Reni Novel Chapter 14: Cleaning off the bad guys

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Reni Novel Chapter 14: Cleaning off the bad guys

After getting the loan book back, my mother quit her job at the bakery and my dad didn’t go to work much.

Since they no longer have to pay back their debts, they probably have more time to spare.

The bakery helper job seems to have been taken over by the wife of my father’s friend (who sold my father but died as a result).

If they can keep working there, it seems that a family of one mother and two children can live.

They might have some thoughts about having a father, but when they still have their family’s debt, it’s a theory that “eggs come first or chickens come first”.

I think it’s okay if my house and the other house can live independently of each other by not having to pay the debt.

From now on, when they need a lot of money (such as going on to school for a child or getting married), my father seems to be going to help.


If my father and mother will continue to live in the village, there seems to be no curtain for me to leave.

My father has much less time to work and now he seems to be mainly trapping (put traps in some places and checked once or twice a day to see if he got prey)

He continues to set traps and collect prey. However, he seems to have stopped going far to catch big prey and chasing it day and night.

For that reason, he spends time doing things at home, working in the fields, and spending time with his family.

I feel like my father has been holding me all the time these days.
If he has a chance, he will hug me right away.

I feel like he is trying to get it back because he has been sick or busy all the time.

When I was picked up by my father, I’m happy because my eyes are high, it’s fun and my legs are easy.

―At first glance, it’s peaceful, but of course, that’s not that sweet.

The loan book was an important item for the debt collectors to threaten our home and the reason why they were hoisting money was to take my mother.

It would have been easier if they were just looking for money …
Then I can make up for it even if I’m not at home.

However, as long as they are aiming for my mother, my home will continue to be targeted.

Actually, even now …

*chirin chirin (Bell SFX clang clang)*

The sound of a small bell echoed around my waist when I was sleeping on the bed.

「It’s the enemies」(Reni)

Raise my body lying on the bed and slowly remove the comforter.

My father and mother put me to sleep and already moved to the dining room on the first floor.
I was drowsy, but I’m getting ready quickly.

The sound of the bell just before is an item called [Sensing Bell] that echoes when an enemy is nearby.
When this sound echoes, it means that there are enemies around this house.

I’ve heard this sound a few times before and I’ve heard them in front of my father and mother.
However, they didn’t seem to notice, so it seems that only I can hear the sound of the bell.



They just don’t learn.
It’s been a week since I got the loan books back.

Every day, a few of them wander around here…

「It won’t be good at this rate」(Reni)

At this rate, my mother is still in danger.
Maybe my father is worried about me and my mother, so he spends less time working and staying home with us.

My mother and I are at home, and my father only goes when he has a business outside.

This house is safe, but my father doesn’t know it neither does my mother.
So, I think they have been in a state of tension for the past week …

In that case.

「Ai team Bokku Su」(Reni)

Items are displayed in a row when I mutter.

Attach [Hermit’s Robe] and [Cat’s Hand Gloves] to the equipment.

And this time, I equip [Rabbit Boots] too!

「Came out!」(Reni)

At the same time as my words, I was in a state of wearing equipment.

「Yup. It’s alright」(Reni)

I jump on the spot to check the condition of the newly worn [Rabbit Boots].

Then, my body floated up and I felt that the influence of gravity was considerably weakened.

「This makes me go faster and won’t get tired」(Reni)

*Giggle and laugh*

My level is maxed at the counter stop, but it’s probably because I’m a three-year-old child, just walking or running for a while can be exhausting.

As the name suggests, [Rabbit Boots] is made by collecting materials from monsters with feathers, but the increase in speed is extremely high.
Furthermore, as an additional effect, it gives me [flying state].

The feeling I just tried isn’t always flying in the air but it flies a little by the force of kicking the foot.

「Alright. Let’s follow (tail) them」(Reni)

The bell that I still had on my waist is clinking.

Finally, I put the letter gently on the bed.

『Leave it to me』

Let’s clean off of the bad guys!


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