Mile Novel Chapter 470: Beastkin Village 2

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Mile Novel Chapter 470: Beastkin Village 2


Complain about the humans…
No, warning with the best intentions even his tone is ironic and sarcastic. A young female hunter party, including newbies and a minor child, ignored the danger and accept such requests.
But the hunter who acted as a guide from the entrance of the forest to the village suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him a few meters.
When he tried to yell back for the disrespect, he was told the fact of astonishment in a whisper, and he screamed unintentionally.

「Those girls are the ones the Ancient Dragons took the trouble to say “Do not touch”… ah, “that”…」(Beastkin 2)

「…Ah, “that”, Red Oath」(Beastkin 1)

「Awawawawa…」(Beastkin 2)

Instead of looking down on the current situation in this village, humans dispatched their maximum strength.

When the beastkin official knows about it and is in a hurry.
He hurries back to Red Oath …

「Going this far for our sake, allow me to give you our utmost welcome!」(Beastkin 2)

((((What kind of information about us has they spread?))))(Red Oath)

Everyone in Red Oath had the same thought in their heart due to the sudden change in the Beastkin official’s attitude.

     *     *

「…… that’s why」(Mayor)

At the village mayor’s house, Red Oath received a detailed explanation.

It felt like the girls were guided around to the village mayor’s house.
Perhaps, the hunter guidance rushed to the village mayor’s house while the official earning time,
He must have explained about Red Oath to everyone else.

And when Red Oath arrived, the sweets, which seems to be a valuable luxury item for this village, were prepared along with tea.
Normally, there’s no way to give such hospitality to some little girls like the hunters dispatched to wipe the butt (clear the mess) for humans.

And, of course, Red Oath, after seeing it, was willing to devour the sweets, which would be expensive.
Without worrying about the villagers’ eyes, which seems a little sad …

「… and those slave hunters or kidnappers, they only aimed at toddlers……」(Mayor)

Yes, the girls just heard the explanation.

For starters, the girls can work immediately… For the time, it’s evening and night …
It seems that the villains were aiming for young males and females in the past, they have changed their target to only toddlers by now.

The reason is simple.

Beastkin has a habit is that those older than a certain age will prioritize the interests of their entire “herd” over their own lives.

Therefore, if the captives decide that they cannot escape, they give up their lives and choose the best action to protect the group.

… In other words, it is a “self-destruct which will crush the villains from the inside”

After being sold, they will find the buyers’ gap and kill him.

The buyers are the person who bought them, his wife and children, visitors, and so on…

Even with bare hands, they can pretend to be obedient to make the buyers let their guard down then squeeze out the eyeballs with their fingers and thrust into the brain, or break the plate and scrape the carotid artery with the fragments.

In addition, there are various methods such as arson at night, mixing substances that can be poisonous into food, and rubbing food on the floor or mold to induce illness.

And whether they succeed or fail, they easily confess if they are captured and tortured.
“The slave merchants who captured and sold me, they took my family as hostages and ordered me to do this.”

Aristocrats and rich people with many enemies would think that slave merchants have been bought by hostile factions.

Anyway, they might do things such as capture the slave merchants who tried to kill them, torture to get the client’s name…

Then, as some slave traders died miserably, the remaining slave traders changed the way.
As a safety measure, they kidnap young children before they remember/know such a suicide attack…

They can’t do hard work right away, but as a pet and as a status of having a Beastkin slave, the Beastkin grows up quickly.
If you can firmly establish them as slaves and work as obedient slaves in a few years, breeding for several years is not a big deal.
If you give only the minimum amount of food, it doesn’t cost much.

… That seemed to be the case.

「…And, considering the interval from the last time, it’s about time for them to come again…」(Rena)

From earlier, with an eerie smile, Mile continues to mutter “Was… that… so…? So… that’s… how… it… was…?”
Rena concludes the story.

「But now, you mean, you used to drive some kidnappers to ruin, but you couldn’t eradicate them, right?
Then, even if you catch the criminals this time, other people will enter this crime business …」(Maevis)

「No matter how much you catch the perpetrator, it’s a cat-and-mouse game…」(Pauline)

Just as Maevis, Pauline said.

「No matter how much you catch the perpetrator, other perpetrators will spring up as much as you want.
As long as there is a delicious earning place there…
And even if you think about some measures, you just think about how to avoid it, as if you changed the target of kidnapping to young children by the self-destructive counterattack of the captured people in the past.」(Rena)

And Rena agreed with the two opinions …

「Then, we will make them think “it doesn’t taste good” right…」(Mile)

「「「HI~II」」」(Rena’s Trio)

So Mile whispered.
… with an evil face, like a demon …

     *     *

「…Anyway, I’m annoyed… No, it’s the fulfillment of the “request”!」(Mile)

Mile’s face seems to say more of “eliminate the irritation” rather than “fulfill the request”.

“Request (Irai)” and “Irritation (Iraira)”.
There was only one more “ra”, but it was a big difference.
… Mainly the fate of the target …….

「For the time being, I am searching for enemies with wide range search magic.
If the enemy approaches, I will know immediately」(Mile)

「「「…………」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Originally, Mile’s exploration magic is already extraordinary.
It’s really accurate and can cover every direction…

Yet, Mile purposely added the word “wide range” in front of it.

(((She will know right away the moment the criminals enter this forest, right?)))(Rena’s Trio)

Perhaps it’s not a matter of distance, it’s just that “outside the forest, there are many humans and it’s not possible to determine whether they are the criminals”.

The existence of humans itself can be detected.

… Mile is serious.

Only Rena’s group could understand that well.

So the girls didn’t have anything to do for the time being.

From the moment they enter this forest, they will be caught in Mile’s exploration magic, and the position will always be traced, so the suspicious person will be immediately known.
The kidnapper shouldn’t behave in a similar way to a hunter who just happened to enter the forest, a hunter for hunting purposes, or a resident of a surrounding village, so it’s easy to identify without having to look directly at it.
Yes, long before they got here.

… In other words, there was no need to be vigilant, look out, let alone take action to search for enemies.

Seeing Mile’s current state, Rena talked to Meavis and Pauline.

「…I know!
But this time alone, it can’t be helped!
I know Easy Mode isn’t good for us Red Oath, but it’s hard to stop Mile in that state and…
If, by any chance, a beastkin child suffers any harm from the kidnappers even a little,
…Yes, if even a scratch of only 0.1 mm…」(Rena)

「「「The criminals will die (Eternal Force Blizzard)!!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

(T.N: * this is an explanation in English in raw, not my translation)

Reflexively, the three girls mentioned the name of instant death magic that often appears in Mile’s “Japanese Fukashi Monogatari”


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