Taru Novel Chapter 75: The Titan’s Kingdom and Human Slaves

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T.N: I got vol 4 cover

Taru makes me think of Tanya.

Translator’s Note: Thank you very much “Pomello’d” for continue the series and also kindly give me back the series.

Well, I will continue from where I left up but look at the dozens of chapters to catch up, there are readers who want to know what will happen and I don’t want to let you wait too long.

So, I will both continue from where I left up and from chapter 75 at the same time.


Once again, I realize how… let’s just say it as UNIQUE, how UNIQUE the grammar Taru novel is. I have a harder time translating 1 chapter of Taru than 10+ chapters of Reni

Taru: Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu.

Taru: Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu.


Taru Novel Chapter 75: The Titan’s Kingdom and Human Slaves

「E… uhm… King (Ou-sama)?
Your Majesty (Heika)?」(Taru)

The ghost boy in front of me was the king of the human slaves who had been oppressed by the (Kyojin) Titan’s kingdom.

『Indeed』(Ghost Boy)

And I saw unexpected facts, the figure of him giggling is far from the royal attitude that I imagined.
Even so, he is the king, and I think we should treat him with respect.

「Eh… Your Majesty …
Such nice weather today…
So… uhm…」(Taru)

『It’s fine, it’s fine.
You don’t have to be scared.
You don’t have to change anything』(Ghost Boy)

With that said, the slave king Russell (ルクセル: Rukuseru) smiled kindly.

He looks like a boy, so it’s easy to get familiar with him, but he’s a ghost.
I often see patterns in horror movies where ghosts trap the living and make them dark.

I don’t know what to do if he is in a bad mood.
Even if he has only shown a friendly atmosphere so far.

『Besides, you brought sunshine.
Acting innocent is impossible.
Why don’t you be at ease?』(Russell)

「Is… is that so?
Th… then… if Russell-sama says so…」(Taru)

『Still not there.
You have even seen something people shouldn’t be able to see, right?
You are taking an irreverent step into a world, that is too great for someone like me. Do you understand my respect now?
Bound by reason isn’t like an Alchemist, no?』(Russell)

Certainly, as an alchemist, you must always pursue contraindications, you must have a romance that is willing to blaspheme even God.

No way, to think that the ghost king teaches me what an alchemist is.
In that case, he must be as stubborn as an alchemist.

「I… I see. Well then, thank you as always」(Taru)

『Yup. As expected, this is better』(Russell)

「By the way, is it so bad to be able to see ghosts?」(Taru)

『For the world, maybe. It’s totally so for the current Lord of this place, I wonder? For us, it doesn’t matter which one』(Russell)

There are words that I care about.
It’s the air that I can finally get into the main subject.

「The current Lord?」(Taru)

『Honestly, why do alchemists have so many questions?』(Russell)

Russell, the Human slave king shrugs his shoulders and smiles bitterly.

『Well, in terms of having no shortage of topics, you guys aren’t bored』(Russell)

And he gave me a grin with a boyish feeling.

「I am very grateful to your compliment」(Taru)

I also return a smile with the same energy.


The slave king saw it and laughed aloud happily.

And as if responding to the king, a grudged recitation of “Ooooooooo” by multiple ghosts echoed back into the graveyard.
Our PT members have a suspicious look.



「Hey… Taru-chan, are you really okay?」(Yurachi)

Yurachi worriedly looked around, clinging to my right shoulder.

「Yes, it’s alright」(Taru)

Yurachi. It’s too close. I’m hit.

Actually, my mental safety isn’t okay.

「…As Tenshi-sama says… there’s… no… problem…」(Mina)

Mina, who is on the opposite side of Yurachi, sticks her whole body from my left shoulder and raises her voice to reassure Yurachi.

After seeing Mina tried to say that without biting her tongue and her actions, Yurachi got a little crazy and smiled involuntarily.

By now, Yurachi’s thought has “Punipuni” dissipated. (T.N: I don’t know how should I translate this as well, it’s close to “fluffy”)

I praise “Good Job, Mina” and in my chest. It’s admire-able of her

My Imouto Michelle wasn’t the type who scares of ghost or the like,
That’s why when I see the attitude of such an age-appropriate girl, my big brother’s heart is tickled by all means.

「Mina, the ghost is a very kind, cool, and nice person.
It’s okay.
You see. He is actually paving the way for us in the graveyard right now, right?」(Taru)

To tell the truth, right now, the slave king Russell helped us by making a way to go straight to the innermost part of “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard”.

The tombstones are separated one after another, similar to the phenomenon that occurred I and Anon-san defeated “El Wight Walker” back then.
And we are walking proudly in the space created in this way.

『Even if you praise me, I can’t give you anything else, you know?』(Russell)

Russell, the slave king laughs *Kukuku*

Well, it’s true but I was able to borrow the power of this ghost and got a shortcut.

After all, if we want to go all the way to the back, we normally have to defeat the encountered monsters.
However, all the skeleton, skeleton soldiers, skeleton pawns, and wandering skeleton El Wight that we encounter don’t show us hostility when we pass by.

『From here, we have more authority』(Russell)

Russell mutters happily while watching our party members observing the enemies around him.

「Taru … I’ve never heard of this phenomenon?」(Kouya)

「What on earth did you do…?」(Yuuki)

As expected of Kouya and Yuuki, they were dismayed and proceeded to the back, probably because they had not predicted this situation.

「Russell, what does it mean to have more authority?」(Taru)

『It’s simple.
The authority given to us, ghosts are higher than our mindless undead compatriots (skeletons).』(Russell)


In that case, I’m convinced that he can pull such a trick.

「By the way, it seems that Russell was a slave of the titans.
So, you see… Was that difficult?」(Taru)

『No? It’s rather very fulfilling, it was the height of glory and happiness』(Russell)

Even though you are a slave …

『Those eyes, you doubt my words, right?』(Russell)

「No, that’s not the case …」(Taru)

I don’t want you to keep misunderstanding our true king’s nature, so let’s talk a bit about us, oh esteemed little Alchemist (O Chiisaki Renkinjutsu-shi-dono)』(Russell)

And the slave king Russell keeps going, he tells me the history of the former Titan kingdom and slave humans.

『At that time, there was a fierce battle between dragons and devils (Akuma), aquariums and daemons (Youma), spirits and undead.
The human race managed to survive by holding hands with the forest friend Elves, the earth neighbor dwarves, and the dragonkin, the guardian of power and wisdom.
Still, in that difficult situation, the human race was steadily decreasing in number.』(Russell)

Dragonkin? Was it a different force from the dragon?


『At that time, the Titans with less magical power but overwhelming destructive power than humans offered to cooperate with our human race.』(Russell)

Cooperation, but weren’t they slaves?

『The evaluation that dragons and spirits give to humans is a greedy, inferior, and sneaky race.
That is why the Titans couldn’t openly collaborate with the humans.
We don’t want to turn them into enemies either.
So these peoples formally became slaves to the eastern Titan kingdom “Giga Makina Jorn”(Russell)

「Didn’t the Titans eat the human race?」(Taru)

『Of course.
But when they eat humans, they quickly get cramps and brain damage.
Depending on how much they ate, those with severe symptoms could die.
So they needed other foods instead.
Until that time, the Titans found it’s nice to hunt animals, but monsters such as dragons were eroding their territory and animals were being preyed on, their numbers were drastically reduced.
With such a trend, the food crisis was imminent』(Russell)

「So how does it connect to enslaving humans?」(Taru)

“We can make something that doesn’t exist (from nothing)”
The Titans thought so but they are not as dexterous or knowledgeable as humans.
Therefore, they focused on humans who are experienced in agricultural products and livestock.
Humans have the capacity to produce but they don’t have the power to protect them.』(Russell)

「I see (Naruhodo).
In return for the Titans protecting the humans, the human solve the food crisis for the Titans」(Taru)

『Nice Guess.
That’s why we, the slave humans of Jorn, cultivated the fields without hesitation and bred cows, pigs, sheep, etc. in a safe situation.』(Russell)

Was it a win-win relationship?
Or rather, it was a surprising story that Titans actually couldn’t eat humans.

『That time was the best
I was happy』(Russell)

The ghost in the form of a boy softly smiled with sadness.
Russell, the slave king, looks far away, thinking of his former peaceful homeland.

Watching his appearance made me wonder why did “Giga Makina Jorn” perish?
What happened and how did he become a ghost? And if there was an Eastern, did the Titan kingdom exist in the north, south, and west as well?
I had a lot of things to ask, but it didn’t feel like I could say it.

Besides, I have a little information about the Titan’s Kingdom through alchemy.

Since it was stated in some materials and in the explanation column of [Photo] that the Titans were destroyed by the dragons. The direct cause of the destruction is known.
Let’s stop pursuing further.

「Look look……The “Night El knight (ナイト・エルスナイト)” is standing upright」(Anon)

Wearing iron armor all over the body, holding a large and thick rectangular shield tower shield in one hand, a large skeleton over 3 meters is standing in front of a stone monument engraved with the characters related to the sun.

Apparently, we have arrived at the innermost part of the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” when I was talking.

And we pass right next to the boss-class monster without any problem

As expected, Anon-san was also impressed when she glanced at “Night El knight“, perhaps because she was worried about the oppressive feeling coming from the boss.

「It’s all thanks to the ghost, Anon-san」(Taru)

「…Well then ~degozaimasu ka, silver hair esteemed Alchemist」(Russell)

「Hey, that way to call me is…」(Taru)

I immediately turn to Kouya and Yuuki, they didn’t seem to hear this conversation because they were absorbed in the discussion while looking up at “Night El knight”.

「I want “Grab keeper”, which this monster rarely drops, as a shield tank, I want it so much that I can put my hands on my throat」(Yuuki)

「Same talk, how many times must we beat it before getting the drops」(Kouya)

「That’s right … but I want it」(Yuuki)

「Hey hey, both of you.
It’s about time to go!
Are you going? Taru-chan」(Yurachi)

Yurachi asks me a question why urging my two old friends in a restless manner.
Maybe she doesn’t like it very much.

Then, let’s cut the chase, shall we dive into the long-awaited journey.

「Yuu! Kou! Everyone! Well then, let’s go!」(Taru)

After saying so to everyone, I held the “flash stone (key item)” and slammed against the giant stone with the glory of the Titans.

Stones collide with each other, the effect of the item is demonstrated, the area is swallowed by the dazzling light for a moment.
My field of vision was immediately dyed in white.

Then I heard a “go~go~go~go” sound like something extremely heavy being dragged along with the vibration of the ground on my feet.


When I wait for my sight (visual) that was lost by “Flashing stone” to restore.

Only 3 seconds.

However, I can’t wait for those three seconds.

Something is happening.

Something is waiting for us.

A mystery unraveled by alchemy.

Titan kingdom and slaves. Conflict with the dragon.

Are the ruins sleeping (hiding) here?

Or are the brilliant and powerful magical creatures still present?
My exciting heart is full of expectations.

『Now the road is …
You guys, The Alchemist has opened (discovered) the “unknown”(Russell)

I heard those words from the slave king Russell, next to me.

He tells me something cool.

As I was impressed by the ghost boy, I quietly opened my eyes.

「This is … underground … a graveyard?」(Taru)

The giant stone in front of me broke in half and shifted to the left and right to push away the surrounding tombstones.
And, in the place where the megalith was, an old stone staircase continued to the basement.

「Hey hey, there is really an amazing hidden dungeon here?」(Yuuki)

「Taru… The dungeon here is probably
No, absolutely, I don’t think anyone has ever found this in Clan-Clan」(Kouya)

「Taru-chan, it’s all thanks to you!
Speaking of the undead, it must an underground graveyard exploration!」(Yurachi)

「For Tenshi-sama, things like this is nothing!」(Mina)

「Salute to Her Excellency Taru!」(RF4-you)

「Good job, good job」(Anon)

Underground graveyard…

Somehow, there are eerie sounds.

Everyone and I was excited about the unknown that waiting for us.

『It’s not an underground graveyard though』(Russell)

However, someone denies our opinions and expectations.

It’s the slave king, Russell

「What do you mean?」(Taru)

『That destination is…
Those who play with the death…
There is a hidden city, Jorn, under the wandering skeletons』(Russell)


『Our dear hometown』(Russell)

『We can’t enter now, our city』(Russell)

『Unless it’s to inform the present Lord about people who are trying to enter here』(Russell)

『The role was given to us, those who are held together without substance』(Russell)

From Russell, who speaks in quick succession, I could feel two opposing minds: a crazy obsession and a state of giving up for duty.

「Hmm, please wait…
Then, you let the boss know about us?!」(Taru)

And in his talk, I notice that there is something that cannot be ignored and immediately confirms it.


At the same time, numerous moans were directed at us.


「Hey, isn’t this bad?!」(Yuuki)

「Should we return?」(Kouya)

「Is it a withdrawal?」(RF4-you)

「Ten… Tenshi…sa…ma」(Mina)

「Everyone, don’t lose your heart」(Anon)

Even if they can’t hear Russell’s voice, everyone can recognize the ghosts’ screams is in a hurry. Of course, I am no exception.

Was the ghost a vigilant opponent after all?

『Don’t worry』(Russell)

The slave king, Russell, smiles at me to clear my doubt and remorse.

『If I have never met those who try to enter, I don’t have to report it.』(Russell)

Then, he passed through my stomach.

『Again, you might be the ones who bring the light to us, but we just happen not to see you trying to enter.』(Russell)

Then, he flew into the dark night sky of the graveyard.

「Please don’t surprise/scare me like that」(Taru)

『Well then, we should say goodbye here.
You’re on good terms with the invisible lady, right?』(Russell)

I tilted my head to Russell after hearing something I didn’t understand.

But he stared at me for a while, without trying to say what it was.

『Then I’ll ask of you, the esteemed little Alchemist.
And, for our true king――』(Russell)

Before he could say everything, Russell disappeared.

I’m a little worried that he didn’t say “I hope we can meet again” this time.

「The ghost has disappeared」(Taru)

「What’s about the hand mirror from earlier?
Can’t you use it to find him again?」(Kouya)

Following Kouya’s advice, I used the “Mysterious Magic Mirror” to snoop around again but Russell never appeared in the mirror.

「No good… I can’t find him」(Taru)

「If we stay like this, I don’t know when “Night El knight” will start moving again.」(Yuuki)

「Shall we go then」(Anon)

Anon-san quickly agreed with Yuuki’s opinion, and we decided to move on.

「I wonder if it’s really okay…」(Yurachi)

Koya laughed at Yurachi, who was terrified, and fixed his glasses.

「For adventure, encountering danger is a natural thing」(Kouya)

「That’s right.
Besides, we, “the hundreds of knights of the night” can’t do that, letting only the unreliable Alchemist go first」(Yuuki)

Yuuki laughs refreshingly.

「So, I’m unreliable, right」(Taru)

As I rebuff them, Kouya silently began to close his eyes.

And Yuuki started counting “One, two…”
After hearing “three”, Kouya opens his eyes with a snap.

What was that for?

When I tilted my head again, Kouya apologized, “I’m sorry”
But of course, it was obvious that he was holding back laughter.

「What’s with that, both of you?」(Taru)

When I was wondering, Mina quickly ran up to me.

「Tenshi-sama, uhm… that was too cute」(Mina)

For some reason, I was praised.

「Ahahaha. I can’t… anymore… Kou」(Yuuki)

「Ah, that’s right, Yuu」(Kouya)

I’m perfectly leaving behind by my two old friends who start laughing.

On the contrary, I feel that even just these two, everyone around me knows that they are laughing about.

「Just now, we just tried to tease you」(Kouya)

「You see, “Flash stone”, isn’t it?
It’s an item made by Taru, right」(Yuuki)

「That’s right.
Without that, we couldn’t be able to find this dungeon」(Kouya)

I make a doya (smug) face as I hear that.

「By the way, Taru, didn’t you explain beforehand?
If we looked at the light emitted by “Flashing Stone”, our vision would be obstructed.」(Yuuki?)

Of course, the items were explained to our friends in advance.

Last time, I didn’t tell Lily about the effect of “Melting Water”, so I put her in some danger.

「Same talk, everyone except you closed your eyes before it glowed.」(Kouya)

「We didn’t see the light, so there was nothing wrong with our eyes.」(Yuuki)


「That’s why Taru.
We were watching you slam into it, Esteemed Alchemist?」(Yuuki)

「It’s an item you made yourself, so you should do it well, right?
Esteemed Alchemist?」(Kouya)

「I wonder if Taru-chan is somewhat natural, isn’t that cute?」(Yurachi)

「Tenshi-sama is fine like that.
I will fill in all the missing parts!」(Mina)


「”Sire, Yes Sire (EN)”」(RF4-you)

(T.N: Don’t ask me, he isn’t good at English and too chuuni for me to understand)


It’s too embarrassing…

Am I the only one who lost my sight (visual) by the items I made?

What I did as an alchemist …

I want to enter if there is a hole.

Oh, just right, there is a staircase leading to the basement.
I quickly went into the hole.


Author’s note:

Volume 3 of the book version will be on sale on [June 30] (in Tokyo)!

Bookstores nationwide are on sale [July 2nd].


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    “Sire, Yes Sire” is probably a reference to “Sir! Yes! Sir!” from R. Lee Emery’s monologue in “Full Metal Jacket”.

    It used to be that, in boot camp, when addressing a superior, U.S. Marine trainees had to begin and end every sentence with “Sir!”. Thus, when responding in the affirmative, they would shout “Sir! Yes! Sir!”. This was famously depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 war drama “Full Metal Jacket” which follows a platoon of Marines through boot camp and to Vietnam. R. Lee Emery performance as abusive drill instructor Sergeant Hartman in the film became famous and iconic — so much so that it references show up to it in anime and manga. (He shows up in the Pani Poni Dash anime if I recall correctly, and there’s a “sgt_hartman” tag on danbooru.)

    Google for “full metal jacket Hartman monologue”, for me it’s the third result.

    RF4-you may be mangling that into “Sire, Yes Sire”.

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      • Right, which is why I reckon RF4-you has messed up with his English (or is trying to be clever in replacing “Sir” with “Sire” if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt).

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