of paper that was unsuitable for this house.
The letters are written there in a traceable manner–

「『Leave it to me』, isn’t it…?」(Papa)

「This phrase is used by Reni from time to time.
When I started spending time with her and if I was in a little trouble, she said, “Leave it to me” and she always solved the problem…
So I knew immediately that Reni was doing something, but no way, to think even the loan books…」(Mama)

Two loan books that Reni got back.
The eyes of the couple after seeing it had a complex color.

「…… I’m here and Reni is here.
I didn’t want to her to realize that, but the debt has been here for a long time…」(Papa)

「I don’t want this loan book to be announced publicly.
So I paid as I was told, but I should have thought more …」(Mama)

The couple was discussing whether to take measures to collect the exorbitant debt.
But in the end, he couldn’t do anything that may become dangerous to the young Reni.

She knew it was a passive method, but it’s best if she paid the money.
Thinking so, the family has lived so far–

「That time may have come…」(Mama)

「That’s right.
We won’t let Reni miss the opportunity.
… she can choose the path herself」(Papa)

「…That’s right」(Mama)

The couple nodded and looked at each other as they laughed.

「I’m really glad that Reni was born」(Mama)

「Ah, that’s right」(Papa)

「I’m sure we couldn’t get over it without Reni」(Mama)

「Reni is the best daughter」(Papa)

Words that two people always repeat.

Over and over again.

「Reni is a genius」(Mama)

「That’s right, a genius」(Papa)

The couple strengthened that feeling.
And at the same time–

「We can’t hide her for ourselves alone」(Mama)

「I thought we could at least until she got a little bigger…」(Papa)

In this family. In this village.

Only three years.
They were in debt and couldn’t spend much time with their family.

However, it was an important day for the couple.

「When I found Reni today, she was no different from playing in the soil in front of our house.」(Papa)

「Speaking of which, she used to put soil on her cheeks.」(Mama)

「I was impatient, but when I picked her up, what was it?
She had a strange face」(Papa)

「…… I can think of it.
Reni is always confident that she’s “Alright (Daiyobu)”(Mama)

「And then what, she gave me the loan book, “Yes (Hai)”…」(Papa)

「Saying『Dropped』 with a happy smile…」(Mama)

「I don’t think the loan books can be dropped just like that」(Papa)

「Reni has a lot of confidence, but that kind of thing is cute.」(Mama)

「That’s right」(Papa)

When they think of their important daughter, they naturally smile.

That’s why–

「…… I’ll contact her.
I’m sure she will protect Reni」(Mama)

「That’s… right…
We should do that」(Papa)


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